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Costa Rica Adventure Vacations: Monthly Highlights Guide for 2019

Tourist season is in full swing in Costa Rica right now, the dry season attracting visitors from every corner of the globe. Those in the know rest easy, knowing there’s an adventure in Costa Rica for every month of the year and that no matter when one visits, there’s a corner of the country at its absolute prime.

Wondering how to plan your Costa Rica adventure vacation to soak up the very best experiences of all?

Read on to find out!

Mid-December – April – High Tourist Season

Tourist season starts in earnest with the New Year vacation, the next few months seeing a surge in visitor numbers. North Americans and Europeans wishing to escape the winter cold head here to soak up the endless sunshine, especially on the western half of the country, which receives little rain during this period. It’s worth noting that ‘little’ doesn’t equate to ‘no rain at all’. Costa Rica is a tropical luscious country, its prime rain forests, cloud forests and jungles thriving with plenty of downpours, all year long.

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Temperatures soar during these months and you’ll find the Pacific coast thriving with life, small villages swelling with tourists and a host of amazing boat trips and adventure excursions offering everything under the sun. The pros of visiting now is that everything is open (accommodation wise), flights abound and getting around the country is made infinitely easier as roads (and hiking trails) are dry and passable. The downside is that crowds can get considerable in the most visited spots (Arenal and Manuel Antonio being the top two) although there are so many options for off-the-beaten-path travels that getting away from it all is dead easy.

Beach vacations along the Pacific Coast – Clear skies and calm seas make this the best period for beach vacations along the west coast of Costa Rica. These are your picture-perfect Instagram days here, with the idyllic conditions making snorkeling, sea kayaking and SCUBA diving absolutely ideal. Head to Guanacaste and Puntarenas and discover the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see anywhere.

Laid-back relaxation – The Nicoya Peninsula can’t be beaten this time of year, especially if you’re after a secluded gem of a place where you can soak up the rays and enjoy a well-deserved stint of R&R. There are some gorgeous eco-lodges strewn about the peninsula and they offer unique, nature-filled adventures.

Snorkeling and diving on the Pacific – The first few months of the year are perfect for sea-based sports along the Pacific Coast, the idyllic climate ensuring clear visibility and calm waters. If snorkeling and SCUBA are a top priority, plan your trip between January and April.

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Spring-break adventure vacations – Families head to Costa Rica in earnest from mid-March onwards, to take advantage of Spring-break vacations.

Corcovado adventures – If you want to visit Costa Rica during high-season, there’s an array of options, like Corcovado, where you can get away from the crowds and still enjoy the best climate of all. Remote and wonderful Corcovado is a wilderness and wildlife paradise, a hard place to reach but an incredibly rewarding one and undoubtedly one of the best wildlife-watching destinations in Costa Rica.

May – Mid-September – Green Season

Green Season – the name given to the wettest period of the year – is still a wonderful time to visit Costa Rica. Crowds dwindle, the wilderness is washed anew and there’s still plenty of adventure to be found all over, even more so if you’re into whitewater river fun. July and August have become increasingly more popular in recent years, with European summer vacationers catching on this stellar travel period yet, generally speaking, this is still a quiet time of year.

River-based adventures – The best rafting and wild kayaking trips kick off now, a time when the ensuing rains guarantee great water levels and oodles of fun. From now until the end of the year, adventure vacations in a few prime spots are full-on, with only a few destinations offering the best conditions of all.

Guanacaste delights – The northern Guanacaste province is renowned for having most of its daily downpours in the late afternoon and into the evening, which makes for great daytime explorations. Just know that unpaved roads can become inaccessible during high-water levels and plan where to stay accordingly.

Whale-spotting on the Golfo Dulce – This revered warm-water haven attracts humpback whales in July and August

Turtle nesting season – Costa Rica’s sea turtles head to various beaches to nest from June, culminating in mass nesting events (called arribadas) in October.

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Mid-September – Early December

The Pacific Coast enjoys its rainiest months now, offering very quiet and great value-for-money experiences for those who don’t mind heavy remain restricting extensive. The Caribbean Coast, on the other hand, enjoys its driest period in September and October so if you’re travelling to Costa Rica now and wish to have a host of activities on offer, head to east instead.

