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Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide for 2020/21 

Exclusivity, privacy and remoteness are what most honeymooners seek when they visit Costa Rica at any time and we’re certainly expecting more of the same during the 2020-21 wedding season. As Costa Rica gears up to open its borders to the rest of the world, the country’s tourism industry is tipped to bounce back swiftly, with even more emphasis placed on bespoke adventures – most especially for honeymooning, adventure-seeking couples.

Whilst we can all expect some safety measures to be in place for months to come in Costa Rica (it reasons that social distancing will be de rigueur for a while yet) we also expect plenty of areas to be open, safe and wonderful to explore. The country’s most glorious areas and national parks have had a break from visitors during what would have been a high tourist season this year so expect wilderness and wildlife to be at its most resplendent.

Wondering where to go, what to do and what glorious experiences you can you forward to in the 2020/21 honeymoon season in Costa Rica?

This Costa Rica honeymoon guide is for you!



What COVID-related restrictions can you expect on your honeymoon in Costa Rica In 2020/21?

As of July 23rd 2020, only the international airport in San Jose is receiving international flights although we expect the northern Liberia International Airport to also open for the 2020/21 honeymoon and vacation season. The latest phase of restriction easing is expected to be announced on 2nd of August.

We do expect social distancing regulations to remain in place for a while yet although the compulsory wearing of masks in public places will likely differ by region, depending on infection numbers.

The best thing you can do when planning your honeymoon in Costa Rica is to contact us before setting any plans in stone – let us know what you’re after and we can best advice you on where to go. We are keeping constantly updated on regional news and are in the best position to advice you, on a case by case basis.

Honeymoons in Costa Rica – the why, when, where & how


Why should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

As the world slowly reopens post-COVID-19, Costa Rica is expected to be among the most popular honeymoon destination choices for North Americans. Short, direct and non-stop flights from several destinations in the US means risks of COVID infections are dramatically reduced – during the recovery phase of a pandemic, travelers are expected to honeymoon and vacation closer to home and priority is given to destinations requiring just a few hours’ flights, at most.

Costa Rica also boasts an idyllic climate year-round, with a stunning spine of central mountains creating distinct regional climates. No matter when you choose to visit Costa Rica, there will always be several regions at their very best. The country’s tourism infrastructure is also geared towards nature-filled adventures which perfectly suits the social distancing mantra. When you honeymoon in a splendid eco-lodge set in pristine wilderness, the only daily worries you’ll ever have is to how to fit in all the amazing experiences on offer.



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When should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

As of December, most of Costa Rica will enter dry season, a period of about 5 months when rains are drastically reduced, leading to long sunny days that are prime for adrenal-filled sports like kayaking, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking and plenty more.

Traditionally, January -April is the busiest travel period in Costa Rica so we usually advice our honeymoon adventure-seekers to plan their trip from about the end of April to the end of May. In 2021, however, you can count on crowds being greatly diminished – the silver lining of this coronavirus crisis is that, on recovery, you have the chance to really enjoy usually overcrowded highlights. Have you always wanted to visit Arenal, for example, but thought you’d find too many visitors in high season? Then visiting in 2021 is the best chance you’ll have of feeling like you have the place to yourself.

It’s important to know that just because January-April is considered ‘peak’ travel season in Costa Rica, that doesn’t mean honeymooning outside of this period is any less rewarding. On the contrary! The months of July and August typically receive very little rain too, hence locals calling this the ‘little summer season’ – this is the dry spell before the big rains arrive. The most astute and experienced Costa Rica return travelers know that these can potentially be the very best months of all: smaller tourist crowds, lower prices and still very idyllic conditions.

Moreover, if you’re keen on honeymooning on the Caribbean Coast of the country, then you’ll find that September and October are actually this area’s driest months of the year.



Where should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

The usual suspects: The best and most popular honeymoon destinations in Costa Rica have traditionally been on the western side of the country: namely around Arenal Volcano, the Manuel Antonio National Park, the Gulf of Papagayo (particularly for luxury 5* resort stays) and the coastal area near Tamarindo.

