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Adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica

Insider Tips for an Unforgettable Costa Rica Honeymoon

Know how to plan your perfect Costa Rica honeymoon? We do! Read on to discover our insider’s tips.

Costa Rica honeymoonCosta Rica honeymoon vacations are among the most popular tours we offer and that’s hardly surprising when you consider the country oozes so much romance, relaxation and adventure in a neat little bundle.

It’s certainly not difficult to have an unbelievable honeymoon in the land of hot springs, startling beaches, luscious rain forests, exhilarating activities and gorgeous eco-lodges but with a few insider tips you can make your Costa Rica honeymoon vacation even more unforgettable.

Choose your location carefully

No-one wants to spend half their Costa Rica vacation just traveling from one spot to another, let alone honeymooners who are wanting to make their most of their visit. Our #1 suggestion to all you future honeymooners is to make a list of your combined must-sees and must-dos and then choose a location that offers them all (or at least most) close by. This means looking beyond the most famous sights. Arenal might boast the most famous hot springs, for example, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find others equally enchanting springs close to a river you may wish to whitewater raft. Finding the ideal base means you can spend more time enjoying yourself rather than getting from A to B. This is just one of the many time-saving tips we recommend to everyone who heads to Costa Rica.

Pack comfortable clothes

Every bride dreams of packing a honeymoon wardrobe that’s Instagram-mable and totally delicious but when you set your sights on a Costa Rica adventure honeymoon, you’ll need to include plenty of comfortable everyday active wear that’ll make you raft, kayak, zip line and mountain bike with ease. Save the sweet little dress for the evenings and pack plenty of functional clothing for your adventure-filled days.

Plan some free time in your itinerary

Costa Rica honeymoonGiven the sheer volume of excellent activities on offer in Costa Rica, it’s super easy to get carried away and pack your days full of fun stuff. But hold back! Leaving plenty of free time for spontaneous outings is very rewarding and will take the pressure off your FOMO.

Accept the fact you simply can’t do it all in one visit and leave yourself the freedom to discover hidden treasures when you’re actually here. Or…simply throw caution to the wind and include some cool ideas for your romantic vacation.

Mix it up

Even the most active couples ought to remember that honeymoons should be about spending some quality and relaxing time together. To this end, we always suggest to couples to mix up their itinerary: stay in a romantic lodge, add a day at the beach, a couple pampering session and simply take a more relaxed approach to your plan, perhaps doing less than you’d normally do on an adventure vacation. Have a look at how we plan a Luxury and Adventure Honeymoon, taking notice of how we mix it up and give guests a taste of everything Costa Rica offers, whilst still including plenty of luxury downtime.

Stick to your budget

Splurging on your honeymoon is certainly an excusable indulgence but not if it comes at the detriment of your life back home. Luckily, Costa Rica is an affordable honeymoon destination, arguably one of the many reasons the country is so very popular. Once you have a budget worked out with your partner, your challenge will be to stick to it, rain, hail or shine! To help you along, we’ve devised a ‘build your own honeymoon tour’ that takes your budget into consideration as well as all the activities you wish to do. Just tell us your budget and we’ll show just how much fun, romance and excitement we can squeeze into your honeymoon, from as little as $1500 per person!


Know where to go for a romantic nightcap? Where the most beautiful honeymoon resorts are found and what kind of culinary delights you ought to seek? Scour our comprehensive blog site and discover more about Costa Rica honeymoon vacations before you travel.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that honeymoon and adventure don’t usually go hand in hand but in Costa Rica, they can! There isn’t a country on earth that can seamlessly combine the two to offer adventurous couples such a wide array of experiences. At CostaRicaRios, we’re in the business of making your adventure honeymoon dreams come true. Contact us here for more detailed info.

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Costa Rica Honeymoon Package – There’s a Perfect Package For You!

Planning a wedding is one of the most unforgettable experiences a couple will ever share.  Actually, no…planning a wedding can be quite stressful…honeymoons, however, are most definitely not! A Costa Rica honeymoon package is that unforgettable couple experience everyone would surely cherish and makes for a fitting post-wedding-stress reward.


Costa Rica honeymoon packageBecause Costa Rica is one of the world’s most sought-after honeymoon destinations, and with a Costa Rica honeymoon package, you can enjoy everything the country has to offer. Also, because between 800 miles of pristine sandy beaches, dreamy honeymoon eco-lodges, a wealth of adventure sports, couple spa-treatments and sunset nightcap spots, this country oozes romance at every turn. Naturally tailored to the honeymooning couple who shares curiosity, cultural interests and a love of the great outdoors, Costa Rica delivers more for your honeymoon-dollar than any other country. And what’s not to love about that?