December is particularly great, especially the first two weeks: rains recede dramatically, temps are cooler yet the Christmas crowds (and higher prices) have yet to materialize. This, along with early September and the last two weeks of May, are superb shoulder-season finds.

Whale Festival in Bahia Ballena – Uvita’s whale festival takes place in the first two weeks in September, highlighting the fact that this is prime whale-watching month along these shores. Head to the Marino Ballena National Park and enjoy a fantastic boat trip to spot humpback and pilot whales, dolphins, turtles and over 80 species of marine species.

Arribadas – Mass nesting events, some of the most mesmerizing natural phenomena in the world, occur in October and November. Read our guide to turtle nesting in Costa Rica to know where to go and what to expect. Las Baulas National Park is a particularly good spot to see leatherback turtles in great numbers in October. Witnessing the magical arribadas of Olive Ridley turtles is a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience in Costa Rica.

Caribbean adventures – Head to the east-coast this time of year and you can enjoy plenty of hiking, wildlife watching and snorkelling in sublime conditions – find out Highlights of the Caribbean Coast when planning your trip at this time of the year.






Tortuguero National Park – Costa Rica’s turtle sanctuary, the aptly-named Tortuguero National Park, is an unspoilt corner of remote wilderness, the perfect place to spot nesting turtles in September and October.

The Busiest Times Of The Year In Costa Rica

Aside from foreign tourists, Costa Rica also enjoys a healthy national and regional tourism scene, one that absolutely explodes during the weeks of Christmas and Easter. These can actually be wonderful times of year to visit, with many cultural events taking place which add a whole new dimension to your trip. As long as you pre-plan and pre-book your trip way ahead of time, you’ll certainly enjoy this amazing time of year in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Rios Adventure Vacations – How We Plan Our Adventures

We run our tours in various locations of Costa Rica, taking advantage of the amazing diversity of the country to offer adrenaline-pumping tours, no matter what time of year you visit. Our Costa Rica Rios group tours kick off on certain dates yet we also plan bespoke itineraries form private groups who just want to enjoy some togetherness. We know this country like the back of our hands and know precisely what to deliver depending on your interests, ages, desires and budget.

If you’ve just landed on our website, we’ll introduce you to our top Adventure Vacations – all of which can be personalized to suit your specific needs. Carefully crafted and thoughtfully planned, our tours offer something for every kind of adventure-seeker:

Honeymoons & Romance – Whether you’ve just tied the knot or wish to rekindle your romance, these superb itineraries offer a wonderful balance of downtime and adventure, so you can have the best of both worlds

Off the beaten path & Nature – For nature-lovers craving for an unplugged (and unforgettable) adventure in paradise, our remote wilderness adventures await

Family Vacations – Because a family that plays together, stays together. We offer a host of options and can advise you on the best itineraries to suit your and your child’s interests

Kayak Adventures – For avid kayakers who just can’t get enough of Costa Rica’s crazy rivers – this one’s for you! This 8-day bonanza is unreal and we offer plenty of options for your non-kayaking travel companions – so no-one needs to compromise

Week of Adventures – Undoubtedly the most popular tour on our collection, our week of adventure serves up a little of EVERYTHING: from kayaking to surfing, whitewater rafting, canopy swinging, mountain biking and everything in-between

Ready for the travel adventure of your life? Come discover Costa Rica with us in 2019!

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Costa Rica Wedding Guide for 2019

Costa Rica may be the world’s best adventure honeymoon destination but many don’t realise the country is just as coveted as a destination-wedding hub. The stellar eco-tourism scene, which attracts adventure-seekers looking for the ultimate thrill in pristine wilderness, does a fabulous job of also catering to couples who wish to marry in the country. What’s the benefit of a Costa Rica destination wedding, you ask?

Where to even start?!







Costa Rica Destination Weddings – Why Are They So Popular?

The draws of destination weddings, in general, are pretty obvious: you can skip the ubiquitous stress-filled event back home (where you may feel obliged to invite a large number of people) and you can enjoy a much more intimate, relaxing and unforgettable event abroad instead. Add Costa Rica to the mix and you’ll be in wedding-heaven.

