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Make 2018 the Year You Experience a Costa Rica Adventure

Have you been dreaming of a Costa Rica adventure for years? Make 2018 the year it happens!

Every year, Costa Rica leads international lists as one of the world’s most rewarding and exceptionally unique active travel destinations. Just recently, Forbes Magazine waxed lyrical about our most beloved corner of the world, citing the friendly and welcoming culture, safety, ease of life, affordability and high-quality of healthcare as prime reasons to vote Costa Rica the #1 country everyone dreams of retiring to, even outranking long-held favorites like Panama and Mexico. We couldn’t agree more: make 2018 the year you finally experience a Costa Rica adventure and we guarantee you’ll also dream of spending the rest of your life here.

You’ve no doubt heard about all the magnificent rewards Costa Rica offers and they all hold true whether you sell up and move here for an idyllic retirement or simply visit on a heart-pumping adventure vacation.

Because everyone has to start somewhere, right?

If you love immersive, active vacations, you’ll LOVE Costa Rica adventures

Costa Rica adventureSome destinations are wonderful to look at, to admire from a quiet corner, to enjoy as a mere observer. Costa Rica, however, has the sneaky habit of sucking you into being an active part of her immense wilderness. Here, you don’t just picnic by a river, you dive headfirst into her crystalline raging torrents on a kayak or white water raft and have the absolute time of your life barreling down rapids BEFORE you stop to catch your breath and, yes, have the riverside picnic after all.

Forests in Costa Rica are to be explore on foot and by swinging on zip lines, beaches are for surfing, snorkeling and SCUBA diving, mangroves are to be explored by kayak and the entire country is one nearly endless stretch of hiking trails to be discovered on foot. If you dream of a place that’ll captivate your heart and soul, shake you to the core and plunge you into an adrenaline-filled adventure then Costa Rica is YOUR place to be in 2018.

Costa Rica is a top family-vacation destination, where the fun suits young and old alike

Parents searching for an ideal destination for a family vacation are used to simply choosing an oversized resort, in a beautiful country, that offers a kids’ club. This way, they surmise, both parents and children are bound to have a good time. Yet Costa Rica offers a very different kind of family fun, one that the whole family enjoys together, making it a very distinctive destination indeed.

If quality fun time with your kids is at the top of your list, then look no further than Costa Rica in 2018. You, and your kids, will have a ball rafting, kayaking, horse riding, surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking and hiking in pristine wilderness, all the while encountering exotic wildlife. Finally, you no longer have to compromise between what’s fun for you and what’s fun for them! Costa Rica is simply fun for the whole family, making it one of the most rewarding family vacation destinations on the planet. And don’t worry…no matter which Costa Rica adventure tour you choose, there will always be options for the more/less active companions.

Costa Rica offers some of the most affordable tailor-made tours in the world

If you’re a fan of adventure group tours you’ve no doubt fantasized about having the opportunity to enjoy a private, bespoke tour where the itinerary and all the activities are tailored with only the desires of you and your loved ones in mind. Well, in Costa Rica, you can. Why? Because this is one of the most affordable and best value-for-money travel destinations on the planet, a place where luxury is not just sensational but also costa a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. You’d be surprised at just how affordable a custom tour of Costa Rica can be. Here at Costa Rica Rios, all we need to know is everything you love, and your budget: we’ll make sure we stick to it and endeavor to offer the most unforgettable travel experience of your life. Contact us here and share your dream. Together, we can make 2018 your most unforgettable travel year of your life.

For private, group, family and honeymoon adventure vacations in Costa Rica, a land where the sun is always shining, the sea is always warm and the rivers are always flowing, contact us today.

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Travel to Costa Rica: Your Dream New Year Resolution

Whether you crave fun, excitement, relaxation, an adrenaline-rush or a blissful stint of soul searching, Costa Rica makes for a truly awesome New Year’s resolution. Why? Because when you travel to Costa Rica, the destination quite simply, has it all. Yoga retreats invigorating and soothing hot spring treatments, heart-pumping multi-sport tours, seaside escapades and volcano climbs, combined with a delicious and healthy cuisine and a wealth of attractions that would embarrass most large nations ten times its size. Compact, easy to reach and a breeze to explore, Costa Rica is that hassle-free yet hugely rewarding destination that ticks every box.

So don’t look down the barrel of a long year of work ahead without hope of reprieve. Plan your adventure vacation to Costa Rica and make your 2018 your best travel year yet.

Here’s why!

Costa Rica is warm and idyllic, all year long

Travel to Costa RicaBoasting divine year-round temps, Costa Rica is a paradise at any time, and especially during the long and cold northern winter, when you’ll find the country at its best.

Moreover, given the eclectic topography of the country and the choice of destinations, you can have an excellent adventure vacation here at any time of year. Rain season affects each region of the country at different times, and with varying intensity, so no matter when you wish to visit in 2018, you will find a destination that is at its prime.

