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Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon in the Green Season? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Zip lining in Costa RicaAs one of the world’s best adventure destinations, a Costa Rica honeymoon vacation welcomes thrill-seeking couples all year long. Although the period between January and April is undoubtedly the most popular (and driest) tourist season, the Green Season, which the country is entering this month, is an insanely phenomenal alternative.

As the yearly rains build up and the country’s exquisite wilderness blooms to life once again, enjoying a sensational honeymoon adventure is out of this world. Will you experience a few ‘washed out’ afternoons during your stay? Probably. Will you even care when you’re luxuriating in a glorious eco-lodge, enjoying couple massages, long romantic lunches or getting drenched head-to-toe on an adrenaline-packed rafting excursion?

Hell no!

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

What is Costa Rica’s Green Season?

Costa Rica Rain ForestThose who don’t live in the tropics categorize equatorial seasons as ‘wet and dry’ yet the more accurate terms would be ‘somewhat rainy and very rainy’. There’s a very logical reason tropical rain forests are mostly only at these latitudes – these are regions that experience a lot of rain, almost all year long. The decadent wilderness for which Costa Rica is revered can only be so with a hefty amount of rainfall.

In Costa Rica, the first few months of the year are actually rather dry all over so, when the rains do finally arrive in May, the vegetation is rejuvenated. Nature glows with nourishment and turns a deep and bright shade of green. Birds sing, the wildlife comes out in droves to bathe and drink in water holes and the entire country seems to be reborn. This is why the wettest months of the year in Costa Rica are called the Green Season…because the rains turn the entire country green!

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

How bad is rain season in Costa Rica?

Thunderstorm in Costa RicaRain is something you ought to expect in Costa Rica no matter what time of year you visit. Naturally, there are drier regions (like the north-west Pacific Coast) and wetter ones (like Tortuguero, in the north-east) yet, by and large, rain is part and parcel of everyday life in this tropical haven.

In the Green Season, rainfall is consistent and, at least in May, June, July and August, quite manageable for couples on honeymoon adventures. You’ll likely experience crystal clear mornings and will notice the sky cloud over just after lunch. An afternoon downpour is the norm during the Green Season, which you’ll find blissfully refreshing. Usually, rains are intense but short-lived – the further south you are on the west coast – the longer the rains last.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

In the spectacular Osa Peninsula, for example, it can rain all afternoon and evening. Further north, however, in the Guanacaste region, rains are lighter and don’t last nearly as long. Over on the Caribbean, the Green Season coincides with the driest months so this is an excellent option for honeymoon couples looking for drier yet equally enchanting jungles and beaches.

It’s also worth noting that the Green Season is quite long, running from May to November. Rains lessen in frequency and ferocity in the first and last month, and July and August are inexplicably drier. We call it a ‘mini dry season’ down these parts and consider these the ‘secret’ best time of year for extraordinary honeymoon adventures. Tourist crows are nowhere to be found, rivers are gushing with life, rain forests are resplendent, wildlife is active, prices are low and enjoyment at its peak.

What more could any honeymooning couple desire?

Does Costa Rica shut down during the Green Season?

Absolutely not! The Green Season is actually a booming time for honeymoon adventure vacations in Costa Rica. The first four months coincide with wedding season in Europe and North America and, in 2021, couples are looking to (finally) travel immediately after their wedding. Given so many couples had to postpone their honeymoon (and many also their wedding) in 2020, it reasons this year will see a surge in honeymoon-related travel.

Plus, Costa Rica is one of the easiest countries to visit right now.

The country is open to international tourists, does not require quarantine or PCR tests to enter and offers an unending array of fantastical adventures in nature. For the next few months, the national parks will arguably be at their very best, the romantic hot spring resorts will be blissfully quiet, luxury eco-lodges are offering unreal deals and extreme sports, the kind that put Costa Rica on the map, are always on the cards.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

Does Costa Rica suffer from hurricanes during the Green Season?

Nope! Luckily, we are just under what’s known as the Hurricane Belt so although it can rain heavily; you need not worry about the Caribbean hurricanes which batter the northern neighbors.

Is Costa Rica good for a honeymoon?

Costa Rica Honeymoon coupleCosta Rica is perfect for couples with ants in their pants. You know the ones, right? Those active explorers who can’t sit still for a minute, who are always looking for the next outdoor adventure and who cherish immersive experiences above and beyond suntans and souvenirs.

If that sound like you, then rest assured: a Costa Rica adventure honeymoon will be your most unforgettable travel experience ever. Rain or no rain!

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

Is there a way to make the most of Green Season travel in Costa Rica?

The Caribbean (eastern) side of Costa Rica is about to enter its driest season so if it’s a beach-side honeymoon adventure you seek, we’d recommend you visit this region. However (and that’s a BIG however) rains aren’t incredibly disruptive to multi-sport adventure trips. If you mostly wish to raft, kayak, hike, horseback ride, mountain bike, zip line, etc, then choose the spectacular Nicoya and northern Pacific region, which offers a ton of adventures and far less rain. Then, when you’re ready to spend a couple of days just chilling on the beach, switch sides and head to the Caribbean coast.

Green Season honeymoons are also sought after by budget-conscious couples. They realize that their entire Costa Rica honeymoon trip can cost up to 30% less than during the dry season. Want to really make the most of that saving? Plan for a longer honeymoon so that if rains disrupt a couple of days, you can simply enjoy your eco-loge accommodation and will still have a few extra days to do all the activities you dream.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

What are the perks of Costa Rica honeymoons in the Green Season?

The very best thing about Green Season honeymoons is that you have the freedom to change plans as your mood and the weather dictates. Fewer tourists mean nothing is booked out so last-minute changes of plans are possible.

If you wake up and it’s raining, you can enjoy a morning at the spa. If it’s sunny, head for a zip line or canopy tour adventure. You can be spontaneous and play it by ear, something that can be difficult when everything’s fully booked. In Green Season, you won’t feel guilty enjoying an after-lunch siesta, you can hang on a hammock and read a book or head to the nearest national park to spot wildlife.

You can also splurge, big time, given the excellent deals all-round. Choose a more luxurious lodge and book lots of romantic dinners in the best restaurants. Spend an entire day in a thermal spa resort and treat yourself and your loved one to many amazing indulgences.

At Costa Rica Rios, we plan bespoke adventure honeymoons all year long. If you’re looking for fun, adventure, romance and a bevy of unique travel experiences then you could not choose a more rewarding destination. Paint your honeymoon green and come have the adventure of a lifetime in our spectacular corner of tropical paradise.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!


10 Reasons Costa Rica is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Convenient and easy to reach, affordable, exotic, varied, and spellbinding – Costa Rica has all the hallmarks of the perfect honeymoon destination!

You’re finally set to plan your much-awaited honeymoon abroad and cannot wait to get on that plane and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with your love of a lifetime. But where to?

Costa Rica, of course!

Aside from being insanely easy to reach from North America, Costa Rica offers an eclectic wealth of unique experiences for the adventure-seeking honeymooning couple. Whether it’s an unplugged and barefoot, super-deluxe indulgent, or fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants exciting honeymoon you seek, Costa Rica is the best place to be.

Book your Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Today!

And here’s why…

1.    Costa Rica is ridiculously beautiful

Manuel Antonio National Park honeymoonNo matter what kind of breathtaking backdrop you dream of having for your honeymoon photos, Costa Rica has it. With over 800 miles of stunning coastline, dozens of striking volcanic peaks, luscious rain forests, and pristine wilderness, Costa Rica is easily the most beautiful country on earth.

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a magical wilderness wonderland after choosing your perfect honeymoon destination?

Book your Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Today!

2.    The climate is idyllic, all year long

Costa Rica honeymoonAsk any couple who’s honeymooned in Costa Rica during the Green Season (aka the rainy months) and they’ll tell you how incredibly rewarding it is to travel here, even at low season. Rain or no rain, hot or cool, the climate in this tropical haven is an absolute dream year-round. Hot when you need it to be (at the beach) and cooler when you need some relief.

Like we said, perfect.

Book your Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Today!

3.    Small, compact, and easy to explore

No driving for thousands of miles just to reach the coast from your rain forest eco-lodge – in Costa Rica, a glorious beach is likely just around the corner. The options for unique experiences are insane here and that, coupled with the relative ease of travel, means you can visit several areas in just a single week. From mountains to cloud forests, jungles, verdant plains, and endless miles of unspoiled beaches – in Costa Rica, you can have it all.

