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Best Kid-Friendly Activities in Costa Rica

Kid-Friendly Activities in Costa RicaFamily vacations are a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner and children and spend some quality time together, although it’s probably wise to point out that not all destinations can offer both bonuses in equal measure. When it comes to superlative family travel destinations,

We have researched and found the best kid-friendly activities in Costa Rica. If you’ve visited before, you’ll know that Cost Rica is the best kid-friendly destination on the planet! Aside the fact that the local culture is very family oriented and local Ticos simply love children – ah yes, you’ll undoubtedly be stopped in the street and told how cute your children are – the very essence of the country makes it an idyllic family vacation playground. With so much nature to explore and so many fun and safe activities suitable for anyone of any age (even grandma should come along!) family vacations in Costa Rica are an absolute bundle of fun. Fun that you can all have together.

In Costa Rica, smartphones and tablets soon become uninteresting and if you don’t believe us just try it! Your kids (even the broody teenager) will be far too busy zip lining, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, horse riding and hiking up volcanoes to worry about the latest posts on Facebook. What’s more, you can be right there alongside them sharing the adrenaline rushes and the new and exciting adventures. Perhaps this, more than anything else, is what makes Costa Rica so ideal for families. YOU don’t have to compromise so THEY have fun, and vice versa.

Costa Rica is Simply Fun For Everyone

Kid-Friendly Activities in Costa RicaThe country is brimming with amazing family-friendly resorts, all designed with you and your little ones in mind. Set amidst pristine wilderness and filled with incredible wildlife, these resorts are the kind of places you and your children will never want to leave. We’re particularly fond of Si Como No, an unparalleled natural haven that’s set deep in the Manuel Antonio tropical rainforest and boasts the kind of amenities that are just perfect for kid-friendly vacations in Costa Rica – including nightly movie shows.

And if you think Costa Rica’s best family-friendly resorts are prohibitively expensive, then think again…because one of the important reasons this country is so very popular among traveling families, is that it’s an immensely affordable place to visit.

Below are just some of the fantastic destinations you should include in your itinerary.

Kid-Friendly Activities in Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa – Any family will love spending a few days in Playa Hermosa. The bay waters are calm and inviting, ideal when traveling with kids. Moreover, the Aqua Sport Centre rents a host of fun water sport equipment, so you can soak up the rays while older children burn off energy heading off on adventures on kayaks, paddleboats and sailboards.

Playa Tamarindo – Have an active teenager who wants to take some surfing lessons? Then Playa Tamarindo’s the beach for you. After they get their fill of the surf and sun, you can all head off on a full-day excursion to explore the nearby delights.

Lake Arenal – If you have smaller kids with you then you can opt to take a boat trip on Lake Arenal, which is much more conducive for little ones than a full-day hiking trip. Actually, there are a lot of alternatives for younger children around. Take the Monteverde Cloud Forest, for example. Yes, older children may want to scream their lungs out while ziplining on the forest canopy at breakneck speed, yet younger ones need not miss out on the fun. There’s a fantastic enclosed aerial tram ride (and sky walk) that offers all the views but with added comfort of a slow and steady ride which, is perfect for younger kids.

Hot springs – All kids put up an argument at bath time at home, but that’s because there’s no home on the planet that boasts a Costa Rica thermal pool.  Make sure your accommodation includes a thermal bath in-house (like the Tabacon Hot Springs Resort) and the biggest challenge you’ll face every day is getting the kids OUT of the bath after a full day of adventures!

Sundays in towns – Every town is the same the world over and never is this truer than when talking about kid-friendly activities. No matter where in Costa Rica you are on a Sunday, hit your nearest town square and you’ll meet countless local families out for some entertainment. Larger towns put on fairs and rides to entice the kids, and all will have a bevy of food and drink stalls as well. Take a soccer ball along (which you can buy in any local market) and watch your kids make brand new friends in an instant.

Take a wildlife guide along for the hike – Wildlife is abundant in Costa Rica yet even though you may be tempted to spend a whole day on your own trying to spot endemic creatures, it really pays to take a local expert guide along. This is especially true when traveling with children, as they are often most impressed with insects and reptiles, which are both hard to spot for the untrained eye. A local guide can really make the jungle come to life, which not only makes children ecstatic but also helps take the pressure off parents. If you are going to take a guided wildlife tour then we couldn’t recommend a night excursion highly enough. For most families, this is the absolute highlight of their trip.