Cosa Rica is ideal for family vacations

Tico’s love of children and the modernity of the infrastructure make Costa Rica a beloved and hassle-free family vacation destination. The food is not too spicy nor exotic and choices are plenty, so even the pickiest eater usually has no problems with the local food. Having said that, the most popular areas boast enough expats to offer an array of home food your kids will love. But food will be the least of your issues, we can assure you. The biggest problem you’ll have, when traveling with kids in Costa Rica, is stopping them from trying to hug all the monkeys and colorful birds that’ll beg for their breakfast at outdoor tables of every resort in the country. The wildlife here is copious and eclectic and is undoubtedly the most cherished aspects of a family vacation for all kids.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s best wedding & honeymoon destinations

Costa Rica seems to ooze romance at every turn, with idyllic sunsets, remote resorts and tons of unspoilt and hidden beaches attracting love-struck couples like nowhere else on earth. Tailor-made for the adventure honeymoon-seeker, the country is also rising in ranks as a very popular destination wedding destination, and a flurry of resorts offer wedding packages that care of everything, from the ceremony to the reception dinner and all the accommodation for your cherished guests. Can you imagine a more romantic and unforgettable experience than a Costa Rica wedding and honeymoon? Didn’t think so!

Costa Rica is safe and fun for singles

Single travelers are often torn between finding a destination that’s safe enough for them to travel alone and finding one that’s interesting enough to visit, time and again. That’s why so many choose Costa Rica. Our adventure vacation packages, for example, are suited to anyone who dreams of exploring this thrilling country and partaking in its most heart-pumping activities. Traveling alone? Come join us! Our group tours are sensational to say the least and always attract a brilliant array of super fun, curious and interesting characters who cherish having company with whom to experience Costa Rica. Check out some of the reviews of past guests and you’ll discover what fantastic fun we can have together.

Costa Rica makes you MOVE!

Yes, you could head to Costa Rica and spend all your time sunbathing on some pristine beach or lounging by the sensational pool of some uber-cool eco-lodge. But we bet you’ll last barely half a day before the temptation to DO something urges you on your feet. The world’s premier adventure vacation destination offers plenty of exhilarating and fun stuff for the whole family, from horseback riding to kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, hiking, wildlife-watching and more. Even the most brooding and impossibly uninspired teenager will find it hard to resist. With its array of active pursuits, Costa Rica beckons the adventure seeker and the active travelers, the one who isn’t just happy admiring nature but the one who wants to be among it. Preferably, swinging from a canopy and zip lining at breakneck speed.

Costa Rica rewards all your senses

Organic food, freshly grilled fish, hotly roasted coffee, glorious sunsets, luscious forest, loud and curious wildlife: Costa Rica is a feast for all the senses.

Costa Rica is close and inexpensive

At the end of the day, all this gorgeousness would be amiss if only the country were on the other side of the planet or prohibitively expensive. But it’s neither of those. Short and inexpensive flights from major US cities will have you IN the country and AT the beach or mountains just a few hours after leaving home. No need to deal with jetlag and long transfers! Costa Rica makes an especially ideal short holiday destination as well as a genial last-minute escapade. Moreover, US citizens don’t need a visa to visit Costa Rica, making a last minute visit a truly doable alternative.

The perfect springboard to jump start your fabulous new year?

We think so too.

Contact us for more info on tours and help in planning a bespoke itinerary, and we’ll see you when you travel to Costa Rica!

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Top 10 Costa Rica Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Whether it’s to research a new region of the country you haven’t yet visited, discover hidden treasures off the beaten path, or to simply satisfy the heart and soul with idyllic images of your upcoming trip, the Top 10 Costa Rica Instagram accounts you need to follow are blissfully inspirational. And just a little bit wanderlust-inducing…

  1. Visit_CostaRica

Top Costa Rica instagram accountWe love that the Costa Rican government showcases such a fervent commitment to eco-tourism and protection of the amazing wilderness and wildlife, and their efforts to show off the best assets of the country should be recognized.

The official Instagram of the country’s Tourism Board has access to an endless cache of seriously drool worthy photos and a quick scroll is enough to make you want to pack those bags for a trip with no return date.

  1. Discover Costa Rica

Diego Eskenazi describes himself as a wildlife seeker, nature addict and consummate photographer and, luckily for us all, the immensely talented man calls Cosa Rica home.

Diego LOVES colors and it seems that no effort is too much to capture breathtaking sunsets, elusive wildlife and even the tiniest of creatures. This talented photographer’s extensive travels means you’re exposed to an array of destinations, as well as photographic subjects. Great Costa Rica travel inspiration and wonderful research base point.

  1. This is Costa Rica

Some of the most spectacular Costa Rica drone photos on the net, right now, This Is Costa Rica is visually mesmerizing, to say the least. These guys don’t just make you wish you could see a bird in the country…they make you wish you could be one.

  1. CRAnimalRescueCentre

Helping in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife, the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centre – located in the Alajuela Province – does really amazing and much-needed work. These guys are true angels and the photos and videos they upload to their Instagram account are infinitely heartwarming. For those stressful days at work when only an impossibly adorable photo of a sloth being weighed will do.

  1. Costa Rica Traveler

Andres Madrigal is a photographic contributor to the local Tico Times news service and widely acclaimed inspirational Costa Rica Instagrammer.

If his outstanding photos don’t make you want to go to Costa Rica five minutes ago, then you need to refresh your browser! Andres travels the country extensively, bringing the world some truly astonishing scenes

  1. Picsbypipo

Nature-lovers and extreme wilderness seekers will get their pulses racing just scrolling through this Instagram account. Most of the photos are captured, in action, with a GoPro Hero 3.

  1. EatCostaRica

Because mouthwatering Costa Rica food!