4.    Exotic and laid-back with top-notch infrastructure

Costa Rica honeymoon resortIf you want to get way off the beaten path on your adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica, you can, but if you want a bevy of mod-cons and luxuries, you can have that too. Regardless, you will always have an exotic paradise all around you. The most touristed areas are home to world-class lodges and resorts that leave you wanting for nothing whilst the remotest and most isolated corners make you feel like you’re honeymooning in the Garden of Eden – one without the noise of the outside world. You can choose one or the other or like most couples do, a little of both. Now that’s a recipe for the perfect honeymoon.

Because in Costa Rica, you can.

Book your Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Today!

5.    There’s a ‘wellness’ indulgence at every turn

Costa Rica honeymoon massageWhether it’s couples’ massages or body scrubs you dream of sharing, or maybe a mineral hot pool soak and sunrise yoga class, plus an abundance of organic produce that’ll revitalize your body and soul, Costa Rica delivers well-being in spades. The country is bursting with sensational spa and wellness retreats that entice honeymooning couples looking for some serious R&R, every choice coupled with a stunning setting and a bevy of luxurious extras.

6.    The thrilling adventure never ends

Costa Rica beckons adventure-seeking honeymooners with its array of outdoor activities. Not only can you zip line, whitewater raft, kayak, snorkel, SCUBA, surf, mountain bike, horseback ride, hike, and rappel in Costa Rica, but you can do it in some of the most bio-diverse and unspoiled nature reserves on earth. Crazy fun adventures in pristine wilderness?

That’s pretty much Costa Rica in a nutshell.

Book your Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Today!

7.    The awe-inspiring experiences don’t end at dusk

Costa Rica wildlifeCome nightfall, Costa Rica’s most prized national parks come alive, creating a whole other world of amazing discoveries. Take a night tour with an experienced guide and you’ll experience nature in a totally different way, spotting wildlife you simply won’t see during the day. Night tours in the country’s cloud and rain forests are unmissable experiences and add a whole other dimension to unique honeymoon itineraries.

8.    The chances for romance? They’re everywhere

We’ve had honeymooning couples tell us that Costa Rica is just one humongous aphrodisiac! From enchanting isolated bungalows and adults-only hot-spring resorts to beach-side dinners for two and infinite chances to just ‘get away from it all’, Costa Rica really is tailor-made for romantic escapades.

If it’s privacy and togetherness you seek on your honeymoon, then consider Costa Rica the most romantic setting of all.

Book your Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Today!

9.    Eco-experiences that bring you closer – to nature and one another

There’s no denying that the most romantic and rewarding experiences come from staying in one of Costa Rica’s astonishing eco-resorts. They don’t need to be all 5*-bling-bling, mind you – enjoying nature doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg here. Simply staying in an eco-conscious lodge nestled in pristine nature revitalizes the senses in no small way; they remove all those innumerable distractions of everyday life, leaving you and your beloved to fall asleep to the sounds of howling monkeys in the distance and wake up to the song of countless exotic birds. Sharing Costa Rica’s nature-based experiences is the most loving honeymooning gift you can offer one another.

Book your Unique Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Today!

10. It’s an incredible value-for-money destination

Honeymoons are supposed to be once-in-a-lifetime indulgent treats, yet there’s comfort in knowing your Costa Rica honeymoon won’t cost a small fortune. Because not everyone has 20k lying around to spend on vacation, no matter how special it may be. As a honeymoon destination, Costa Rica is cheaper than many of the most popular hubs like the Maldives, Bora Bora, Belize, and Jamaica. From North America, flights are inexpensive, when compared to long-haul flights to equally priced places, like Thailand, so you end up spending less, overall.

Plus, there’s the ‘value’ part of the equation which is quite priceless. Not only can you enjoy a less-expensive honeymoon, but you get much more for what you spend, in a country that offers more than just exquisite beaches…a country that truly has it all.

See our Honeymoon Adventure Vacations, scour our archives filled with excellent tips and come discover with your own heart and soul why Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination in the world!

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Costa Rica Adventure Vacations – How to Travel RIGHT NOW

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations reopened its borders to the rest of the world on November 1, facilitating the rehabilitation of the country’s tourism sector. Although the COVID-19 is far from over, anywhere, people’s resolve to live ‘around’ the pandemic, safely, is stronger now than it’s ever been. Of course, since the introduction of multiple vaccine options, the situation is becoming increasingly more manageable.

Naturally, you can expect there to be some entry requirements and a few essential restrictions – these have mostly to do with social distancing measures and mask-wearing in public indoor spaces. But, by and large, you are welcome to come to visit this exceptionally beautiful country RIGHT NOW.

Why now, you ask?

Because we are entering the very best travel season of the year!

The months between January and April promise bright blue skies, luscious forests and jungle, an abundance of wildlife and adventures galore. Our wonderful whitewater rivers are prime for rafting and kayaking, the mountains and volcanoes excellent for hiking and those crystalline waters enticing for snorkelers and scuba divers alike.

Ready to schedule your unique vacation?  Let’s go!

How can I fly to Costa Rica RIGHT NOW?

Costa Rica has two major international airports: the centrally located San Jose (capital city) and the northern Liberia International Airport, which is convenient for visiting Puntarenas and the northern Pacific beaches.

These are the airlines currently offering return flights to Costa Rica RIGHT NOW:

  • Air Mexico
  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Avianca
  • Copa
  • Delta
  • Lufthansa
  • Edelweiss
  • Iberia
  • Jet Blue
  • KLM
  • MN Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Thomson Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Volaris Costa Rica
  • Westjet

Your trusted travel agent will advise you on the best connections depending on your place of origin.

Ready to schedule your unique vacation?  Let’s go!

What are Costa Rica’s entry requirements RIGHT NOW?

To be allowed entry to Costa Rica, all visitors must fill in an Online Health Form and purchase comprehensive health insurance that explicitly covers COVID-19, as demanded by the local government. Sagicor is a respected local insurance company that’s authorized by the Costa Rican Government but there are others too. Remember that most of the ‘usual’ travel insurance companies just don’t make the cut so make sure you go with a company that does.

Also, note that your allowed length of stay in Costa Rica is (for the time being) tied to your travel insurance policy. You cannot extend your visa in the country and, if you wanted to stay longer, you will need to exit Costa Rica, purchase another travel insurance policy and re-enter.

To enter Costa Rica, you must hold a valid passport AND a return ticket out of the country, within 3 months of entry. Yes, even US citizens.

For more detailed and updated info, please refer to the official Costa Rica Tourism Website. This can change quickly, as you might know, so it’s good to keep abreast of the latest happenings.

You will no longer need to do a COVID-19 test before arriving and you will not need to quarantine once you arrive.

DO NOTE your own State/County/Country’s requirements for returning home because they may well demand you take a COVID-19 test before flying back. If you’re coming on one of our tours, we can help you sort out all this once you’re here, don’t worry.

Ready to schedule your unique vacation?  Let’s go!

What travel restrictions are there IN Costa Rica RIGHT NOW?

Mask wearing is mandatory throughout the country in certain circumstances and you probably already know what these are, right? Yes, all indoor public spaces and outdoors if social distancing cannot be maintained for whatever reason. Pretty simple, really.

It might also comfort you to know that Ticos embraced mask-wearing from the get-go. This is undoubtedly what has helped the country face and combat the pandemic so well. Ticos see the wearing of a mask as an altruistic sacrifice and everyone is more than happy to wear them if it’s to keep the most vulnerable of people int heir country safe and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

As such, you’ll see locals wearing masks a lot more in Costa Rica than anywhere else. They even wear them outdoors and in uncrowded places if they feel they should. Fines for non-compliance are steep and tourists are certainly not exempt so understand this before you plan your trip.

Many hotels, eco-lodges and ever excursion companies have taken to taking guests’ temperatures so this is also something you should expect. Also expect high levels and frequency of disinfection in all public and private-owned spaces, vehicles and so forth. A marvelous new addition has been the installing of outdoor sinks in all sorts of places (from offices to restaurants etc) that allow you to dutifully wash your hands before touching doorknobs and handles.

Costa Rica’s national parks introduced a cap on the number of daily visitors allowed. Most are running at 50% capacity although all hiking trails and adventure activities are open for business. This means that during this quite idyllic tourist season – you get HALF the crowds and DOUBLE the fun. If you’ve enjoyed a Costa Rica Rios adventure vacation in the past, you will know that we meticulously plan our day’s outings to dodge tourist crowds at this time of year. Well, come play with us RIGHT NOW and we won’t have to – you’ll feel like you have the who country to yourself. Magic!

The bottom line: Costa Rica had a swift and harsh response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s not about to let that slip. Ticos suffered through some of the strictest restrictions of anyone, anywhere. They’ve done a fantastic job in keeping infection and death number impressively low and the whole country would appreciate all tourists complying.