By their very nature, Costa Rica destination weddings offer an incredible value-for-money: you can celebrate your wedding in an exclusive boutique eco-lodge with all the 5* trimmings you dream and pay just a fraction of a comparative event back home. Popular wedding venues cater to this need, offering everything from small-group accommodation to wedding planner, flowers, celebrant (and legalities), wedding meal and all the incidentals needed, like rehearsal dinners and entertainment. You can pay to have all the hassle taken out and, at the day of the day, it still won’t cost you a fortune.

Moreover, the most desired draw is the intimacy of a Costa Rica wedding. Your guest-list will naturally be limited as you won’t just be inviting people to your ‘wedding’ but you’ll be asking them to plan and pay for an overseas trip to attend. This can be a big ask which means that, usually, you’ll end up with a small, close-knit group of your closest friends and family; the people in your life who know each other well.

Quality time with your loved one in a spellbinding destination to celebrate one of the most important events in your life – what could be dreamier than a Costa Rica destination wedding?










The Logistics of a Costa Rica Wedding– Let’s Get Down To Business!

It may be difficult to know where to even start planning your Costa Rica wedding but, luckily, we’ve compiled a list of guides to help you along.

Time it Right – The first point of business should be to pick a date or, at the very least, a month that will work for you both. The most popular wedding months of all in Costa Rica are the first five months of the year as most of the country enjoys its drier (weather) spell which means your chance of a soaked wedding day is infinitely reduced. Easter week is a particularly busy period in Costa Rica, and Central America in general, so if you can avoid this period, do so. Read more about how to time your Costa Rica wedding.

Finding the right venue for your big day – Depending on how involved you’d like to be in the planning of the day, you can choose a venue that’ll simply hold the reception or, alternatively, one which offers a totally comprehensive wedding package. The choice for the latter is extensive and, just to give you an idea, here are four stunning resorts that are super popular right now and a few sublime ideas for very unique wedding venues, like waterfalls-side, luxury villas and catamarans. You can also peruse an array of wedding resorts on TripAdvisor to see what couples think of each and every one. If you prefer, you could engage a local wedding planner instead, who can actually scout potential venues for you and help you every step of the way. It’s important that you find a wedding planner with whom you can communicate well and who seems to just ‘get you’ and your vision for the big day. Here’s a guide to finding your best wedding planner in Costa Rica and a few tips on choosing someone who’s right for you.

Get the wedding etiquette just right – You may be wondering who pays for what when it comes to destination weddings and how much notice you should be giving your dear guests. We tackle the most pivotal etiquette issues, right here. Generally speaking, you’ll need to pay for the whole ‘wedding’ event although that can mean something altogether different than what you may envisage. Costa Rica destination weddings are usually held during a long weekend so although guests should be expected to pay for their flights and accommodation, you may wish to include a few extras, like a horseback riding outing, a wildlife-watching tour or a thrilling zip-line ride for the whole wedding party to be enjoyed during the weekend. Unlike weddings back home, destination events are all-encompassing events and, given that guests will be travelling to Costa Rica, they will surely want to experience a few of the stellar activities for which this country is world-renowned.










Costa Rica wedding adventure vacations – Planning your wedding ceremony to be the centerpiece of a small-group adventure vacation in Costa Rica is certainly an exceptional experience. The country offers something for everyone which means everyone you invite, be it nieces, nephews or grandparents, can enjoy an active vacation in our wonderfully wild paradise. An organised vacation takes the stress out of planning a group tour, with optional activities included to cater to everyone of every fitness level and age.  This means your ‘wedding’ can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not only for you but for everyone involved! Multi-day packages will see you hit some rapids on whitewater rafting expeditions, taking stunning hikes in unspoiled wilderness, enjoying sun-soaked beach days with surfing and snorkeling included and, of course, plenty of chances for up-close and personal wildlife encounters.






Costa Rica adventure honeymoons – If you’re not sure whether your entire group of loved ones would enjoy a very active wedding vacation, you always have the option of soaking up the splendorous of your wedding and then heading off, alone, for the Costa Rica adventure honeymoon of your dreams. This is, perhaps, the most popular option of all and something with which we have the most experience.