With detailed description of the places behind the delicious photos posted, this is THE best travelling foodie’s account to follow. Don’t mind our drool….

  1. MyTanFeet

Living the dream-life of adventurous couples the world over, Yeison and Samantha get up to all sorts of inspiring shenanigans all over Costa Rica. From rafting to repelling, snorkeling, hiking, wildlife-spotting and more, these two embody the very essence of the country’s Pura Vida mantra. And their Instagram account proves it.

  1. PacuareLodgeCostaRica

One of the most stunning lodges in the whole country manages an Instagram account that’s as delicious as the culinary treasures that emerge from its gourmet kitchen. This place offers a super intimate rainforest lodging experience and their Insta-GLAM account will fuel your indulgent jungle dreams to no end.

  1. Costa Rica Rios

Well…we don’t normally like blow our own trumpet but if you’ll excuse us, we may just sneak ourselves in there. Why? Because we do all the hard work for you, bringing you the very best and most evocative Costa Rica Instagram pics right to your feed. You’re welcome!

At Costa Rica Rios, we bring you the most mesmerizing adventure vacations to Costa Rica, a country not even Instagram’s best filters can do justice. So turn your daily swoon worthy photo scroll into an unforgettable real-life adventure and come experience Costa Rica up, close and very personal.

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Time-saving Tips for Rewarding Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

It may seem like a corny cliché to say that ‘time’ is life’s most precious luxury…but it is. We’re forever craving more time with our loved ones, more time for fun, more time for relaxation and, when it comes to Costa Rica adventure vacations, more time to see and do it all. Yet unlimited time is a luxury afforded to no-one, so the next best thing is to make sure whatever time you do have, to visit this splendid country, is time spent well.

To this end, we’ve compiled a few of our best time-saving tips for rewarding Costa Rica adventure vacations. A collection of tried and tested habits we’ve learnt over the years, which ensure any trip be a memorable, rewarding and unforgettable one. Because it shouldn’t matter how much time you have to spend in this magnificent country: whether you’re visiting for 3 days or 3 weeks, a Costa Rica adventure vacation can always be the best-spent time of your life.

  1. Don’t cram too much into your vacation

Usually, our first tip to anyone heading to Costa Rica is to not endeavor to cram too much into a single visit. If you do, you’ll risk ending your vacation exhausted and spent rather than invigorated and amazed. Between travel time, acclimatization, activities and sheer enjoyment of the place, you should aim to visit only two destinations a week. FOMO (fear of missing out!) has no place in a country which offers innumerable highlights and is easy and affordable to reach. You will always be back, trust us! So fight the urge to fit in everything on your first trip and hone in on a specific region of Costa Rica for each and every visit.

  1. Choose great base points

Costa Rica AdventureA great base point is the holy grail of all those who wish to save precious time on their Costa Rica adventure vacation. A town, hotel or resort that’s strategically located and offers multiple options for activities should be your priority. Spend a few days in one spot and take advantage of the surrounding highlights and all the sports on offer, before moving on to the next, making sure to squeeze every moment from your full-day outings without having to pack, move, unpack etc.

  1. Pre-book as much as you can

The most important titbit of advice is to pre-plan and pre-book everything you wish to do, most especially if you only have a short time at your disposal. In fact, pre-booking becomes more important the shorter your vacation time. Tours – whether they be white water rafting, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding or wildlife watching – can sell out fast in this very popular destination, as do the best accommodation choices. The only time in Costa Rica when it actually makes sense to ‘wing it’ is when you have a lot of time at your disposal. Wasting a day here or there is fine if you’re here for a month, but not so fine if you can only stay one week. The last thing you need is to arrive with only a few days up your sleeve and find everything booked out! Avoid this disappointment and book ahead, especially if traveling during high tourist season, Christmas and Easter week.

  1. Choose your destinations wisely

There are very valid reasons most travelers to Costa Rica make it to the Manuel Antonio National Park but not to Corcovado. The former is infinitely easier and faster to reach and perfect for a few days’ explorations. Corcovado on the other hand, whilst immensely breathtaking, necessitates a full day of travel to and from, and at least 3-4 days to fully appreciate. Make sure you know your destination and understand the logistics of reaching certain parts of Costa Rica. Consider travel times when mapping up your route and don’t rely on Google maps for drive times. Google may not be aware of the country’s driving conditions, so make sure you do!

  1. Combine an adventure Costa Rica trip with your honeymoon

In case you haven’t heard, Costa Rica is one of the world’s most coveted honeymoon destinations and with this much beauty, relaxation, romance and adventure on offer, it’s not difficult to see why that would be. Honeymoons would have to be some of the most unique getaways of all and for this reason even our own honeymoon adventure vacations range in time frames, from 6 days to grand 18-day adventures. Time your Costa Rica vacation with your honeymoon and you’ll bag the most priceless adventure of all!

  1. Bespoke, make-your-own adventure vacations rock

All-inclusive Costa Rica adventure vacation itineraries are immensely popular, especially with first-time visitors. It’s hard to imagine what travel here is like, how difficult it sometimes is to get from A to B and all the logistics that go along with a smooth and hassle-free trip. Sometimes, it’s just lovely to have someone do all the hard work. Save yourself precious time (both before and during your trip) and enlist the help of Costa Rica experts.

