Costa Rica Off The Beaten Path

The road less travelled…

What are you going to remember 20 years from now? A weekend you spent in a vineyard? Your 34th birthday? Or, perhaps, the hypnotic thrum of the twin waterfalls cascading in front of the cave you slept in, hidden in the rainforest, deep in the heart of Costa Rica’s interior.

An evening in the incredible “Casa de Piedra” is just one of the experiences we’d love to show you ‘off-the-beaten track’ in Costa Rica. We can also take you whitewater rafting down the remote Savaegre River, or if you like birding, visit Rancho Naturalista where over 450 exotic species can be glimpsed in their private reserve, many from the balcony of the lodge itself.

We’ve been in the adventure vacation business here since 1995, so we know a thing or two that others don’t, and we’ve created the following itineraries to bring you the most remote, and naturally outstanding experiences in Costa Rica.

We can, of course, create an itinerary specifically for you. We don’t want your vacation to be simply amazing, we’d like you to remember it forever – so please just get in touch, and we’ll take care of everything.


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