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Why Costa Rica is the Ideal Family Vacation Playground 

Costa rica family vacationYou know the drill; a family vacation is usually great fun for kids and totally exhausting for parents, whose only aim is to ensure the little ones have the time of their lives. Meanwhile, mom and dad can barely relax, struggle to find ‘fun things’ to do together that won’t bore one or the other, end up going home even more tired than when they left and dread the moment the exorbitant vacation credit card bill arrives in the post. If this sounds like your last family vacation, then you obviously didn’t visit Costa Rica.

Costa Rica villaThis immense playground of fun, educational and relaxing pursuits is a dream destination, one which seems tailor-made for families with kids of any age. The fun stuff is REALLY fun, and we don’t mean just for the kids. The chances for relaxation and spending quality time together superb, the variety of attractions plentiful and, to top it off, Costa Rica is also an incredibly affordable family vacation destination.

Yes, you could spend a few days on an all-inclusive Disneyland holiday, battling the overwhelming crowds and ubiquitous sugar and junk-food rushes. Or you can travel to one of the world’s most magical and natural playgrounds, for a whole week of an unforgettable family vacation at a fraction of the cost.

So which one will it be?

Family Vacation Adrenaline

Costa Rica raftingForget swings and slippery dips…playtime in Costa Rica means heart-pumping fun for the whole family, and innumerable chances to satisfy the adrenaline junkie in your family.

From zooming through treetops to rafting down rushing rapids, mountain biking down the side of a stunning volcano and learning to surf on a spectacular beach. And that’s just an entrée! With activities and lessons suitable for all ages – yes, even 5-year-olds – family fun in Costa Rica is a given and perfect for those with very active, curious and intrepid kids. More importantly, fun in Costa Rica is something your whole family can have together, with a plethora of active sports and excursions that will have all of you collapsing in bed by 8pm, saying ‘Wow, that was SO COOL!’

Costa Rica is Captivating for Animal Lovers!

Parrots in Costa RicaRenowned as one of the world’s most bio-diverse nations, Costa Rica is teeming with interesting and unique wildlife the animal-lover in your family will adore. On land, you can hike through the rain forest with a naturalist guide in search of lazy sloths, neon-colored frogs, cheeky monkeys, a myriad of spectacular birds and oodles of insects.

The littlies always love the insects! Visit an animal refuge and you can all enjoy close encounters with your favorite creatures, including the elusive jaguar. Time your family vacation to coincide with turtle nesting season and you can admire the spectacle of an arribada or mass nesting sessions. This is one of the most spellbinding phenomenon of nature and something which will mesmerize you all. At sea, head out on a fun boat trip to spot dolphins and whales, and mangroves to catch glimpses of caymans. Include a couple of night’s stay in a farmhouse so the kids can get a taste of the authentic Costa Rica life. They can help with the animals, learn to ride a horse and see how much work goes into running a farm.

Costa Rica’s wilderness is top notch and stunning of its own accord, yet what entices so many visitors are the countless creatures which inhabit them. This is the stuff documentaries are made of, so if you want to gift your animal-loving child an unforgettable memory, you could pick no better place.

It Boasts Active Volcanoes!

Costa Rica volcanoThere’s something about bubbling volcanic mud baths that manage to elicit the loudest WOWs, most especially from young kids. Got a couple of geologist-wannabes on your hands? Take them up a volcano and watch as they stand in awe at the wonder of nature. Peering into the crater of a volcano is certainly something no child (or adult) does every day and is bound to make quite the impression at the next ‘show ‘n tell’. In Costa Rica, getting up close to a volcano is not only very rewarding but also very safe. Some craters are even totally doable while pushing a stroller – in case your little Charles Darwin is still a toddler. The best part? With volcanoes and bubbling mud baths come relaxing and sublime hot thermal springs. Cha-ching! Soak up the tired legs after an invigorating hike and discover the most beautiful swimming pools in the world!

Family package adventure tours to Costa Rica are simply perfect for those who are short on time but BIG on wishes. As much as we all might love to travel independently, doing so requires a lot of spare time, a luxury most parents don’t have. Time to research accommodation places, attractions, activities, and the likes. Then there’s the time needed to email, book and confirm; transfers to arrange, English-speaking guided to suss out, and on and on and on. Fine if you’re investing on a 3-month traveling stint…but not so fun if you have just a week up your sleeve, restless kids and a fervent desire for an easy yet captivating vacation.

And that’s where we come in!

Costa Rica family vacationWe absolutely love organizing family favorite adventure vacations to Costa Rica. This country of immense natural beauty, unique wildlife, and array of adrenaline-pumping activities – not to mention collection of outstanding spa resorts, divine cuisine, hospitable people and more crystal clear waters you could ever snorkel in – is a family’s paradise getaway. Devising a unique itinerary to include all the things you all love most, is incredibly fun for us and something in which we take much pride.

Because family vacations should be about minimizing the stress and maximizing your time together. And that’s what we do best.




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