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10 Quirky Treehouse Lodges for Family Adventure Vacations in Costa Rica

A quirky treehouse lodge stay can be a sensational highlight on a superb family adventure vacation in Costa Rica. Given the country is essentially one ginormous pristine jungle, you’ll find a crazy variety of choice when it comes to this unique style of accommodation. Finding a fabulous treehouse lodge to meet your family’s desires and budget is super easy.

Quirky, fun and traditionally immersed in pristine wilderness. Costa Rica’s best treehouse lodges make for amazing experiences. THIS close to nature means you’ll fall asleep to the call of monkeys and wake up to the chirping of a thousand tropical birds. Like a three-in-one experience that’s rated as ‘priceless’ by all those who’ve been lucky enough to enjoy it. Costa Rica’s best treehouse lodges offer blissful rest, wildlife spotting and a nature-intensive experience you and your family will never forget.

Here are the best family-friendly treehouse options in the country:

Lapa Rios Ecolodge – Osa Peninsula

Lapa Rios is one of the best bird-watching treehouse lodge sin all of Costa Rica and one of our personal favorites. Nestled within 1,000 spectacular acres of prime forest in the resplendent Osa Peninsula, the lodge is an incredible wildlife spotting haven. The open-air cabins, all comforted by mosquito nets, offer mind-blowing views and a blissful ocean breeze. That glorious beach? It’s just a few minutes’ walk away. Lapas Rio Ecolodge is a fantastic choice in the Osa but note that (like many other treehouse lodges) children must be 6 years old and older to stay here.

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Photo Courtesy of Lapa Rios Ecolodge









Finca Bellavista Eco-lodge, Puntarenas

At the opposite end of the ‘glitz and glamour’ scale is where you’ll find Bellavista. A treehouse lodge that takes ‘unplugged, off-grid and barefoot adventures’ to a whole other level. To totally disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with nature. The dozen or so family-friendly cabins here are absolutely ideal. Rustic and hassle-free yet comfortable and alluring. This no-fuss, no-glamour finca is perfect for those dreaming of Robinson Crusoe adventures in the heart of Golfito’s wilderness. Here, you’ll be immersed in primary and secondary rainforests brimming with all manner of exotic wildlife.

Rafiki Safari Lodge

The Rafiki is yet another of our favorite treehouse lodges in Costa Rica. A marvelous choice just an hour from the ultra-popular Manuel Antonio National Park. The Rafiki Safari Lodge is sprawled along the shores of one of the country’s best whitewater rafting and kayaking rivers. The Savegre, where we take our treasured guests on unforgettable and thrilling adventures. This is the perfect river for family adventures! The quirky ‘glamping’ style treehouse accommodation is set on 800 acres of superb jungle. The elevated canvas cabins afford some of the most incredible views in the country. The oversized terraces are absolutely idyllic for sundowners and sunrises!






Rancho Pacifico – Uvita

We absolutely LOVE Rancho Pacifico because – aside from the fact that every single villa boasts eye-popping views of the Pacific – it actually offers a variety of accommodation options. Luxury on-the-ground villas for grandparents, dreamy villas for your and quirky treehouses? Yes, you’ll find them all here. This luxury eco-lodge is a little on the expensive side but, in all honesty, you’d find no better way to splurge on your Costa Rica family adventure than adding a night or two of total bliss. Right here 5 star concierge service, a wonderful restaurant, fitness facilities and a gorgeous bar lounge are just the start!

Please note that Rancho Pacifico offers an extraordinary 5* luxury experience for guests aged 18 and above (no little ones!)