THIS is what will make YOU feel safe and comforted on your Costa Rica adventure vacation!

Ready to schedule your unique vacation?  Let’s go!

What can you do in Costa Rica RIGHT NOW?

Just about everything! While we continue to hold off on our group tours, for now, we are honing in on bespoke private tours that are tailored to our guests’ wishes and budget. This means you get all the fun and adventures as always, except you get to enjoy a PRIVATE tour with your loved ones only. Follow our established (tried & tested) itineraries if you’d like a hassle-free plan or feel free to tell us everything you like, dream and wish to do and we’ll plan a unique itinerary just for you.

Really. It’s all THAT simple.

Here’s what one of our treasured guests had to say about their recent adventure vacation with us here at Costa Rica Rios:

Costa Rica reviewReady to plan your unique vacation?  Let’s go!

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Guide to an Unforgettable Eco-friendly Honeymoon in Costa Rica

As more people heartily adopt a greener lifestyle, choices are going beyond recycling and reusing: curbing carbon-emissions when travelling and making sensible choices abroad are all becoming part and parcel of our sustainable dream. If we all do things just a little better, and a little greener, we’ll be able to enjoy living in this magnificent planet of ours for much, much longer.

Eco-friendly honeymoons are the latest trend to hit the tourism scene and, as far as we’re concerned, it’s one of the most worthwhile ‘fads’ that’s ever been concocted. Costa Rica being one of the world’s foremost eco-tourism destinations is naturally at the forefront of most people’s minds, the sheer number of sustainable tourism initiatives, lodges and activities offering adventure-seekers plenty of guilt-free pleasures.


What is an eco-friendly honeymoon?

Adventure honeymoons are nothing new yet eco-honeymoons take the journey one step further: this is about having the absolute thrill of a lifetime, in pristine nature, whilst leaving as minimal a footprint as possible. In essence, it is to honeymoon responsibly in a stunning place, where your visit directly benefits the wellbeing of the local population and helps protect the environment.

Here are a few ways you can plan your own eco-friendly honeymoon in Costa Rica:


Eco-lodges and eco-resorts abound in Costa Rica: go small and go local

Costa Rica boasts a variety of accommodation options and this includes oversized all-inclusive resorts that can take over entire towns. Although there are certainly benefits to larger resorts (which hire many locals and buy large quantities of local produce) mega-resorts can also place a great amount of stress on the local environment. Moreover, they can also afford to offer greater saving (given the sheer number of rooms) so they tend to make local lodges less competitive, and that’s the biggest downfall of all. Some are also foreign-owned, which means the largest chunk of profits is taken out of the country.

Smaller, family-owned eco-friendly lodges abound in this amazing country, many of them constructed in a section of private wilderness reserve. They’re usually built of sustainable material, are totally self-sufficient and place very little stress on the environment, bar their initial construction. The kind of sustainable practices smaller lodges can implement are simply not sustainable on a very large scale and, besides, they also help spread tourist crowds over a much larger area.

The benefits of impact-spreading are several and are easy to understand this is imagining a lone beach crammed with 500 tourists looking out for nesting turtles, versus 50 separate beaches, each with only 10 spectators. A lone beach can absorb the impact of 10 visitors with ease whilst no beach can cope with 500. ‘Spreading out the love’ is better for the environment and its endemic wildlife, as was made obvious during the overcrowding events of 2015.


Keep your travels to a minimum, once you arrive

On an eco-friendly honeymoon to Costa Rica, you’ll want the emphasis to be on the wilderness, so you may want to choose to stay near one of the major national parks or wildlife reserves. A very effective sustainable option is to minimize your carbon emissions by choosing to explore one region thoroughly, rather than visiting several regions and driving or flying between them.


Plan an all-in-one destination wedding and honeymoon vacation

Destinations weddings have been popular in Costa Rica for years and, for very obvious reasons, it’s a great option to extend the vacation to include an adventure honeymoon whilst here, rather than fly somewhere else. Not only is this a brilliant way to cut costs but it also greatly reduces your carbon emission and that of your closest friends and family members, as many will coincide their yearly vacation to fit in with your impending nuptials. An all-in-one deal for you and the environment!




Offset your carbon footprint before you fly to Costa Rica

Air-travel has been recognized as a huge contributor to climate change but your Costa Rica honeymoon need not be riddled with guilt if you offset that amount of carbon emission you just can’t help create. Aside from these 20 Ways to Offset Your Carbon Emission, you can calculate your trips’ carbon expense and purchase carbon offset credits from an accredited provider. You’ll find all the details in the link.

Costa Rica’s proximity and short flight-times are another great reason to choose this as your eco-friendly honeymoon destination. Rather than taking a long-haul flight, you could be in a matter of a few hours, not only avoiding jetlag but also reducing your overall travel footprints.


When in Costa Rica, eat only locally produced food

The longer an ingredient has to travel, the larger the carbon emission so it figures that eating local food is about the best decision you could make on your Costa Rica honeymoon. Luckily, Costa Rica is a truly delicious destination, with an abundance of fresh produce grown in just about every region. You’ll certainly find imported goods in all major cities and tourist center but if you avoid the imported goods, you’ll help entice local shopkeepers to only stock and serve local fare.

Eating local, in Costa Rica, is anything but boring.  Scour our culinary archives for fantastic gastronomic inspiration.


Shop wisely – the most sustainable souvenirs to bring home

Yes, it’s lovely to bring home ‘only memories’ but, sometimes, we want something a little more tangible. Eco-friendly choices include local produce (vacuum packed for travel), wooden artefacts (made of sustainable materials, of course) and anything that is hand-carved, hand-weaved and hand-made. Steering clear of mass-produced gear in large-scale markets and buying treasures directly from the artisan will ensure your souvenir is made locally. Find more tips here.




Think small: sometimes, small gestures can have the biggest impact

Packing a few cloth shopping bags will help you avoid the ubiquitous plastic bags that seem to be the bane of our planet. Not all destinations in Costa Rica have great recycling facility so leaving packaging behind isn’t necessarily helping the environment – that’s just leaving more rubbish behind. What would help is if you had a few bags of your own to store fruit, souvenirs and whatever else you buy along the way, thus avoiding having to collect an unmentionable number of plastic bags. It’s also worthwhile to bring your own water bottle: tap water may be unsafe to drink in many places but most lodges and hotels will have filtered taps from where you can refill your daily stash.


When honeymooning in Costa Rica – buy less, do more

Aside from sustainable souvenirs, there’s probably no need to pack your suitcase with stuff you neither need nor will ever use, so why not spend your time (and holiday funds) on immersive experiences instead? Costa Rica is home to amazing sustainable farms and wildlife refuges that are open to the public and they gift unique experiences. You can get a behind-the-scenes look at local organic farming and enjoy up-close animal encounters, all the while directly helping local business owners trying to do right by their land and wildlife – a real win-win. Moreover, you can enjoy a plethora of stunning adventures in nature, be it ziplining, whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and more – all sustainable activities that promote the country as a superb adventure destination but aren’t causing overwhelming stress on the environment. This is particularly true of more remote locations, away from the most visited hubs like Manuel Antonio and Arenal.




Take guided tours – learning is part of the eco-tourism movement

Many consider ‘learning’ part and parcel of eco-tourism: alongside fun and adventure, there needs to be some kind of enlightenment to make the whole trip worthwhile. Education is key in sustainable tourism because only through a spread of awareness can issue be tackled, head-on. The latest disastrous fires in the Amazon, and the ensuing backlash, have been an excellent example of this: speak out and loud and we’ll collectively force governments to act to protect our planet!

Choosing guided tours means you’ll learn a whole lot more about the places and people you meet than you otherwise would, were you to travel independently. Moreover, you’ll have access to a host of off-the-path destinations, events, cultural experiences and culinary discoveries thanks to your local contact. This is why those farm and wildlife refuges are important to visit, not only rewarding: you won’t just see attractions but you’ll learn so much about them too.


Why choose Costs Rica Rios?

We get frustrated and disappointed by greenwashing as much as everyone else and have seen, first-hand, how so many enterprises have no sustainable practices to show for all their flamboyant claims.

At Costa Rica Rios, we have always been committed to sustainable eco-tourism, before the whole ‘trend’ ever took off. We operate our business out of Turrialba (away from the most visited and developed region of the country), only purchase produce from local growers and help support the local recycling efforts, which are quite impressive in their own rights. We also employ local guides and only use lodges and hotels with proven track-records of sustainable practices. We also understand that, sometimes, it’s about the little things: the biodegradable soap to launder our gear, the recycled paper in our offices and the obsessiveness with which we clear our picnic sites on each and every excursion.