Here at Costa Rica Rios, we offer an array of Costa Rica adventure vacations, from weeklong family, solo and couple adventure trips to romantic honeymoons and bespoke tours that are ‘made to order’. Because no two travelers are ever the same and their vacations shouldn’t be either.

For more advice, planning help, itinerary ideas and bookings, simply contact us today.

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How Much Time Do You Need for a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation?

Costa Rica adventure vacationCosta Rica’s breathtaking mountains, rainforests, stunning beaches and awesome volcanoes attract adventure seekers from every corner of the globe. They come here not only because the nature is impressive but, primarily, because this is one of the most interactive travel destinations on earth and the PERFECT adventure vacation.

There is a TON of fun and invigorating stuff to do among all this natural beauty! In Costa Rica, you won’t just sit back and admire the wilderness; you can dive right into it. You can whitewater raft and kayak down raging rivers, you can surf awesome waves, hike mountains and volcanoes and you can snorkel and scuba dive in turquoise waters brimming with colorful marine life. You can also fly on zip lines, walk on hanging bridges suspended in the clouds and, more than anything else, you can get away from it all and relax with your loved ones immersed in pristine nature.

And what’s not to love about that?

A Week of Adventures in Costa Rica

Generally speaking, we think Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a one-week adventure vacation, ideal for those who are big on dreams and short on time. You’d be surprised at just how much adventure, discovery, culture and wildlife encounters you can squeeze into even just a single week of travels to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica adventure vacationFrom the Pacific to the Caribbean coast and all through the central highlands, you can soak up an array of contrasting scenery and partake in plenty of exhilarating adventure sports. On our own 8-day adventure tours, we also love to include an overnight rafting trip as this gives you the chance not only to enjoy phenomenal rafting in III and IV-graded rapids but also to seamlessly change locations to boot. When a tour is perfectly organized, you could enjoy 3 base points in a week without hassle. Moreover, the mix of activities can be brilliant, and include not only adventure sports but also wildlife watching, coffee tours, cultural encounters and stays in tropical jungle lodges and resorts.

Plenty of choices make a week-long adventure tour ideal for those whose traveling partners have diverging interests. You need not do the same activity if you don’t want to, and can split up for the day and reunite for sun downers and a recap at day’s end.

Short & Sweet Adventure Tours

Sometimes, time is of the essence. But fear not, for a 5-day itinerary need not feel restrictive in any way. With just 5 days to enjoy the best in Costa Rica, you’ll still have the chance to soak up the splendors of Costa Rica and three full days of outings can see you canyon, raft and zipline with abandon in two iconic locations.

Adventure Honeymoons

The sheer variety of honeymoon experiences makes Costa Rica a very coveted destination for newlyweds, especially those who want more than a simple lay-on-a-beach type vacay. Unique and unforgettable, Costa Rica honeymoons can be thrill-filled, relaxing, romantic and exhilarating, depending on your specific wishes. Again, a week is the most popular time-frame for a rewarding honeymoon here, with the most revered itineraries being split evenly between adventure sports and relaxing days on idyllic beaches. Our Best of Costa Rica honeymoon tour, for example, covers the two most popular destinations (Arenal and Manuel Antonio) and offers hot spring soaks at the sublime Tabacon Spa Resort, canopy swinging, whitewater rafting and 3 days of fun and relaxation on the glistening Pacific Coast beaches. When you hone in on these most popular and well-developed areas, you can really fill your days to the brim because infrastructure and sheer volume of activities are simply excellent.

Lucky enough to have even more time for your Costa Rica honeymoon? Then an intrepid 18-day honeymoon tour is for you. In just over two weeks, you can expect to cover a lot more distance and indulge in many more adventures. With added day-long hikes, cave explorations and plenty of downtime, a two-week (or longer!) honeymoon can see you discover wonderful, remote and spectacular Corcovado as well as the more visited northern hubs.

natl'l parkCorcovado is home to 50% of the country’s wildlife species and is one of the most priceless natural reserves on the planet. Hidden in the far western reaches of the Pacific coastline, Corcovado is a magnificent nature wonderland of its own accord and the most biodiverse region of Costa Rica. It calls for a few extra days to explore well but if you have the time and you do make it there, your rewards will be infinite. Read our Corcovado National Park guide for even more inspiration.

Of course, a long weekend getaway to Costa Rica is nothing to be sneezed at, either, if that’s all the time you have. As we love to say: a weekend in Costa Rica is better adventure vacation than a weekend anywhere else!

With even more time, the world is your delectable oyster. Combining adventure trips in several destinations means you can return to Costa Rica time and again, year after year, exploring new and exciting horizons. And it also means you can plan a journey of weeks and even months, without ever needing to backtrack – unless you want to, naturally! With custom-made tours you can literally build your own vacation, based on your time and budget constraints, as well as your wish list for travel styles, activities and comfort level.

Whether in Costa Rica for a weekend, a week or a fortnight, you can always experience the best this country has to offer. And remember, whatever you can’t fit into your itinerary will make for a wonderful incentive to come back, time and again.

How much time do you need for a Costa Rica adventure vacation?

Whatever time you have!

Contact us for more itinerary ideas, planning help and to dream up YOUR ideal itinerary through one of the world’s most astonishing adventure destinations.

