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Costa Rica Wedding Guide for 2019 

Costa Rica may be the world’s best adventure honeymoon destination but many don’t realise the country is just as coveted as a destination-wedding hub. The stellar eco-tourism scene, which attracts adventure-seekers looking for the ultimate thrill in pristine wilderness, does a fabulous job of also catering to couples who wish to marry in the country. What’s the benefit of a Costa Rica destination wedding, you ask?

Where to even start?!







Costa Rica Destination Weddings – Why Are They So Popular?

The draws of destination weddings, in general, are pretty obvious: you can skip the ubiquitous stress-filled event back home (where you may feel obliged to invite a large number of people) and you can enjoy a much more intimate, relaxing and unforgettable event abroad instead. Add Costa Rica to the mix and you’ll be in wedding-heaven.

By their very nature, Costa Rica destination weddings offer an incredible value-for-money: you can celebrate your wedding in an exclusive boutique eco-lodge with all the 5* trimmings you dream and pay just a fraction of a comparative event back home. Popular wedding venues cater to this need, offering everything from small-group accommodation to wedding planner, flowers, celebrant (and legalities), wedding meal and all the incidentals needed, like rehearsal dinners and entertainment. You can pay to have all the hassle taken out and, at the day of the day, it still won’t cost you a fortune.

Moreover, the most desired draw is the intimacy of a Costa Rica wedding. Your guest-list will naturally be limited as you won’t just be inviting people to your ‘wedding’ but you’ll be asking them to plan and pay for an overseas trip to attend. This can be a big ask which means that, usually, you’ll end up with a small, close-knit group of your closest friends and family; the people in your life who know each other well.

Quality time with your loved one in a spellbinding destination to celebrate one of the most important events in your life – what could be dreamier than a Costa Rica destination wedding?










The Logistics of a Costa Rica Wedding– Let’s Get Down To Business!

It may be difficult to know where to even start planning your Costa Rica wedding but, luckily, we’ve compiled a list of guides to help you along.

Time it Right – The first point of business should be to pick a date or, at the very least, a month that will work for you both. The most popular wedding months of all in Costa Rica are the first five months of the year as most of the country enjoys its drier (weather) spell which means your chance of a soaked wedding day is infinitely reduced. Easter week is a particularly busy period in Costa Rica, and Central America in general, so if you can avoid this period, do so. Read more about how to time your Costa Rica wedding.

Finding the right venue for your big day – Depending on how involved you’d like to be in the planning of the day, you can choose a venue that’ll simply hold the reception or, alternatively, one which offers a totally comprehensive wedding package. The choice for the latter is extensive and, just to give you an idea, here are four stunning resorts that are super popular right now and a few sublime ideas for very unique wedding venues, like waterfalls-side, luxury villas and catamarans. You can also peruse an array of wedding resorts on TripAdvisor to see what couples think of each and every one. If you prefer, you could engage a local wedding planner instead, who can actually scout potential venues for you and help you every step of the way. It’s important that you find a wedding planner with whom you can communicate well and who seems to just ‘get you’ and your vision for the big day. Here’s a guide to finding your best wedding planner in Costa Rica and a few tips on choosing someone who’s right for you.

Get the wedding etiquette just right – You may be wondering who pays for what when it comes to destination weddings and how much notice you should be giving your dear guests. We tackle the most pivotal etiquette issues, right here. Generally speaking, you’ll need to pay for the whole ‘wedding’ event although that can mean something altogether different than what you may envisage. Costa Rica destination weddings are usually held during a long weekend so although guests should be expected to pay for their flights and accommodation, you may wish to include a few extras, like a horseback riding outing, a wildlife-watching tour or a thrilling zip-line ride for the whole wedding party to be enjoyed during the weekend. Unlike weddings back home, destination events are all-encompassing events and, given that guests will be travelling to Costa Rica, they will surely want to experience a few of the stellar activities for which this country is world-renowned.










Costa Rica wedding adventure vacations – Planning your wedding ceremony to be the centerpiece of a small-group adventure vacation in Costa Rica is certainly an exceptional experience. The country offers something for everyone which means everyone you invite, be it nieces, nephews or grandparents, can enjoy an active vacation in our wonderfully wild paradise. An organised vacation takes the stress out of planning a group tour, with optional activities included to cater to everyone of every fitness level and age.  This means your ‘wedding’ can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not only for you but for everyone involved! Multi-day packages will see you hit some rapids on whitewater rafting expeditions, taking stunning hikes in unspoiled wilderness, enjoying sun-soaked beach days with surfing and snorkeling included and, of course, plenty of chances for up-close and personal wildlife encounters.






Costa Rica adventure honeymoons – If you’re not sure whether your entire group of loved ones would enjoy a very active wedding vacation, you always have the option of soaking up the splendorous of your wedding and then heading off, alone, for the Costa Rica adventure honeymoon of your dreams. This is, perhaps, the most popular option of all and something with which we have the most experience.

Here are just a few of the most popular honeymoon vacation itineraries that’ll give you an idea of everything that’s possible in Costa Rica:

Total Adventure – After taking the proverbial plunge, thrill-seekers dive head-first into Costa Rica’s most unmissable adrenaline-rushes, spending a week canyoning, rafting, rappelling, zip-lining jet skiing and surfing in four sensational destinations. This itinerary is designed for adventurous spirits who are fit, active and in need of ‘the ultimate thrill’, over and over again.

Exotic Adventure Honeymoon – This slightly more subdued adventure suits those who crave relaxation and adventure at the same time. Only two destinations in a week, less extreme yet equally thrilling activities, mixed in with plenty of glorious R&R in truly superb settings. Eco-lodges immersed in nature, wondrous pristine beaches and just enough thrills to revitalize the soul. For a more chilled-out itinerary with a slower pace, exotic adventure is perfect for honeymooners on a first-time visit to Costa Rica.


Pure Luxury Adventure Honeymoon – Our Pure Luxury honeymoon is perfect for couples who wish to splurge a little after their Costa Rica wedding. Top-notch lodges and resorts, the best the county has to offer and jaunts in some of the most exclusive corners of the country, like the Corcovado National Park and resplendent Caño Island.

Tailor-made Costa Rica adventure honeymoon – There’s no doubt that the best itinerary is the one you design with your most fervent wishes in mind. Perhaps you’d love to choose a mix of all three: plenty of action yet with enough free time for R&R and, perhaps, a night or two in an exclusive luxury eco-resort. Everything is possible in Costa Rica and that’s why we give you the option to build your own adventure honeymoon. You tell us what you dream and how much you can budget for your trip and we’ll design an adventure that’s just right for the two of you.

How Much Should You Budget For Your Costa Rica Wedding and Honeymoon?

Costa Rica destination weddings obviously come in a myriad of budgets yet, by and large, many choose to spend about $5,000 for an all-inclusive wedding weekend. Adventure honeymoons come much cheaper than that, of course, with a week of adventures costing barely $2,000 per person, with activities, meals, excursions and culinary delights all included in the price. Luxury options can cost double that, of course, yet you can expect the quality/price ratio to be very impressive. Costa Rica is a marvelous vacation destination and one of the main reasons is because the whole country simply offers a tremendous bang for your holiday-buck and that’s what entices so many couples to come back here, time and again.

Ready to embark on the real adventure of a lifetime? Then why not see our extensive collection of Costa Rica adventure vacations and contact us to know more.

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