At the end of the day, we appreciate that a single person (or agency) will not change the world but, together, we have a shot at protecting its future. Every sustainable choice will help us all get there.

See our collection of Costa Rica Rios Honeymoons and contact us to know more.


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Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide for 2020/21

Exclusivity, privacy and remoteness are what most honeymooners seek when they visit Costa Rica at any time and we’re certainly expecting more of the same during the 2020-21 wedding season. As Costa Rica gears up to open its borders to the rest of the world, the country’s tourism industry is tipped to bounce back swiftly, with even more emphasis placed on bespoke adventures – most especially for honeymooning, adventure-seeking couples.

Whilst we can all expect some safety measures to be in place for months to come in Costa Rica (it reasons that social distancing will be de rigueur for a while yet) we also expect plenty of areas to be open, safe and wonderful to explore. The country’s most glorious areas and national parks have had a break from visitors during what would have been a high tourist season this year so expect wilderness and wildlife to be at its most resplendent.

Wondering where to go, what to do and what glorious experiences you can you forward to in the 2020/21 honeymoon season in Costa Rica?

This Costa Rica honeymoon guide is for you!



What COVID-related restrictions can you expect on your honeymoon in Costa Rica In 2020/21?

As of July 23rd 2020, only the international airport in San Jose is receiving international flights although we expect the northern Liberia International Airport to also open for the 2020/21 honeymoon and vacation season. The latest phase of restriction easing is expected to be announced on 2nd of August.

We do expect social distancing regulations to remain in place for a while yet although the compulsory wearing of masks in public places will likely differ by region, depending on infection numbers.

The best thing you can do when planning your honeymoon in Costa Rica is to contact us before setting any plans in stone – let us know what you’re after and we can best advice you on where to go. We are keeping constantly updated on regional news and are in the best position to advice you, on a case by case basis.

Honeymoons in Costa Rica – the why, when, where & how


Why should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

As the world slowly reopens post-COVID-19, Costa Rica is expected to be among the most popular honeymoon destination choices for North Americans. Short, direct and non-stop flights from several destinations in the US means risks of COVID infections are dramatically reduced – during the recovery phase of a pandemic, travelers are expected to honeymoon and vacation closer to home and priority is given to destinations requiring just a few hours’ flights, at most.

Costa Rica also boasts an idyllic climate year-round, with a stunning spine of central mountains creating distinct regional climates. No matter when you choose to visit Costa Rica, there will always be several regions at their very best. The country’s tourism infrastructure is also geared towards nature-filled adventures which perfectly suits the social distancing mantra. When you honeymoon in a splendid eco-lodge set in pristine wilderness, the only daily worries you’ll ever have is to how to fit in all the amazing experiences on offer.



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When should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

As of December, most of Costa Rica will enter dry season, a period of about 5 months when rains are drastically reduced, leading to long sunny days that are prime for adrenal-filled sports like kayaking, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking and plenty more.

Traditionally, January -April is the busiest travel period in Costa Rica so we usually advice our honeymoon adventure-seekers to plan their trip from about the end of April to the end of May. In 2021, however, you can count on crowds being greatly diminished – the silver lining of this coronavirus crisis is that, on recovery, you have the chance to really enjoy usually overcrowded highlights. Have you always wanted to visit Arenal, for example, but thought you’d find too many visitors in high season? Then visiting in 2021 is the best chance you’ll have of feeling like you have the place to yourself.

It’s important to know that just because January-April is considered ‘peak’ travel season in Costa Rica, that doesn’t mean honeymooning outside of this period is any less rewarding. On the contrary! The months of July and August typically receive very little rain too, hence locals calling this the ‘little summer season’ – this is the dry spell before the big rains arrive. The most astute and experienced Costa Rica return travelers know that these can potentially be the very best months of all: smaller tourist crowds, lower prices and still very idyllic conditions.

Moreover, if you’re keen on honeymooning on the Caribbean Coast of the country, then you’ll find that September and October are actually this area’s driest months of the year.



Where should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

The usual suspects: The best and most popular honeymoon destinations in Costa Rica have traditionally been on the western side of the country: namely around Arenal Volcano, the Manuel Antonio National Park, the Gulf of Papagayo (particularly for luxury 5* resort stays) and the coastal area near Tamarindo.

The predicted best spots, post-COVID: In 2021, however, we do expect there to be a shift in destination requests – not because those areas will be unsafe to visit but, primarily, because more honeymooning adventure-seekers will want to stay off the usually-trodden path. Given Costa Rica is chock-full of hidden gems and sensational regions that are lesser-visited (but no less breath-taking) planning a sensational honeymoon adventure vacation off the beaten trail is super easy.

The Nicoya Peninsula and Osa Peninsula are set to be among the most highly-coveted destinations next year, both offering luxury and barefoot romance adventures in outstanding, unspoiled wilderness.

The Limon Province, over on the eastern side of the country, is the best base for multi-sport adventure vacations. Here is where you’ll find Costa Rica’s best whitewater river the Pacuare, revered the world over for offering sensational, white-knuckle adventures. Limon is home to the world-famous Tortuguero National Park (a remote wilderness haven renowned for its nesting sea turtles and idyllic isolation) and the Cahuita National Park, which offers amazing snorkeling options.

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Keep abreast of the latest updates: The Costa Rican government has introduced a system of color-coded alerts for all regions, in regards to COVID infections: red areas are closed to outsiders whilst caution should be adopted in orange zones and travel, with various degrees of restrictions, is allowed in yellow and green zones.

Alerts have been changing quite frequently these last few months (as can be expected) although the central region, and San Jose in particular, has been featuring in the news quite a bit these last few weeks. As of right now, there are several cantons on orange alert, which means transit is still possible although people are required to wear a mask in all public places.

Luckily, the Costa Rican government is singling out specific districts which have been declared hot-spots, leaving others within the same province unaffected by restrictions.

If you wish, you can keep up with the latest updates from the Ministry of Health (simply use the Google Translate button on the top, RHS of the page to set the document to English).

From June 2020, all of the country’s national parks reopened to the public, although visitors are required to pre-purchase entry tickets and daily capacity has been set at 50%.

The gist: With some cunning pre-planning and purchasing of entry tickets to national parks, this means you can visit your most desired honeymooning destinations and will get to soak up the splendorous with a tourist crowd that’s been cut in half.

That’s a pretty sweet bonus!

How should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

Costa Rica’s all-inclusive resorts have always been quite popular with many honeymooners although we suspect that demand for these will not be as great in the coming travel season. Instead, couples will undoubtedly be looking for boutique eco-lodges that are slightly removed from the most populated and visited areas.

Rather than heading to the Gulf of Papagayo and staying in a crowded 5* resort, for example, couples may wish to explore more remote destinations, staying in one of the country’s most exclusive and unique lodges. They may wish to stay somewhere that’s more private, isolated and boasts fewer guests whilst still offering a wealth of exciting excursions and adventure activities.

Package honeymoons you might enjoy:

Our Off the Beaten Path Adventure Honeymoon package is a week-long fest of adventure, romance and exotic wilderness. It includes private transfers for easier and safer travel through the country and overnight stays in exclusive lodges along the Savegre River (for world-class whitewater rafting) and in the magnificent Osa Peninsula. This honeymoon adventure includes aqua-hiking, rappelling, canyoning and snorkeling, as well as plenty of time for outstanding wildlife spotting and R&R.

For the ultimate thrill, we’ve devised out popular Total Adventure Honeymoon – perfectly suited to couples who get a kick out of sharing extreme outdoor adventures together. If your dream once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon memories involve adrenaline-packed excursions in some of the world’s most glorious wilderness, this one’s bound to hit the spot.

All our Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Vacations highlight the lesser-known highlights of the country but the above-mentioned to are specifically tailored to post-COVID honeymoons and set in remote areas that are far less visited. What’s more, you can Build Your Own Honeymoon with us here, at Costa Rica Rios, and this is perhaps the best way to go about planning your visit in 2020/21: simply tell us what you’d like to do in our marvellous land of sun, sea and sensational fun and we can tailor an itinerary that incorporates your desires and budget with the latest safety regulations.

Contact us today to know more and start planning the Costa Rica honeymoon of your dreams!


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Costa Rica Honeymoons 2020/21– The Most Exquisite Remote Lodges You Need To Know About

Given the sheer concentration of stunning lodges sprawled across Costa Rica’s luscious wilderness, socially-distanced honeymooning options abound. Want to enjoy a magnificent honeymoon in the land of startling beaches, dramatic volcanoes and unbelievable natural beauty whilst still keeping COVID-safe?

These are the most exquisite (and exquisitely remote) honeymoon lodges in Costa Rica you need to know about!