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Top Rated Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Yoga retreats seem to be a natural progression of the eco-tourism movement which started many years ago in Costa Rica. It’s certainly not surprising, considering the abundance of gorgeous nature-drenched destinations and blissful peace and quiet. People travel to Costa Rica in order to escape the stresses of everyday life, to disconnect from our technology-obsessed modern societies, reconnect with nature and find some inner peace and rejuvenation. And yoga is all about helping people achieve all of this in a wholesome and physically invigorating way. The best yoga retreats in Costa Rica take advantage of the country’s inherent natural treasures, and have been popping up on seaside locations, in the heart of stunning forests and atop the mountain ranges that traverse the country. All the while attracting some of the best yoga teachers from all over the world.

While some yoga retreats are precisely that, and only offer yoga alongside healthy and organic eating, others combine yoga classes with other popular Costa Rica pursuits, such as surfing or hiking. So no matter what kind of yoga experience you’re after, you’re bound to find one that’ll suit you perfectly.

Here are just a few of the best yoga retreats in Costa Rica, offering a wonderful add-on to any adventure-filled jaunt in this exceptionally beautiful country.

Top Yoga Retreats:

Anamaya Resort & Retreat, Puntarenas

Costa Rica yoga retreatsOne of the most popular yoga retreats in the whole country, Anamaya is located in Puntarenas and sits high atop a hill overlooking the ever-popular seaside town of Montezuma.

The location alone is incredibly dreamy and just setting foot on this property ought to lower those stress levels pronto. However, the cherries on the cake would have to be the infinity pool and stunning outdoor yoga deck, which offer breathtaking views of the coast and rain forest surroundings. Aside from yoga, Anamaya offers plenty of active pursuits, including surfing lessons, hikes to waterfalls and (a little less active yet equally heart-melting) spa treatments. With a bevy of organic meals served daily and plenty of classes (and even yoga teacher training) on offer, it’s easy to see why Anamaya consistently rates as one of the best yoga retreats in Costa Rica. The accommodation options are divine and return customers rave about the staff and service, so this one is really a consistent winner.

Costa Rica Yoga Spa, Guanacaste

Costa Rica yoga retreatsIf you’re escaping the buzz of the city and looking for that little piece of paradise where you can immerse yourself in nature, amazing food and soul-satisfying yoga practices, then Costa Rica Yoga Spa will more than have your back.

With its wrap-around outdoor deck, light and airy indoor yoga space and beautiful rooms, this yoga retreat will capture your heart from the first moment. The in-house chef creates magic in the kitchen, using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients to create healthy meals which beautifully complement all the goodness that’s on offer. Your days can include yoga practices, ziplining tours, hikes, massages, amazing culinary indulgences and some of the most glorious sunsets in the world. A wonderful all-in-one package!

El Sabanero Eco-Lodge, Guanacaste

For a comprehensive yoga retreat experience, don’t stretch your calves past El Sabanero, where you can indulge in yoga, meditation, teacher training, mud baths, hot spring soaks, rock climbing, hiking and so much more. This outlandishly beautiful property, all created using locally sourced wood, is drenched in nature and just steps away from some of the country’s most popular beaches.

Amatierra Retreat & Wellness Centre, San Jose

This wonderful eco-retreat does rest and rejuvenation like a pro, kidnapping you for days on end in a secluded rural setting merely an hour’s drive from the capital, San Jose. The outdoor deck is just what the yogi ordered, with superb views, fresh air and wonderful ambience transporting you into a state of blissful relaxation in no time flat.

The pool is ideal for sunbathing and surrounding jungle perfect if you wish to stretch your legs a little more. A drool-worthy range of organic meal and excellent value packages make Amatierra a fabulous choice, especially as a ‘last treat’ add-on at the end of your trip.

Samasati Nature Retreat, Limon

The best yoga retreats in Costa Rica share quite a few pivotal attributes, aside offering yoga classes with abandon. They all boast truly spectacular settings and, in this regard, Samasati certainly follows the trend. Covering 8 hectares of a protected 100-hectare virgin rainforest in the Limon province, Samasati is all about experiencing the best of Costa Rica in the most eco-friendly way possible, which means gorgeous wooden bungalows of polished teak, organic vegetarian dining, a flurry of protected wildlife on site and plenty of tours to nearby attractions. Yoga, massages and training courses are what attract first-time visitors, and the sublimely relaxing vibe and top-notch friendly service are what keep people coming back here, year after year.

Want a hand devising a wicked adventure tour of Costs Rica with the added bonus of a few days spent in one of these incredible yoga retreats. Let us help! At Costa Rica Rios, we are your Costa Rica travel specialist, exert in all things relaxing, adventurous and romantic. Contact us for more info.

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Amazing Adventures in the Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica’s ‘wild west’ is one of the most remote and rugged regions of the whole country, one that offers an incredible array of fantastic adventures that are way off the beaten path. Isolated, undeveloped and blissfully drenched in pristine wilderness, the Osa Peninsula is the perfect destination for those who want to immerse themselves in nature and feel like they’re a million miles away from the hectic pace of everyday life in the city. As an active honeymoon destination, the Osa Peninsula is unsurpassed and offers experiences that are far removed from the usual cookie-cutter options found in other tropical destinations.

Osa PeninsulaMoreover, the Osa Peninsula offers you a glimpse into the authentic side of rural life in the country. Once here, you can discover the history of the gold rush era and explore archaeological sites that pre-date colonial rule.