Here are just a few of the most popular honeymoon vacation itineraries that’ll give you an idea of everything that’s possible in Costa Rica:

Total Adventure – After taking the proverbial plunge, thrill-seekers dive head-first into Costa Rica’s most unmissable adrenaline-rushes, spending a week canyoning, rafting, rappelling, zip-lining jet skiing and surfing in four sensational destinations. This itinerary is designed for adventurous spirits who are fit, active and in need of ‘the ultimate thrill’, over and over again.

Exotic Adventure Honeymoon – This slightly more subdued adventure suits those who crave relaxation and adventure at the same time. Only two destinations in a week, less extreme yet equally thrilling activities, mixed in with plenty of glorious R&R in truly superb settings. Eco-lodges immersed in nature, wondrous pristine beaches and just enough thrills to revitalize the soul. For a more chilled-out itinerary with a slower pace, exotic adventure is perfect for honeymooners on a first-time visit to Costa Rica.


Pure Luxury Adventure Honeymoon – Our Pure Luxury honeymoon is perfect for couples who wish to splurge a little after their Costa Rica wedding. Top-notch lodges and resorts, the best the county has to offer and jaunts in some of the most exclusive corners of the country, like the Corcovado National Park and resplendent Caño Island.

Tailor-made Costa Rica adventure honeymoon – There’s no doubt that the best itinerary is the one you design with your most fervent wishes in mind. Perhaps you’d love to choose a mix of all three: plenty of action yet with enough free time for R&R and, perhaps, a night or two in an exclusive luxury eco-resort. Everything is possible in Costa Rica and that’s why we give you the option to build your own adventure honeymoon. You tell us what you dream and how much you can budget for your trip and we’ll design an adventure that’s just right for the two of you.

How Much Should You Budget For Your Costa Rica Wedding and Honeymoon?

Costa Rica destination weddings obviously come in a myriad of budgets yet, by and large, many choose to spend about $5,000 for an all-inclusive wedding weekend. Adventure honeymoons come much cheaper than that, of course, with a week of adventures costing barely $2,000 per person, with activities, meals, excursions and culinary delights all included in the price. Luxury options can cost double that, of course, yet you can expect the quality/price ratio to be very impressive. Costa Rica is a marvelous vacation destination and one of the main reasons is because the whole country simply offers a tremendous bang for your holiday-buck and that’s what entices so many couples to come back here, time and again.

Ready to embark on the real adventure of a lifetime? Then why not see our extensive collection of Costa Rica adventure vacations and contact us to know more.

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Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide for 2019

One of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations, Costa Rica seamlessly blends adventure and romance to offer unique experiences that are far removed from the cookie-cutter mold. Yes, you can still soak up the rays along a stretch of an impossibly idyllic beach, but intrepid couples heading to Costa Rica choose to do so after a n active day out spent whitewater rafting, kayaking, canyoning, zip-lining or mountain biking. That’s really what sets Costa Rica apart from all other ‘tropical honeymoon destinations’ the world over: just as dreamy and swoon-worthy yet with the added bonus of a wicked, fun and adventurous side.

Do you get easily bored lunging on a beach chair sipping cocktails for days on end? Then Costa Rica is the honeymoon destinations for you! Every corner of the country offers its own cache of delights and adventures, offering an eclectic array for bespoke Costa Rica honeymoons.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide for 2019 – the best places to go, the highlights you shouldn’t miss and a few insider tips to ensure your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip to our shores is as memorable as can be.

Here’s to the adventure you’ll be telling the grand kids about!

Costa Rica Honeymoons in 2019 – The Best Hot Spots for Loved-up Couples

Let’s be honest: you’d be hard pressed to find a single corner of Costa Rica without redeeming honeymoon offerings but it is true that some areas are simply better suited to honeymooning couples. A few luxurious indulgences wouldn’t go amiss (in between all the crazy excursions) and given the fact most couples take only a week off to explore, many tend to home in on well-established destinations. Have more time? We’ll guide you to more remote destinations too!