Costa Rica Honeymoons in Coronavirus Times

During and post COVID-19, Costa Rica is set to be among the most hotly-contested honeymoon destinations in the world. The Latin American country that’s showcased one of the best COVID-19 responses is also the one with the lowest numbers of infections and casualties. Travelers who feel confident to travel and are searching for a safe adventure vacation destination couldn’t choose a better spot to take their much-awaited holiday abroad.

Since opening up to the rest of the world once more on August 2nd, tourist crowds are kept at bay thanks to restricted entry numbers. Only a handful of international flights are allowed to enter Costa Rica every week so, once here, you can also expect the country to be blissfully uncrowded, even during the (usual) peak-tourism period between January and April, 2021.

Remoteness and social distance are part and parcel of adventure honeymoons in our shores at the best of times and we expect more couples will be looking for exclusivity and isolation. Luckily, romance, privacy and uncrowded havens are what Costa Rica does best!

Here are the spots we think you’ll enjoy most:

Lapas Rio Lodge, Osa Peninsula

Right at the convergence between the Golfo Dulce and the Pacific Ocean, in Cabo Matapalo, there hides a breath-taking lodge set amidst 1,000 acres of amazing tropical wilderness. Ideal for the consummate wilderness and adventure-loving couple, Lapas Rio is one of Costa Rica’s most astonishing gems, set in one of its most magnificent pockets of nature. Unspoiled and wild, inhabited by a flurry of unique wildlife and feeling about as far away from everywhere as can be, this 5* treasure offers plenty of active pursuits (kayaking, jungle hiking, waterfall chasing, bird spotting, surfing, horseback rides and more), just a handful of drop-dead-gorgeous private lodges, an in-house restaurant, pool and seriously divine services. If you’re looking for that all-inclusive indulgence and an unforgettable adventure all in one, Lapas Rio is for you.

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The Peace Lodge @ La Paz Waterfall, Volcano Poas National Park

The name really says it all: The Peace Lodge is all about privacy and tranquility and, while we’re at it, eye-popping jungle views to match. Conveniently located in Heredia, this 3* lodge is much more impressive than its rating may convey and much of it has to do with its setting. Nestled within the magical gardens of the La Paz Waterfall reserve, the lodge is literally enveloped by luscious jungles and dramatic waterfalls. Intricately carved into shape by the hands of Costa Rica’s master builders, The Peace is often referred to as a living work of art. The exposed beams are polished to perfection and the décor perfectly suits the jungle surroundings. The highlight here, which is the nature that frames the lodge, is given ample space to shine thanks to the oversized windows and sensational open-air terraces. The food, service and amenities are outstanding and, of course, you’ll have free run of the reserve so you can visit the many attractions during your stay, at no extra charge.

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Hacienda Barrigona, Nicoya Peninsula

Just north of beautiful Playa Samara on the south-western coast of the uncrowded Nicoya Peninsula, Barrigona is one of Costa Rica’s most hidden of gems. This gorgeous place boasts only 10 guest rooms and is a haven of tranquility in a stunning corner of Nicoya. A leisurely 15-minute walk will see you reach the unspoiled swimming beaches, and you’ll also find plenty of nature hiking trails within the 500-acre property, where colorful birds and monkeys abound. More of a private luxury villa than your standard honeymoon lodge, Barrigona is especially popular with those planning an all-in-one Costa Rica wedding and honeymoon vacation because it can be booked entirely for one party.

How’s that for a socially distanced paradise?

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Rio Celeste Hideaway, Tenorio Volcano National Park

Just a few feet away from the entrance to the Tenorio Volcano National Park, the Rio Celeste Hideaway is a 4* lodge that’s ideal for honeymooning couple who want to explore Costa Rica a little off the usual trail. Tenorio is revered for its incredible biodiversity and the surrounding area comprises dry forests and luscious jungles, volcanic peaks, waterfalls and the most incredible turquoise river you’ll ever see. A hiker’s dream base, this lodge is all about enjoying the wilderness whilst having plenty of indulgences to boot: wonderful cuisine, a fabulous swim-up bar incorporated in the sapphire-hued pool and gorgeous cabins boasting indoor jacuzzies and outdoor showers. This place is wonderfully atmospheric and the direct access to the world-famous Rio Celeste just one reason to stay.

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Nature Lodge Finca Los Caballos, Nicoya Peninsula

Another Nicoya treasure to be discovered – this time on the eastern coast – Los Caballos is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a more affordable honeymoon lodge in Costa Rica yet one which offers just as many delights as its 5-starred counterparts. Set high on verdant hills above the charming and still traditional town of Montezuma and offering splendid ocean views, this enchanting finca is super comfortable and immensely cozy. Quiet and contemplative, the lodge is all about soaking up the sounds and feel of the jungle – waking up to howler monkeys and chirping toucans suits the nature lover to a T. Whilst there’s plenty to see, do and devour in Montezuma town, the lodge itself is about relaxation and serenity: a honeymooning couple’s ideal mix.


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Costa Rica’s best and remotest honeymoon lodges may differ in terms of setting, atmosphere and offerings, yet they all have one main commonality: these are the best options if you’re seeking exceptional adventures, plenty of romance and privacy with the added bonus of sublime social isolation away from big tourist crowds.

If you’d love some help in planning an adventure honeymoon vacation in Costa Rica, contact us below. Before you settle on a region or itinerary, however, read our comprehensive Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide for 2020/21.

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The Best National Parks to Visit in Costa Rica for Honeymoon, Family or Adventure Vacations

Costa Rica is a country that’s literally defined by its exceptional array of national parks. A system of wilderness protection that started almost five decades ago, Costa Rica’s best national parks encompass over a quarter of the entire country. Whether you’ve got your eye on a volcano you can climb, a river on which you can kayak and whitewater raft, a beach you can learn to surf on, a stretch of coast renowned for attracting nesting turtles or a high-altitude cloud forest brimming with exotic birds, it’s highly likely it’ll be part of a fervently protected national park.

Just about all of Costa Rica’s best adventures play out in one of the country’s many national parks and this overview guide will help you decide which one to include on your forthcoming adventure vacation. Planning a honeymoon, family vacation or multi-sport tour? We’ve got just the national park for you!


Best National Parks for Honeymoon Adventure Vacations

Manuel Antonio National Park is the unrivaled honeymoon queen of national parks, the stunning reserve home to dreamy honeymoon resorts, spectacular stretches of beach where the luscious wilderness just seems to tumble straight into the sapphire seas. Yep, MA is all that, and then some. Close to the capital and offering a little of everything that makes Costa Rica’s wilderness world-renowned, Manuel Antonio is the top-choice for short and sweet honeymoon vacations.

But it’s not the only one…

The Arenal Volcano National Park has a little bit of magic up its sleeve, because what could be more romantic than soaking in a hot thermal pool surrounded by a pristine tropical rain-forest? Jaw-dropping views of Arenal Volcano from the luxurious Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort (one of our favorite wedding photo shoot locations) offer that breathtaking extra everyone seeks on honeymoons.

Ready to head a little further?

Head due east to the Limon Province and you’ll be discovering one of the lesser-visited best honeymoon national parks of all: Tortuguero National Park. This remote and unspoiled corner of Costa Rica is revered for attracting an abundance of nesting turtles and is considered an off-beat destination that tugs at the heartstrings of nature lovers the world over. As such, it is not as built-up as some other parks and is mostly coveted for its ‘totally wild’ adventure settings. However, we think all of this spells ‘pure perfection’ for adventurous honeymooning couples, the kind who don’t mind foregoing the luxurious of a 5* all-inclusive resort to be immersed in the kind of untarnished tropical wilderness that’s hard to find nowadays. Besides, there are three amazing lodges here that actually do provide plenty of luxury and comfort – think jacuzzi soaks, couple massage and riverside cabins that just scream ‘romance’. Check out our choice of amazing resorts in Tortuguero.

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Best National Parks in Costa Rica for Family Adventure Vacations

Families heading to Costa Rica are usually looking for a wide array of activities, something that’ll please children and adults equally. Luckily, Costa Rica does this seamlessly which is the main reason the country is just so popular for family vacations. Although you can always choose a child-friendly resort that offers some kind of kid-club (just a little yawn-inducing) we think you and the kids deserve a little more. In the best national parks for families in Costa Rica, you can all have the time of your lives doing fun and exciting stuff, together, whether it be going on a night-time wildlife-spotting walk, zip-line run, family hike, bicycle tour, surf lesson and even horseback ride on the beach. If time together equals closeness, then what’s the point of having fun, separately??