Yet when all is said and done, the primary reason Costa Rica honeymoons rock is because there’s a unique kind diversity here – in everything – that allows couples to soak up whatever it is they love most. Beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, unique wildlife, exotic culture, tropical feasts, an idyllic climate and adventure activities both in and out of the crystalline waters: no matter what you dream, there’s a Costa Rica honeymoon that’s perfect for you.

Adventure Honeymoon

The rise in popularity of the adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica is testament to the fact that young couples nowadays want more from their once-in-a-lifetime vacation than only pure relaxation. They want to get their married life off to a thrilling start and Costa Rica is their ultimate springboard. From ziplining to kayaking, canyoning, white water rafting, rappelling, horseback riding, mountain bike riding, surfing, diving and more, Cosa Rica is the adventure hub all active couples dream. All of this in offer in almost every corner of the country. Travel just a couple of hours from the capital of San Jose and you can immerse yourself in pristine nature AND have a world of adrenalin-pumping activities right at your doorstep.

Short & Sweet Honeymoons

Costa Rica honeymoon packageSure, we’d all love a 3-month long honeymoon, but that’s not always an option. Part of the beauty of Costa Rica is undoubtedly its proximity to the US. Short flights and splendid deals mean a honeymoon in Costa Rica can be thoroughly enjoyed in just an inexpensive week, without the burdens of  jet lag, long flights and painfully slow transfers eating up your precious travel time. Leaving you to enjoy your honeymooning spoils from the first moment to the very last.

Luxury Adventure Honeymoon

You want the thrills but also the luxury? Costa Rica’s got you covered. This is the world’s eco-lodge capital, a superbly biodiverse nation that cares for its natural treasures and takes great measures to disturb it as little as possible. The result is a wonderful collection of superb lodges set in nature, offering varying degrees of luxury and opulence. From adults-only resorts to boutique lodges, yoga retreats, thermal spa hotels and more: you can choose your level of desired luxury without compromising on any of your activity options.

Romance Honeymoon

The ‘luna de miel’ is a big deal in Costa Rica, a country that delivers romance in spades. Amazing sunset catamaran cruises are very popular with honeymooning couples, as are private snorkeling trips and couple retreats in wellness spas where the pools are thermally heated and massages flowing. Plus, there’s the famed Costa Rica chocolate (the world’s best aphrodisiac, perhaps?) and oodles of romantic dining options, all over the country.

Costa Rica Loves LOVE

If there’s one place on earth you need not worry about indulging in PDA (public displays of affection) then Costa Rica would surely be it. Honeymooning couples love the fact that Ticos are demonstrative of their love for one another, and you’re bound to see couple hugging, holding hands and being all smoochy-cute with one another in public. Apparently, even they’re not immune to their country’s romantic vibe.

Costa Rica’s Relaxing Honeymoon Packages

You’ll no doubt want some time to relax and unwind during your Costa Rica honeymoon package, and Costa Rica’s array of glorious beach side destinations offer that ideal R&R experience you’ll need. Whether at the end or beginning of your vacation, a few days spent indulging in some sun and surf on one of the country’s best beaches will make your experience a comprehensive and very rewarding one.

Want to know more? Then contact us! We can design a Costa Rica honeymoon package that’s unique and enticing revitalizing your soul, shake your boots and get your married life off to an exhilarating start.


Best Places for a Honeymoon Nightcap in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s western coastline is arguably its most revered destination and that’s certainly no incidental, for it is here that you can soak up some truly mesmerizing sunsets. Heading to Costa Rica on honeymoon? Then hold a cocktail glass in one hand and your dearly beloved in the other, and check out the best places for a honeymoon nightcap in Costa Rica.

Hotel La Mariposa, Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio, the most visited area in the country, is awash with spectacular hotels and resorts set amidst dense jungle cover, and facing the pristine Pacific coast. Yet very few can boast the honeymoon sundowner effect of La Mariposa.

With an infinity pool and gorgeous bar looking out over blissfully unobstructed views of stellar sunsets, this one is an unparalleled couple favorite.

Kura Design Villas, Uvita

honeymoon nightcap in Costa RicaThe sky over Uvita seems to take on a life of its own at sunset, and infinite shades of red drench the entire landscape. It’s simply magical. And you know what else is magical?

Enjoying the spectacle from a private balcony of this luxurious honeymoon boutique hotel, set high in a remote area of Uvita overlooking the ocean. There’s even a hammock for two in the terrace, so there you have it. Pure honeymoon sundowner perfection.

