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Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon in the Green Season? Here’s What You Need to Know! 

Zip lining in Costa RicaAs one of the world’s best adventure destinations, a Costa Rica honeymoon vacation welcomes thrill-seeking couples all year long. Although the period between January and April is undoubtedly the most popular (and driest) tourist season, the Green Season, which the country is entering this month, is an insanely phenomenal alternative.

As the yearly rains build up and the country’s exquisite wilderness blooms to life once again, enjoying a sensational honeymoon adventure is out of this world. Will you experience a few ‘washed out’ afternoons during your stay? Probably. Will you even care when you’re luxuriating in a glorious eco-lodge, enjoying couple massages, long romantic lunches or getting drenched head-to-toe on an adrenaline-packed rafting excursion?

Hell no!

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

What is Costa Rica’s Green Season?

Costa Rica Rain ForestThose who don’t live in the tropics categorize equatorial seasons as ‘wet and dry’ yet the more accurate terms would be ‘somewhat rainy and very rainy’. There’s a very logical reason tropical rain forests are mostly only at these latitudes – these are regions that experience a lot of rain, almost all year long. The decadent wilderness for which Costa Rica is revered can only be so with a hefty amount of rainfall.

In Costa Rica, the first few months of the year are actually rather dry all over so, when the rains do finally arrive in May, the vegetation is rejuvenated. Nature glows with nourishment and turns a deep and bright shade of green. Birds sing, the wildlife comes out in droves to bathe and drink in water holes and the entire country seems to be reborn. This is why the wettest months of the year in Costa Rica are called the Green Season…because the rains turn the entire country green!

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

How bad is rain season in Costa Rica?

Thunderstorm in Costa RicaRain is something you ought to expect in Costa Rica no matter what time of year you visit. Naturally, there are drier regions (like the north-west Pacific Coast) and wetter ones (like Tortuguero, in the north-east) yet, by and large, rain is part and parcel of everyday life in this tropical haven.

In the Green Season, rainfall is consistent and, at least in May, June, July and August, quite manageable for couples on honeymoon adventures. You’ll likely experience crystal clear mornings and will notice the sky cloud over just after lunch. An afternoon downpour is the norm during the Green Season, which you’ll find blissfully refreshing. Usually, rains are intense but short-lived – the further south you are on the west coast – the longer the rains last.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

In the spectacular Osa Peninsula, for example, it can rain all afternoon and evening. Further north, however, in the Guanacaste region, rains are lighter and don’t last nearly as long. Over on the Caribbean, the Green Season coincides with the driest months so this is an excellent option for honeymoon couples looking for drier yet equally enchanting jungles and beaches.

It’s also worth noting that the Green Season is quite long, running from May to November. Rains lessen in frequency and ferocity in the first and last month, and July and August are inexplicably drier. We call it a ‘mini dry season’ down these parts and consider these the ‘secret’ best time of year for extraordinary honeymoon adventures. Tourist crows are nowhere to be found, rivers are gushing with life, rain forests are resplendent, wildlife is active, prices are low and enjoyment at its peak.

What more could any honeymooning couple desire?

Does Costa Rica shut down during the Green Season?

Absolutely not! The Green Season is actually a booming time for honeymoon adventure vacations in Costa Rica. The first four months coincide with wedding season in Europe and North America and, in 2021, couples are looking to (finally) travel immediately after their wedding. Given so many couples had to postpone their honeymoon (and many also their wedding) in 2020, it reasons this year will see a surge in honeymoon-related travel.

Plus, Costa Rica is one of the easiest countries to visit right now.

The country is open to international tourists, does not require quarantine or PCR tests to enter and offers an unending array of fantastical adventures in nature. For the next few months, the national parks will arguably be at their very best, the romantic hot spring resorts will be blissfully quiet, luxury eco-lodges are offering unreal deals and extreme sports, the kind that put Costa Rica on the map, are always on the cards.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

Does Costa Rica suffer from hurricanes during the Green Season?

Nope! Luckily, we are just under what’s known as the Hurricane Belt so although it can rain heavily; you need not worry about the Caribbean hurricanes which batter the northern neighbors.

Is Costa Rica good for a honeymoon?

Costa Rica Honeymoon coupleCosta Rica is perfect for couples with ants in their pants. You know the ones, right? Those active explorers who can’t sit still for a minute, who are always looking for the next outdoor adventure and who cherish immersive experiences above and beyond suntans and souvenirs.

If that sound like you, then rest assured: a Costa Rica adventure honeymoon will be your most unforgettable travel experience ever. Rain or no rain!

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

Is there a way to make the most of Green Season travel in Costa Rica?

The Caribbean (eastern) side of Costa Rica is about to enter its driest season so if it’s a beach-side honeymoon adventure you seek, we’d recommend you visit this region. However (and that’s a BIG however) rains aren’t incredibly disruptive to multi-sport adventure trips. If you mostly wish to raft, kayak, hike, horseback ride, mountain bike, zip line, etc, then choose the spectacular Nicoya and northern Pacific region, which offers a ton of adventures and far less rain. Then, when you’re ready to spend a couple of days just chilling on the beach, switch sides and head to the Caribbean coast.

Green Season honeymoons are also sought after by budget-conscious couples. They realize that their entire Costa Rica honeymoon trip can cost up to 30% less than during the dry season. Want to really make the most of that saving? Plan for a longer honeymoon so that if rains disrupt a couple of days, you can simply enjoy your eco-loge accommodation and will still have a few extra days to do all the activities you dream.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!

What are the perks of Costa Rica honeymoons in the Green Season?

The very best thing about Green Season honeymoons is that you have the freedom to change plans as your mood and the weather dictates. Fewer tourists mean nothing is booked out so last-minute changes of plans are possible.

If you wake up and it’s raining, you can enjoy a morning at the spa. If it’s sunny, head for a zip line or canopy tour adventure. You can be spontaneous and play it by ear, something that can be difficult when everything’s fully booked. In Green Season, you won’t feel guilty enjoying an after-lunch siesta, you can hang on a hammock and read a book or head to the nearest national park to spot wildlife.

You can also splurge, big time, given the excellent deals all-round. Choose a more luxurious lodge and book lots of romantic dinners in the best restaurants. Spend an entire day in a thermal spa resort and treat yourself and your loved one to many amazing indulgences.

At Costa Rica Rios, we plan bespoke adventure honeymoons all year long. If you’re looking for fun, adventure, romance and a bevy of unique travel experiences then you could not choose a more rewarding destination. Paint your honeymoon green and come have the adventure of a lifetime in our spectacular corner of tropical paradise.

Plan your 2021 Costa Rica Honeymoon!




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