Manuel Antonio is very family friendly and there are walking excursions that are ideal with little ones in tow. Over in Alajuela is where you can all explore the resplendent Rio Celeste on a thrilling hike through the Tenorio Volcano National Park (ideal if your kids are a little older) and if you have kids of varying ages, you can visit Arenal, where cable-car rides thrill the little ones and zip-line rides will delight thrill-seeking teenagers.

national parks







If you do have toddlers or young kids, you’ll also love the La Paz Nature Park because it offers light walks even the tiniest tot can achieve (carried, if need be) yet offering an abundance of beautiful wilderness experiences that’ll titillate all their senses. Numerous waterfalls and close-up encounters with some of the country’s most iconic wildlife is what enthralls young and older alike here.

Many families also love visiting Los Quetzales National Park which is, much like uber-famous Monteverde, a stunning cloud forest destination. This is one of the country’s youngest national parks and one of the least-known, which makes it a great off-the-radar destination. It’s very close to San Jose and boasts an altitude range of between 4,000 and 10,000 feet, which is sublime on a summer visit. Home to about 200 distinct species of birds as well as deer, tapirs and even a few pumas which you’d have to be pretty lucky to spot as they’re terribly shy. This is a real bird-lover’s paradise and if you take a local guide, you’ll spot some amazing specimens, like the Resplendent Quetzal at the right season and different types of hummingbirds. If your kids are interested or studying birds, they’ll absolutely love this place. There’s pretty basic infrastructure here so far (which makes it feel super remote) yet it means that guided walks are advised, with a choice of options for short and longer trails, depending on the age of your kids.

Best National Parks for Multi-Sport Adventure Vacations

It really doesn’t matter if you’re heading over solo, on honeymoon, with friends or with your extended family: adventures abound in Costa Rica’s best national parks. For multi-sport adventure vacations, whereby you can fit in as many active pursuits every day (so requiring less in-between travel) you really can’t go past the entire region framing the Pacuare and Sarapiqui rivers, on the central-eastern half of the country.






Bordered by the Tortuguero, Cahuita, Braulio Carrillo and Barbilla National Parks, these rivers are considered the heart and soul of the country by bonafide adventure seekers. Here, you’ll find primary virgin rain-forest that showcases astonishing biodiversity, the wilderness home to elusive jaguars, anteaters, ocelots, sloths, an abundance of monkeys and an untold number of exotic tropical birds, including toucans and macaws. We love this region because it is untouched for the most part, bar a few eco-lodges that simply offer us the chance to explore the rivers by kayak and whitewater raft and its stellar wilderness on foot. Considered one of the world’s best rafting destinations of all (the Pacuare River, particularly) this region is ideal for multi-sport adventures, because there are enough lodges to allow for week long trips but not enough commercialization that means multi-day rafting or kayaking needs to be interrupted.

For adventurous souls, this whole area is unparalleled, with plenty of offerings for families and honeymooners too. Given the Pacuare’s three-section river runs, this is also a great place to learn rafting and kayaking and a handful of dreamy lodges means honeymoon suites on riverside lodges are also on offer.






When it comes to the best national parks in Costa Rica, it’s worth noting that just because we mention a special reason to visit a particular national park, it doesn’t mean that reason won’t be found elsewhere. Except for the multi-sport option perhaps: the Pacuare really is the best rafting and kayaking river in the country, so even if you hike, bike ride or zipline elsewhere, you’ll still want to head here for the best river-based adventures.

Yet for all other aspects, you do have a wide array of choice. The northwest of the country, for example, is home to the best and largest range of honeymoon resorts but there are plenty scattered all over the country, some of which are exceptionally unique, remote and absolutely stunning.

Ask us about your very own personal desires, be they for your honeymoon, family or multi-sport adventure vacation and we can give you more specific suggestions of the very best places to visit.

You can contact us, right here

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Best Places for Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding Photo-Shoot

We won’t lie: enjoying a stunning photo-shoot is one of the best parts of a Costa Rica destination wedding. Many couples enjoy them so much that they actually plan several photo-shoots on their adventure honeymoon after their wedding, just so they can take advantage of an array of magnificent locations. Whilst you probably can’t get to a volcano, a beach, a waterfall and a rain-forest in the one single photo session, there’s nothing stopping you from getting dolled up a few times during your trip, just so you can have a wide variety of shots in your album.

Photogenic, dreamy, colorful and totally charming, the best places for your Costa Rica destination wedding photo-shoot will ensure your album be among the most treasured mementos you’ll have of your big, beautiful, all-important day.


Choose a remote beach on the western Pacific coast and you will have the most magical sunset photos of all. Beaches are undoubtedly the #1 wedding photo-shoot location in Costa Rica, with the array of options making for personalized albums that are unique to every couple. Whilst sunsets are the prime attraction on the Pacific Coast, sunrises are on the Caribbean, the play of light in the early morning making for sensational shots. The most popular beaches are unarguably in Manuel Antonio National Park, where verdant forests tumble down to sandy shores, remote and wild beaches on the Osa Peninsula (home to a few stellar boutique resorts) and of course Tamarindo, a popular vacation spots that offers everything you need for a fabulous wedding vacation.

Given that Costa Rica destination weddings are so popular all over the country, it means you’ll find an excellent photographer no matter which beach you need to visit. More often than not, however, photographers will also travel to different locations for a shoot so if you have a specific expert in mind, it always pays to ask their availability at your chosen location. Whilst continuity in style can certainly be a lovely thing, it’s also wonderful to have different reels from different photographers, to have the widest range of looks. Just like every beach in Costa Rica is unique and enticing in its own way, no two wedding photographers are the same.









Nothing spells Costa Rica glamour weddings quite like a waterfall photo-shoot and although the country is absolutely chock-full of stunning drops, many are perhaps a little too inconvenient to reach, all dressed up to the nines. In this instance, we prefer waterfalls that are close to – and even within – some of the best resorts in the country. At the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, for example, you don’t even need to move an inch in your heels: you can have the ceremony, reception lunch and photo-shoot all in front of one of five gorgeous waterfalls. Only an hour away from Sa Jose, this stunning place is well-versed in all things wedding related so you can organize a shoot here even if not staying. An in-house butterfly garden also makes for a very unique setting, to add color and an ethereal setting to your photos.








Luxury Hotels & Resorts

The easiest option is also one of the most glamorous, with Costa Rica’s array of wedding resorts putting on fabulous photo-shoot locations throughout their outstanding properties. You can choose your luxury resort location by a glorious private beach, immersed in pristine forests and even overlooking one of the country’s many awe-inspiring volcanoes. Resorts and hotels really do combine the best of it all, as far as convenience, setting and location are concerned. When choose a wedding venue, it pays to check out the property (albeit virtually) to see if the setting would make for great photography. The in-house wedding planner can also run through all the available options with you, both at the resort itself and nearby. Every Costa Rica photographer has their own ‘insider secret spot’ when it comes to wedding photo-shoots, so it helps to pick their brain.

Private Villas

A jaw-dropping backdrop, an infinity pool, your own private haven and a fantastical place to hold a breath-taking photo-shoot – private villa rentals in Costa Rica are just the gift that keep on giving. Luxury villas come in all shapes, sizes and budget with accommodation options ranging from family sized (4-5) to larger groups ideal for a wedding with sleeping arrangement for, say, two dozen people yet with enough entertainment space to fit double the number. If you have your wedding reception and accommodation already sorted and simply wish to book a villa for a few hours’ worth of posing glamorously, ask the venue, or your photographer, if they know of an available villa that would allow for that. There are many, like Villa Punto de Vista, that actually allow for this as the country is a very popular photography and TV Show shooting destination.










Luxury Yachts & Catamarans

Add a touch of glamour and exclusivity to your wedding photo-shoot by heading out into the sapphire seas on a luxury yacht or catamaran cruise for a couple of hours. You’ll find a greater choice of boat and rental options on the Pacific coast and although quite a few insist on day-long rentals, many can be hired for just an hour or two which would make the wedding photo-shoot a lot more affordable too. If you don’t have the time nor the inclination to do your own research on this, it may be worthwhile to hire a wedding planner who will not only organize the actual ceremony for you but can coordinate with photographer and photo-shoot venue to fit within your budget and according to your wishes. Event planners really take all the stress out of destination wedding planning and Costa Rica boasts a wealth of expert and professional ones – just see here.







