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Travel to Costa Rica: Your Dream New Year Resolution

Whether you crave fun, excitement, relaxation, an adrenaline-rush or a blissful stint of soul searching, Costa Rica makes for a truly awesome New Year’s resolution. Why? Because when you travel to Costa Rica, the destination quite simply, has it all. Yoga retreats invigorating and soothing hot spring treatments, heart-pumping multi-sport tours, seaside escapades and volcano climbs, combined with a delicious and healthy cuisine and a wealth of attractions that would embarrass most large nations ten times its size. Compact, easy to reach and a breeze to explore, Costa Rica is that hassle-free yet hugely rewarding destination that ticks every box.

So don’t look down the barrel of a long year of work ahead without hope of reprieve. Plan your adventure vacation to Costa Rica and make your 2018 your best travel year yet.

Here’s why!

Costa Rica is warm and idyllic, all year long

Travel to Costa RicaBoasting divine year-round temps, Costa Rica is a paradise at any time, and especially during the long and cold northern winter, when you’ll find the country at its best.

Moreover, given the eclectic topography of the country and the choice of destinations, you can have an excellent adventure vacation here at any time of year. Rain season affects each region of the country at different times, and with varying intensity, so no matter when you wish to visit in 2018, you will find a destination that is at its prime.

Cosa Rica is ideal for family vacations

Tico’s love of children and the modernity of the infrastructure make Costa Rica a beloved and hassle-free family vacation destination. The food is not too spicy nor exotic and choices are plenty, so even the pickiest eater usually has no problems with the local food. Having said that, the most popular areas boast enough expats to offer an array of home food your kids will love. But food will be the least of your issues, we can assure you. The biggest problem you’ll have, when traveling with kids in Costa Rica, is stopping them from trying to hug all the monkeys and colorful birds that’ll beg for their breakfast at outdoor tables of every resort in the country. The wildlife here is copious and eclectic and is undoubtedly the most cherished aspects of a family vacation for all kids.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s best wedding & honeymoon destinations

Costa Rica seems to ooze romance at every turn, with idyllic sunsets, remote resorts and tons of unspoilt and hidden beaches attracting love-struck couples like nowhere else on earth. Tailor-made for the adventure honeymoon-seeker, the country is also rising in ranks as a very popular destination wedding destination, and a flurry of resorts offer wedding packages that care of everything, from the ceremony to the reception dinner and all the accommodation for your cherished guests. Can you imagine a more romantic and unforgettable experience than a Costa Rica wedding and honeymoon? Didn’t think so!

Costa Rica is safe and fun for singles

Single travelers are often torn between finding a destination that’s safe enough for them to travel alone and finding one that’s interesting enough to visit, time and again. That’s why so many choose Costa Rica. Our adventure vacation packages, for example, are suited to anyone who dreams of exploring this thrilling country and partaking in its most heart-pumping activities. Traveling alone? Come join us! Our group tours are sensational to say the least and always attract a brilliant array of super fun, curious and interesting characters who cherish having company with whom to experience Costa Rica. Check out some of the reviews of past guests and you’ll discover what fantastic fun we can have together.

Costa Rica makes you MOVE!

Yes, you could head to Costa Rica and spend all your time sunbathing on some pristine beach or lounging by the sensational pool of some uber-cool eco-lodge. But we bet you’ll last barely half a day before the temptation to DO something urges you on your feet. The world’s premier adventure vacation destination offers plenty of exhilarating and fun stuff for the whole family, from horseback riding to kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, hiking, wildlife-watching and more. Even the most brooding and impossibly uninspired teenager will find it hard to resist. With its array of active pursuits, Costa Rica beckons the adventure seeker and the active travelers, the one who isn’t just happy admiring nature but the one who wants to be among it. Preferably, swinging from a canopy and zip lining at breakneck speed.

Costa Rica rewards all your senses

Organic food, freshly grilled fish, hotly roasted coffee, glorious sunsets, luscious forest, loud and curious wildlife: Costa Rica is a feast for all the senses.

Costa Rica is close and inexpensive

At the end of the day, all this gorgeousness would be amiss if only the country were on the other side of the planet or prohibitively expensive. But it’s neither of those. Short and inexpensive flights from major US cities will have you IN the country and AT the beach or mountains just a few hours after leaving home. No need to deal with jetlag and long transfers! Costa Rica makes an especially ideal short holiday destination as well as a genial last-minute escapade. Moreover, US citizens don’t need a visa to visit Costa Rica, making a last minute visit a truly doable alternative.

The perfect springboard to jump start your fabulous new year?

We think so too.

Contact us for more info on tours and help in planning a bespoke itinerary, and we’ll see you when you travel to Costa Rica!


Best Family-Friendly Resorts in Costa Rica

It may seem as if the Christmas holidays were just 5 minutes ago but, before you know, the next school holiday will be at your doorstep. Want to plan an incredible family vacation that is bound to earn you double-brownie points with the kids? Then look no further than Costa Rica…one of the most affordable, unforgettable and family-friendly destinations this side of the Panama Canal!

