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The Safest Adventure Vacations in Costa Rica – Your Guide to Private & Bespoke Tours 

Private and bespoke Costa Rica adventure tours have always been hugely popular here, at Costa Rica Rios, yet if there’s a time when we’re expecting them to truly boom it will be during the 2020/21 holiday season.

The safest and most rewarding way to enjoy a thrill-filled adventure is on a private tour, where your vacationing party – be it your closest friends or family members – are the only company you’ll have.


The addition of private transfers and the freedom to choose the right accommodation also play a huge role in making bespoke adventure tours so very popular at any time, let alone during a global pandemic. Combined with a bevy of safety precautions that are easy to follow and cause minimal disruptions to travel, private tours are the ideal solution to our current conundrum: enjoying a stint of adventure travel in one of the most rewarding countries on earth whilst keeping safe and healthy.

The most oft-asked questions about private and bespoke tours to Costa Rica answered…right here!

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Why should I travel to Costa Rica in 2020/21?

Costa Rica has reported about the best outcome in the entire Latin American region – a swift response meant that the country’s borders were closed to the outside world merely days after the first COVID-19 infection was even reported. Moreover, the good results were not just a matter of isolation: Costa Rica has staggered an easing of restrictions since mid-May, slowly getting the country back to normal (travelling included) whilst keeping infection numbers at bay.

Whilst the return of tourism is obviously much-needed here, the government doesn’t want tourist back ‘at any price’. The well-being of locals and foreigners alike is at the forefront of priorities and, when you travel to Costa Rica and follow safety protocols as laid out by regional governments, you can be assured your risk of COVID infection are kept at an absolute minimum.

Reached easily and swiftly via direct and non-stop flights from several locations, Costa Rica is one of the best vacation destination choices post-COVID, no matter where you’re from. European travel agents are promoting Costa Rica alongside all known countries that have fared well during the pandemic.

More importantly, however, Costa Rica makes social distancing easy – adventure vacations here are very much focused on getting you into nature and keeping you there for the duration of your trip.



What’s the safest way to enjoy an adventure vacation in Costa Rica right now?

The fewer people you have contact with, the lesser the risk of contracting any kind of infectious disease – this is as true at home as it is when you travel to Costa Rica.

Bespoke tours are packaged and organised tours that are tailored to you and your private travel party alone. You’ll get a driver and guide that’ll stay with you the entire time and will not have to share your private space with anyone else. Choose to travel with immediate family members only and your contact with outsiders will arguably be less here in Costa Rica, on vacation, than you’d ordinarily have back home.

Family and small group adventure vacations will undoubtedly be the best choices for travel this year and next.


Bespoke private tours deliver that ultimate balance between safety and travel freedom

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Does it matter where you stay once you arrive?

Yes, it does. The country’s many mega-resorts may have been popular in recent years yet the demand for smaller and more isolated eco-lodges is bound to be at an all-time high this year. Skip the buffet meals and overcrowded dining rooms and, instead, look forward to wilderness-infused eco-lodges set in some of the most spellbinding nature in Costa Rica.

Choosing smaller and less-crowded accommodation options isn’t just safer: in a country like Costa Rica, whose forests are replete with incredible wilderness, choosing smaller, quieter and more remote lodges means your unique journey is made all the more special and rewarding. This is the reason our adventure tours typically include only stays in these kinds of lodges.



Do you have to steer clear of the most popular national parks?

Not necessarily. Ironically, travelling to normally-crowded hot-spots will be a lot more rewarding in 2020/21 because crowds will be drastically reduced. Costa Rica’s national parks have been reopened for 2 months, at 50% capacity, which means trails are uncrowded and, even in super famous places, you can feel like you have the whole place to yourself. You can still include popular highlights like Arenal, Manuel Antonio and Monteverde on your private bespoke tour – we’ll just plan your visit in a way and at a time when you’re likely to encounter far fewer fellow tourists.

A huge part of Costa Rica’s appeal is that keeping away from people is super easy at any given time, let alone during this current period when visitor numbers are restricted.


Which airlines fly to Costa Rica, right now?

Whilst many people are worried about their safety risks during the flight to Costa Rica, the risks are statistically very low. Nevertheless, you can trust airlines to take all necessary measures to keep passengers safe. Why? Because any potential outbreaks of COVID on a flight will ground the airline in question and, potentially, close airports and no-one wants to see that happen.

