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Zipline Canopy Tours Costa Rica 

Zip Line Canopy Tours in Costa Rica

A great holiday can often be all about new experiences, and if you have never tried ziplining through the canopy of a rainforest before, now’s your chance. As with all zipline canopy tours in Costa Rica, safety is a priority, and most tours have an introductory session for those who have never experienced the thrill of ziplining before.

Experienced supervisors are always on hand to ensure your safety during the tour, and ensure your enjoyment of such an amazing zipline experience. Ziplining gives you the chance to get off the beaten track, far from the main city of San Jose, and to immerse yourself in the wonderful, verdant Costa Rican countryside, while also adding some adrenaline-pumping excitement to your vacation, at just the right price too.

It’s a great option if the tropical climate of Costa Rica has brought in a few clouds and the weather’s not perfect for lying on the beach all day, take to the rainforest canopy, and jump on a zipline!

For those who have never been on a ziplining tour in Costa Rica before, the easiest way to describe it is to strap yourself into a safety harness, attach yourself to a free-running pulley wheel on a downward-sloping steel rope – the zipline – then let go. Gravity propels you across canyons, rivers and treetops, the latter also being referred to as a canopy tour, where you travel at treetop height.

With huge respect to the natural environment, zipline tours in Costa Rica aim to have minimal impact on the rainforest ecosystem. An activity that immerses you in nature, with zero cost to the planet.

To get a better idea of what’s involved, check out this video at Cloud Forest, Monteverde Sky aerial tram and rainforest canopy zipline.

Why are zipline tours so popular in Costa Rica?

The undulating topography and tropical rainforest found throughout Costa Rica means zipline tours, in various forms, can be found right across the country, wherever you decide to go on your vacation.

The five best ziplines in Costa Rica:

If you’ve never visited the country before, it is always a little difficult to know which are the best zipline canopy tours in Costa Rica, so we have created a list of the top five zipline canopy tours for you:

  • Arenal canopy zipline, Costa Rica
    Located on the side of what, as recent as 2010, was an active volcano, Sky Adventures Arenal Park is a gem of a location in Costa Rica, lying in an area which transitions between rain forest and the Monteverde Cloud Forest, and which is also the site of the Arenal Nature Reserve. Ziplining at Arenal is truly a magical experience.
  • Monteverde sky aerial canopy zipline, Costa Rica
    Described as “a cloud forest paradise” and “one of the most outstanding wildlife refuges in the world”, Monteverde has an incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna, including 100 species of mammals, over 400 species of birds, and roughly 2500 species of plants. A zipline through the Monteverde canopy, is like a tour through the very best nature has to offer.
  • Jaco canopy zipline tour, Costa Rica
    This is not a zip lining experience for the faint-hearted among you, and it is best suited to those of you who are on a genuine thrill seeking holiday! Enjoy far-reaching views of the Nicoya Peninsula if you can keep your eyes open during the tour, you’ll revel in the opportunity to get up close and personal with scarlet macaws and white-faced monkeys. Not your average zipline, we can assure you.
  • Diamante Superman canopy zipline, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
    Ranked in the top five of the world’s best ziplines, the Diamante Eco Adventure Park is home to the longest dual zipline in South America, which means you can enjoy the thrills and experience of ziplining side by side. The Superman zipline, at 1,360 meters or 4,461 feet in length, is almost a mile long and has amazing ocean views! Not just the best in Costa Rica, but one of the best ziplines in the world!
  • Manuel Antonio safari canopy zipline, Costa Rica
    Located some 45 minutes from Manuel Antonio, the canopy safari zipline tour also includes touring through a magical butterfly garden, as well as a mesmerizing serpentarium. Have fun on the “Tarzan Swing” and marvel at all the fabulous sights as you take the canopy tour, which includes 18 platforms, 10 zip lines, and 2 rapel lines.

Specializing in adventure vacations in Costa Rica, here at Costa Rica Rios, aside from our 8-day Adventure Tour and Honeymoon Adventure Package, we can create individual, bespoke adventure packages that will concentrate on your favored activities. So if you want to build your own holiday, throw in a few more activities and create an all inclusive package at a cost that suits you, then we can do that too!

It is hard to resist the allure of Costa Rica if you like exploring and are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, so take advantage of our local knowledge and give us a call.
We’ll be glad to talk you through all you can expect from a vacation in Costa Rica, and happily answer any questions you may have.

A zipline vacation in Costs Rica is not one to be forgotten, we can assure you. Especially when it’s an all inclusive package, at just the right price. Fly into San Jose, and go virtually anywhere in Costa Rica you’ll find a zipline worth strapping yourself into, and having the time of your life!

Zipline Canopy Tours Costa Rica

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