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How Much Will I Spend on a Costa Rica Vacation? 

Bajo Alcyone - Costa Rica vacationWant to know how you should budget for your Costa Rica vacation? Find out what costs to expect!

Whether you’re a budget-conscious backpacker or expectant honeymooner looking for the ultimate splurge, we offer a lowdown on what you can expect to spend in Costa Rica.

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Budget adventures in Costa Rica – the cheapest way to do it

Backpackers love Costa Rica because budgeting options can be quite varied – there is plenty of adventure to be had, even at the lower end of the cost-scale although if you like creature comforts, this might be a bit of a stretch.

Intrepid backpackers can share a dorm with a dozen other backpackers, eat plates of beans and rice three times a day, and only visit places which don’t require an entry fee. This obviously also means doing no activities (or perhaps just one in a week) that require a guide and/or equipment.

For budget-conscious backpackers, a Costa Rica vacation can cost as little as $300 a week, although most will naturally include some extra expenses (like surfboard rental, zip line course or fancy meal out). Most budget travelers to Costa Rica actually spend about $100 per day. This might not include a lot of travel through the country as backpackers prefer to base themselves in one place and spend those transfer funds on things like beers and extra food.

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Mid-Range Adventures in Costa Rica – a few more creature comforts

Most visitors to Costa Rica prefer a mid-way point – one where hotel rooms are private and come with the bonus of an ensuite. They add a few more activities (because you’re in Costa Rica!) and perhaps travel to two places in one week. This more comfortable way of traveling will set you back about $1,500 per person, per week.

High-end Adventures in Costa Rica – the luxurious vacation (honeymoon, special celebration)

Private pool - Costa Rica vacationCosta Rica offers insane indulgences for those who wish to make the most of their trip and have a higher budget. Honeymooners, in particular, set their sights on private transfers in comfortable vehicles, dreamy eco-lodges nestled in prime rain forests and specialized experiences like diving, island-hopping tips and sunset horseback riding excursions. They fill their days with unforgettable adventures and, in the evening, retreat to private cabins and enjoy spectacular views from oversized terraces. Perhaps, a soak in a jacuzzi or a pre-dinner massage? Yes, that too. A

dd an internal flight to reach out-there gems that might take you all day by car, and you’re looking at anything between $2,500 and $5,000 a week per person.

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What do these travel budgets include?

Highly subjective expenses cannot be included on general budget guidelines, yet they are important to note, because they can add up to a pretty penny or two. If you consume a lot of alcohol or wish to buy a lot of souvenirs, for example, it’s easy to add a few hundred dollars on top of the backpacker and mid-range costs.

Plus, there’s everything else. From airfares and excess baggage fees (for the way back) to health travel insurance (which is mandatory at this COVID time) and mobile roaming charges (which can be quite steep!), not to mention the time of year you visit (differences between low and high-season travel can halve or double your budget) – there are a lot of overlooked costs that can increase your spending.

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Package vacations in Costa Rica for adventure seekers – the best of both worlds!

Planning an adventure vacation from scratch is a spectacularly difficult and time-consuming endeavor, especially if you’ve never been to Costa Rica before. We field a lot of tentative questions by people who want to book, say, a certain resort, until they discover it’s a 3hr dive to that canopy tour they want to do. Google might know air-distances but, trust us, they do not know what driving Costa Rica’s countryside is like!

Insider knowledge really matters, and that’s why it’s crucial you speak to someone who knows the land inside out, and how to maximize the fun and minimize transfer time.

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A Week of All-Inclusive Adventures

With us here at Costa Rica Rios, a Week of Adventures package costs $2,999 per person with double occupancy, following this outstanding itinerary. This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE rate which means bar a few extra things you may wish to buy, and your airfares and insurance, everything else is covered.

How’s that for insane value?

Could you plan and book all that is on our itinerary for less? Probably. But not that much less and, to top it off, you’ll need to be a logistical-ninja to book it all so everything runs smoothly.

Our wonderful guests cherish the priceless convenience of booking their vacation with us. Yet aside from the cost and time-saving convenience, there’s knowing you’re in the capable hands of one of Costa Rica’s most established and reputable adventure tour agencies. One that takes you on spellbinding adventures way off the tourist trail, comfortably and safely.

Besides, we have been at this Costa Rica adventure vacation game for decades so you could end up paying way less to tap into an untold cache of personal, first-hand experiences. We also create private, tailor-made itineraries to match your desires AND budget. We cater to families and couples, solo travelers and groups of friends looking for the seamless adventure of a lifetime. We mix adventurous pursuits with glorious indulgences and can tell you exactly what you can do, given your specific budget.

See our Top 4 CRR Vacations that rate best overall and come discover how marvelous and ridiculously easy your once-in-a-lifetime adventure vacation can be.

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