At time of writing, Costa Rica is planning to open its borders to residents of the European Union, the UK and Canada on August 2, with only half a dozen flights allowed to arrive every week.

We expect airline services to get back to a semi-normal routine by the end-of-year vacation time (December, 2020) and for more nationalities to be allowed entry although, as you can understand, this is a very fluid situation so it’s imperative you keep updated on the latest news.

When you’re ready to book your flight, simply ask your travel agent to confirm availability of flights (and choice of airlines) departing from your nearest international airport.

We urge all prospective visitors to Costa Rica to take out comprehensive travel insurance that includes COVID-related benefits, such as for flight delay and cancellation. Given that some entry restrictions are expected to stay in place for a few months, we do expect seats to book out fast – take advantage of current benefits offered by airlines and book your seat on a plane as soon as it becomes available. Many airlines are also not charging extra for changes to the departure date, on your side.

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What else can I do to keep safe when traveling to Costa Rica?

There’s actually plenty you can do to keep safe and healthy, even before you hit our shores. Here are a few safety tips we’ve gathered from expert websites:

  1. Drive yourself to the airport or organize private transport – now is not the time for bus/train trips
  2. Make sure no-one comes to see you off – the fewer people at the airport, and the less time you spend there, the better. People are less likely to stop for a coffee or a bite to eat at the airport if there’s no-one there to see them off
  3. Research the latest changes to your airport’s check-in procedure – these are likely to have changed so give yourself plenty of time and know where to park/check in
  4. Pack your own mask and your personal hand sanitizer – use them!
  5. Check if airlines are restricting meal services – pack your own food
  6. Stay at least 6ft away – minimize your contact with others and move through enclosed areas as quickly as possible
  7. Relax – With a mask, good hand hygiene and social distancing, there’s absolutely no need to panic on your flight

See more guidelines published by the US Travel Association

Bespoke Adventure Tours with Costa Rica Rios – A Quick Overview

In Costa Rica, our bespoke and private adventure tours pack an awesome thrill-filled punch. We take you to remote regions that normally see fewer tourists, we explore wilderness areas that are unspoiled, uncrowded and UNBELIEVABLY stunning and we offer everything you could possibly ever need for an unforgettable adventure vacation: daily thrills including whitewater rafting and kayaking, mountain biking, zip-lining, rappelling, canyoning, horseback riding (and so much more), private transfers, overnight stays in isolated smaller eco-lodges and fantastic meals.

Our tours can include visits to charming small towns and gorgeous eco-farms if you’d love to add a culture-fix to your tour but they also don’t need to if you’d prefer to simply stay in nature the entire time. Our expert activity guides and drives can be the only social contact you have here in Costa Rica – airport transfers excluded, of course.

With plenty of easy-to-follow safety instructions and a dedicated service that delivers all the fun minus any of the hassle, your 2020/21 adventure vacation plans in Costa Rica need not be dramatically disrupted. In fact, after such a stressful global event as this current COVID-19 crisis, it may just be the most amazing adventure your soul needs.


Here are a few ideas on how to Plan Your Trip to Costa Rica:

When you build your own adventure vacation itinerary – simply click on the link above – you can detail your needs and desires: how many people are travelling and what are their ages, how much adventure would you like, what kind of activities do you want to try out and, specifically, what kind of destination are you after? Telling us your budget range and the kind of accommodation you’d like will also help us devise the ideal itinerary for your bespoke adventure.

Many private tour guests also choose to simply follow and copy the itinerary of one of our top Costa Rica adventures. We’ve gone to a lot of trouble to plan itineraries that offer the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, culture, wildlife and, of course, oodles of wilderness experiences so it’s easy to simply say “this is exactly what I’d love to do!” and we’ll tailor it to you, specifically.

Check out our Top 4 Costa Rica Rios Adventure Vacations – where you’ll find something suitable for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a private and bespoke vacation package for two or ten of you, we have the right inspiration:

Contact us today to discuss your plans to visit Costa Rica in 2020/21 and we’ll endeavour to create the safest travel plan of all: a private adventure tour that’ll make you feel as if you have the whole magical country to yourself!


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