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Horseback Riding Costa Rica 

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Go back centuries and many of the first explorers discovered parts of South America on horseback, so there aren’t many more exciting and authentic ways of discovering Costa Rica than also on horseback. Horseback riding is almost a way of life for many who live in Costa Rica, given this animal’s versatility and adaptability to such rugged terrain foundacross the country.

You say cowboys, we say vaqueros

While gauchos are synonymous with Argentina, they also exist on cattle farms in Costa Rica, and there are plenty of cowboys in Costa Rica too, though here they are known as ‘vaqueros’. What we are trying to say is that wherever you go horseback riding in Costa Rica, you will blend in with the environment and ‘look the part’.

Exploring Costa Rica on horseback

The forest trails in Costa Rica’s rainforests are ideal for exploring much of the country on horseback, and with ecotourism and strong measures being taken to protect Costa Rica’s wildlife habitat, there aren’t many activities that are more eco-friendly than horseback riding.

Many of the forest trails around the volcanoes can be a challenge, and if your idea of an adventure vacation doesn’t include wearing yourself out on a 10km trek, then horseback riding could be the perfect solution for you. Imagine what it would feel like to arrive at the la Fortuna waterfall astride a horse, or exploring around Lake Arenal on horseback?

Don’t forget the beaches and the sea 

At Costa Rica Rios we talk a lot about adventures and tours, mainly because there is so much to see and discover in Costa Rica. There is another word we like to use, and that is ‘experience’. We want you to experience what it is like to hear howler monkeys in the trees, we want you to enjoy the experience of standing on the edge of a volcano’s crater as you watch smoke and steam spew forth.

We want you to experience the magic of the sun setting on a beach, but before that sun sets, we’d love it if you experienced the exhilaration of horseback riding on that beach and riding in the sea. We know that there are many of you who may have ridden before, but have you ever had the opportunity to ride along a quiet, pristine beach? Do you know what it is like to ride through the waves astride a horse? If you like riding, we guarantee you’ll love horseback riding along any one of a number of Costa Rica’s beaches.

Specializing in adventure vacations in Costa Rica, here at Costa Rica Rios, aside from our 8-day Adventure Tour, we can create individual, bespoke adventure packages, including a Honeymoon Adventure Vacation, to concentrate on your favored activities, such as horseback riding.

It is hard to resist the allure of Costa Rica if you like exploring and are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, so take advantage of our local knowledge and give us a call. We’ll be glad to talk you through all you can expect from an adventure vacation in Costa Rica, and happily answer any questions you may have.

Horseback Riding Costa Rica

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