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10 Reasons Costa Rica is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination 

Convenient and easy to reach, affordable, exotic, varied, and spellbinding – Costa Rica has all the hallmarks of the perfect honeymoon destination!

You’re finally set to plan your much-awaited honeymoon abroad and cannot wait to get on that plane and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with your love of a lifetime. But where to?

Costa Rica, of course!

Aside from being insanely easy to reach from North America, Costa Rica offers an eclectic wealth of unique experiences for the adventure-seeking honeymooning couple. Whether it’s an unplugged and barefoot, super-deluxe indulgent, or fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants exciting honeymoon you seek, Costa Rica is the best place to be.

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And here’s why…

1.    Costa Rica is ridiculously beautiful

Manuel Antonio National Park honeymoonNo matter what kind of breathtaking backdrop you dream of having for your honeymoon photos, Costa Rica has it. With over 800 miles of stunning coastline, dozens of striking volcanic peaks, luscious rain forests, and pristine wilderness, Costa Rica is easily the most beautiful country on earth.

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a magical wilderness wonderland after choosing your perfect honeymoon destination?

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2.    The climate is idyllic, all year long

Costa Rica honeymoonAsk any couple who’s honeymooned in Costa Rica during the Green Season (aka the rainy months) and they’ll tell you how incredibly rewarding it is to travel here, even at low season. Rain or no rain, hot or cool, the climate in this tropical haven is an absolute dream year-round. Hot when you need it to be (at the beach) and cooler when you need some relief.

Like we said, perfect.

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3.    Small, compact, and easy to explore

No driving for thousands of miles just to reach the coast from your rain forest eco-lodge – in Costa Rica, a glorious beach is likely just around the corner. The options for unique experiences are insane here and that, coupled with the relative ease of travel, means you can visit several areas in just a single week. From mountains to cloud forests, jungles, verdant plains, and endless miles of unspoiled beaches – in Costa Rica, you can have it all.

4.    Exotic and laid-back with top-notch infrastructure

Costa Rica honeymoon resortIf you want to get way off the beaten path on your adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica, you can, but if you want a bevy of mod-cons and luxuries, you can have that too. Regardless, you will always have an exotic paradise all around you. The most touristed areas are home to world-class lodges and resorts that leave you wanting for nothing whilst the remotest and most isolated corners make you feel like you’re honeymooning in the Garden of Eden – one without the noise of the outside world. You can choose one or the other or like most couples do, a little of both. Now that’s a recipe for the perfect honeymoon.

Because in Costa Rica, you can.

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5.    There’s a ‘wellness’ indulgence at every turn

Costa Rica honeymoon massageWhether it’s couples’ massages or body scrubs you dream of sharing, or maybe a mineral hot pool soak and sunrise yoga class, plus an abundance of organic produce that’ll revitalize your body and soul, Costa Rica delivers well-being in spades. The country is bursting with sensational spa and wellness retreats that entice honeymooning couples looking for some serious R&R, every choice coupled with a stunning setting and a bevy of luxurious extras.

6.    The thrilling adventure never ends

Costa Rica beckons adventure-seeking honeymooners with its array of outdoor activities. Not only can you zip line, whitewater raft, kayak, snorkel, SCUBA, surf, mountain bike, horseback ride, hike, and rappel in Costa Rica, but you can do it in some of the most bio-diverse and unspoiled nature reserves on earth. Crazy fun adventures in pristine wilderness?

That’s pretty much Costa Rica in a nutshell.

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7.    The awe-inspiring experiences don’t end at dusk

Costa Rica wildlifeCome nightfall, Costa Rica’s most prized national parks come alive, creating a whole other world of amazing discoveries. Take a night tour with an experienced guide and you’ll experience nature in a totally different way, spotting wildlife you simply won’t see during the day. Night tours in the country’s cloud and rain forests are unmissable experiences and add a whole other dimension to unique honeymoon itineraries.

8.    The chances for romance? They’re everywhere

We’ve had honeymooning couples tell us that Costa Rica is just one humongous aphrodisiac! From enchanting isolated bungalows and adults-only hot-spring resorts to beach-side dinners for two and infinite chances to just ‘get away from it all’, Costa Rica really is tailor-made for romantic escapades.

If it’s privacy and togetherness you seek on your honeymoon, then consider Costa Rica the most romantic setting of all.

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9.    Eco-experiences that bring you closer – to nature and one another

There’s no denying that the most romantic and rewarding experiences come from staying in one of Costa Rica’s astonishing eco-resorts. They don’t need to be all 5*-bling-bling, mind you – enjoying nature doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg here. Simply staying in an eco-conscious lodge nestled in pristine nature revitalizes the senses in no small way; they remove all those innumerable distractions of everyday life, leaving you and your beloved to fall asleep to the sounds of howling monkeys in the distance and wake up to the song of countless exotic birds. Sharing Costa Rica’s nature-based experiences is the most loving honeymooning gift you can offer one another.

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10. It’s an incredible value-for-money destination

Honeymoons are supposed to be once-in-a-lifetime indulgent treats, yet there’s comfort in knowing your Costa Rica honeymoon won’t cost a small fortune. Because not everyone has 20k lying around to spend on vacation, no matter how special it may be. As a honeymoon destination, Costa Rica is cheaper than many of the most popular hubs like the Maldives, Bora Bora, Belize, and Jamaica. From North America, flights are inexpensive, when compared to long-haul flights to equally priced places, like Thailand, so you end up spending less, overall.

Plus, there’s the ‘value’ part of the equation which is quite priceless. Not only can you enjoy a less-expensive honeymoon, but you get much more for what you spend, in a country that offers more than just exquisite beaches…a country that truly has it all.

See our Honeymoon Adventure Vacations, scour our archives filled with excellent tips and come discover with your own heart and soul why Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination in the world!

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