Rain-forests & Wilderness

Taken on the path to the La Fortuna waterfall, the below photo shows just how atmospheric Costa Rica’s rain-forests can be for wedding photography. Choose Monteverde and you could be on a hanging bridge suspended in the clouds, framed by verdant










The Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort, right at the foothills of Arenal Volcano, is the prime location in the country if you’re dreaming of that distinctive WOWing photo-shoot setting. It really doesn’t get any better than this: a luscious resort set in prime wilderness, with its own private hot springs and insanely beautiful gardens. Choose to stay here and the resort will help co-ordinate your shoot, taking advantage of the many secluded spots that make for glorious pics. Yet Tabacon is not the only choice, by a long shot. There are many beautiful lodges here that not only boast their own unique views of Arenal but also know of prime spots just nearby which you can take advantage of.







Wildlife Refuges

Hosting a wedding photo-shoot in a wildlife refuge may seem a little odd at first but once you realize that a ‘refuge’ in Costa Rica can mean more than one thing. Whilst some are bona fide wildlife rehab center (totally worth visit) other are simply fervently protected reserves where wildlife can thrive. Boutique lodges within the boundaries of wildlife refuges can make for exceptional photo-shoot locations, especially for animal-lovers. Imagine having the moment a cheeky monkey tries to steal your bouquet or a colony of coatis walks across your path, forever immortalized in your wedding pics? Pretty special! Parrots, monkeys, perhaps even a sloth – these are the kinds of wedding subjects with whom you could be sharing your treasured photographs.

And what could be more Costa Rican than that?

If you fancy a unique destination wedding photo-shoot in Costa Rica and looking for that one adventure vacation company that can bring your wedding and adventure honeymoon together, talk to Costa Rica Rios today.

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Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide for 2019

One of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations, Costa Rica seamlessly blends adventure and romance to offer unique experiences that are far removed from the cookie-cutter mold. Yes, you can still soak up the rays along a stretch of an impossibly idyllic beach, but intrepid couples heading to Costa Rica choose to do so after a n active day out spent whitewater rafting, kayaking, canyoning, zip-lining or mountain biking. That’s really what sets Costa Rica apart from all other ‘tropical honeymoon destinations’ the world over: just as dreamy and swoon-worthy yet with the added bonus of a wicked, fun and adventurous side.

Do you get easily bored lunging on a beach chair sipping cocktails for days on end? Then Costa Rica is the honeymoon destinations for you! Every corner of the country offers its own cache of delights and adventures, offering an eclectic array for bespoke Costa Rica honeymoons.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide for 2019 – the best places to go, the highlights you shouldn’t miss and a few insider tips to ensure your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip to our shores is as memorable as can be.

Here’s to the adventure you’ll be telling the grand kids about!

Costa Rica Honeymoons in 2019 – The Best Hot Spots for Loved-up Couples

Let’s be honest: you’d be hard pressed to find a single corner of Costa Rica without redeeming honeymoon offerings but it is true that some areas are simply better suited to honeymooning couples. A few luxurious indulgences wouldn’t go amiss (in between all the crazy excursions) and given the fact most couples take only a week off to explore, many tend to home in on well-established destinations. Have more time? We’ll guide you to more remote destinations too!

One-week Costa Rica Honeymoon – Manuel Antonio and Arenal Volcano National Parks are the country’s prime hot-spots for Costa Rica honeymoons in 2019. Combine these two parks and you’ll have it all: pristine rain forests, peaky volcanoes, stunning beaches lined with coral reefs, natural thermal pools and a sensational array of activities that let you immerse yourself in the outstanding wilderness. Rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, zip-lining, wildlife-spotting and, naturally, plenty of steamy togetherness in hot springs and beaches. All in one compact and easily accessible region, all in just a single week!

Two-week Costa Rica Honeymoon – Add an extra week to your itinerary and you can spread your wings a little further afield. The Nicoya and Osa Peninsulas are our top pick for longer honeymoon adventures in Costa Rica, these two wild corners of the country offering the kind of remoteness you simply won’t find anywhere else. They both require more time to reach, however, and the added bonus of lesser development means you’ll find them blissfully uncrowded and wonderfully unplugged. Both regions are home to an astonishing array of wildlife and offer unique adventures. Read more about Nicoya and Osa and see which one tickles your travel-buds most.

Guide to the Nicoya Peninsula

Guide to the Osa Peninsula






Exclusive & Luxurious Costa Rica Honeymoons – When only the best will do, you really can’t sail past the Gulf of Papagayo in the Guanacaste Province, home to some of the most exclusive 5* resorts in the entire country. For world-class sustainable tourism with oodles of class – something for which Costa Rica is world-renowned – the Gulf of Papagayo is the bees’ knees. We’re talking golf courses, luxury marinas and incredible lodges, all immersed in unspoiled Costa Rica wilderness. Check out our latest guide to the Stellar Highlights of the Gulf of Papagayo to drool some more. You’ll soon see why so many honeymooning couples head here for a few days during their trip.






The Best Costa Rica Honeymoon Resorts for 2019

Gorgeous resorts and eco-lodges catering specifically to adventurous couples are all the rage in Costa Rica and it’s hardly surprising. Just as the country is beloved by families (and boasts plenty of family-friendly resorts) there’s a whole tourism scene that’s solely dedicated to adults-only vacations, where romantic candle-lit dinners, couple spa treatments, yoga classes and adventure-filled excursions are on the daily menu. The great thing about Costa Rica honeymoon resorts is that they are scattered about the country and come in all shapes, sizes and prices, so every couple will find their own little corner of paradise.

Here are just three of our long-standing favourites, to give you an idea of what you can expect to find in Costa Rica:

Nayara Springs Resort (Arenal Volcano) – The Nayara is an Arenal institution, winning a cult-like following thanks to its two equally sensational resorts. This adult-only delight boasts amazing villas equipped with their own private thermal pools and feels as removed from the Arenal mayhem as can be. Forbes Magazine rated this one of Costa Rica’s best picks and, in all seriousness, who’d argue with that?





Occidental Grand (Gulf of Papagayo) – Choosing the best value honeymoon resort in the Gulf of Papagayo is hard work – but someone had to do it! Cradled between two outstanding beaches (Playa Buena and Bonita) the Occidental is a luxury spa resort that offers fantastic value for money in a region of the country that can be a little pricey. The incredible location is reason enough to stay here yet what impresses most is the way the Occidental manages to offer superb luxuries among its pocket of pristine wilderness. The best parts? Their all-inclusive program and the fact that this is a small and compact resort, so it feels romantic and uncrowded. It’s not 5* by any means but it certainly feels like it and, for its price, it just can’t be beaten. Read this Telegraph Review to see if it fits your bill. Add a couple of nights here at the end of your Costa Rica honeymoon and you’ll go home totally transformed.







Pacuare Lodge (Limon) – The Pacuare Lodge is one of the most distinctive eco-lodges in Costa Rica, revered for its commitment to sustainability as much as for its magnificent setting and luxury. Rated as one of the best extreme-adventure lodges in the world by National Geographic, the Pacuare isn’t a specific adults-only resort yet it still rates as one of the most ideal, unplugged, romantic and mesmerizing places for honeymooners to stay. Its organic spa treatments, farm-to-table dining, international wine-cellar offerings and extensive array of amazing villas seduces couples like nothing else, and that’s without even mentioning the wildlife-enriched wilderness that surrounds it. Built right on the shores of the famed Pacuare River – the best whitewater rafting destination in Costa Rica – The Pacuare Lodge is an adventure-seeker’s dream.











The Best Months for Costa Rica Honeymoons

Costa Rica is currently in the throes of its prime honeymoon season, the months between January and May – the driest of the year in the western half of the country- attracting more couples than at any other time. Now is a great time to plan your 2020 honeymoon if you’d love to visit during this peak time, with the best honeymoon resorts booking out months in advance.

If you’re looking to honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2019, however, note that all is not lost! We actually love the last month of the dry season – May – as you can still enjoy an idyllic climate BUT the crowds will have dissipated so last-minute bookings are still possible. Green Season honeymoons (June to December) can also be immensely rewarding, the sporadic rains helping to nourish the landscape and offering a vividly colourful backdrop to all those adrenalin-filled adventures.  Honeymooning during Green Season also offers unrivalled value, as most top-end resorts and lodges offer discounts. You can still enjoy plenty of romantic beachside dinners, but you’ll just need to be on the lookout for the forecast and change plans accordingly. Generally speaking, the wettest months of all in Costa Rica’s Pacific region are September, October and November: choose to honeymoon outside of these months and your sunny time will surely be enhanced. Costa Rica boasts an eclectic climate given its varied regions – read more about regional differences in our Planning Your Costa Rica Wedding guide.