Observatory Lodge & Spa, Arenal

honeymoon nightcap in Costa RicaJust to prove a point, we’ve found a stunning location that’s not on the coast but still rewards you with an incredibly spectacular sunset. The place? The stunning Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, a remote and gorgeous resort set on the foothills of Costa Rica’s most revered peak.

The sunset view? Over Lake Arenal! Soak up the spectacular volcano views by day and head to the restaurant’s terrace for breathtaking sunset views by night. The perfect combination for a honeymoon nightcap in Costa Rica.

Nogui’s Restaurant, Tamarindo

To highlight the fact that Costa Rica dishes up sensational sunsets no matter where you go, here we have a local low-key favorite that’s all about the views. Nogui’s is set right on the beach in the vibrant seaside town of Tamarindo and serves local specialties right by the seaside.

An inexpensive local dinner with a fab happy hour deal and priceless honeymoon sunset views? Yep…we’re into that too.

Hotel Villas Alturas, Puntarenas

But let’s be honest, honeymoon sundowners should probably be a bit special, right? Then head down to Dominical, in the lesser-visited southern Pacific Coast and you can soak up startling sunset views in one of only a few select hotels which boast spectacularly elevated settings.

Hotel Villas Alturas is set on levels with prime position given to the terrace pool, although magnificent views are afforded from every corner.

All of the above-mentioned resorts are open to the public, which means you need not spend the night to enjoy a honeymoon nightcap in Costa Rica with killer views. That just goes to show how incredibly proud and generous locals are in this picture-perfect honeymoon destination. And when you’re all done with the romance and sunset indulging, why not join us on a once-in-a-lifetime Costa Rica honeymoon adventure? Because in this part of the world, glorious sunsets are just the beginning.


Costa Rica Honeymoon Holiday Tips for Active Couples

Costa Rica honeymoonIt is often said that the couple who plays together, stays together, and if you’re a firm believer in that you’ll definitely enjoy a Costa Rica honeymoon.

Costa Rica is revered as an active holiday destination, with its myriad of zip lines, abseiling, white water rafting, hiking, surfing, SCUBA diving, horseback riding…and about a million more active pursuits. Of course, thanks to the sublime pristine nature and laid-back vibe, Costa Rica still offers plenty of downtime activities, when all you want to do is lay on a glorious beach, soak in a thermal spring or enjoy a fantastic massage in a 5* eco-lodge.

The best of everything, you say? We certainly think so!

Here are some of our favorite Costa Rica Honeymoon Holiday Tips for Active Couples.

Take Surfing Lessons

Costa Rica honeymoon surfingCosta Rica is an insider’s surfing mecca, a place where enthusiasts head to when they want wicked waves and a chilled out vacation. No fuss, no glitz, no crowds. Just you, your love, two boards and endlessly rolling waves. Whether you’re both experienced surfers, or wish to learn a new sport together, taking a few surfing lessons on one of the country’s premier beaches is an absolute must.

The western coastline of Costa Rica, as well as the Nicoya Peninsula, boasts the best and most accessible surfing beaches. For casual surfing lessons with professional and friendly local instructors, head to Tamarindo Beach, Playa Grande, Playa Negra and Playa Avellana in Guanacaste; Playa Bejuco (near Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve) and Playa Hermosa in the Central Pacific. If you’re visiting the stunning Nicoya Peninsula, then include a few days in Malpais or Montezuma, both tried and tested surfer’s paradise.

Tackle a Costa Rica Honeymoon Day Hike

Costa Rica honeymoon hikeGet that blood pumping by tackling a full-day hike with your beloved. Whether you want the satisfaction of ending your hike on a breathtaking waterfall, or the challenge of ascending a vertiginous volcano, you’ll find a hiking trail that’s just right for you. Among the most popular trails are those of the Arenal Volcano Park (with various paths leading through forests and offering stunning views of the volcano), Tenorio Volcano (which end at the eerily translucent Rio Celeste waterfall and include a dip in hot thermal springs), the Manuel Antonio National Park (take the trail on the edge of the park and accost sparkling beaches the whole way) and the Santa Rosa National Park.

This last destination, in the Guanacaste Province, is beyond precious. This is Costa Rica’s oldest protected reserve and boasts trails among forests brimming with wildlife, before emerging on a superb beach which is favored by nesting Olive Ridley turtles when in season.

