Custom Costa Rica Family Adventure Vacation Packages & Tours

Costa Rica Family Vacations

Make every moment count…

Life is busy. Family time is precious and the right family vacation, creates memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Costa Rica Rios – a family vacation that suits you perfectly. Spend time at the beach learning to surf? No problem. Travel to remote parts of Costa Rica most people never get to see? All part of the deal at Costa Rica Rios.

Costa Rica Family Adventure

Imagine horse riding through the jungle with your children, pushing your way through the lush vegetation when suddenly, a sparkling waterfall appears. You all jump in the crystal clear waters and cool off, while your guides prepare lunch at the shore. Not a bad start to your adventurous family vacation, don’t you think?

Next part of the package, whitewater rafting through a virgin rainforest with a few other families, then back to your jungle lodge for a beautiful meal at the end of the day.

Costa Rica Family Adventure Vacation

Travel to one of Costa Rica’s six live volcanoes, take a trip through the rainforest canopy on a zip line, hike with your family through the cloud forest at night – these all inclusive packages really do cover it all.

Costa Rica Beach Vacation

If you prefer your adventure to be on the coast, then we can certainly help with that too. The beaches in Costa Rica are quite simply, the best in the world. OK we are a little biased, having lived here as a family ourselves for so long, though, you can hardly blame us.

We can put a vacation together that includes the most incredible beach resorts, combined with surfing, snorkelling, and kayaking, often a favourite for many families. We can include plenty of time for relaxing, beachcombing for days on end if you like, or send you off on a family tour as often as you like.

Costa Rica Family Tours 

We’ve developed a range of Costa Rica family adventure vacations that allow you to experience the best this amazing country has to offer, and if you don’t see something that fits the bill, let us know, we’ll tailor a Costa Rica family vacation, specifically for you.

Whatever your family prefers, our Costa Rica family vacations team can help.

Family holidays are special, our Costa Rica family vacations team understands, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that every moment you spend together on our Costa Rica family adventure vacations truly counts.