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Cute Romantic Ideas for Costa Rica Honeymoon

Costa Rica honeymoonThere’s no denying that Costa Rica is tailor-made for romantic getaways and that’s why the country’s simply brimming with brilliant ideas for honeymooning couples. There’s something about the idyllic tropical settings, perfect year-round temperatures, and spectacular landscapes that make the heart flutter at twice the usual speed. Add a week or two of exceptional experiences, and the company of your beloved, and you’ve got yourself a Costa Rica honeymoon made in heaven.

Here are just some of the top things to do to make you – and your loved one – swoon in delight.

Take a Sunset Catamaran Tour

Costa Rica catamaranTake a sunset, add a sexy catamaran, a glass of champagne and a spectacular horizon.

What do you get?

Arguably the most romantic outing imaginable. Sunset catamaran tours abound on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, especially along the Guanacaste Province, and if you’re looking for that kick-start to your honeymoon vacation you really couldn’t pick a better activity. Blue Dolphin Sailing run their trips out of Playa Tamarindo and offer a great selection of tours, from morning to all day, and afternoons (with sunset), as well as public and private sailing charters. With a fully-stocked open bar (free flowing guaro, vodka, beer and juices), a selection of delicious local appetizers, and snorkel gear and kayaks, an afternoon out at sea can offer you a truly magical excursion. Do note that public tours can accommodate up to 40 passengers, so do splurge on a private charter for added privacy and intimacy.e that public tours can accomodate hna norkel gear and kayaks, as well as public and private sailing cruises.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Manuel Antonio National Park honeymoonFrom a table set on the shores of a deserted beach, to one embedded in the canopy of a luscious rain forest, Costa Rica’s romantic dining options are reason enough to head here on honeymoon. Montezuma’s Playa de los Artistas perfectly embodies that romantic dining experience for which Costa Roca is so revered: stunning, unpretentious and totally unforgettable. The food it out of this world, beachside location idyllic and candle-lit tables for two tucked between palm trees just perfect.

For elevated killer views, head up to Café Agua Azul right in the heart of the Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve, where the meals are deliciously casual and the views take your breath away. The laid back setting and no-fuss menu belies the quality of the food (the fresh seafood and enormous burgers are fantastic) but if anything, they highlight the fact that all eyes should be on that sensational panoramic coastal view.

Thrilling Horseback Ride

Costa Rica horseback ridingThere’s a perfectly good reason why so many Mills & Boon romance novels featured photos of a couple horse-riding across an impossibly beautiful landscape. That whole scene just screams ROMANCE! Well, if there’s one thing Costa Rica does with gusto, aside the WOW sunsets, it would have to be the horse-riding tours. And some even combine the two for an ultra-romantic experience that would make Fabio proud!

One of the crowd favorites is the horseback ride to La Fortuna Waterfall in Arenal with Alberto’s Horses, a brilliant and thrilling excursion traversing rivers and crossing forests, before arriving for a refreshing swim in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls. For a comprehensive horse-riding adventure, head to Mal Pais where you can enjoy a three-hour ride across meadows, mountains, and forests, ending at the beach at sunset. Small but very well run, Sunrise Ranch is one of the best secrets in the region and comes highly recommended. They can cater any ride to suit your level of experience (and nervousness, if any) and will guide you through some outback trails that are a splendor to explore on a four-legged steed.

Soak in Hot Thermal Spring

Costa Rica thermal springIn a country with so much volcanic activity, it’s only natural to find an abundance of pure therapeutic hot thermal springs. Just the antidote to those sore legs after a whole day horseback riding with your love. The uber-famous Tabacon Grand Spa in Arenal was the country’s very first establishment of its kind and still retains top honors for offering a stupendously romantic soaking experience.