The predicted best spots, post-COVID: In 2021, however, we do expect there to be a shift in destination requests – not because those areas will be unsafe to visit but, primarily, because more honeymooning adventure-seekers will want to stay off the usually-trodden path. Given Costa Rica is chock-full of hidden gems and sensational regions that are lesser-visited (but no less breath-taking) planning a sensational honeymoon adventure vacation off the beaten trail is super easy.

The Nicoya Peninsula and Osa Peninsula are set to be among the most highly-coveted destinations next year, both offering luxury and barefoot romance adventures in outstanding, unspoiled wilderness.

The Limon Province, over on the eastern side of the country, is the best base for multi-sport adventure vacations. Here is where you’ll find Costa Rica’s best whitewater river the Pacuare, revered the world over for offering sensational, white-knuckle adventures. Limon is home to the world-famous Tortuguero National Park (a remote wilderness haven renowned for its nesting sea turtles and idyllic isolation) and the Cahuita National Park, which offers amazing snorkeling options.

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Keep abreast of the latest updates: The Costa Rican government has introduced a system of color-coded alerts for all regions, in regards to COVID infections: red areas are closed to outsiders whilst caution should be adopted in orange zones and travel, with various degrees of restrictions, is allowed in yellow and green zones.

Alerts have been changing quite frequently these last few months (as can be expected) although the central region, and San Jose in particular, has been featuring in the news quite a bit these last few weeks. As of right now, there are several cantons on orange alert, which means transit is still possible although people are required to wear a mask in all public places.

Luckily, the Costa Rican government is singling out specific districts which have been declared hot-spots, leaving others within the same province unaffected by restrictions.

From June 2020, all of the country’s national parks reopened to the public, although visitors are required to pre-purchase entry tickets and daily capacity has been set at 50%.

The gist: With some cunning pre-planning and purchasing of entry tickets to national parks, this means you can visit your most desired honeymooning destinations and will get to soak up the splendorous with a tourist crowd that’s been cut in half.

That’s a pretty sweet bonus!

How should you honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2020/21?

Costa Rica’s all-inclusive resorts have always been quite popular with many honeymooners although we suspect that demand for these will not be as great in the coming travel season. Instead, couples will undoubtedly be looking for boutique eco-lodges that are slightly removed from the most populated and visited areas.

Rather than heading to the Gulf of Papagayo and staying in a crowded 5* resort, for example, couples may wish to explore more remote destinations, staying in one of the country’s most exclusive and unique lodges. They may wish to stay somewhere that’s more private, isolated and boasts fewer guests whilst still offering a wealth of exciting excursions and adventure activities.

Package honeymoons you might enjoy:

Our Off the Beaten Path Adventure Honeymoon package is a week-long fest of adventure, romance and exotic wilderness. It includes private transfers for easier and safer travel through the country and overnight stays in exclusive lodges along the Savegre River (for world-class whitewater rafting) and in the magnificent Osa Peninsula. This honeymoon adventure includes aqua-hiking, rappelling, canyoning and snorkeling, as well as plenty of time for outstanding wildlife spotting and R&R.

For the ultimate thrill, we’ve devised out popular Total Adventure Honeymoon – perfectly suited to couples who get a kick out of sharing extreme outdoor adventures together. If your dream once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon memories involve adrenaline-packed excursions in some of the world’s most glorious wilderness, this one’s bound to hit the spot.

All our Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure Vacations highlight the lesser-known highlights of the country but the above-mentioned to are specifically tailored to post-COVID honeymoons and set in remote areas that are far less visited. What’s more, you can Build Your Own Honeymoon with us here, at Costa Rica Rios, and this is perhaps the best way to go about planning your visit in 2020/21: simply tell us what you’d like to do in our marvellous land of sun, sea and sensational fun and we can tailor an itinerary that incorporates your desires and budget with the latest safety regulations.

Contact us today to know more and start planning the Costa Rica honeymoon of your dreams!


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