Scream Your Way Through a Zip Line Course

Costa Rica honeymoon zip lineComing to Costa Rica and not screaming your way down a zip line course while suspended up 1,400 feet is like going to Italy and not trying pizza. It would be a travesty! Canopy and zip line tours are scattered all over the country, and although the activity is offered the world over, Costa Rica really does seem to have a monopoly over the adrenaline-pumping exploit. A collection of a dozen or so bases, connected via cable, hanging bridges and flying foxes, all suspended up to head-spinning heights above the ground of cloud and tropical rain forests. If you and you partner love nothing more than to share adventures, giggles, and screams of excitement, then this activity will tick all your boxes

There are at least two dozen canopy tour companies who’ve set up trails all over the country. The most popular are in the most visited areas (around the Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio National Park and the Monteverde Cloud Forest) but if you are visiting any of the national parks and forests, you can bet there will be a canopy zip line tour on offer nearby. Simply ask at your hotel or resort at any point during your Costa Rica honeymoon stay.

Multi-Sport Adventure Tours

A multi-sport adventure honeymoon is the Holy Grail of many honeymooning couples. Spending days hopping between whitewater rafting on raging rivers, kayaking in secluded lagoons, zip lining above rain forests, horseback riding on the beach, rappelling down hidden canyons, and mountain biking through some of the most remote trails in the country, is about as good as an adventurous honeymoon can get.

Problem is…how on earth do you organize all of this on your own?!

You don’t!


We do!

Bahía Junquillal National Wildlife snorkelingCosta Rica is popular because it is an extraordinary country offering a myriad of attractions, yet what lures many couples here is the fact that it is so incredibly affordable. So much so, that enjoying a full week on a fully planned vacation (that’s the vacation where you do nothing but show up at the airport, and we take care of the rest) can cost a mere fraction of just a couple of days spent anywhere else.

At Costa Rica Rios, we plan unforgettable Costa Rica honeymoon vacations that can be tailor-made to suit your pace, likes, and budget. Moreover, we can take you way off the tourist trail and show you incredible places you many never get to experience on your own. We can fit in all the adrenaline pumping action you like, and make sure to include plenty of relaxing and romantic pursuits to boot. We do all the work, so that you don’t have to, and can just concentrate on having an amazing, memorable time with the love of your life.

And isn’t that what honeymoons are all about?


Part IV: Costa Rica Vacation – Wedding and Honeymoon

Costa Rica honeymoonWhether you wish to enjoy a superb adventure-filled honeymoon or simply dreaming of a romantic vacation, Costa Rica is your incomparable destination choice. But don’t just take (admittedly subjective) word for it!

PerfectHoneymoons.com rates this tropical Caribbean gem as the 3rd most-popular destination in the world, after Italy and Hawaii, for love-filled getaways. And what’s not to love? With its magnificent nature, array of luxury resorts, eco-lodges and indulgent retreats, not to mention the idyllic year-round climate and utterly unique ‘exotic’ charm, Costa Rica is the obvious choice if you want to steer clear of run-of-the-mill love-do’s and get more value for your hard-earned holiday funds.

Truth be told, the whole country is chock-full of incredibly beautiful places that are ideal for a romantic getaway, yet some are just a little more ideal due to their proximity to the capital (for that dreamy long weekend), smattering of high-end eco-lodges (for that one-a-kind splurge), stunning beaches (because if you don’t go home with a tan then you’re doing something wrong) and variety of fun and exhilarating activities.

Here are just of the amazing options for your romantic Costa Rica vacation:

Manuel Antonio National Park honeymoonManuel Antonio National Park is arguably the most popular destination for active romantic vacations and honeymoons, as it’s only a 2-hour drive out of San Jose and is, above all else, a superlative natural haven. Brimming with wildlife and offering a multitude of options for adventure-filled days, Manuel Antonio is the kind of place where you can enjoy a thrilling white water rafting trip in the morning, enjoy a delectable gourmet lunch in an exclusive lodge, delight in a romantic afternoon horse ride on a pristine beach, and end the day with a swoon-worthy candle-lit dinner under a canopy of stars.

Costa Rica romanceNot to be outdone, dormant Arenal Volcano offers an equally outstanding backdrop for soaks in therapeutic hot springs and indulgences in superb 5* spa resorts. This is Costa Rica’s tropical lusciousness at its very best. Waterfalls galore and plenty of fun pursuits are the cornerstones of the Arenal region, yet it’s all the spectacular thermal springs which hold the ultimate appeal for romantic holidays and Costa Rica honeymoons.

Lovers of the sun and surf will do well to check out the stellar options along the Guanacaste coastline. Here is where you can spend endless days playing in the waves, snorkeling, diving, surfing and lazing around on some of the world’s most coveted sandy stretches. The sand glistens, the sunsets WOW and the romance spills at every turn. The Gulf of Papagayo, along the north-western shores of Costa Rica, is where you’ll find the largest collection of exclusive and all-inclusive 5* resorts. Just a short drive from the Liberia Airport, the Gulf of Papagayo is arguably the favorite among honeymooners and makes for a brilliant base from which to explore Costa Rica.