San Jose’s Children Museum – Now don’t let the name deter you: Los Museo de los Ninos is a fantastic place to visit in the capital, for children and adults alike. Educational and interactive, this museum offers interesting insights into all aspects of life in Costa Rica and boasts a really eclectic mix of attractions. Housed in a former military prison, the museum can easily take up half a day to explore at length (there are some 40-odd rooms here!) and children will be enthralled with the exhibits ranging from history to astronomy, music and science.

At Costa Rica Rios, we specialize in family adventure vacation and have the most magnificent country to thank for this opportunity. Costa Rica is the place to go for kid-friendly activities and is the one place you should visit if fun, adventure, family time and relaxation are on top of your must-do list. So simply contact us for more info and let us help you plan the family trip of a lifetime.



Part III: Costa Rica Vacation – Family Adventure Vacation

Costa Rica adventure vacationIf you know anything about us, you’ll know that we believe Costa Rica is the ideal family vacation playground. With bucket-loads of fun, educational and nature-filled adventures, this is one of those rare destinations that manages to captivate everyone, of any age.

This is why we find it kid’s play to organize popular family adventure vacation packages that take in the best of the country, and gift parents and their active children a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences.

We’ve been matching families with tailor-made itineraries for over a decade now and have honed in on all those little things that can turn a great vacation into an awe-inspiring adventure. We know you’re looking for a unique vacation, that you’re after more than just sundowners by a pool although wouldn’t mind them at the end of a hard day’s play. You want your kids to be entertained, not by iPads and smartphones, but by the awe-inspiring wonders of Mother Nature. You want them to understand the beauty and fragility of nature, the importance of protecting it and the incredibly interesting culture that lie beyond your driveway. We get that.

Costa Rica white water raftingSo on top of offering all that you wish for, we offer you a mixed range of accommodation, from rustic to luxurious and comfortable, copious authentic cultural experiences, and an array of fun pursuits that will keep the adrenaline pumping all day long. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, canyoning, surfing, snorkeling, zip-wire flying and more. These are just some of the totally fun stuff you can expect to enjoy when you visit Costa Rica with us. And then some.

Costa Rica provides the pristine nature and unique culture, and we’ll find 101 ways for you and your family to enjoy it all.

How’s that for family vacation perfection?

Finally! A Rewarding Family Vacation that Won’t Break the Bank

At Costa Rica Rios, we believe that heaven shouldn’t cost you the earth and endeavor to customize an itinerary that will not only tickle your fancy but also fall within your budget. Because coming home to a hefty credit card bill will surely put a damper on your vacation. We have set itineraries and guides to help you along, or simply tell us your holiday budget and we’ll make sure you to stick to it.

We’ll Be with You Every Step of the Way

From the time you exit the terminal at the airport, to our warm farewell as you depart, our team will be with you every step of the way. Whether this is your first time traveling abroad, or you’ve been there and done that a thousand times before, knowing that you’ll have a representative of Costa Rica Rios looking after you the whole time will surely make you feel at ease. We take care of everything so all you and your brood have to do is get on that plane and get out here already!

Variety is definitely the spice of life

Costa Rica slothCosta Rica is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, home to a plethora of incredible ecosystems, landscapes, and wildlife. In fact, everything about this country screams ‘variety!’ and it is with this in mind that we design our itineraries.

We understand that not everyone loves the same thing, and on a much-needed family holiday it is important that everyone get to have an amazing time. Why compromise on vacation? Whether you’re a nature buff, an adrenaline junkie, an animal lover or a beach-bum, Costa Rica has the ideal trip in mind for you. Between the superb volcanoes, cloud forests, animal reserves, sparkling beaches, tropical jungles and history-filled cities, the whole family will find something to swoon over.

Costa Rica: where age is no barrier

Perhaps you wish to visit Costa Rica with your 5-year-old child and 85-year-old mother? No problem! With the country’s awesome infrastructure and wide array of easy, challenging and relaxing pursuits, you can really bring along your entire extended family and know that nothing will be too hard, for any member of your troop. We match every family member’s age, mobility and fitness level with the right activity and endeavor to find something inspiring and exhilarating for everyone. Moreover, we can organize a series of activities to take place simultaneously, to best make use of your very precious holiday time.