One-week Costa Rica Honeymoon – Manuel Antonio and Arenal Volcano National Parks are the country’s prime hot-spots for Costa Rica honeymoons in 2019. Combine these two parks and you’ll have it all: pristine rain forests, peaky volcanoes, stunning beaches lined with coral reefs, natural thermal pools and a sensational array of activities that let you immerse yourself in the outstanding wilderness. Rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, zip-lining, wildlife-spotting and, naturally, plenty of steamy togetherness in hot springs and beaches. All in one compact and easily accessible region, all in just a single week!

Two-week Costa Rica Honeymoon – Add an extra week to your itinerary and you can spread your wings a little further afield. The Nicoya and Osa Peninsulas are our top pick for longer honeymoon adventures in Costa Rica, these two wild corners of the country offering the kind of remoteness you simply won’t find anywhere else. They both require more time to reach, however, and the added bonus of lesser development means you’ll find them blissfully uncrowded and wonderfully unplugged. Both regions are home to an astonishing array of wildlife and offer unique adventures. Read more about Nicoya and Osa and see which one tickles your travel-buds most.

Guide to the Nicoya Peninsula

Guide to the Osa Peninsula






Exclusive & Luxurious Costa Rica Honeymoons – When only the best will do, you really can’t sail past the Gulf of Papagayo in the Guanacaste Province, home to some of the most exclusive 5* resorts in the entire country. For world-class sustainable tourism with oodles of class – something for which Costa Rica is world-renowned – the Gulf of Papagayo is the bees’ knees. We’re talking golf courses, luxury marinas and incredible lodges, all immersed in unspoiled Costa Rica wilderness. Check out our latest guide to the Stellar Highlights of the Gulf of Papagayo to drool some more. You’ll soon see why so many honeymooning couples head here for a few days during their trip.






The Best Costa Rica Honeymoon Resorts for 2019

Gorgeous resorts and eco-lodges catering specifically to adventurous couples are all the rage in Costa Rica and it’s hardly surprising. Just as the country is beloved by families (and boasts plenty of family-friendly resorts) there’s a whole tourism scene that’s solely dedicated to adults-only vacations, where romantic candle-lit dinners, couple spa treatments, yoga classes and adventure-filled excursions are on the daily menu. The great thing about Costa Rica honeymoon resorts is that they are scattered about the country and come in all shapes, sizes and prices, so every couple will find their own little corner of paradise.

Here are just three of our long-standing favourites, to give you an idea of what you can expect to find in Costa Rica:

Nayara Springs Resort (Arenal Volcano) – The Nayara is an Arenal institution, winning a cult-like following thanks to its two equally sensational resorts. This adult-only delight boasts amazing villas equipped with their own private thermal pools and feels as removed from the Arenal mayhem as can be. Forbes Magazine rated this one of Costa Rica’s best picks and, in all seriousness, who’d argue with that?





Occidental Grand (Gulf of Papagayo) – Choosing the best value honeymoon resort in the Gulf of Papagayo is hard work – but someone had to do it! Cradled between two outstanding beaches (Playa Buena and Bonita) the Occidental is a luxury spa resort that offers fantastic value for money in a region of the country that can be a little pricey. The incredible location is reason enough to stay here yet what impresses most is the way the Occidental manages to offer superb luxuries among its pocket of pristine wilderness. The best parts? Their all-inclusive program and the fact that this is a small and compact resort, so it feels romantic and uncrowded. It’s not 5* by any means but it certainly feels like it and, for its price, it just can’t be beaten. Read this Telegraph Review to see if it fits your bill. Add a couple of nights here at the end of your Costa Rica honeymoon and you’ll go home totally transformed.







Pacuare Lodge (Limon) – The Pacuare Lodge is one of the most distinctive eco-lodges in Costa Rica, revered for its commitment to sustainability as much as for its magnificent setting and luxury. Rated as one of the best extreme-adventure lodges in the world by National Geographic, the Pacuare isn’t a specific adults-only resort yet it still rates as one of the most ideal, unplugged, romantic and mesmerizing places for honeymooners to stay. Its organic spa treatments, farm-to-table dining, international wine-cellar offerings and extensive array of amazing villas seduces couples like nothing else, and that’s without even mentioning the wildlife-enriched wilderness that surrounds it. Built right on the shores of the famed Pacuare River – the best whitewater rafting destination in Costa Rica – The Pacuare Lodge is an adventure-seeker’s dream.