Photo courtesy of Rancho Pacifico







Treehouses Hotel – La Fortuna

Given the very nature of treehouse lodges in Costa Rica, you’re always guaranteed remoteness and quietude . Even if you’re visiting one of the most popular spots in the country. And so it is with the Treehouse Hotel, right in the heart of La Fortuna, one of the most touristic highlights in all of Costa Rica. The seven jaw-dropping luxury treehouses boast air-conditioning, electricity, private terraces (those views!) and full-sized en-suites and bunk-beds in the 2nd bedrooms. Stay here and you’ll be surrounded by pristine forests home to toucans, sloths, monkeys, a thousand hummingbirds, colorful butterflies and delightful natural springs.

Photo courtesy of Treehouses Hotel







Lapas Nest Treehouse – Osa Peninsula

Take that Robinson Crusoe experience and raise it by a few notches: that’s the Lapas Nest Treehouse experience! An outstanding open-air, SEVEN-story treehouse to give Tarzan some true lodge-envy. The Lapas Nest makes for an amazing springboard for Corcovado wilderness adventures. A true respite from the hectic pace of everyday life, Lapas Nest is that oasis in the jungle you never realized you desperately needed. Add superb chefs, massages, adventures and yoga to the mix and you’ve got yourself an unrivalled family vacation adventure in Costa Rica. The lodge sleeps 12 guests.

PHOTO Photo courtesy of SomersetTravels

Santa Juana Lodge – Manuel Antonio

The rugged but spellbinding drive up to Santa Juana is, hands down, one of the best reasons to stay. Get snuggled and cozy in the forests of Manuel Antonio and enjoy spellbinding and unobstructed views across the magnificent rainforest views. The casitas have an amazing open-floor plan that makes you feel as if you’re literally suspended above the treetop canopy – because you are! The cabins on stilts are built around the spectacular trees of the forest. Yet the experience is one and the same. Nearby waterfalls, indescribable natural immersion and million-dollar views are your wonderful rewards.

Photo courtesy of Santa Juana Lodge






Hidden Canopy Treehouses Boutique Hotel – Monteverde

Half a dozen gorgeous treehouses make up this lodge. Which is secretly hidden in the mountain tops of Monteverde’s cloud forests. Expect breathtaking views, magnificent waterfalls and luscious gardens to be your constant companions. Alongside wellness treatments, gourmet dining and amazing canopy walking trails.

Photo courtesy of Hidden Canopy Treehouses Boutique Hotel







Treehouse Lodge – Limon

Nestled in the wilds of the Gandoza-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge on the southern Caribbean coast. The spectacular Treehouse Lodge is one of the most incredible eco treehouse lodges in Costa Rica. Built (almost) entirely out of sustainably-sourced bamboo. The lodge offers five distinct family-friendly treehouses. Each one offering its own unique style and enticements. A winner of multiple sustainability awards, the Treehouse Lodge offers split-level family cabins with double and king-sized beds, a fully-equipped kitchen and gorgeous outdoor shower. With a stunning beach just steps away and the kind of quietude you’d pay a million bucks for. This Costa Rica treehouse hotel makes for a sensational end to a week chock-full of adrenalin-pumping adventures.

Photo courtesy of Treehouse Lodge, Limon







Nature Observatorio – Limon

Alas, just a few steps inland from the Treehouse Lodge is this amazing 3-floor treehouse built within the trunk of a ginormous tree. And also in the heart of the Gandoza-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Offering stays for just 4 people at a time. The Nature Observatorio is one of the more unique treehouse options. Perfect if you’d love to feel as if you have the entire forest all to yourself. A night’s stay includes three delicious meals so if you never want to get down from your own personal tree, you don’t need to!

Photo courtesy of Nature Observatorio, Limon









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Part III: Costa Rica Vacation – Family Adventure Vacation

Costa Rica adventure vacationIf you know anything about us, you’ll know that we believe Costa Rica is the ideal family vacation playground. With bucket-loads of fun, educational and nature-filled adventures, this is one of those rare destinations that manages to captivate everyone, of any age.

This is why we find it kid’s play to organize popular family adventure vacation packages that take in the best of the country, and gift parents and their active children a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences.

