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How Many Days Do You Need for a Costa Rica Adventure Honeymoon? 

Planning your once-in-a-lifetime adventure honeymoon trip to Costa Rica? Read on to discover how many days are ideal for a unique honeymoon, what works for most couples and how many destinations you can feasibly visit in that time.

What is the most popular adventure honeymoon duration in Costa Rica?

Most couples plan a 7 to 10-day honeymoon in Costa Rica, which is an ideal time-frame to include plenty of adventures, romance and relaxation. The ‘8-day honeymoon’ is in-arguably the single most popular option and works equally well no matter where in Costa Rica you wish to retreat to. Our own Costa Rica Rios adventure honeymoons follow this model, each ‘style’ focusing on specific interests.

If you wish to go way (way, way) off the beaten path or simply wish to experience more of Costa Rica during your honeymoon, adding a couple of extra days is an excellent idea. Travel-time to more remote regions (like the Osa Peninsula in the southwest, or the Tortuguero National Park in the northeast) can be substantial and you might not want the transfers to eat into your quality honeymoon time if you wish to also visit more famous spots – so give yourself an extra few days and you can keep that blissfully easy pace.

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How many destinations can you visit on an 8-day Costa Rica adventure honeymoon?

At Costa Rica Rios, we find that couples who include two distinct destinations in a one-week honeymoon enjoy the best travel pace and array experiences. If you’re heading down our shores for the very first time, you might not know that every single destination here offers multiple adventures, that’s why using one destination as a base for a few days is absolutely ideal.

Costa Rica couple's romanceSimply settle into your chosen honeymoon lodge, choose your preferred activity from an extensive list, and fill the next three days with all the things you love best. From hot-spring resorts to wildlife spotting hikes, whitewater rafting and kayaking, zip lining, horseback riding, mountain biking and so much more – you’ll never be short of fun outdoor adventures in Costa Rica!

If you’re keen to explore three regions, then the minimum we would recommend is a 10-day honeymoon, at the very least. You certainly wouldn’t want your gorgeous experience to feel rushed!

Can you visit remote destinations in Costa Rica on a one-week honeymoon?

Yes, you can! On specialized off-the-beaten-path Costa Rica honeymoons, you can head straight into the least visited and most unspoilt regions of the country and enjoy incredible adventures, even in just a single week.

However, if you still wish to maintain that idyllic 2-destinations-in-a-week pace, you might not want to add the most popular spots as well. Usually, couples choose one OR the other: the top two most popular or a couple of lesser-trodden spots that are off the tourist trail.

Unless, of course, you plan a bespoke honeymoon itinerary for 10 days or more and then you really will have the best of Costa Rica at your fingertips!

What’s the best way to divide your time on a Costa Rica honeymoon?

This is a very individual choice but, generally, we find that many honeymooning couples in Costa Rica wish to go hell-for-leather on adventures for the first half of their trip, slowly easing the pace and enjoying more relaxation as the week progresses.

On Green Season honeymoons, specifically (those booked between May and November), couples might want to consider planning active mornings and relaxing afternoons. Soaking in a hot-spring, enjoying a wellness treatment or relaxing together, book and cocktail in hand, is absolutely glorious when the early afternoon showers roll in.

Should you plan extra days for romantic experiences on a Costa Rica adventure honeymoon?

Costa Rica romanceThe wonderful thing about Costa Rica, and the reason it’s so popular with honeymooning couples, is that mixing adventure with romance and relaxation is ridiculously easy. Given the sheer array of gorgeous (and super romantic) lodges immersed in pristine nature, it means you can always count on candle-lit dinners, privacy, luscious surroundings and 101 activities specifically aimed at newlyweds.

From couple massages to private night tours, lodge cabins with plunge pools and terrace hammocks, and a host of other dreamy enticements – if romance married with adventure is what you’re after, you really don’t need to worry about ‘dividing’ or carefully planning your honeymoon itinerary.

Costa Rica allows you to mix and match your moods daily so you always have plenty of down-time to unwind together before or after an insanely thrilling activity.

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What’s the best way to maximize time on a Costa Rica adventure honeymoon?

Planning a bespoke honeymoon in Costa Rica is about the best way to squeeze every enjoyable moment out of your visit. The best part? It doesn’t even have to cost more!

Personalized itineraries are ideal if you’re short on time but big on wishes, for several reasons. When you choose an ‘off-the-shelf’ ready-planned itinerary, you might inadvertently sign up for an activity, or place, that you may have little interest in. And, to be honest, what’s the point of that on a honeymoon (or any other) vacation?! Include only what you and your beloved desire and nothing you don’t – that’s certainly the best way to make the most of your time here.

On a bespoke honeymoon tour of Costa Rica, you’ll have the undivided attention of your guide, will be free to pick where to go and what to do once you’re there, and benefit wholly from your guide’s experience and knowledge. Add private transfers to the mix (no waiting around for other people) and your perfect honeymoon is, literally, tailor-made!

On a Build-Your-Own-Honeymoon with Costa Rica Rios, we can help you plan the trip of your dreams. We can advise you on where to go depending on the time of year you wish to visit, and how much time you ought to allocate to each stop-over. Simply tell us how much luxury and down-time you’d like, and your most desired activities, and we’ll do the rest.

Costa Rica makes your adventure honeymoon unforgettable. We make it perfect!

Worried you’ll need to organize a COVID test for your return home? Don’t be! At Costa Rica Rios, we are here to offer a helping hand: we’ve sourced the best and most efficient clinics offering PCR tests to tourist and can even book appointments on your behalf. We can take care of all the logistics so you don’t need to.

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