The Best Months for Costa Rica Honeymoons

Costa Rica is currently in the throes of its prime honeymoon season, the months between January and May – the driest of the year in the western half of the country- attracting more couples than at any other time. Now is a great time to plan your 2020 honeymoon if you’d love to visit during this peak time, with the best honeymoon resorts booking out months in advance.

If you’re looking to honeymoon in Costa Rica in 2019, however, note that all is not lost! We actually love the last month of the dry season – May – as you can still enjoy an idyllic climate BUT the crowds will have dissipated so last-minute bookings are still possible. Green Season honeymoons (June to December) can also be immensely rewarding, the sporadic rains helping to nourish the landscape and offering a vividly colourful backdrop to all those adrenalin-filled adventures.  Honeymooning during Green Season also offers unrivalled value, as most top-end resorts and lodges offer discounts. You can still enjoy plenty of romantic beachside dinners, but you’ll just need to be on the lookout for the forecast and change plans accordingly. Generally speaking, the wettest months of all in Costa Rica’s Pacific region are September, October and November: choose to honeymoon outside of these months and your sunny time will surely be enhanced. Costa Rica boasts an eclectic climate given its varied regions – read more about regional differences in our Planning Your Costa Rica Wedding guide.

Honeymoon Insider Tips from the Experts

At Costa Rica Rios, we’ve helped plan countless honeymoons for adventurous couples and like to think we’ve accrued a fair bit of expertise on the subject. Here are just a few of the most important considerations when planning your Costa Rica honeymoon:

Budgeting is important – Budgeting is a very pivotal factor for many honeymooning couples and, although Costa Rica is an affordable holiday destination compared to many others, the cost of a trip can quickly add up. Speak to us about your budget first and foremost and we’ll help you plan your honeymoon from there. Read our recent guide Budgeting Tips for Costa Rica Honeymoons where we detail a few nifty trips to help you along.

Fight the urge to cram too much in your itinerary – Our beloved country is wild and most of the tourist infrastructure (ie. perfectly tarred roads) are concentrated in just a few areas. It takes time to get around, longer than you may imagine and that’s why we advise no more than two destinations in a week of travel. The fabulous thing about Costa Rica is that its most famous highlights are not only in one area: there are volcanoes and mountains all over, hot springs too, an endless array of beaches, wildlife parks in every corner and there’s rafting, kayaking, surfing and zip-lining to be had in almost every province. Choose what activities you wish to indulge in your Costa Rica honeymoon and we can advise you which province you should be visiting to make the most of your time here. We know all the most strategically placed honeymoon bases that offer a multitude of experiences nearby, cutting out your travel times and maximizing the fun ones.

That goes for activities, too! Sometimes, it’s not just about cramming different destinations in just a single week of travel but also about planning every single hour, of every single day. You’re coming a long way for your honeymoon, we get that, but we also know you’ll be craving some time for R&R and that’s why we plan our honeymoon itineraries to include some downtime, whether to chill out in your resort, take a leisurely walk or just lie in a hammock and read a book.

Don’t forget the cultural aspects of a Costa Rica honeymoon – Costa Rica is an enticing, welcoming and exotic country, where regional culinary specialties, history and indigenous culture combine to offer truly unique experiences. We know that the adventure-seekers will be out to conquer the forests, the rivers and the volcanoes but there’s so much to this country that should also be experienced. When visiting, make time to seek out local eateries, visit local plantations, perhaps a few museums and take time to know the local culture – this is one of the most rewarding aspects of any visit here and we know your experience will be all the more enriched because of it.

Found this Costa Rica honeymoon guide for 2019 helpful? Check out our Costa Rica Rios Blog Archive for more invaluable travel advice and inspiration and see all the amazing Honeymoon & Romance Itineraries we have on offer. Contact us at any time for more info and to book your unforgettable Costa Rica honeymoon in 2019.

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