Want to discover just how unforgettable your Costa Rica adventure vacation can be? Then learn all about the amazing adventures awaiting you in the Osa Peninsula.

Lose yourself in the Corcovado National Park

Our guide to the Corcovado National Park should give you a pretty good idea of just how incredibly special and unique this nook of the country really is. Corcovado takes up a great chunk of the Osa Peninsula and will arguably be the main reason you choose to visit. You won’t find massive luxury resorts in Corcovado nor a long strip of restaurants and bars. But what you will find is the kind of virgin wilderness that’ll make you feel as if you’ve landed in paradise, a paradise where it’s jaguars, giant anteaters, armadillos, exotic birds, tapirs and monkeys that rule the roost.

Corcovado National ParkReaching Corcovado is an adventure in and of itself but the rewards are immense. This rates as one of the most biodiverse regions of the most bio diverse countries on earth, and for nature lovers is a pure and simple Nirvana. You can either drop in for a day-long tour of exploration around the main park entry point (which is actually pretty awesome) or, better still, rough it out a few days and head off on longer hiking trails within the park. A smattering of budget and rather stunning eco lodges offer you sufficient accommodation choices on the periphery of the park.

Head Out on an Ocean Safari

Out here, boat trips to view marine wildlife are called ocean safaris due to the sheer number of whales and dolphins most visitors get to see. The warm and tranquil Pacific waters are favored by big swimmers and it’s quite common to see pods of dolphins numbering in their absolute hundreds. This would have to be one of the most awe-inspiring sights you could ever experience.

Tick Innumerable Unique Birds off Your List

Bird enthusiasts tend to salivate at the mere thought of a trip to the Osa Peninsula. Over 350 species call this place home, many of them endemic to the region. Specialized bird-watching tours will match you up with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic local guide.

Kayak Through Mangroves

The Osa Peninsula boasts a complex maze of mangroves home to a phenomenal array of wildlife. Exploring it aboard your own kayak, and gliding silently under and through the canopy of the virgin jungle, is both a relaxing and utterly mesmerizing activity. The great thing about kayaking is that it’s a gorgeous activity for pros and novices alike, and is suitable for just about anyone, of any age.

Enjoy the Sea and the Surf

The beaches of the Osa Peninsula, especially on the southwestern tip, attract surfers in search of relaxation and a chance to enjoy their sport in relatively desolate stretches of stunning coast, The waves here are superb and a smattering of surf agencies also cater to learners who wish for a private lesson or two. A couple of chillaxed surf and yoga retreats provide a few accommodation options for those who wish to spend a few days enjoying the sea and the surf in this quiet corner of the country.

Explore the Underwater World

Snorkelers and divers wishing to get off their feet will be in their element in the Osa Peninsula, a place where the what’s under the surface of the water is just as enticing as what is on land. From Drake Bay, you can head out to spend a day exploring the underwater world off uninhabited Caño Island, one of the most revered marine reserves in the whole country. See reef sharks, barracudas, manta rays, marine turtles and a wide array of exotic and very colorful fish.

Include a Day of Cultural Discoveries

The Costa Rican government is committed to boosting rural tourism in the country and, in the Osa Peninsula, efforts come in the shape of an extensive collection of hiking trails which take visitors through some of the most remote and unique settlements in the peninsula. Cultural tours through the Osa Peninsula run the gamut from visiting sugar cane and cacao farms to retracing the steps of the gold miners of yesteryear and staying in self-sufficient farmhouses.

The Logistics of Visiting the Osa Peninsula

The peninsula boasts two main base villages from where visiting the above mentioned places and enjoying adventures is hassle-free. Puerto Jimenez boasts its own little airport, which is quite convenient if you’re short on time and don’t wish to reach the peninsula by road or boat, and Drake Bay – whose town is called Agutijas) is the gateway the mainland transfers. Drake Bay is home to a few swanky lodges whilst Puerto Jimenez is the place to be if you want simple lodging and a bit of nightlife action. Outside of these two hubs, the Osa Peninsula is off the grid and undeveloped. Which is, at the end of the day, what makes it such a heavenly place to visit. Several species of dolphins swim here all year long, whilst the humpback whale migration is best caught in August, September and October.

Here at Costa Rica Rios, we create bespoke itineraries for unique adventure vacations in Costa Rica. Want to include a stint in the Osa Peninsula on your next vacation south? Simply contact us and we’ll help you plan an unforgettable adventure.

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Why Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s Crown Jewel

Manuel Antonio National Park honeymoonNo other destination in Costa Rica boasts the kind of tourist fame and fortune that Manuel Antonio enjoys. And it’s certainly not hard to understand why this national park, found on the Pacific coast of the Central American country, boasts such reputation and appeal. To say that Manuel Antonio ‘has it all’ would not be some grandiose overstatement. Considering Costa Rica is renowned for its incredibly beautiful beaches, pristine rain forests, amazing wildlife, striking volcanoes and multitude of active pursuits, then to ‘have it all’ means that you’d be able to find all of these enticing attractions in the one place. And if you visit Manuel Antonio, you most certainly can. This is, above all else, what makes Manuel Antonio the country’s premier destination.