Their thermal springs are swoon-worthy, and unlike other establishments – which must pump their thermal water through the ground – Tabacon’s pools and waterfalls are entirely natural. Plenty of pools, quiet corners, hidden bars (and convenient day-passes) make this the country’s #1 choice for a romantic soak for two. Yet the region around the Arenal Volcano is certainly not the only one where you’ll find blissful thermal springs, although it is the favored. All the regions near Rincon de la Vieja Volcano (try the Vandara Hot Springs), Miravalles (the Rio Perdido pools are extraordinary) and Irazu also boast beautiful therapeutic spas and pools.

Share an all-out Adrenaline Adventure

Sarapiqui RiverSharing a week-long adrenaline rush adventure, intertwined with plenty of romantic dining, spa-indulging and togetherness, is one of the most popular honeymoon options in the country. And why not? With the sheer choice of active options, from white-water rafting, to zip lining, abseiling, kayaking and more, and an abundance of varied add-ons, planning an adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica is superbly easy.

And that’s where we come in! At Costa Rica Rios, we love nothing more than to plan your dream Costa Rica honeymoon vacation. Just have a look at all the terrific tours on offer or give us the chance to tailor-make a trip that will guarantee to be the most memorable vacation you’ve ever had.


Plan the Perfect Bespoke Honeymoon in Costa Rica

honeymoonThere are some things in life where you need to compromise, but your honeymoon should not be one of them. This once-in-a-lifetime vacation is more than just a holiday: it’s the start of your married life with your sweeter half.

The chance to leave it all behind, symbolically start a new chapter in your life and, while you’re at, also unwind from the stresses of wedding preparations. So do you really want to spend time researching, booking confirming, triple confirming and then still worry?

Didn’t think so.

This is precisely the reason we at Costa Rica Rios specialize in customized honeymoon packages, so all you have to do is pack, show up, and have the time of your life.

Honeymoon 101…Before You Go

Why is Costa Rica such a popular honeymoon destination? Because it’s insanely convenient (only a 5.5hr flight from NYC, 4hr from Houston and 7hr from Vancouver) and pretty much idyllic all year long. Although Costa Rica enjoys quite dramatic seasonal changes (in rainfall, not temps), there’s always a perfectly dry corner that’s ideal for a fantastic honeymoon. If that’ snot enough, all you need to enter the country is a valid passport and one blank page. But more importantly, Costa Rica is a natural haven, home to incredible national parks, jungles, waterfalls, volcanoes, unique wildlife and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, anywhere. And that’s really all you need to know!

Costa Rica is renowned as an adventurer’s paradise and attracts honeymooning couples who wish for more than just an idyllic beach in which to sunbathe…although they can still enjoy plenty of that too. From rafting, to diving, snorkeling, hiking, zip lining, canyoning, kayaking and more, Costa Rica is like a one-stop shop for those who really want to see and do it all on their honeymoon.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Options

The honeymoon world, in Costa Rica, is your oyster. Whether you want to luxuriate in a world-class spa, enjoy fine dining and indulging in couple massages, or hurl yourself down some vertiginous rapid at breakneck speed, Costa Rica has the perfect spot for you.

What’s more, it has them all in close proximity to one another, so you can be adventurous AND blissfully relaxed on your honeymoon. Combining romance, with luxury and adventure is child’s play in this amazing country, which boasts some of the world’s leading eco-resorts, spas, beaches, rainforests, volcanoes and more. SCUBA divers, snorkelers and overall lovers of the underwater world will enjoy a spectacular Caribbean Adventure honeymoon, whilst intrepid adventurers can explore the depths of the country’s superlative jungles on an Exotic Honeymoon Adventure with the added option of white water rafting, or a startling Barefoot Romance Honeymoon, where we’ll guide you to, and through, the outstanding wonders of the Arenal and Montezuma regions. Planning a few adrenalin sports, with plenty of indulgences like thermal spa soaks, massages and beachside candlelit dinners, is bound to make your honeymoon in Costa Rica a very memorable affair indeed.

For those with more time up their sleeves, we offer a sensational 18-day adventure package which includes highlights from the most enticing parts of the country, including the Manuel Antonio National Park, Drake Bay, Monteverde and, of course, Arenal! When it comes to vacation type, you have the option of choosing just how active you wish to be, whether you prefer to spend more days sun-lounging on idyllic beaches, or try to pack in as many activities as you possibly can. The choice is yours.

