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Why Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s Crown Jewel 

Manuel Antonio National Park honeymoonNo other destination in Costa Rica boasts the kind of tourist fame and fortune that Manuel Antonio enjoys. And it’s certainly not hard to understand why this national park, found on the Pacific coast of the Central American country, boasts such reputation and appeal. To say that Manuel Antonio ‘has it all’ would not be some grandiose overstatement. Considering Costa Rica is renowned for its incredibly beautiful beaches, pristine rain forests, amazing wildlife, striking volcanoes and multitude of active pursuits, then to ‘have it all’ means that you’d be able to find all of these enticing attractions in the one place. And if you visit Manuel Antonio, you most certainly can. This is, above all else, what makes Manuel Antonio the country’s premier destination.

Monkey in Manuel Antonio National ParkIf you’re short on time, big on wishes and don’t want to spend a lot of time traveling from one place to another, than a vacation in and around Manuel Antonio is ideal. You can take hikes through rain forests in the morning and spend the afternoon luxuriating on the pristine shores of a startling beach. You can satisfy your adrenaline itch with thrilling water sports from one of the local beaches, and take daylong boat trips to swim and snorkel among gorgeous coral reefs. There are super fun canopy tours which suite anyone of any age, and insightful cultural tours to local farming villages, coffee plantations and craft markets. You can take sunset cruise, or go sea kayaking. And if you’re an avid hiker than your options will be plentiful.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or with your family, Manuel Antonio offers that comprehensive Costa Rica experience no first-time traveler should miss. Because although the whole country is magnificent to explore at length, Manuel Antonio is where you’ll get the best introduction to Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio Nature at its Best

Manuel Antonio CoatiManuel Antonio represents everything that Costa Rica is proud to show off and market. The whole park is a natural wonderland, home to a plethora of endemic and unique wildlife. It’s easily explored on foot and boasts and home to some of the most magnificent beaches in the whole country. When it comes to animals, Manuel Antonio reigns supreme. The park is compact and home to a flurry of gorgeous creatures, including several types of monkeys, sloths, coatis, iguanas, spiders and fantastically colored snakes, among many more. The wildlife diversity is quite astounding. Plus, there are waterfalls to swim under and a maze of rain forests in which to get lost. If you love nature and wish to be completely immersed in it, then Manuel Antonio will satisfy every single one of your senses. The park itself doesn’t boast a volcano, but Poas is only a 3 hour drive away, so most visitors include an overnight trip here in their itinerary.

Authentic and Modernity, Combined

Manuel Antonio luxury hotelExceptional resorts, a world-class marina and a collection of authentic villages. In the Manuel Antonio area you will find a taste of old Costa Rica, and the fabulous luxury of new Costa Rica. Just take your pick and – the best option of all – experience a little of both. Luxury resorts in Costs Rica cost but a fraction of what they do at home, or in other renowned destinations in the region, so indulging in luxury here is both rewarding and affordable. Having said that, Costa Rica also boasts a beautiful local culture, great food and warm and friendly locals. Traveling here without sampling that would be a travesty, so make sure to include some cultural highlights during your visit.

Fab Convenience

From the moment you clear customs at San Jose airport, you could be in the heart of the Manuel Antonio National Park within 3 hours. Only 100 miles separate the park from the capital city, making it immensely convenient to visit, even just on a long weekend getaway.

The sheer variety of things to see and do in Manuel Antonio is primarily what makes is Costa Rica’s crown jewel. Yes, it’s just the cherry atop a delectable cake that it’s so close to the capital city – for easy access – but at the end of the day, this place is so popular and loved because it is just simply superb. Want to come and see for yourself? Call us, and let us plan a tailor-made tour itinerary that will take all the worry and hassle of planning your trip, and include all the very best this region has to offer.




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