We’ve been matching families with tailor-made itineraries for over a decade now and have honed in on all those little things that can turn a great vacation into an awe-inspiring adventure. We know you’re looking for a unique vacation, that you’re after more than just sundowners by a pool although wouldn’t mind them at the end of a hard day’s play. You want your kids to be entertained, not by iPads and smartphones, but by the awe-inspiring wonders of Mother Nature. You want them to understand the beauty and fragility of nature, the importance of protecting it and the incredibly interesting culture that lie beyond your driveway. We get that.

Costa Rica white water raftingSo on top of offering all that you wish for, we offer you a mixed range of accommodation, from rustic to luxurious and comfortable, copious authentic cultural experiences, and an array of fun pursuits that will keep the adrenaline pumping all day long. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, canyoning, surfing, snorkeling, zip-wire flying and more. These are just some of the totally fun stuff you can expect to enjoy when you visit Costa Rica with us. And then some.

Costa Rica provides the pristine nature and unique culture, and we’ll find 101 ways for you and your family to enjoy it all.

How’s that for family vacation perfection?

Finally! A Rewarding Family Vacation that Won’t Break the Bank

At Costa Rica Rios, we believe that heaven shouldn’t cost you the earth and endeavor to customize an itinerary that will not only tickle your fancy but also fall within your budget. Because coming home to a hefty credit card bill will surely put a damper on your vacation. We have set itineraries and guides to help you along, or simply tell us your holiday budget and we’ll make sure you to stick to it.

We’ll Be with You Every Step of the Way

From the time you exit the terminal at the airport, to our warm farewell as you depart, our team will be with you every step of the way. Whether this is your first time traveling abroad, or you’ve been there and done that a thousand times before, knowing that you’ll have a representative of Costa Rica Rios looking after you the whole time will surely make you feel at ease. We take care of everything so all you and your brood have to do is get on that plane and get out here already!

Variety is definitely the spice of life

Costa Rica slothCosta Rica is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, home to a plethora of incredible ecosystems, landscapes, and wildlife. In fact, everything about this country screams ‘variety!’ and it is with this in mind that we design our itineraries.

We understand that not everyone loves the same thing, and on a much-needed family holiday it is important that everyone get to have an amazing time. Why compromise on vacation? Whether you’re a nature buff, an adrenaline junkie, an animal lover or a beach-bum, Costa Rica has the ideal trip in mind for you. Between the superb volcanoes, cloud forests, animal reserves, sparkling beaches, tropical jungles and history-filled cities, the whole family will find something to swoon over.

Costa Rica: where age is no barrier

Perhaps you wish to visit Costa Rica with your 5-year-old child and 85-year-old mother? No problem! With the country’s awesome infrastructure and wide array of easy, challenging and relaxing pursuits, you can really bring along your entire extended family and know that nothing will be too hard, for any member of your troop. We match every family member’s age, mobility and fitness level with the right activity and endeavor to find something inspiring and exhilarating for everyone. Moreover, we can organize a series of activities to take place simultaneously, to best make use of your very precious holiday time.

Adventure…and more

Costa Rica zip liningCosta Rica may be renowned as an adventure playground, yet is also boasts plenty to satisfy the needs and desires of the more sedate traveler, with enlightening cultural tours and oodles of R&R offered in every province. And, it should be noted, all this mesmerizing nature is also perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, with a multitude of stunning spa and yoga retreats for those who wish to be a little active, but not go overboard.

If there are particular hobbies in which your family is interested, know that we can also hone in on particular outdoor activities. Avid scuba divers, mountain bikers and horse riders love having the chance to indulge in their passion on a family vacation, so if there’s anything in particular you dream of doing here you just simply have to let us know!

Costa Rica family adventure vacation packages are just one of the many services we offer here at Costa Rica Rios. This country is our heavenly home and we love nothing more than to share its spoils with those who appreciate a WILD time in a totally WILD country. Our family loves it, and we know yours will too.

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