How to Budget

The options for your budget are about as broad as the ones for your activities, but do note that we can organize an amazing honeymoon for you and your spouse, from as little as $1,500 per person, all inclusive! On the upper end of the scale, of course, we can help you find ways to spend a fortune, although this is quite contrary to the very essence of Costa Rica.

A country where the best things in life – like watching a breath-taking sunset on a secluded beach, or sharing your breakfast with a curious monkey – cost nothing at all.


Spotlight in Puerto Viejo and the Southern Caribbean Beaches

surf costa rica on your adventure vacationPuerto Viejo and Cahuita lie within the province of Limon and are the two main tourist towns of the southern Caribbean coast in Costa Rica. They are like a country within a country (think Texas) and you will feel like you crossed a border somewhere and ended up on a Caribbean island. The culture is very different than the rest of the country, with a more Rasta and Caribbean flair, unique cuisine emphasizing the use of coconut milk, curry and fresh seafood, and a laid back friendly pace of life. They celebrate Carnival, just like in the Caribbean Islands, and the whole province celebrates with a long weekend of partying, extravagant costumes, lots of music and delicious street BBQs.


costa rica wildlife sanctuaries are importantThe area is a natural habitat for a wide variety of exotic creatures and is home to the famous Sloth Sanctuary. There, they rehabilitate and care for injured or orphaned sloths and try to teach visitors about this extraordinary animals. There is also the Jaguar Rescue center in Playa Cocles that also helps needy animals and is open for morning tours, but in the afternoons they are busy taking the animals into the forest to see which ones are ready to fend for themselves in the “real world.” There are also several national parks and reserves, with well kept walking trails to follow. This is where you will see an incredible amount of Costa Rican wildlife. I have never been to this part of Costa Rica without seeing many monkeys (howler and white-faced) and sloths, as well as tons of exotic birds, iguanas, turtles nesting, some snakes and more. If your Costa Rica adventure vacation is not complete without some wildlife, you should definitely consider a visit to this area.

caribbean beaches are unpopulated and stunningBeaches

The beaches along this coastline are stunningly beautiful with the jungle touching the sand, which leads into the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. They are almost always empty, giving you a feel of really getting away from it all. Rent a bike and ride up and down the coast until you find your own special piece of paradise. Our favorite beach is Punta Uva. It’s a truly idyllic spot, with calm warm waters which are great for our young kids, some nice snorkeling, soft sand and just enough waves to boogie board sometimes. You can also rent sea kayaks or stand up paddle boards and explore the rocky outcropping that makes a natural boundary for the beach. Playa Cocles and Playa Negra are better known for their excellent surf. The world-famous Salsa Brava is an epic break that comes up in an easterly swell and can be massive! It’s recommended for experts and pros only as the reef below can do some real damage to the unlucky.

Things to See and Docosta rica snorkeling and wildlife

Although this area doesn’t feel super touristy, there is still plenty to do. Learn about the indigenous people, swim in waterfalls, snorkel the Caribbean sea, take a surf lesson, rent a SUP board,zipline through the rainforest or go horseback riding. The hotels are mostly small boutique hotels with bungalows dotted around tropical gardens. They’re perfect for couples on their honeymoon, intrepid travelers and families on their Costa Rican family vacation. We prefer to stay outside of the town for a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere.

Puerto Viejo has around 49 countries represented by the expatriates who call it home, which means there are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. From authentic Italian to Thai to simple but delicious sandwiches on freshly made bread, you’ll be able to get something to please everyone. Don’t forget to visit Bread and Chocolate (open for breakfast and lunch) and try their delicious iced coffees and homemade organic chocolates.

