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Below are some of the attractions you can include in your custom corporate vacation

At Costa Rica Rios, we’ll take your corporate event ideas and turn them into your company’s best investment. Reward your crew with an all-inclusive adventure retreat in Costa Rica and their enthusiasm, energy and creativity will blossom.



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Planning Costa Rica Corporate Retreats & Tours for Team-Building

Want your employees to perfect the art of working as a team? Get them to raft down one of the world’s best-rated whitewater rivers!

Costa Rica offers a wealth of options for extraordinary corporate events and team-building retreats. The tropical country, long revered for its wilderness and high-adrenaline adventures, is swiftly becoming one of the most desirable destinations for safe, unique and affordable corporate events. It’s certainly easy to see why!

Why Costa Rica is PERFECT for Your Corporate Retreats and Tours

Corporate events can be logistical headaches for those tasked with the job of planning them. There’s a long list of requirements that not every country ticks, leaving just a handful of truly suitable options. Here are just a few reasons Costa Rica is perfect for corporate, team-building retreats:

Experience Paradise: Costa Rica's Corporate Retreats

Been to Costa Rica lately? If you have, you’d know that this is a jaw-dropping country, one that’s filled with tropical jungles and cloud forests, endless miles of stunning beaches, as well as volcanoes, waterfalls and some of the most endearing wildlife on earth. This is one impressive country and if you wish to WOW employees, reward them or simply give them the priceless chance of a unique bonding experience, you couldn’t choose a more ideal location.

Costa Rica is safe

Not just COVID-safe, but overall safe, which is a very important aspect of corporate events. As one of the US’ top 3 holiday destinations, Costa Rica has developed a warm and welcoming vibe – tourism is a true lifeline here and everything is geared toward nurturing and safeguarding precious guests. Planning a corporate event in Costa Rica with peace of mind is an enormous benefit to organizers, and this is one of the many prime reasons the country has become such a popular team-building event destination in recent years.

Convenient and affordable flights

No matter where in North America your headquarters is based, you and your corporate tribe could be lounging on a dreamy beach or checking into your eco-lodge within mere hours of leaving home. With non-stop flights from many cities (including Montreal, Toronto, New York, Orlando, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Denver and many more), Costa Rica’s international hub (San Jose) can be reached in a jiffy. And, naturally, short non-stop flights also mean your Costa Rica corporate event will be more affordable all-round. More time to enjoy everything and less time traveling means the entire adventure is easier, cheaper and infinitely more enjoyable. Once you’ve got boots on the ground, you’ll find Costa Rica’s corporate events to be competitively priced – especially when you consider the next point.

Costa Rica has outstanding tourist infrastructure & high-quality services: perfect for corporate events.

Many countries may be affordable, but few offer the kind of value-for-money for which Costa Rica has become famous. Here, you don’t just pay less: you pay less for better quality and that makes all the difference.

From transfers to accommodation, food, activities and overall organization: Costa Rica offers world-class infrastructure at a fraction of the price back home. All this value, packaged in a unique and enticing destination… what more could anyone dream?

Costa Rica has experience hosting and entertaining large groups

An often-overlooked bonus is that Costa Rica has been one of the world’s most popular choices for destination weddings for years – even decades. This means it boasts a plethora of top-quality suppliers and event management services, who are well-versed in catering to small, medium and large group events. It’s been doing it for years!

The array of fun team-building activities is out of this world!

Let’s get to the crunch, shall we? Costa Rica is indeed stunning, affordable and well-equipped to cater to corporate events of all sizes. Yet what sets it apart is the fact it boasts oodles of substance as well. Beyond the skin-deep beauty, the country’s amazing wilderness offers outdoor activities galore, so planning a multi-adventure corporate event is an absolute breeze. Here are just a few of the amazing activities you can include in a corporate event or teambuilding adventure:

  • whitewater rafting and kayaking to downhill mountain biking,
  • volcano hiking,
  • zip lining,
  • canyoneering,
  • wildlife spotting,
  • thermal pool soaking,
  • ATV riding,
  • surfing,
  • snorkeling and SCUBA diving
  • sport fishing and so (SO!) much more

The country has also developed a liking for all things ‘wellness,’ so you can combine a highenergy day with yoga classes, massages and all manner of indulgent treatments, no matter where you go.

Costa Rica offers an eclectic choice of destinations & venues

Speaking of where you can go…hmmm…deciding where to hold your corporate event in Costa Rica might just be the only difficult decision you’ll have to make!

On the upside, the country’s compact size means most retreats can include more than one destination. Because, in all honesty, a destination revered for its luscious jungles, cloud forests, volcanoes, and outstanding beaches deserves some serious explorations.

At Costa Rica Rios, we plan bespoke, all-inclusive package retreats that include a little of everything that makes the country so amazing. In Costa Rica, you can overnight in a dreamy eco-lodge immersed in a tropical rain forest teeming with wildlife, spend mornings zip lining, kayaking and mountain biking, and afternoons soaking in natural thermal pools – all before settling in for sundowners and delicious local dinners with a view that’ll take your breath away.

Naturally, you can expect a range of extras that make team-building events easy to plan, like access to meeting halls, catering to suit all kinds of dietary requirements and an array of activities to suit groups boasting diverse ages and fitness levels.

That’s the beauty of Costa Rica: no matter the age or propensity for adrenaline-packed adventures in the great outdoors, everyone has the absolute time of their lives.

Ready to embark on a memorable Costa Rica corporate tour? Contact us today to customize your retreat!



Frequently Asked Questions

Your retreat can last as long as you like, however, we recommend at least 7 nights to be able to fully experience the country.

Yes, absolutely! Our team will work with you in order to make sure your retreat is exactly how you want it to be.

There are no average sizes as every retreat is different. Your retreat can be for as little as 5 employees to 50+.

We can offer all types of accommodations. There are hotels that will fit any budget from hotels on the lower price end all the way up to five star luxury. Don’t forget that Costa Rica is also home to some of the best eco-lodges you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

Climate can have an effect occasionally. We work on the premise ‘if conditions don’t allow, we don’t go’. Everything is safety first.

Yes, we don’t want your corporate retreat to be an endurance test!

A good price guide would be anywhere from $1500 per person to $3000+ depending on your group size and what you would like included. That price does not include airfare.

Transportation, door to door, is included in all our packages. There will be some meals included depending on what package you choose.

Very experienced. We only work with the best.

Booking and cancellation policies vary from group to group depending on what hotels you stay in and what time of year you are visiting the country.

There are two airports to fly into, either San Jose or Liberia. Your Costa Rica Rios representative will guide you on what airport works best for your group.

Yes, we offer team building adventures should your company wish them included.

By using highly trained guides and working with quality operators we have built relationships with over the last 20+ years.

Absolutely! In fact, we actively encourage you to visit more than one destination to get the most out of your retreat.

Yes. For larger groups we highly recommend booking as early as possible in order to secure hotel availability. Costa Rica is a hot destination and the best hotels in the best areas sell out very quickly.

Where do we start! Wildlife, rainforest, volcanoes, beaches, adventure. Costa Rica has it all.

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