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Budgeting Tips for Costa Rica Adventure Honeymoons 

Costa Rica Adventure HoneymoonsCosta Rica Adventure Honeymoons is a huge draw for active couples dreaming to get their wedded life off to a fantastic start. Knowing how much you should be budgeting for this exceptional experience will help you determine how long you can travel and how many unique experiences you can include in your itinerary.

At Costa Rica Rios, we are experts at planning adventure honeymoons in Costa Rica. We know what it takes to plan a smooth, hassle-free and memorable vacation taking in the best activities and highlights the country has to offer, and also understand that most couples love to mix it up: a few days relaxing by the beach, a few days of adrenalin-filled excitement and a few indulgent splurges to ensure their honeymoon is like no other vacation they’ve ever taken.

Here are some of our best budgeting tips for Costa Rica adventure honeymoons:

Scrutinize the all-inclusive resort option VERY carefully

All-inclusive adventure vacations in Costa Rica are a genius way to know exactly what your honeymoon will cost but all-inclusive resorts may not necessarily be. Although incredibly enticing, all-inclusive resorts lull you into thinking that what you pay up-front is all you’ll ever need to spend, but oftentimes this is simply not the case. You may have to pay extra for excursions and activities, or for drinks with your meal or, sometimes, entire meals altogether. You’ll likely be paying for services and amenities you’ll never use and for activities you’ll never partake in (golf, anyone?) so do read all the details of any package carefully to know exactly what you’ll have to pay in extras and what the package deal includes. Costa Rica boasts some truly magical honeymoon resorts, gorgeous places that are aimed at adults-only vacations but they are all quite unique so make sure you find one that’s just right for the two of you.

Set up a honeymoon wedding gift registry

Wedding gift registries are certainly nothing new but what is a swiftly rising trend is the registry that collects funds for the couple’s honeymoon. Most guests and soon-to-be-married couples simply love this option – the former doesn’t need to go hunting for a specific brand of food processor and the latter, oftentimes with a fully-equipped abode, can rest easy knowing the honeymoon expense is being gifted by loved ones. A Costa Rica adventure honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s bound to bring you years of glorious memories and including it in a gift registry through sites like Honeymoon Wishes gives your loved ones the chance to contribute. Check out the best 7 Honeymoon Registry Sites All Brides Should Know. Some of them, like BluePrint, help you itemize your expenses (airfares, accommodation, day out ziplining etc) so your wedding guests can pick and choose the specific items they’d love to help contribute toward.

Choose the right season according to your budget

High-tourist season in Costa Rica is during the northern winter, in the months between December and April and this is usually the time of year most couple will spend their honeymoon in Costa Rica. Although there’s no denying that this is quite idyllic (escape the cold to sunbathe in paradise, hell yeah!) it also comes with higher costs. If your budget is limited or you simply want to travel longer, for less, then consider other months of the year. Costa Rica’s varied climate means that even during the wet season, there are pockets of the country that remain mostly dry, so choosing to travel during the Green Season instead can help you keep costs low as well as deliver sensational benefits. You can find out more about Green Season travel in Costa Rica right here.

Be a cunning planner and book way ahead of time

There are many reasons Costa Rica honeymoons (and vacations in general) are so popular among North Americas: the country is super close to home, reached within just a few hours and offering a myriad of sensational experiences. This also makes it a fabulous ‘last-minute’ holiday destination and you’ll be surprised at how many holidaymakers – and even honeymooners – will book their trip with just days to spare. Want to save some serious cash? Book well in advance. Buck the trend and the crowds and be a cunning planner, taking advantage of early-bird deals both on airfares and adventure vacation packages. This is especially true if planning to visit during the highest tourist peak, when last-minute price hikes are common across the board.

Honeymooning close to home is a great way to keep the budget in check and booking in advance can only help you keep your costs further at bay.

Plan your adventure honeymoon around your budget – not the other way around!

As we always love to say: splurging on a luxury honeymoon is an excusable indulgence but not when it comes at a cost that’ll you spend months (or heaven forbid years) paying off. That’s why at Costa Rica Rios, we plan adventure honeymoons in a very unique way to what most others do. You tell us what budget you’ve set aside for your honeymoon and we’ll plan a startling adventure honeymoon to fit within that budget. Our ‘build your own honeymoon tour’ option lets us know what you love, what you crave and what dreams you have to fulfil in Costa Rica, and your outlined budget lets us know where and when we should be planning it. We offer sensational honeymoon packages that start from as little as $1350 per person!

Costa Rica’s prominence has meant that the country is no longer the ‘cheap and cheerful honeymoon destination’ it used to be yet as services and amenities improve it still remains one of the best value-for-money honeymoon destinations in the world, a glorious place where an unforgettable honeymoon experience still costs just a fraction of what it would cost in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia. Romantic honeymoon ideas abound in a land of such magnificent wilderness and outstanding beaches, offering every unique couple their own unique version of the perfect Costa Rica honeymoon.

See our comprehensive collection of honeymoon tour ideas and, as always, contact us for more info.

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