Here are just a few of the best family-friendly resorts in Costa Rica:

Westin Golf Resort, Playa Conchal

Westin Golf Resort & SpaThe Westin is like a bigger, slightly more deluxe version of the Secrets and, for this reason, costs a little more too. Yet its beach is absolutely pristine and is arguably the main reason some families choose it over the Secrets, extra fees notwithstanding. The Westin Kids Club is phenomenal and runs a great kids’ program that will entice kids between the ages of 4 and 12.

There are outdoor and indoor play areas, plenty of arts and crafts in which to indulge their young minds, and kids are free to enjoy the club as any hours as they wish. What’s more, exciting outings are also organized by the experienced and professional teams, so your kids will not just be in great hands, but will also have an absolute blast. Included in the cost of your stay – yet another benefit of an all-inclusive family resort – your biggest challenge will be tearing the kids away from the club. Meanwhile, you have a sparkling freshwater pool, 18-hole golf course, breath-taking stretch of beach, great spa and fitness studio in which to indulge. It’s a win-win!

Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Corcovado

Lapa Rios Ecolodge CorcovadoOn the absolute opposite end of the spectrum 0- in essence, not style – is where you’ll find the Lapa Rios Ecolodge, a simply divine resort that’s tailor-made for discerning families who love nothing more than to spend time together in pristine wilderness. There are no TVs here, no phones, no internet, not even air-conditioning.

Just you, your family, and the amazing nature for which Costa Rica is so renowned.

Rated by National Geographic as one of the most unique accommodation choices in the world, Lapas may not come cheap, but when a resort such as this – with inspiring bungalows set on 1,000 acres of outstanding forest, in the heart of the Osa Peninsula and brimming with wildlife – a stay here promises to be quite the unforgettable adventure. After watching your kids play with the resident toucan at breakfast time, you may well surmise the experience to be a totally priceless one, after all. Visit in Green Season (May to October) for the best deals and do remember that rates are all-inclusive here too.

Tulemar Bungalows and Villas, Manuel Antonio

Tulemar Bungalows and Villas Manuel AntonioTulemar continues to top all the lists of ‘best family-friendly resort in Costa Rica’ and for very valid reasons. What’s not to love? Several families traveling together can enjoy interconnecting rooms, the compound is large enough for kids to get ‘lost in’ but superbly secure so you know they just can’t get into any mischief.

There’s a private beach, a stunning jungle, activities galore, plenty of hiking and active stuff (to wear them out!) and even macaws, toucans and sloths happily living in the property. At Tulemar, it’s like the best of Costa Rica comes straight to you, and is the primary reason its popularity continues, year after year. You won’t just find happy kids here, but plenty of happy parents too. With those views…who could blame them? The unique aspect of Tulemar is that, unlike all the others, this is not a resort per say, but a residential complex with the added service you’d normally find in a hotel. You have a choice of accommodation and price ranges, and plenty of wonderful staff to help make your stay a memorable affair.


Part I: Costa Rica Vacation – Getting Here is Now Faster…and Cheaper!

Vacation flightCosta Rica is an amazing vacation choice at the best of times yet with hot new flight deals coming up in the next few months, the choice just got simply too good to pass up.

The most exciting news to come out of the stellar tropical paradise is that new non-stop flights are now offered from far-afield destinations. Whether you’re East-side, West-side, or even other-end-of-the-Atlantic-side (think France and the UK), you can now dive straight into the Costa Rican wilderness – and frolic in her superb seas – in even less time.

Here are the latest airlines to offer non-stop flights to Costa Rica:

Air France –On mainland Europe, Paris has now become the ‘hot spot’ springboard for Costa Rica adventure vacations. Air France direct flights from Paris to San Jose are scheduled to take place twice a week (Saturdays and Wednesdays) with more planned in the future.

British Airways – BA’s 2015 announcement of its new flights to Costa Rica has been a much-anticipated event in the UK, and flights have finally started. For less than £600, British tourists can soak up the rays in one of the world’s most sought after holiday destinations faster AND cheaper. The new non-stop flights from London to San Jose are not only aimed at the British market, of course, but meant to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for fast and cheaper airfares from Europe to Costa Rica.

Removing the need for a usually time-consuming (not to mention expensive) transfer through an airport in the USA, direct services from Europe will no doubt revolutionize the already thriving tourism industry in Costa Rica.

Air France and British Airways now join Iberia – which offers direct 10-15hr flights from Madrid to San Jose.

Southwest Airlines – Southwest has been a trusted carrier in Costa Rica and the addition of new flights linking Los Angeles to the country’s eco-tourism mecca of Guanacaste adds to their appeal. Daily flights make getting in and out of Costa Rica an absolute breeze, and perfect for those last-minute getaways

Air Canada – At the end of 2016, Canada will begin its new schedule of direct flights between Montreal and San Jose, the Costa Rican capital. Just in time for that sun-drenched tropical Christmas you’ve been dreaming about!