Nicoya Peninsula honeymoonWant to feel like there are just the two of you in the world? Then the Nicoya Peninsula is your honeymoon destination of choice. You’ll find fewer people here, fewer tourists in general, and a much more remote and exclusive experience awaits you. Remote and spellbinding, the Nicoya is idyllic for couples who want to get away from the rest of the world, for just a little while. Outstanding resorts are set amidst verdant hills, overlooking sapphire and emerald waters. Quiet coves, endless stretches of pristine beaches and oodles of isolated dream spots is what makes the Nicoya Peninsula a top choice for those seeking romance and intimacy.

Costa Rica Weddings

Costa Rica weddingIn case you didn’t already know, Costa Rica is one of the most popular wedding locations on the planet, attracting couples and their delighted loved ones from every corner of the globe. The affordability and sheer uniqueness of Costa Rica weddings is a huge incentive for many couples, who can enjoy an unforgettable wedding and honeymoon in one of the world’s most coveted destinations, for only a fraction of the cost of a wedding at home. Exceptional luxury, an incredibly well-planned wedding day and a mesmerizing holiday to boot? I do!

Getting married in Costa Rica isn’t nearly as complicated as you may think, most especially when you consider most resorts will put you in contact with a wedding planner who will look after you from beginning to end. Here are a few guides to help you get started:

Costa Rica Destination Weddings: Everything You Need to Know

Costa Rica Wedding: How to Time it Right

How to Find the Best Planner for Your Costa Rica Wedding

All-inclusive Costa Rica honeymoon packages are undoubtedly the best value-for-money deals you’ll find anywhere, and it is something in which Costa Rica Rios specialize. After the vows have been exchanged, cake has been cut and teary hugs have been shared, let us propel you into an adventurous week of ‘love + adrenalin’ to get your married life off to a heart-pumping start.

Part I: Costa Rica Vacation – Getting Here is Now Faster…and Cheaper!
Part II: Costa Rica Vacation Accommodation to Suit All Tastes and Budgets
Part III: Costa Rica Vacation – Family Adventure Vacation


How to Find the Best Planner for Your Costa Rica Wedding

Costa Rica weddingAnyone who’s ever planned a wedding will attest to it being a tad stressful. There are 101 things to think about, all simultaneously, and 101 more that will slip one’s mind until the time it becomes obvious that they have been all but forgotten. When you plan a wedding abroad, however, you can just about quintuple the stress! Not only do you have countless things to think about and organize, but you and your wedding venue manager, cake maker, florist, make-up artist and string quartet are in different countries. How on earth does one organize a seamlessly beautiful and breathtaking wedding in Costa Rica?! With a fantastic wedding planner, that’s how.

Costa Rica wedding planners are renowned for being exceptional at what they do. They live in a country that has become the epitome backdrop for a destination wedding, and they have the know-how to make your special day something extraordinary.

Need some help scoring that one-in-a-million-planner that will make your day an unforgettable experience?

We’re here to help.

To Plan or Not to Plan

Costa Rica weddingMany couples will indeed be wondering if they can actually organize their Costa Rica wedding without a local planner. The short answer is ‘Yes, you can!’ yet the more comprehensive response would be ‘Of course you can, yet you may find it too time-consuming and stressful to make going it alone worthwhile’. Whilst many resorts in Costa Rica offer wedding packages which include reception dinner, flowers, wedding cake and the likes, you will be left to organize quite a few things on your own. Moreover, if you wish to do anything out of the norm, like have a beach wedding or organize a full week-long event held in a private villa, a little external help will be not just helpful, but rather essential.

Dedicated Costa Rica wedding planners are adept at bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together effortlessly, leaving you and your beloved to simply show up, make your vows, and celebrate. The best part? Hiring a wedding planner in Costa Rica costs just a fraction of what it does at home, making their services even more enticing.

Locate the Perfect Costa Rica Wedding Planner

Costa Rica weddingTrusting the most important day of your life to a complete stranger may be daunting, we know. Yet there are plenty of things you can do to ensure you catch yourself a priceless ally. Someone who understands you, knows your likes and dislikes and totally gets where you’re coming from. Someone on your wavelength. To this end, here’s our list of tips and hints to help you find that perfect Costa Rica wedding planner match made in heaven:

  1. Trust personal recommendations – with a tiny grain of salt. Professionalism, great communication skills and competency are the main attributes you ought to look for in a wedding planner. Everything else, becomes very objective. Just because your friend just lured her wedding planner in Costa Rica, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to build the same rapport with him/her. You can’t expect the same result just because you choose the same wedding planner. Costa Rica destination weddings are always unique, as is every couple, and your aim is to find a planner that’s just right for the two of you. Recommendations are wonderful and should be graciously accepted, but don’t rely on them completely. Contact as many planners as you can and make your decision based on your heart and gut feeling, primarily.
  2. Make sure you and your planner can communicate well The great majority of the time, you’ll be communicating with your planner via email. It is imperative that you understand each other and can communicate well. Perhaps you speak Spanish fluently, but if you don’t, you really ought to ensure your planner can express her/himself clearly in English. A slight misunderstanding via email can translate into a huge disappointment on your big day.
  3. Know what you’re getting Be very clear and knowledgeable about what you planner can and can’t organize. Ask your planner to make a precise list of what they can do for you, and to outline what is needed for a Costa Rica wedding (they will know this) and the details with which they cannot help.
  4. Only choose a planner who’ll be there on your wedding day Make sure your wedding planner and the whole planning team will be on hand to take care of your special day on the actual day. They must be there, from beginning, to end. If they can’t – because they are booking 4 weddings on the same day – look for someone else. You will only have a stress-free day if you know your planner will be by your side and available to fix any problems should they arise.
  5. Experience and accreditation are a must Choose a wedding planner who’s been at it for a while, a few years at least, and who is certified and a member of the Costa Rica Tourism Board.
  6. Short of ideas? Ask your planner! They are a boundless source of info and creative ideas, and can incorporate a myriad of crazy beautiful wishes into your event. Never mistake your wedding planner for a simple logistical facilitator: these guys are artists. They have visions, experiences and know what works best where and when.
  7. Trust is key Once you find a planner you absolutely adore….trust them. When it comes to planning unique and amazing wedding in Costa Rica, they really do know best.

Before heading out into the virtual yonder to seek your one-of-a-kind wedding planner, you may appreciate a little more info:

*Want to know when you should plan to get married? Read our Guide on How to Time Your Costa Rica Wedding Right

*Want to know the legalities involved in getting married here? Read our Everything You Need to Know About Costa Rica Destination Wedding Guide

*Want to know what the best part of a Costa Rica weeding is? Then do read our guide to Planning the Perfect Bespoke Honeymoon in Costa Rica


Top 5 Favorite Honeymoon Locations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica honeymoon

Are you planning your honeymoon and looking for that perfect nook of the world, near your nook of the world?

Well, stop looking right now!

With two pristine coastlines just a short plane ride away from each other and an astounding collection of tropical forests, jungles, volcanoes and mountains to explore, you’ll never find a more ideal honeymoon destination than Costa Rica. Whether you want to spend your days sunbathing on pristine beaches, hiking up volcanoes, canyoning raging rivers, or simply relaxing in an idyllic forest resort, Costa Rica has just the spot for you. Several of them in fact!

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations in Costa Rica

What: Manuel Antonio
Where: Central-western Coast
Why: for the wildlife, beaches and adventure sports

Manuel AntonioIt’s really no wonder that the Manuel Antonio region is the most popular choice for discerning honeymooners. Easy to reach from San José (either by half hour plane ride or 2-hour drive) this stunning nook of Costa Rica is home to an amazing National Park brimming with endemic wildlife offering an array of active pursuits, like kayaking, zip-lining, rafting and hiking.

If that’s not enough, on the heavenly beaches framing the revered nature reserve, you can surf, parasail or enjoy an incredibly romantic sunset horseback ride. Most of the resorts in Manuel Antonio are found along the base of the mountains facing the coast, so you’re guaranteed simply breathtaking sunset views no matter where you choose to stay. If you’re a nature lover looking for luxury comforts on your honeymoon escapade, then Manuel Antonio is the ideal spot for you.

What: Gulf of Papagayo
Where: North-western Coast
Why: for the optimal SCUBA diving, beaches and pampering in luxury resorts

Gulf of PapagayoOn the north-western corner of Costa Rica, in the region of Guanacaste, right near the border with Nicaragua, is where you’ll find some of the most exclusive 5* resorts in the country. One of the most popular diving destinations of all, the Gulf of Papagayo offers a plethora of fantastic dive sites including über-popular Bat Islands (Islas Murciélagos), a mesmerizing marine park home of bull sharks, manta rays and more.

If you’re a diving fanatic, planning a wedding between May and September (the best diving times!) and wish to luxuriate in superlative all-inclusive resorts, then you really shouldn’t fly past this little corner of heaven.

What: Tortuguero
Where: North-eastern Coast
Why: for the astonishing remoteness, startling natural beauty and turtle nesting

TortugeuroOn the opposite side of Costa Rica is where you’ll find Tortuguero, the ideal honeymoon destination for nature lovers looking for a more rustic experience. One of the country’s most remote areas (reachable by plane from San José), this is a renowned turtle nesting haven, completely surrounded by superlative wilderness.

