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Stuck at home? Get Your Costa Rica Travel Fix!

With so many travelers stuck at home and forced to postpone their Costa Rica travel plans, we thought we’d help keep your wanderlust alive by sharing some of our favorite experiences that’ll be right here, waiting for you to finally visit. As we all take a deep breath and ride out this crazy Covid-19 global crisis, a virtual travel fix may be just what our soul needs most.

Ready for a Costa Rica vacation of your dreams? Then settle in with a cup of coffee (or better still, a Pura Vida rum punch) and let your imagination take flight – these are the most magical experiences you can enjoy once we’ve kicked this pandemic to the curb!


Enjoy the uncrowded treasures of Costa Rica (and keep the good side of social distancing going!)

Social distancing may be a new term in our neck of the woods but, in Costa Rica, it’s part and parcel of every nature-drenched adventure vacation. Getting away from it all is simply too easy here and that’s the main reason Costa Rica is rated one of the most delightful, rejuvenating and soul-reviving holiday destinations on earth. Yes, you may be craving some social time, we get it, but you may also have started to appreciate aloneness, peace, and blissful quiet. We get that too.

There are quite a few uncrowded places we love to visit when we get some down-time and not all of them are in the back of beyond. Costa Rica is actually filled with lesser-known and lesser-visited places hidden in plain sight, even in the most touristed areas. When we’re in Guanacaste, we love taking a day out and going horseback riding in Rincon de la Vieja. This is one of our country’s most beautiful national parks but, for whatever mysterious reasons, it just doesn’t see the crowds of other parks. Just the ticket for a bit of delightful explorations.

costa rica


Closer to home, we love spending a few hours soaking our tired bones in the gorgeous Titokú Hot Springs, one of Arenal’s best-kept secrets and a small but ridiculously charming natural hot-spring center. In this case, Titokú is lesser-visited because it’s surrounded by much more prominent hot-spring resorts so it tends to get lost in the crowd. Fabulous!

horseback riding


If you’re dreaming of a remote and uncrowded region where to spend some serious time, then you really shouldn’t hike past the Osa Peninsula, home to Costa Rica’s most biodiverse and isolated national park. Corcovado is a treasure-trove of wilderness and wildlife, one that requires a bit of time and effort to reach and one which, for obvious reasons, is blissfully untarnished.

Home to 50% of all the flora and fauna species in the country, Corcovado is one of the world’s most prized reserves, home to sloths, jaguars, crocodiles, tapirs, several species of monkeys and an endless array of spectacular birds. A selection of hiking trails and options for gentle river kayaking allows visitors to safely soak up the splendors of the park, responsibly and sustainably. You must plan your visit ahead of time and gain the necessary permits and, as well as rustic lodges just outside the park’s boundaries, there’s also a smattering of exquisite wilderness lodges that are simply out of this world. You’ll not find a better place to restore your heart’s contentment.

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Given that we’ll probably be so over cities, houses and winter by the time we all emerge from our quarantine dens, it’s fair to say a beach vacation will be high on most people’s priorities.

We’ve got you covered!

Revered as a beach-vacay destination with unparalleled beauty and relaxation, Costa Rica is a seaside lover’s dream. Boasting over 800 miles of coastline and more than 300 jaw-dropping beaches, you really not need travel far to claim your corner of sandy paradise. The most famous and visited stretch of coast is along the central and northern Pacific, where lovely seaside towns and plenty of waterfront lodges make for easy vacation planning, especially if you can just get away for a few days. Fly into the Liberia Airport, if that’s the case, and your transfer to the coast will take even less time.

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The most spectacular beaches in Costa Rica are household names to those who’ve visited before – we’re talking Manuel Antonio’s picture-perfect sandy shores, vibrant and social Tamarindo and Jaco, with its myriad of water sports. The west coast beaches are all about amazing swims, snorkelling and sunset admiring, and are quite ideal for honeymoon trips and for those who wish to include a few days of beach-bumming whilst still hiking and visiting the most prominent parks. Yet along the famous stretch, you’ll still find plenty of beaches off the most touristed trail: still keeping you very much central but also offering that lovely R&R stint you’ll probably crave.


Take a family adrenaline-packed adventure

By the end of this pandemic mess, we may well have spent weeks and maybe even months cooped up in our homes, both kids and adults going bonkers with boredom and anxiety. The perfect cure? A full-on, adventure-packed vacation in Costa Rica!

Break free of those restrictions and let your adrenaline pump through your veins by tackling a weeklong stint chock-full of exhilarating activities. From whitewater rafting and kayaking to hard-core hiking, thrilling mountain biking, canyoning and amazing canopy swinging…and that’s just the start.

Here are our best Costa Rica adventure tours to get your travel-life back on track:

*Week of Adventures – Our 8-day adventure vacation package is arguably the single most popular tour we offer and is specifically aimed at those who want to try a little of EVERYTHING Costa Rica offers: all the major activities plus plenty of time to unwind on a glorious beach, wildlife encounters and amazing feasting on local specialties, every single day. The most comprehensive itinerary for those who need to catch up on fun and adventure? This is it!



*Honeymoon & Romance – If weeks of homebound quarantine has pushed your relationship to the brink, now’s your time to start planning a romantic getaway that’s set to rekindle the love! Our exotic itineraries will see you soak up the magic of Costa Rica’s luxury lodges, where sunset cocktails, intimate dinners and private bungalows are the norm, all the while filling your days with a wonderful mix of adventure sports and relaxing indulgences. The perfect, post-pandemic honeymoon? You bet!