If convenience and amazing holiday-value-for-your-cash are not enough, there’s also an added bonus to sweeten the Costa Rica adventure vacation deal. Due to a considerable drop in jet fuel prices across the globe in recent months, international airline travel is set to get immensely cheaper this summer. So much so, that if you book your flight in June, and fly by the end of August, flights are set to be the cheapest they’ve been for 7 years. Although this is mostly predicted for the domestic market within the USA, flight prices to Costa Rica are already slashed by one-third, making them the best value-for-money deal we’ve seen in years.

So don’t hold off any longer! Book your flights to San Jose pronto and you could be enjoying a superlative Costa Rica adventure vacation sooner (and cheaper!) than you ever thought possible. And don’t forget to keep up with our 4-part comprehensive series of blogs that’ll help you get in, get settled, get active with your family and even get married in one of the world’s most sought-after destinations.

Part II: Costa Rica Vacation Accommodation to Suit All Tastes and Budgets
Part III: Costa Rica Vacation – Family Adventure Vacation
Part IV: Costa Rica Vacation – Wedding and Honeymoon


How To Make A Positive Local and Global Impact While Vacationing

Vacationers are starting to branch out more and more into international travel, with a passion for seeing the world and having new experiences. This increase in tourism can quickly lead to a detrimental impact on the environment; impacting biodiversity and pollution in previously pristine areas.

Keeping your vacation trash freeHow You Can Help Make A Difference
As a conscientious traveler, it is your duty to support travel companies that actively seek to improve local economy and minimize their impact on the environment. Sustainable travel companies, like Costa Rica Rios, are proactive and purposeful when implementing green practices and programs. If you choose your travel company wisely, you can help protect global travel for future generations.

How Costa Rica Rios Minimizes Their Impact
Costa Rica Rios is sociably responsible participating in the program 1% For The Planet, annually donating a portion of their revenue for environmental protect projects. The initiative doesn’t stop there – there are a multitude of ways to support local economy and sustain the environment. Here are a few examples of what Costa Rica Rios does to do just that:

  • a recycle program for both the company and the travelers
  • using bio-fuel for all on-location vehicles
  • on-site composting
  • keeping travel sizes small, minimizing traffic and over crowding
  • donating organic waste to local cocoa farmers
  • using bio-degradable water bottles
  • energy efficiency programs
  • supporting local businesses by helping them sell their products to tourists

Cleaning up pollutionPeople Working Together
It’s natural for people to be drawn to places full of beauty and wonder, and many tourist marketers are happy to flood the natural environment with extra traffic and pollution in order to make a profit. It is up to each of us to work together to protect the natural beauty and resources of our favorite locations.

As a vacationer, the biggest impact you can make is with your pocketbook. Choose to do business with travel companies who take the idea and practice of sustainable travel seriously. Choose to make a positive impact by minimizing your use of resources and leaving the exotic destinations as rich and mesmerizing as you found them.


Building Stronger Bonds With Adventure Travel

Pile of smartphonesYou spend months planning and daydreaming about the perfect vacation, imagining smiling children, and lots of hugs and tons of laughter; but how can you ensure that you actually end up with family bonding instead of bickering over cell phone use or hogging the bathroom? An adventure vacation in Costa Rica could be just the answer you’re looking for! Adventure vacations are not only exciting, but they have the ability to bring families together like never before.

Unplug For A Moment
It’ll be pretty difficult to work during an adventure vacation to Costa Rica Rios! You’re going to be having way too much fun in the great outdoors and besides, it’s hard to e-mail your boss while dangling from a zip line! When you plan a vacation with your family you are making a commitment to spend time with them. During your adventure vacation make sure you actually unplug and allow yourself to spend quality time together enjoying the activities and sharing the amazing scenery. Remind your teenagers that all the text messages they are missing will be there when they return, and bring along only digital devices you can use to document your amazing vacation!

Cooperation and Teamwork Abound
Zipline with your groupHiking, kayaking, white water rafting, zip lining and many more unique adventures await you in a Costa Rio Rios family adventure vacation package! Your family will spend a lot of time working together to achieve common goals. Family bonds are strengthened when everyone’s voices are heard, everyone’s work is appreciated and the end result is fulfilling and worthwhile. While you will also have plenty of time for relaxation and sight-seeing – the challenges that await you will really make this vacation memorable.

Healthy Competition and Physical Activity Builds Confidence
As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy seeing your family member’s confidence soar as they try new things, take on new challenges and conquer fears. Outdoor physical activity gets the blood flowing, increases endorphins (which make us happier) and reverses the effects of stress on the body. The memories you build together through these adventures will be thought about and talked about well into your children’s adulthood. At first glance some of the activities will be a bit outside your comfort zone, even if you are an athletic family, but once you’ve conquered each one the feeling of accomplishment will be overwhelmingly positive!


Costa Rica Rios Infographic Explores the Fun of Family Vacations

Family Time

Family vacations are meant to be fun for everyone. Planning and taking a trip together gives your family a chance to have fun, relax and enjoy a bit of adventure.

At Costa Rica Rios, we enjoy helping people plan exciting vacation activities. We have so much fun putting together family adventures and relaxation time for our visitors to Costa Rica that we decided to create an infographic full of fun facts and stats about family vacations. Did you know that 77 percent of families are more excited vacationing together?  Check out these and more fun facts on our“Ready for a Family Vacation!”