Accommodation options here are not nearly as extensive as in Manuel Antonio, but if you’re looking to add a few days of sublime relaxation after a week of adrenalin-pumping action with Costa Rica Rios, and have a chance to explore rain forests and spot manatees, then this is where you need to head to.

What: Osa Peninsula
Where: South-western Coast
Why: for the untouched wilderness, biodiversity and whale watching

Osa PeninsulThe Osa Peninsula is home of the superb Corcovado National Park, the most biodiverse corner of Costa Rica. Virgin rain forests, thousands of plant and animal species and jaw-dropping pristine beaches are what await your arrival here. Accommodation choices here are fabulous, but when you set foot in one of the least developed nooks of Central America, modern mod-cons are the last thing you’ll seek.

The nature reserve offers exhilarating hikes and canopy tours, whilst rewarding diving trips can be had just off the shores of nearby Cano Island Bio Reserve. Visit here in the months between July and March, and you may be lucky enough to encounter several types of migrating dolphins and whales, including humpback and killer whales.

Drake Bay is the ideal whale watching spot on Osa Peninsula and an easy 5.5-hour drive from San José. Some of the best eco-lodges in the country are found here, so if you want luxury of the natural kind (share your breakfast with toucans and wake to the sound of howling monkeys) then this is a definite must-stay spot.

What: Nicoya Peninsula
Where: Central-western Coast
Why: secluded stunning beaches, amazing surfing and top resorts

Nicoya PeninsulaThe Nicoya Peninsula juts out only a few kilometers north of the Manuel Antonio National Park, and is often described as Costa Rica’s most (un)hidden secret. Crowds are still limited however, and the peninsula’s amazing array of accommodation and activity options make it ideal for those who want to have a little of bit everything available right outside their doorstep.

The town of Mal Pais has a fantastic beach and is perfect for surfing. Once here, however, all your transport efforts will be handsomely rewarded. This is Costa Rica heaven at its very best.

To begin your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, please contact Costa Rica Rios at (888) 434-0776 or visit plusaim.co.uk/newprojects/costa_rica.


Hot Surfing Spots in Costa Rica

try surfing on your costa rica honeymoonIf you dream of surfing in Costa Rica, you’ve probably heard that there are at least 1,000 surf-able breaks and beautiful beaches here. The culture is very accepting of surfers, and you’ll find a number of shops near our busiest beaches. The best surfing spots in Costa Rica are legendary, but there’s a great mix of lesser known beach breaks that can give you an unforgettably great ride. While it was hard to pick out just a handful of favorite surfing destinations, we’ve highlighted a few hot spots located around Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo and Pavones that are well worth mentioning.


One of the most appreciated surfing spots in Costa Rica is Tamarindo. Located on the northern end of the Pacific Coast, there are several breaks to surf in the area. If you want to experience as many surfing spots as you can find close together, Tamarindo could be the place to start your quest. Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point are among the favorites, and both are accessible only by boat. If you saw the movie “The Endless Summer II,” you already know about Ollie’s Point.

  • Witch’s Rock is a two-mile stretch that’s best at high tide. Be prepared for some steep waves. It’s considered one of Costa Rica’s best places to surf, so it gets crowded on occasion.
  • Ollie’s Point is a year-round surfing destination that is loaded with hollow waves. If you’re looking for a place to surf when the tide is going out and the swells are southwest, try this one.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is located on the southern Caribbean Coast. It’s not as busy as Tamarindo. There are a few surfing spots close to each other that give you a great experience, but it can be inconsistent, depending on the time of year you visit.costa rica honeymoons and family vacations are a great time to try surfing

  • The waves at Puerto Viejo, sometimes called Salsa Brava for its powerful big tubes, build from deep water and break on a shallow reef. Bring your A-game. An easterly swell produces the best surfing conditions.
  • Black Beach is a year-round surfing destination with best results from a southern or easterly swell. If you’re looking for something less crowded, put this one on your list – especially if you’re an early riser who likes good waves before breakfast.


Pavones is among the legendary surfing destinations in Costa Rica. Located on the South Pacific Coast, this small town enjoys a big reputation. Pavones is a popular destination for the avid surfer. If it’s too crowded or not a great day for swells, consider nearby Punta Banco.

