Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Packages

Live life to the fullest…

Some people just can’t stop themselves. They’re driven from one experience to the next, constantly seeking an adventurous life in all they do. If that sounds like you, don’t worry, we can help – I’m sure we’ll have Costa Rica adventure vacations, just for you.

Costa Rica Adventure VacationsIf kayaking is your thing, take a look at our Week of Rivers trip. Eight days of paddling down some of the most remote, pristine whitewater rivers in the world. Safety assured by our team of highly trained local guides.

If you like your adrenaline from a variety of sources, check out the eight day adventure tour that allows you to indulge in whitewater rafting, mountain biking, surfing, snorkeling, canopy tours, zip lining and more, all over this amazing country.

Whatever you like to do, we’re sure there’s an itinerary for you here.

All Inclusive Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

Know all the costs upfront

And most of our tours are package deals that include everything from hotels to kayaking, breakfast through dinner, all combined with our very own Costa Rica guides too.  

Got 17 days to spare? The Intrepid Adventure Vacation takes you all over Costa Rica on the trip of a lifetime. Only five days? The Jungle & Surf Adventure give you the highlights, all tied up in a tidy little package.

If you can’t find something above, however, please let us know, and we’ll tailor a Costa Rica adventure vacation, just for you. You only get one shot at life, let’s make the most of it.

Our Favourite Adventure?

Has changed over the years

We used to love whitewater rafting and ziplining, but as the kids have grown up it’s kind of changed. We feel truly blessed to be living in such an amazing place, and so any adventure where we can get out and about with children, is now the first choice. 

Jungle treks and seeing some wonderful wildlife, exploring the reefs and taking them snorkelling. Surfing, mountain biking. All pretty adventurous still, but more manageable with the kids.

One of us still gets to sneak off on a raft now and again, but experiencing all of this with your family, and the people you love, is truly the best way to do it. That’s why we’re here in the first place!