So, if you are someone who likes to experience something a little different on your vacation, doesn’t need 5-star all-inclusive resorts and likes to explore the less explored, then the Puerto Viejo could be a good place to finish up your Costa Rican adventure vacation or adventure honeymoon. Contact us today to see how it can fit within your itinerary.Costa Rica Animal



Finding Some Peace On Your Costa Rica Adventure

From a zip-line jungle canopy tour to whitewater rafting, the adrenaline pumping options for your Costa Rica adventure are endless. But Costa Rica also promises world-class PEACE at the United Nations University for Peace, which is headquartered in Ciudad Colón, San Jose, Costa Rica.

The UPEACE system was created in 1980 with a mission “to provide humanity with an international institution of higher education for peace and with the aim of promoting among all human beings the spirit of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, to stimulate cooperation among peoples and to help lessen obstacles and threats to world peace and progress, in keeping with the noble aspirations proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations”. The University for Peace offers master’s degree programs in Peace and Conflict Studies. It also conducts training programs, study abroad programs and undergraduate credit building programs, all aimed at building a community of people who want to further peace and reduce conflict throughout the world.

UPEACE’s main campus in San Jose boasts a Nature Reserve, Recreational Park and Monument to Disarmament. While visiting the campus, enjoy tours focusing on natural history and Central American history, as well as UPEACE’s history and ongoing work. With biking paths, walking trails and observation points in place, and a hummingbird garden coming soon, a stop at the Reserve is a wonderful addition to your Costa Rica trip.

The University for Peace offers several activities for students. They include the 1 Billion Rising movement held this past February, and coordinated dances held in 207 countries with 1 billion participants to draw attention to the problem of violence against women. More than 30 UPEACE students participated in flash mobs at two of the university’s Costa Rica campuses. Contact us at Costa Rica Rios to plan your custom Costa Rica adventure today.


Flowers Fill the Sights and Smells of Costa Rica

If you love the sights and smells of blooming flowers, be sure to schedule in some time to see them on your next adventure in Costa Rica. The variety of different climates here make it possible to see a wide range of flower species. When most people think about the different types of flowers found in the wild of Costa Rica, the first one that comes to mind is the orchid. There are more than 1,300 different types found within just 19,730 square miles.

Guaria Morada

The national flower is the guaria morada, a purple orchid believed to bring good luck. Well-known for its generous and shimmering blooms, it grows mostly in elevations between 1,600 and 3,000 feet, and in areas near the Pacific Coast. Guaria morada was once quite easy to spot, but because it became so popular it is now harder to find. The air plants sprout in the wild along tree branches they use mostly for support. Many locals grow them in their front yards for their beauty and for hopes of good fortune. You can catch the light floral scent of the guaria morada orchid during its peak, between January and April.

Scenic Flowers

Although orchids are among the most plentiful flowers in Costa Rica, there are other flowers that will capture your attention, whether you’re driving down the road or you’re out exploring on one of our Costa Rica guided tours.

  • Cortez Amarillo – This tree has bright yellow blossoms that flower for just a few days during the rainy season, particularly in the Central Valley region. They are a favorite snack among small howler monkeys that roam among the treetops.
  • Red Ginger – Sometimes called the ostrich plume, the red ginger has red bulbs and tiny white flowers. Believed to be native to Malaysia, it is found in the moist conditions and shady surroundings of Costa Rica. The red plumes are popular additions to floral arrangements.
  • Dahlia Imperialis –Dahlias grow on shrub-like bushes in the mountains and along the roadside in altitudes from 1,500 to 2,700 feet. These flowers have pale purple or white petals surrounding a large yellow center. They grow about two inches wide and create a beautiful scene when they’re in bloom.

If you love flowers in their natural state, you’ll love the wide range of blooms you can see in any season in Costa Rica. Whether you’re in the city or off the beaten path, the vivacious colors and heady fragrances will capture your attention on your next adventure in Costa Rica.


Whale and Dolphin Watching On Your Costa Rica Adventure

Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, Costa Rica has dual coastlines that offer whale and dolphin enthusiasts many opportunities to observe these beloved creatures. The warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, which form the eastern border of Costa Rica, and the Pacific Ocean, which forms the western border, are a favorite of up to 25 different species of whales and dolphins. Some travel up to 5,000 miles to breed and give birth in these waters.