Monkey in Manuel Antonio National ParkIf you’re short on time, big on wishes and don’t want to spend a lot of time traveling from one place to another, than a vacation in and around Manuel Antonio is ideal. You can take hikes through rain forests in the morning and spend the afternoon luxuriating on the pristine shores of a startling beach. You can satisfy your adrenaline itch with thrilling water sports from one of the local beaches, and take daylong boat trips to swim and snorkel among gorgeous coral reefs. There are super fun canopy tours which suite anyone of any age, and insightful cultural tours to local farming villages, coffee plantations and craft markets. You can take sunset cruise, or go sea kayaking. And if you’re an avid hiker than your options will be plentiful.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or with your family, Manuel Antonio offers that comprehensive Costa Rica experience no first-time traveler should miss. Because although the whole country is magnificent to explore at length, Manuel Antonio is where you’ll get the best introduction to Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio Nature at its Best

Manuel Antonio CoatiManuel Antonio represents everything that Costa Rica is proud to show off and market. The whole park is a natural wonderland, home to a plethora of endemic and unique wildlife. It’s easily explored on foot and boasts and home to some of the most magnificent beaches in the whole country. When it comes to animals, Manuel Antonio reigns supreme. The park is compact and home to a flurry of gorgeous creatures, including several types of monkeys, sloths, coatis, iguanas, spiders and fantastically colored snakes, among many more. The wildlife diversity is quite astounding. Plus, there are waterfalls to swim under and a maze of rain forests in which to get lost. If you love nature and wish to be completely immersed in it, then Manuel Antonio will satisfy every single one of your senses. The park itself doesn’t boast a volcano, but Poas is only a 3 hour drive away, so most visitors include an overnight trip here in their itinerary.

Authentic and Modernity, Combined

Manuel Antonio luxury hotelExceptional resorts, a world-class marina and a collection of authentic villages. In the Manuel Antonio area you will find a taste of old Costa Rica, and the fabulous luxury of new Costa Rica. Just take your pick and – the best option of all – experience a little of both. Luxury resorts in Costs Rica cost but a fraction of what they do at home, or in other renowned destinations in the region, so indulging in luxury here is both rewarding and affordable. Having said that, Costa Rica also boasts a beautiful local culture, great food and warm and friendly locals. Traveling here without sampling that would be a travesty, so make sure to include some cultural highlights during your visit.

Fab Convenience

From the moment you clear customs at San Jose airport, you could be in the heart of the Manuel Antonio National Park within 3 hours. Only 100 miles separate the park from the capital city, making it immensely convenient to visit, even just on a long weekend getaway.

The sheer variety of things to see and do in Manuel Antonio is primarily what makes is Costa Rica’s crown jewel. Yes, it’s just the cherry atop a delectable cake that it’s so close to the capital city – for easy access – but at the end of the day, this place is so popular and loved because it is just simply superb. Want to come and see for yourself? Call us, and let us plan a tailor-made tour itinerary that will take all the worry and hassle of planning your trip, and include all the very best this region has to offer.

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Part I: Costa Rica Vacation – Getting Here is Now Faster…and Cheaper!

Vacation flightCosta Rica is an amazing vacation choice at the best of times yet with hot new flight deals coming up in the next few months, the choice just got simply too good to pass up.

The most exciting news to come out of the stellar tropical paradise is that new non-stop flights are now offered from far-afield destinations. Whether you’re East-side, West-side, or even other-end-of-the-Atlantic-side (think France and the UK), you can now dive straight into the Costa Rican wilderness – and frolic in her superb seas – in even less time.

Here are the latest airlines to offer non-stop flights to Costa Rica:

Air France –On mainland Europe, Paris has now become the ‘hot spot’ springboard for Costa Rica adventure vacations. Air France direct flights from Paris to San Jose are scheduled to take place twice a week (Saturdays and Wednesdays) with more planned in the future.

British Airways – BA’s 2015 announcement of its new flights to Costa Rica has been a much-anticipated event in the UK, and flights have finally started. For less than £600, British tourists can soak up the rays in one of the world’s most sought after holiday destinations faster AND cheaper. The new non-stop flights from London to San Jose are not only aimed at the British market, of course, but meant to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for fast and cheaper airfares from Europe to Costa Rica.

Removing the need for a usually time-consuming (not to mention expensive) transfer through an airport in the USA, direct services from Europe will no doubt revolutionize the already thriving tourism industry in Costa Rica.

Air France and British Airways now join Iberia – which offers direct 10-15hr flights from Madrid to San Jose.

Southwest Airlines – Southwest has been a trusted carrier in Costa Rica and the addition of new flights linking Los Angeles to the country’s eco-tourism mecca of Guanacaste adds to their appeal. Daily flights make getting in and out of Costa Rica an absolute breeze, and perfect for those last-minute getaways

Air Canada – At the end of 2016, Canada will begin its new schedule of direct flights between Montreal and San Jose, the Costa Rican capital. Just in time for that sun-drenched tropical Christmas you’ve been dreaming about!

If convenience and amazing holiday-value-for-your-cash are not enough, there’s also an added bonus to sweeten the Costa Rica adventure vacation deal. Due to a considerable drop in jet fuel prices across the globe in recent months, international airline travel is set to get immensely cheaper this summer. So much so, that if you book your flight in June, and fly by the end of August, flights are set to be the cheapest they’ve been for 7 years. Although this is mostly predicted for the domestic market within the USA, flight prices to Costa Rica are already slashed by one-third, making them the best value-for-money deal we’ve seen in years.