Honeymoon Insider Tips from the Experts

At Costa Rica Rios, we’ve helped plan countless honeymoons for adventurous couples and like to think we’ve accrued a fair bit of expertise on the subject. Here are just a few of the most important considerations when planning your Costa Rica honeymoon:

Budgeting is important – Budgeting is a very pivotal factor for many honeymooning couples and, although Costa Rica is an affordable holiday destination compared to many others, the cost of a trip can quickly add up. Speak to us about your budget first and foremost and we’ll help you plan your honeymoon from there. Read our recent guide Budgeting Tips for Costa Rica Honeymoons where we detail a few nifty trips to help you along.

Fight the urge to cram too much in your itinerary – Our beloved country is wild and most of the tourist infrastructure (ie. perfectly tarred roads) are concentrated in just a few areas. It takes time to get around, longer than you may imagine and that’s why we advise no more than two destinations in a week of travel. The fabulous thing about Costa Rica is that its most famous highlights are not only in one area: there are volcanoes and mountains all over, hot springs too, an endless array of beaches, wildlife parks in every corner and there’s rafting, kayaking, surfing and zip-lining to be had in almost every province. Choose what activities you wish to indulge in your Costa Rica honeymoon and we can advise you which province you should be visiting to make the most of your time here. We know all the most strategically placed honeymoon bases that offer a multitude of experiences nearby, cutting out your travel times and maximizing the fun ones.

That goes for activities, too! Sometimes, it’s not just about cramming different destinations in just a single week of travel but also about planning every single hour, of every single day. You’re coming a long way for your honeymoon, we get that, but we also know you’ll be craving some time for R&R and that’s why we plan our honeymoon itineraries to include some downtime, whether to chill out in your resort, take a leisurely walk or just lie in a hammock and read a book.

Don’t forget the cultural aspects of a Costa Rica honeymoon – Costa Rica is an enticing, welcoming and exotic country, where regional culinary specialties, history and indigenous culture combine to offer truly unique experiences. We know that the adventure-seekers will be out to conquer the forests, the rivers and the volcanoes but there’s so much to this country that should also be experienced. When visiting, make time to seek out local eateries, visit local plantations, perhaps a few museums and take time to know the local culture – this is one of the most rewarding aspects of any visit here and we know your experience will be all the more enriched because of it.

Found this Costa Rica honeymoon guide for 2019 helpful? Check out our Costa Rica Rios Blog Archive for more invaluable travel advice and inspiration and see all the amazing Honeymoon & Romance Itineraries we have on offer. Contact us at any time for more info and to book your unforgettable Costa Rica honeymoon in 2019.

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Luxury, Adventure & Romance – 4 Best Costa Rica Honeymoon Ideas

Costa Rica is often dubbed the best honeymoon destination on earth, thanks not only to the insane beauty of the wilderness in this wonderful home of our but, primarily, for the sheer number of options on offer. You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming of a 5* luxury honeymoon, an adventure-packed honeymoon, a rustic authentic honeymoon or a blissfully relaxing honeymoon in Costa Rica – what it is that you dream, you will find it here and that’s the country’s biggest allure.

There’s a Costa Rica experience for every honeymooning couple and, more often than not, intrepid couples combine all the elements to create a stunning itinerary that includes luxury, adventure AND romance, all in one unforgettable week (or more!) of travel.

Here are some of our best Costa Rica honeymoon ideas for 2019.

Barefoot Romance – Fabulous Value-for-Money Romance & Adventure

Costa Rica honeymoons don’t have to cost a fortune (in fact, they most often don’t) and if you’re after an adventurous and romantic honeymoon that offers outstanding value, then this country well and truly has you covered. A week long barefoot romance honeymoon in Costa Rica can include four days of adrenaline-pumping activities like kayaking, zip-lining, waterfall chasing and whitewater rafting, followed by a few days of complete relaxation (except for that stint of wicked surfing, that is) in one of the Pacific Coast’s dreamiest beaches. For the sheer convenience, beauty and value, we love the region of La Fortuna, home to Costa Rica’s most famous volcano (Arenal) and a compact area that boasts hot springs, waterfalls, hiking trails, raging rivers and amazing outdoor activities. For your honeymoon beach stint, we recommend the Nicoya Peninsula, where gorgeous beach bungalows and endless stretches of glistening beaches await. Keep your distances short and your accommodation choices at 3* and a barefoot romance honeymoon in Costa Rica can cost as little as $200 a day, ALL included, per person. That’s crazy value in anyone’s books!

See how much fun, romance and relaxation we squeeze into our Barefoot Romance Honeymoon


Ultimate Luxury – When a Honeymoon Becomes a Once-in-a-Lifetime Indulges

At the of the other end of the spectrum, Costa Rica offers purely luxurious honeymoons, the kind that are ideal if you’re planning to indulge all your senses. The country is dotted with an impressive array of 5* resorts that are ideal for honeymooners. Not necessarily gargantuan and impersonal all-inclusive mini-villages but the more exclusive kind, where romantic gourmet dining, indulgent spa treatments, floodlit hot springs and an astonishing property make you feel like honeymooning royalty. One of our favorite gems for this kind of luxury honeymoon is the Springs Resort & Spa, an oasis of exquisite calmness and indulgences. Perched atop a cliff overlooking the luscious Arenal Volcano, the Springs is jaw-dropping beautiful and you’ll want at least 3 days here to soak up all the resort has to offer, including hiking around the volcano. For your relaxing beach days, we recommend the southwest, around the Marino Ballena National Park. The beaches this far south are postcard-perfect and private villa rentals here are unparalleled if luxurious stays are on your wish-list. Enjoying sundowners whilst soaking in your private pool overlooking this exceptional stretch of Costa Rica coast really is a honeymooning dream. Active couples can indulge in snorkeling on Caño Island where a wealth of marine life thrives, as well as thrilling hiking in Corcovado, one of the world’s most bio-diverse nature reserves and one of Costa Rica’s most remote and spellbinding wildlife havens.

We find 8 days to be the ideal time-frame for his kind of luxury Costa Rica honeymoon itinerary, so see how we bring it all together, right here.


Off the Beaten Path – For Adventurous & Intrepid Honeymooners

If you’d love your married life to be all about unforgettable adventures then you’ll no doubt want to know how to get off the well-beaten-path in Costa Rica. Let us tell you: options are endless! Not only does Costa Rica boast an exhaustive choice of remote locations (think the above-mentioned Corcovado in the Osa Peninsula as well as the outstanding Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean side of the coast) but is also home to a collective array of remote lodges set in glorious nature reserves. These places make you feel like you’re a million miles away from civilization, lost in a wilderness paradise that’s disconnected from the outside world – whilst still having so many options for fabulous adventures at your fingertips. If this idea gets your juices flowing then follow our lead and set your sights on glamping adventures at the Rafiki Luxury Lodge, where you’ll only be half-an-hour away from all the action of Manuel Antonio but cocooned in a romantic world all of your own. Rafiki (which is Swahili for ‘friend’) is a family-run treasure of a place, which brings together the safari experience of Africa into the unspoiled wilds of Costa Rica in the Savegre Valley, revered for off-the-beaten-path rafting, kayaking, hiking and canyoning.

We pick our two favorite hidden treasures for an Off The Beaten Path Honeymoon you’ll never forget.

Total Adrenaline-Packed Adventure – For the Thrill -Seeking Couple

Thrill-seekers with adrenaline on their minds and adventure in their hearts will want to hone in on more active honeymoons, including perhaps an overnight rafting trip and extreme canyoning excursions, whilst still including free time for R&R, to soak up the rays on a stunning beach or soak those weary bones in a therapeutic hot spring. If this sounds like a bit of you, we definitely have you covered! Costa Rica is for adventure lovers, first and foremost, and if you want to indulge in the craziest activities the country has to offer you may want to plan on a few extra days – both to cover greater distances and have time to relax and unwind in-between excursions. Our wicked adventure honeymoon idea for 2019 will see you start your journey on an overnight rafting trip along the world-famous Pacuare River, considered the best rafting hub in the whole country, followed by a day of sensational extreme canyoning before delivering you to the indulgent arms of the famous Tabacon Hot Springs Resort. This is among the most luxurious spa resorts in La Fortuna. Surfing, jet-ski riding, snorkeling and beach-bumming follow next, on the breath-taking beaches of Manuel Antonio. Sure, you may need a holiday to rest from your Costa Rica adventure honeymoon but if it’s thrills you’re after then you’ll certainly find plenty here.

Our Total Adventure Honeymoon ideas are aimed at totally adventurous couples.

At Costa Rica Rios, we have a ton of fantastic honeymoon ideas with itineraries planned to combine the honeymooning elements you crave most. Build your own trip or follow one of our suggestions and rest assured that options for customized changes are always available. Contact us to plan your Costa Rica Honeymoon in 2019 and leave it to the experts to create your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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