Adventure…and more

Costa Rica zip liningCosta Rica may be renowned as an adventure playground, yet is also boasts plenty to satisfy the needs and desires of the more sedate traveler, with enlightening cultural tours and oodles of R&R offered in every province. And, it should be noted, all this mesmerizing nature is also perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, with a multitude of stunning spa and yoga retreats for those who wish to be a little active, but not go overboard.

If there are particular hobbies in which your family is interested, know that we can also hone in on particular outdoor activities. Avid scuba divers, mountain bikers and horse riders love having the chance to indulge in their passion on a family vacation, so if there’s anything in particular you dream of doing here you just simply have to let us know!

Costa Rica family adventure vacation packages are just one of the many services we offer here at Costa Rica Rios. This country is our heavenly home and we love nothing more than to share its spoils with those who appreciate a WILD time in a totally WILD country. Our family loves it, and we know yours will too.

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Costa Rica with Kids? The Most Rewarding Family Vacation You Could Have!

Costa Rica kid friendly resortCosta Rica and vacations with kids are a match made in perfect, tropical heaven. Thanks to the awesome infrastructure, child-loving culture, an array of fun family festivals, and popular family friendly resorts (among dozens of reasons) Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the most ideal destinations for unique family vacations close to home. There really aren’t many places you can reach, within a few hours by plane, that offers this many bonuses.

Yet at the end of the day, the number one reason families love to head down to Costa Rica for some together-time is because this country offers a bevy of attractions aimed at people of all ages who want to actually be together. Yes, you could head to some other tropical country, stick the littlies in the kids’ club and enjoy a separate vacation. Or you could have the time of your life, together.

Want to know how to entertain kids of all ages (without boring the pants off of parents)  and come home with unforgettable memories of a rewarding vacation?

Here’s how!

Take Lessons…and Discover What You Didn’t Know you Love

Costa Rica stand up paddlingFrom stand-up paddling on Lake Arenal to sea kayaking in the Tortuguero National Park, snorkeling in the pristine waters off the Manuel Antonio National Park, and surfing in one of the hundreds of spectacular beaches, the options for learning a new skill together, in Costa Rica, and nearly endless.

Test your balancing skills, let your 5yo show you how it’s done, show off your own untapped skills, and have a blast while learning and being together. Of all the activities we organize for our family adventure vacation guests, ‘group lessons’ are rated by all as the most rewarding and fun. And it’s not hard to see why. It is the one time where usually a parent’s age and size is to no advantage, and activities where kids feel ‘on an even keel’ with their folks make them feel empowered and validated. It also helps that in most cases, kids totally blitz learning a new skill!

Indulge in Active Family Pursuits

Costa Rica family mountain bikingKeeping the kids active and healthy is undoubtedly the prime objective of most parents. Yet many forget that the most effective method for keeping kids off the lounge – and away from the iPad – is through leading by example. In Costa Rica, being active doesn’t mean jumping on a treadmill for an hour.

It means hiking through pristine forests and visiting remote local villages, mountain biking through verdant valleys, horseback riding on a beach at sunset and zip-lining through the canopy on an ancient rain forest with your heart firmly planted in your throat. Getting active with your kids is not just a healthy choice, but in Costa Rica, about as much fun as you can all have together. Get that adrenalin pumping, show the kids how much more fun nature is when compared with computer games, and create lifelong memories you’ll all cherish forever.

Develop Love and Respect for the Nature

Costa Rica family nature hikeYou’ll never know if your child is a budding biologist until you seem him/her completely enthralled in the amazing ecosystems of Costa Rica. This is something we see, time and again. From an unknown passion for frogs to an obsession for insects and snakes (gasp!), or an aptitude for remembering names of unique flowers, kids have an amazing and inherent connection to nature.

Actually, we all do: yet as adults, we tend to lose this connection. So why not indulge in a superb reminder? In Costa Rica, you can visit turtle sanctuaries, go on wildlife spotting adventures, hike to find the next amazing waterfall in which to dive-bomb and spend hours playing in hot springs, Mother Nature’s most entertaining water parks. Stay in a lodge in the heart Manuel Antonio and watch with delight as the kids wake up to the calls of howler monkeys. Take a guided walk through the forest to spot iguanas camouflaging in the foliage and, as you set up a picnic lunch on a pristine beach, giggle with delight as squirrel monkeys race your kids for the foodie treats.

