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Guide to Costa Rica’s Best Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking 

From relaxing family adventures to hard-core, multi-day journeys, Costa Rica’s best rivers for whitewater rafting and kayaking offer thrilling experiences for experts and beginners alike. What’s more, river-based excursions in Costa Rica aren’t only about adrenaline – spending a whole day (or week!) immersed in the heart of one of the country’s pristine reserves is also an exceptional way to spot wildlife, enjoy the magnificent wilderness and enjoy cultural encounters in remote villages. This is particularly rewarding in regions that don’t see too many tourists and are a little off the usually-trodden path. That’s why multi-sport adventure vacations are so popular here: you get to have bucket-loads of fun in unspoiled nature, all the while experiencing the incredible biodiversity and hospitality for which Costa Rica is so revered.

If you’re new to the whitewater sport scene, we’ll give you a brief introduction before offering an overview of the best destinations for rafting and kayaking in Costa Rica, and the kind of options available.


What Is Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking?

Fast-moving river water – which literally creates ‘whitewater’ – is the main propelling force for both rafting (multi-person inflatable raft helmed by a professional guide) and kayaking (single person canoe). Both are exceptionally fun water sports with the main difference being rafting is a group activity whilst kayaking is a solo activity, although one is usually in the company of other kayakers – and even rafters, when out on the river. Many whitewater excursions in Costa Rica head downriver in a group, with rafters and kayakers along for the ride.

whitewater rafting


Which One Is More Exhilarating: Rafting or Kayaking?

Being on the whitewater for the very first time is a thrilling experience no matter which activity you choose. Having said that, kayaking is a tad more challenging and that makes it more thrilling. This means that kayaking gives you the option to up the ante on gentler river runs. If you have experience on whitewater but are travelling with friends or family members who don’t, you can still all enjoy a day out together on the same river. They’ll have a lovely ride on the raft, with a guide, and you can go all adrenaline-junkie-nuts on a kayak.


whitewater kayaking

Whitewater rivers are graded by level of difficulty and, in Costa Rica, you’ll see rapids classified from I to V, with I being the easiest and best for beginners and V reserved for experienced rafters and kayakers. Water flow is the determining class factor, obviously, so the same stretch of river can be classified differently depending on the time of year you visit.


Is There an Ideal Time to Go Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking in Costa Rica?

Yes and no: the ideal time for extensive whitewater adventures for experienced rafters and kayakers, is just after the rains, when rivers are at their fullest. In this case, the period between September and February is quite ideal. Having said that, many of Costa Rica’s rivers are regulated by dams and even more offer beginner and intermediate trips can be enjoyed all year long. Considering that different areas of Costa Rica receive varying degrees of rainfall during the Green Season, moreover, it also reasons that whitewater suitability will highly depend on which region you wish to explore.


The Best Rivers for Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking in Costa Rica

Not only is Costa Rica one of the world’s best whitewater rafting and kayaking destination but it is also one of the safest. Part of this is due to river classifications dictating age requirements, so although there are plenty of stretches that are ideal for families with children, they will usually be age-restricted (to 8 or 12 years old as a minimum, for example) and plenty more advanced stretches where children will not be allowed to raft or kayak.

Luckily, the options are truly impressive. There are more than a dozen established kayaking and rafting runs in Costa Rica and new stretches are added to the maze, almost every year. We’ll detail the top 5 options, starting with the best of the lot.


  1. Rio Pacuare – Class II, III and IV– Year-round

The #1 choice in the country and reputed second-best rafting and kayaking river on earth (after the Colorado River), the Rio Pacuare manages to tick all the boxes. First of all, it boasts a mindboggling 52 rapids, which range from beginner Class II to experienced Class IV (so it is, quite literally, suitable for everyone) and runs through an astonishing section of remote Turrialba wilderness, affording great chances for wildlife spotting. Rafters and kayakers will likely see monkeys, toucans, sloths and so much more flora and fauna than they could ever imagine. If that’s not enough, the Pacuare boasts 16 miles of accessible river runs so you can choose between day-long excursions and multi-day trips. A handful of genially-located eco-lodges along the route offer immersive and rather unforgettable jungle experiences. The Pacuare River is, without a doubt, Costa Rica’s best adrenaline rush.


  1. Rio Balsa – Class II and III – Year-round

Located close to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano, the Balsa River is a very popular choice for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s the closest whitewater river to Costa Rica’s most coveted highlight and, secondly, it offers beginner-level rapids. The water-level of the Balsa is regulated by a damn which makes it also about the most reliable river in the region – if you’re at all apprehensive about trying out rafting and kayaking in Costa Rica, or are travelling with someone who is, trust the Balsa to offer an exciting yet not overwhelming experience.  Overall, this river is the best options if you wish to try whitewater rafting or kayaking for the first time on a day-trip only. The moment you’re ready for a longer run and more exciting adventure, then upgrade to the Pacuare.


  1. Rio Savegre – Class II and III – May to January

This relaxing whitewater river is another excellent option for families, with day-trips being varied and not too challenging. Alongside gentle rapids, you can also head off for walks to explore waterfalls and stop in enchanting swimming pools along the way.  This free-flowing river is considered one of the clearest in all of Central America – if you’d love a relaxing river trip that’s just sprinkled with a few adrenaline-rushes, then the Savegre is perfect for you. This is one of the closest whitewater rivers to Manuel Antonio National Park.


  1. Rio Tenorio – Class III and IV

Boasting some of the most thrilling Class IV rapids in the country, the Tenorio River is perfect for moderate and experienced rafters and kayakers. This is the biggest whitewater river in the northern Guanacaste region, originating from the mountains around the Tenorio Volcano. The deeply-carved canyon is breathtaking and, between the thrilling rapids, you’ll have plenty of chances to soak up the startling scenery.



  1. Rio Sarapiqui – Class III and IV rapids – Year-round

Starting from the Cordillera Central, the Sarapiqui River runs from central highlands of Costa Rica, all the way to the border with Honduras. The river’s edges and crystalline waters are especially replete with exotic wild and marine life, making the gentler rapids (ideal for families and beginners) particularly rewarding. When you raft and kayak at a slower pace, you’ll have more time (and chances) to admire the surrounding landscapes. The Sarapiqui is in the lesser-visited, eastern side of Costa Rica, and the transfer time needed to reach it is immensely worthwhile.

As a country renowned for its eco-friendly adventures, Costa Rica is one of the world’s most rewarding adventure vacation destination. Whitewater rafting and kayaking are just the tip of the active-tour-iceberg! See all our Adventure Vacation Itineraries and see how seamlessly we combine a multitude of incredible experiences into the one, unforgettable trip. As always, simply contact us for tailor-made adventures.

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