Whale Watching

Costa Rica has the longest humpback whale watching season in the world. These graceful giants come to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica from North and South America and Antarctica. From August to November and December to March, humpbacks can often be spotted in the areas of Drake Bay, Cano Island and Corcovado. Ballena National Marine Park, along the central Pacific Costa Rican Coast, was established in 1990 to protect the whales for which it was named. Ballena means whale in Spanish. Killer whales and sperm whales are also frequently spotted. Two popular places to see sperm whales are Drake Bay and Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife refuge. They are visible from the beaches. If you want a closer look, it’s wise to take a whale-watching tour.

Dolphins Galore

Several dolphin species inhabit the waters of Costa Rica year-round. On the Caribbean side of the nation, bottlenose and spotted dolphins can be found near Puerto Viejo, Cahuita and Manzanillo. Bottlenose and spotted dolphins are also commonly found all along the Pacific Coast. From December to March, the spinner and common dolphin species flock to the area as well. The common dolphin species is known for its high-flying antics and is a favorite of dolphin watchers.

Many organized dolphin-sighting tours are available in the northern, central and southern areas of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. You don’t have to take a tour to see these friendly marine mammals, however. Dolphins are often seen from the beach or while snorkeling, fishing, sailing and on other adventure excursions. Don’t expect to find a “swim with the dolphin” encounter, though, as this practice was stopped in 2006 to protect the species.

The choice of adventures in Costa Rica is vast. Costa Rica Rios has been voted one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies in the world by National Geographic Adventure. We specialize in all-inclusive adventure vacations. Contact us to help you plan your Costa Rica adventure.


How the World Cup will Enhance Your Cost Rica Adventure

The World Cup Draw for soccer in Brazil 2014 is officially over, and Costa Rica finds itself in the dangerous Group D with European powerhouses Italy and England, and South American juggernaut Uruguay. Though Group G (where the US was placed) is widely considered the ‘Group of Death’, the Ticos certainly won’t feel lucky to be grouped with such stiff competition. It will, however, make for an incredible summer adventure in Costa Rica.

Traveling to a soccer-crazed nation like Costa Rica during a World Cup summer is an experience like no other. National pride is at an all-time high. Towns and cities bloom into vibrant communities, and entire nations gasp, rejoice and cry as one at the mercy of “the beautiful game.” Whether you watch La Sele play on TV in a breezy beachside bar, in a packed plaza that projects the game on a big screen, or in the home of a friendly Tico, you can be sure that the whole country will be watching alongside you.

Costa Rica failed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and now it takes great pride in the fact that their in-form national team made it through to Brazil 2014 in dominating fashion. One of only two Central American teams to qualify, as Honduras is also competing, Los Ticos will be the proud ambassadors of their continent and culture on a global stage. It will undoubtedly be an amazing summer to join in the adventure.

Contact us to find the Costa Rica adventure that’s best for you.


Dance Your Way Through Your Honeymoon In Costa Rica

In most parts of Latin America, there is one thing that brings all people together. Regardless of religion, economic status, or political beliefs, one thing unites everyone: dancing. It is this that is the blood of the culture.

And Costa Rica is no exception. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to find a city or village (“pueblo”) without a dance on Friday night (or, in many places, every night). Here are some of the most popular dances that you can enjoy with your new life partner. Practice the steps before your trip (or take a class in country, or just wing it) and go wild!