Teach Kids How to Preserve Nature – and BE the Difference

Costa Rica Children’s Eternal RainforestFor a truly unique outing, include a visit to the Children’s Eternal Rain forest in Monteverde, a simply breathtaking protected reserve which was the brainchild of an intrepid and entrepreneurial 9-year-old. Because going to the zoo may be fun…but experiencing a true Garden of Eden is something no family should ever miss.

Costa Rica is arguably the most eco-friendly country on the planet, and if that matters to you, a vacation here will instill some newfound respect in your whole family for the Earth on which we live. This country is home to countless wilderness and wildlife preservation organizations, many of which you can visit. You can learn about the incredible fragile nesting rituals of turtles, about how humanity impacts on pristine forests and how our personal behavior amounts to colossal environmental bearing, even thousands of miles away. Your kids will see the world through completely altered eyes. And you will too. Teach them to connect the preservation of our planet with the simple things they do at home (like leaving lights on in their room, throwing out recyclable gear and using more detergent and fresh water than they need) and you may find a family vacation in Costa Rica a most enlightening and even life-changing experience.


Most Popular Family-Friendly Resorts in Costa Rica

Costa Rica family vacationIt may seem as if the Christmas holidays were just 5 minutes ago but, before you know, the next school holiday will be at your doorstep. Want to plan an incredible family vacation that is bound to earn you double-brownie points with the kids?

Then look no further than Costa Rica…one of the most affordable, unforgettable and family-friendly destinations this side of the Panama Canal!

Here are just a few of the best family-friendly resorts in Costa Rica:

Westin Golf Resort, Playa Conchal

Westin Golf ResortThe Westin is like a bigger, slightly more deluxe version of the Secrets and, for this reason, costs a little more too. Yet its beach is absolutely pristine and is arguably the main reason some families choose it over the Secrets, extra fees notwithstanding.

The Westin Kids Club is phenomenal and runs a great kids’ program that’ll entice kids between the ages of 4 and 12. There are outdoor and indoor play areas, plenty of arts and crafts in which to indulge their young minds, and kids are free to enjoy the club as any hours as they wish. What’s more, exciting outings are also organized by the experienced and professional teams, so your kids will not just be in great hands, but will also have an absolute blast. Included in the cost of your stay – yet another benefit of an all-inclusive family resort – your biggest challenge will be tearing the kids away from the club. Meanwhile, you have a sparkling freshwater pool, 18-hole golf course, breath-taking stretch of beach, great spa and fitness studio in which to indulge. It’s a win-win!

Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Corcovado

Lapa Rios EcolodgeOn the absolute opposite end of the spectrum 0- in essence, not style – is where you’ll find the Lapa Rios Ecolodge, a simply divine resort that’s tailor-made for discerning families who love nothing more than to spend time together in pristine wilderness. There are no TVs here, no phones, no internet, not even air-conditioning. Just you, your family, and the amazing nature for which Costa Rica is so renowned.

Rated by National Geographic as one of the most unique accommodation choices in the world, Lapas may not come cheap, but when a resort such as this – with inspiring bungalows set on 1,000 acres of outstanding forest, in the heart of the Osa Peninsula and brimming with wildlife – a stay here promises to be quite the unforgettable adventure. After watching your kids play with the resident toucan at breakfast time, you may well surmise the experience to be a totally priceless one, after all. Visit in Green Season (May to October) for the best deals and do remember that rates are all-inclusive here too.

Tulemar Bungalows and Villas, Manuel Antonio

Tulemar Bungalows and VillasTulemar continues to top all the lists of ‘best family-friendly resort in Costa Rica’ and for very valid reasons. What’s not to love? Several families travelling together can enjoy interconnecting rooms, the compound is large enough for kids to get ‘lost in’ but superbly secure so you know they just can’t get into any mischief.

There’s a private beach, a stunning jungle, activities galore, plenty of hiking and active stuff (to wear them out!) and even macaws, toucans and sloths happily living in the property. At Tulemar, it’s like the best of Costa Rica comes straight to you, and is the primary reason its popularity continues, year after year. You won’t just find happy kids here, but plenty of happy parents too. With those views…who could blame them? The unique aspect of Tulemar is that, unlike all the others, this is not a resort per say, but a residential complex with the added service you’d normally find in a hotel. You have a choice of accommodation and price ranges, and plenty of wonderful staff to help make your stay a memorable affair.