  • Pavones offers about three-quarters of a mile of left, and it’s considered one of the longest in the world. It has fast waves with good shape. It can be inconsistent and small at times, but when it’s on, it’s on.
  • Located about two-and-a-half miles south of Pavones, Punta Banco has a reef break and generally a smaller crowd. It’s a good choice at middle to high tide when there’s a western or southern swell. It can be a little hard to paddle into at times, which is why it’s less crowded than Pavones.

family surf lessons in costa rica If you love to surf, Costa Rica holds an adventure for you. There are many surfing hot spots with different types of breaks, from big waves to short and strong ones. When you’re ready to book a scenic surfing vacation in Costa Rica, contact Costa Rica Rios. We’ll help you build your own vacation, finding the best breaks for your skill level and plan some great accommodations for your stay.




My Honeymoon: Costa Rica Guided Tours

My name is Janet. My husband Bobby and I spent two weeks on our honeymoon in Costa Rica in August, traveling over different parts of the beautiful country. We flew into San  Jose and were immediately welcomed by the warm air and friendly atmosphere, even at the busy, busy airport!

We spent the first day touring the city and really grasping parts of Costa Rica’s rich history and culture at the museums, which are well located and well managed.

We then packed our bags and traveled a few hours out of the city into the more tropical climate of the Arenal area. Reading about the rainforest and volcano just doesn’t do them justice. Vibrant colors and fascinating sounds filled our eyes and ears as we came to our next stop in Costa Rica’s rainforest. And the volcano is truly magnificent, rising up right next to the town –impressive! Bobby and I stayed in a cozy cabin that had windows that opened and a surrounding balcony with French doors so we could really feel like we were sleeping in the jungle. On the nights that were a bit warmer, we were able to leave the windows and doors open, turn on the fan and listen to the captivating sounds of the rainforest.

While in the Arenal area, we were able to go on a couple of guided tours and do a little ziplining and white water rafting. I was a little worried before we got there because I am not much for heights or water, but our guides for both activities fully explained the equipment and taught us the safety precautions, putting my mind at ease. My husband is an adrenaline junkie, so he wasn’t worried at all. Our raft did not flip once, and we were rafting on class four waters. I was thoroughly impressed! Our ziplining excursion provided beautiful views of the canopy and the spectacular forest as we traveled back to the forest floor. We didn’t have a single a scratch or bruise after our adventures.

The last leg of our trip we spent on the beach at Manuel Antonio, near the national park. After all the adventu

res we had in the rainforest, we decided to spend the rest of our time in Costa Rica relaxi

ng at the beach. We did meet a couple of sloths hanging out, and made friends with the

monkeys playing outside our balcony. Bobby and I loved hiking into the national park to the gorgeous beaches there and, on our last day a couple of monkeys sat in a tree above our heads and playfully tossed nuts at us while we ate our lunch. We found this quite harmless and very amusing. Bobby likes to tell that story. He says it must mean the monkeys didn’t want to see us go. We’re planning to spend many anniversaries in Costa Rica, and one day, if we decide to have children, we will bring them to experience Costa Rica with us. It’s such a wonderful place to visit. I am so glad we chose to spend our honeymoon there.

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5 Things to Pack for Your Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River

You’ve purchased your package and are counting down the days until the big trip to include hiking, zip lines, swimming, sea turtles and other exotic animals, surfing, and kayaking. But, are you really ready for your Costa Rica adventure tour? Here are a five quick tips for what to pack for your Costa Rica vacation.

  1. Head Lamp – This little gadget is a favorite among hikers, cyclists and kayakers for its hands-free function. A headlamp with LED lighting, adjustable elastic band and adjustable light direction is ideal. Many are quite lightweight and comfortable.
  2. Quick Dry Attire – Athletic apparel companies manufacture quick-drying attire for sports activities. These types of clothes are great for kayaking and rafting, but also for boat trips and stand-up paddle boarding. Made to wick away moisture, these shirts, shorts and other garments help prevent skin rash and cold body temperatures that can be caused by wet clothing.
  3. Small Package of Laundry Detergent – When you’re having lots of fun, it’s hard to stop for the boring shopping activities like buying laundry detergent. It’s easier to plan ahead and take along a travel-size package. With the warm and humid temperatures found in Costa Rica, it’s easy to quickly soil your clothes with sweat and dust. A simple wash in the hotel bath or sink can fix that.
  4. Waterproof Bags for Electronics – With all the water sports activities you likely have planned for your trip, it’s best to bring a few waterproof pouches to protect your electronic items. Digital cameras, film recorders, cell phones and computer devices can easily be damaged without proper care.
  5. Quick Dry Towel – Usually made of super-absorbent and finely woven micro-fiber or micro-terry, these towels are very handy in many kinds of adventure activities. Quickly towel off after a dip in the ocean, a splash from the raft or an unexpected jungle rain shower.

Contact us for more tips and travel advice when you book your Costa Rica adventure through Costa Rica Rios.