  • Salsa. The most popular dance in Costa Rica, it merges quick direct and sensual movements. While it is beautiful to see expert salsa dancers whirling over the floor, the steps are pretty simple to pick up and a few simple spins are not difficult to pull off with a little practice. Originating in Cuba, the music features Afro-Caribbean beats and is influenced by Mambo.
  • Merengue. A fast, two step beat, it features quick footwork and swaying hips. Couples dance in a small circle, taking up little more than a few feet. But believe us, that is enough for an exhilarating dance!
  • Cumbia. A dance that originated in Colombia, its rich music features a strong percussive rhythm. Costa Ricans have made Cumbia their own–incorporating steps from their native “Swing Criollo,” a dance of bouncing steps and small kicks. This special version is a great source of national pride for Costa Ricans.
  • Folkloric Dances. Though these dances are more easily viewed than participated in, they can be a real treat to watch. Each dance tells a story. The Punto Guanacasteco is a heated dance of seduction, and La Cajeta is a long affair paired with the making of sweet candy (which gives its name to the dance) and socializing. Indigenous dances like the Boruca Diablitos, which is a celebration of the Indigenous people’s triumph over the colonizers (held every January), are a real treat to see.

For the perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica, there is little better than letting your feet fly. The plentiful dances can be a wild experience and a great way to meet locals and experience the authentic flavor of he country. Ready to go? We’re ready for you. Just contact us to plan the perfect adventure for you and your partner!


Reasons You Should Go To Costa Rica for Your Honeymoon

Are you hoping to have a trip of a lifetime to celebrate your lifetime commitment? According to CNN Money, Costa Rica is one of the up-and-coming honeymoon spots in the world. And for good reason — or, perhaps we should say, reasons. Here are just a few:

* As mentioned by CNN, Costa Rica is a great place for active couples, with amazing experiences such as zip line tours through the rain forest canopy, whitewater rafting or mountain bike adventures, volcano tours and excellent surfing.

* For more sedate couples, the plentiful beaches of Costa Rica offer unbeatable opportunities for relaxation in a beautiful locale. Four-star restaurants and championship golf courses are also available.

* Costa Rica has the greatest density of plants and animals in the world, containing up to 6 percent of the world’s known species and making for spectacular sight-seeing. Some of the spectacular animals to be seen in Costa Rica include 52 species of hummingbirds, four common species of monkeys and 10 percent of the world’s butterfly population.

* Though Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, English is the second-most common language of the country and many of the residents are bilingual, so English-speaking tourists will have no problem communicating with the locals.

* Costa Rica is friendly with the U.S., having multiple trade agreements. Costa Rica has a Democratic government, no Army, and the life expectancy of its people is one of the highest in the world.

* For the environmentally-inclined — there are more than 100 protected areas to visit.

These are just a few of the reasons Costa Rica has become a hot spot for honeymoon adventures. Want to know more? Contact us.

adventure honeymoon packages in costa rica

Consider Adventurous Costa Rica for a Honeymoon Destination!

Summer 2013 statistics revealed a surprising fact – Central American tourism is up 18% over the past four years! This increase is credited mostly to Costa Rica and Panama, which have once again become hot vacation destinations. Costa Rica has recently increased tourism deals with America and Canada which have, in addition to larger planes flying to the country, increased tourism to the tropical region. Going to Costa Rica for honeymooners offers romance, excitement and plenty of adventure.

Costa Rica offers visitors wonderful beaches, amazing scenery and landscaping. The country also offers some of the best biodiversity in the world. Wildlife refuges, national parks, biological preserves and forests cover the country to give the new couple choices in how they spend their time together. The area works for honeymooners who are looking for relaxation as well as honeymooners who love adventure, hikes and tours.

The adventurous couples will find some of the best surfing in the world in Costa Rica. The country also brags of ziplines over the picturesque forests, horse riding, Scuba diving, wildlife viewing as well rafting down thrilling whitewater rivers.

The hotels in Costa Rica begin with variety. There are jungle lodges, small beach hotels and five star luxury suites. The couple can choose where they would like to stay. The amenities vary by hotel as well, but every hotel is hospitable and believes in taking care of their guests above all else. Some of the hotels are all-inclusive, which attracts honeymooners who want to be pampered as they enjoy their time together.

Honeymooning in Costa Rica has become popular over the last five years because many couples don’t just want to lie around on the beach the entire time and Costa Rica is an exciting and exotic country but with a good safety record. The new couple will likely return for future anniversaries after experiencing everything Costa Rica has to offer.