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Planning a Wedding in Costa Rica? Discover How to Time it Right! 

Costa Rica weddingCosta Rica is one of the most unique wedding destinations on the planet and offers some of the most spectacular wedding backdrops in the world. Whether you choose to get married on an idyllic beach, at the base of an active volcano or, perhaps, in the heart of a pristine forest, you’re bound to make some truly unforgettable memories here. Although the country is small and compact, it boasts a dozen micro-climates, meaning that no matter what time of year you wish to get married, there will always be an ‘ideal’ spot in which to hold the wedding. That said, you may have your heart set on a specific place – be it on the Caribbean Coast, the Pacific, or in the highlands – so it pays to understand Costa Rica’s seasonal changes.


By and large, when it comes to weddings, the whole of Costa Rica thrives from January to May. This is the ‘dry’ season, a time of year when the whole country is just abuzz with tourist activity due to the stellar climate. Fabulously gorgeous, these months are very popular, so if you’re planning a Costa Rica wedding at this time you must book ahead. Mid-April to May is a perfect time to hold your wedding, as not only will you still enjoy an ideal climate, but it will be the start of the low-season and you’ll find excellent deals on planners and venues.

Costa Rica weddingHaving said this, don’t discount the ‘green season’, between June and November. This is, after all, one of the world’s most bio-diverse countries, and life is sustained by rain, a lot of rain, and yes even during the so-called ‘dry’ months. No matter when or where you plan to get married, there’s isn’t a wedding planner in Costa Rica who can guarantee you’ll see no rain on your wedding day. But, out here, rains are short and sweet and can make for spectacular wedding photos!

If you can, try to avoid planning a wedding in Costa Rica for the week of Christmas and New Year, and that of Easter. These are the busiest times of year, when all attractions are jam-packed and many wedding-related businesses shut down for their holidays. Overall, you’ll do yourself a huge favor if you can steer clear of these peak times.

January to May – The Central Pacific region and western coastline are thriving in the first few months of the year, and because this is ideal wedding weather you can expect prices to also be the highest they’ll be all year long. Nevertheless, your wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica are a once-in-a-lifetime highlight, so if you wish for perfection then getting married in these months should be in your plans. If you simply cannot live without a sunset beach wedding ceremony, then this is the time of year to come!

June to mid-September – Most of Costa Rica is still going strong this time of year, and you’ll have optimal chances for enjoying good weather no matter where you go.

**July & August – These months are quite special in Costa Rica; locals call this the ‘little summer’, a dry spell just before the start of the big rains. La Fortuna and Guanacaste regions are resplendent now, and as short bursts of rains usually only appear on the afternoon, you’ll be fine if planning a stunning morning wedding. Do keep in mind, however, that along with the ‘little summer’ come ‘little price hikes’, so keep this in mind; not just for the cost of your wedding, but for costs of airfares and accommodation for your wedding guests as well.

Mid-September to October – Costa Rica’s Caribbean side is at its driest during these months, thanks to the sheltering mountain range which traverse the country. Dreaming of a superlative beach wedding in one of the country’s most delightful and lesser-visited spots? Then check out the treasures this side of the country has to offer, right here! Many people steer clear of holding weddings in Costa Rica during this time of year, but if you stick to the eastern half of the country you’ll be blown away by how idyllic it can be.

Nicoya Peninsula weddingNovember to December – Right now would be a perfect time to plan a wedding in the Nicoya Peninsula. This is one of Costa Rica’s ‘wildest’ nooks and brimming with insanely picturesque forests, sparkling yet rugged coastlines and amazing wedding venues.

Once you’ve set your wedding date, chat to us about planning your perfect, tailor-made honeymoon in Costa Rica…because if there’s one thing Costa Rica does even better than unique weddings, it’s romantic, adventurous and luxurious honeymoons!




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