Costa Rica Rios Infographic Explores the Fun of Family Vacations

Family Time

Family vacations are meant to be fun for everyone. Planning and taking a trip together gives your family a chance to have fun, relax and enjoy a bit of adventure.

At Costa Rica Rios, we enjoy helping people plan exciting vacation activities. We have so much fun putting together family adventures and relaxation time for our visitors to Costa Rica that we decided to create an infographic full of fun facts and stats about family vacations. Did you know that 77 percent of families are more excited vacationing together?  Check out these and more fun facts on our“Ready for a Family Vacation!”


5 Things to Pack for Your Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River

You’ve purchased your package and are counting down the days until the big trip to include hiking, zip lines, swimming, sea turtles and other exotic animals, surfing, and kayaking. But, are you really ready for your Costa Rica adventure tour? Here are a five quick tips for what to pack for your Costa Rica vacation.

  1. Head Lamp – This little gadget is a favorite among hikers, cyclists and kayakers for its hands-free function. A headlamp with LED lighting, adjustable elastic band and adjustable light direction is ideal. Many are quite lightweight and comfortable.
  2. Quick Dry Attire – Athletic apparel companies manufacture quick-drying attire for sports activities. These types of clothes are great for kayaking and rafting, but also for boat trips and stand-up paddle boarding. Made to wick away moisture, these shirts, shorts and other garments help prevent skin rash and cold body temperatures that can be caused by wet clothing.
  3. Small Package of Laundry Detergent – When you’re having lots of fun, it’s hard to stop for the boring shopping activities like buying laundry detergent. It’s easier to plan ahead and take along a travel-size package. With the warm and humid temperatures found in Costa Rica, it’s easy to quickly soil your clothes with sweat and dust. A simple wash in the hotel bath or sink can fix that.
  4. Waterproof Bags for Electronics – With all the water sports activities you likely have planned for your trip, it’s best to bring a few waterproof pouches to protect your electronic items. Digital cameras, film recorders, cell phones and computer devices can easily be damaged without proper care.
  5. Quick Dry Towel – Usually made of super-absorbent and finely woven micro-fiber or micro-terry, these towels are very handy in many kinds of adventure activities. Quickly towel off after a dip in the ocean, a splash from the raft or an unexpected jungle rain shower.

Contact us for more tips and travel advice when you book your Costa Rica adventure through Costa Rica Rios.


Have a Blast on Vacation at La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano

 La Fortuna is one of the most visited areas in Costa Rica, with visitors and locals flocking to the region to see one of the country’s most famous landmarks, the Arenal Volcano.

Scientists believe that, geologically, Arenal is still a relatively young volcano at less than 7,500 years old, and that it laid dormant for hundreds of years before exploding on July 29, 1968. The explosion lasted several days, burying an area of 15 square kilometers under ash, lava and rocks. 87 locals lost their lives in this explosion. The three local towns of Tabacon, Pueblo Nuevo and San Luis were destroyed It prompted the locals to change the name of their town of “El Borio” to “La Fortuna,” meaning The Fortunate, as it was untouched by the explosion.

Since October of 2010, the Arenal Volcano has slowly seen its activity decrease, with no explosions recorded between December of 2010 and the present day.

Of course, La Fortuna has reinvented itself. It’s not only as a place to visit to see a volcano, but one of the top adventure destinations in Costa Rica, if not the world. Any vacation to Costa Rica is incomplete without a few adventures in this part of the country. You’ll find travelers from all walks of life and from all over the world when visiting the region. The town is family-friendly, with various activities suitable for younger children. It’s also a romantic destination for honeymooners searching for their own private piece of paradise as newlyweds. There’s a wonderful variety of hotels surrounding the town, from low-budget places to extreme luxury accommodations. Many have volcano views from the rooms.

So, what can you expect from a tour of La Fortuna? Here are a few suggestions:

·      Whitewater Rafting

·      Ziplining

·      Hanging Bridges

·      Canyoning

·      Caving

·      Guided Rainforest Hikes

·      Mountain Biking

·      Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

·      Fishing

·      Tubing

After some adventure, you’ll need to relax. Try a visit to one of the natural hot springs in the area. There are several springs and pools open to visitors, offering therapeutic soaks. This is one of the best ways to top off your visit to La Fortuna before heading to the beach.

Plan your next Costa Rican vacation with La Fortuna as a stop-off point. Contact us today, and we can recommend how to fit this enchanting destination into your itinerary.