So don’t hold off any longer! Book your flights to San Jose pronto and you could be enjoying a superlative Costa Rica adventure vacation sooner (and cheaper!) than you ever thought possible. And don’t forget to keep up with our 4-part comprehensive series of blogs that’ll help you get in, get settled, get active with your family and even get married in one of the world’s most sought-after destinations.

Part II: Costa Rica Vacation Accommodation to Suit All Tastes and Budgets
Part III: Costa Rica Vacation – Family Adventure Vacation
Part IV: Costa Rica Vacation – Wedding and Honeymoon

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Top 10 Packing Tips for your Costa Rica Adventure

SummitCosta Rica’s varied array of attractions, landscapes and eco-systems have cemented its position as one of the most enticing and adventurous holiday destinations in the world. Discerning adventurers know that if you wish to savor a kaleidoscope of adrenalin-pumping sports, romantic eco-resorts and wildlife spotting, there’s no better place to be. Beaches, jungles, forests and vertiginous mountain tops…travel to Costa Rica and you’ll have the best of Mother Nature at your feet.

Yet when the vacation’s set in stone, flight tickets booked and an array of activities organized, a question of logistics creeps up.

How on earth does one pack for such a varied destination?

With our help, that’s how!

Follow our best insider’s packing tips for Costa Rica Adventures and we guarantee you’ll be prepared for all eventualities.

1.     Causal Trumps Dressy

The pure essence of Costa Rica, the pura vida philosophy and the closeness to nature exudes casualness. Even if you’ve booked a few nights in an exclusive 5* resort, do note that, at most, you’ll probably get dressed up just once. For that super special night out. Most of the time you’ll want to be in easy-to-wear clothes and (perhaps more importantly) comfortable shoes.

After you spend a full day hiking, horse riding, white water rafting, volcano climbing, waterfall hiking, snorkeling or SCUBA diving, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is donning a pair of heels or dressy shoes. Trust us on this. Pack one special dressy outfit for that night out in San Jose or that anniversary dinner you’ve got lined up, and make sure the rest of your suitcase is filled up with practical clothing.

2.     Make ‘Quick Dry’ your Mantra

Quick dry fabrics and tropical countries go hand in hand. When humidity is high, activities aplenty and rain quite common, you need clothing which is easy to wash and super-fast to dry. Your pants, T-shirts and travel towel should all be made out of quick dry fabrics.

3.     Ain’t No Place for Jeans

Many a visitor has regretted bringing a pair of jeans to Costa Rica. If you’re visiting for a week, rest assured your vacation will be over before a single pair of jeans has the chance to dry. For the reasons stated above, denim is just not a convenient material to bring to Costa Rica. Make sure you clothing is lightweight and go for cargo pants (zipped up at the knee!) for forest hikes and evenings out. For best breathability in hot and sticky climates, choose cotton as much as possible, especially for your undergarments.

4.     Expect a Chill in the Air…

One zip up fleece is absolutely essentially, as you’ll be surprised at the times you can experience a definite drop in temperatures. In certain areas, Costa Rica can get downright cold at night, and even a boat ride on a windy overcast day can chill you to the bone.

5.     Bring the Right Shoes

Water sneakers (like Keens) are incredibly useful in Costa Rica, especially if you’re planning to hike, visit waterfalls or enjoy some white-water rafting. We suggest a pair of flip flops for relaxing evenings in your eco-lodge, and a pair of flats for nights out in town.

6.     Sarongs are Heaven-Sent

Sarongs are your best friend – they work as a dress, a towel, a bikini cover-all and a shawl in times when culture dictates (when visiting churches, for example) and when the temperature drops unexpectedly.

7.     Prepare for Rain, but…

The reason Costa Rica is so luscious is because it receives a healthy amount of rainfall, all year long. Although you should always expect rain – or at the very least, to get wet at some point, waterfall hiking for example – we suggest you don’t bring a thick raincoat but purchase a cheap and cheerful poncho-in-a-pouch as soon as you arrive. They’re available everywhere, are cheap and you can donate them on your last day in the country.

8.     Don’t Forget the Hardware

A pair of small travel binoculars, a flashlight and Ziploc bags of all sizes are never wasted; and neither is a compact Spanish dictionary or phrasebook.

9.     Invaluable Toiletries

Along with your essentials, pack some strong insect repellent (cream or spray) and plenty of SPF30+ sunscreen. In Costa Rica, this is exorbitantly expensive, so bring as much as you think you’ll need for the duration of your trip. Don’t forget to pack a hat and sunglasses too, the sun can get quite fierce here, at any time of year.

10.    Travel-Size 1st Aid Kit

Having a compact 1st aid kit in your day pack is always a great idea. At the very least, it should include band-aids and blister packs, rehydration sachets and motion sickness tablets.

Bonus #11 Leave Room in your Suitcase!

The most invaluable thing you’ll want to include in your suitcase, when visiting Costa Rica, is empty space. You’ll no doubt want to stock up on delectable coffee and lots of amazing handmade jewellery and souvenirs of all sorts. So don’t fall into the trap of over packing! Bring just a couple of changes of clothes and make sure you leave enough room to take home a little piece of Costa Rica.

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