*Family Vacations – Children the world over are having a difficult time understanding the ins and outs of our current crisis and, whether or not you’re choosing to home-school (or not) for a while, your whole family is probably looking forward to the day where normality returns. And then, it’s time for a glorious reward! Take the kids (and yourselves) out of your comfort zones and celebrate your freedom and good health in style, with an unforgettable family adventure vacation in Costa Rica. Swap your four walls for pristine jungles, beaches and mountains and spend quality time together doing fun and exhilarating activities, together. Our family vacation itineraries are planned with kids AND adults in mind, including plenty of rainforest experiences, wildlife spotting and adventure sports suitable for all ages.



*Week of Rivers – For whitewater lovers, specifically, we plan outstanding weeklong paddling adventures on Costa Rica’s best-rated rivers. This is the land of world-class kayaking and canoeing and, thanks to our team of experienced guides, are can offer runs for both novice and experienced paddlers. This is our most dedicated tour, the one that’s solely focused on river-based fun. Want to indulge your passion or, perhaps, kindle a new one? Costa Rica awaits!

And we are too…waiting to welcome our adventure-seeking guests with open arms.

Hasta pronto!


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NEWSFLASH – Coronavirus and Travel to Costa Rica – What You Should Know

Heading to Costa Rica and wondering how the coronavirus outbreak could affect your trip? Read on to learn more about this latest global health crisis and what that means for your impending adventure vacation

The outbreak of the new COVID-19 coronavirus has had a huge impact on the travel industry, even in regions where no infections have been reported. People the world over are gripped by anxiety and fear with a wealth of contradicting news reports shedding no light on the real situation, leaving many to wonder if they should consider cancelling their trip to Costa Rica.

First of all, it’s important to know that as of today, the 4th March, 2020, Costa Rica has no reported cases of coronavirus, which is fantastic news for anyone heading to our shores for an exceptional adventure vacation

As of March 12th, 2020, there are 22 cases of coronavirus confirmed.

As of May 12th, 2020. borders are currently shut until June 15th. The government has done a very good job here at containing the outbreak. There are under 800 cases and only 6 deaths so far (last time I listened), so the country has managed the situation better than most. We have nor been told when we will reopen yet.

Dispelling wild speculation and, instead, highlighting the real facts should go a long way in easing your fears. Whether you already have a trip planned with us at Costa Rica Rios or were contemplating booking an adventure tour soon, there’s a host of info you should know before making any decisions, either to go ahead or cancel.

Naturally, your health and safety are of paramount importance but so is making an informed decision.

Here’s what you should know:


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What Is The New Coronavirus?

The World Health Organization (WHO) categorizes coronaviruses as a family of illnesses that range from the common cold to more severe strains of respiratory illnesses which have, in the past, included SARS and MERS. This latest outbreak has seen a new strain emerge, one that has never before been recorded. Much of the confusion (and public panic) comes from the fact that the virus was unknown at first yet in the two months since the first infections were discovered, a lot of information has been obtained from international health and infectious disease centers.

From what is known, right now, around 80% of those infected with this new strain (now named COVID-19) display mild symptoms and recover on their own without the need for special medical treatments. Out of those 20% that do require more care, between 18 and 19% go on to recover fully, leaving a fatality rate of between 2% (in China) and 1% (elsewhere). Although the fatality rate is much (much) lower than other severe coronavirus strains (like the above mentioned SARS and MERS), the COVID0-19 seems easier to transmit.

This is why prevention is so important.

Courtesy of WHO


Courtesy of WHO


You’ll find a host of valuable information and travelling tips on the WHO Advice for the Public page.

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Where Does Costa Rica Stand on the New Coronavirus Health Scare?

Costa Rica has NO reported cases of coronavirus at time of writing

As stated above, Costa Rica has remained blissfully coronavirus-free throughout this latest outbreak, and is one of more than 120 countries that haven’t been affected. The sheer number of direct flights from the US and Canada also means that the overwhelming majority of travelers will not need to transit through any coronavirus hot-spots, further minimizing their chances of contracting anything on their way south.

Although all countries seem to be doing a great job of isolating their affected regions, restricting flights and carrying out comprehensive pre-boarding scans, it’s comforting to know that we remain one of the safest and healthiest travel destinations in the world.

All major government travel advisory boards advice people against travelling to and through affected regions yet NONE are suggesting you cancel your travel plans to other regions.

There’s absolutely no reason to consider cancelling your vacation in Costa Rica.

What you should do, however, is to keep abreast of the latest updates.

What should you do?

  1. Avoid all non-essential travel to affected countries/regions – you’ll find an updated list on the CDC Website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and you can also follow their daily updates on Twitter and keep abreast of their latest Costa Rica Advisory.
  2. As long as you haven’t traveled to/through affected regions in the fortnight prior to boarding your flight to Costa Rica, then you’re all set to go! If you have, you simply need to wait it out until you’ve passed the 14-day mark as directed by health authorities.
  3. Avoid sensationalist news outlets and, instead, follow the directives of the US Government Travel Advisory which is, at time of writing, focusing primarily on China and Asia, in general.
  4. Enroll your journey in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so you can get real-time updates as they’re published, specific to Costa Rica and any countries you may be transiting through.
  5. Maintain a high level of hygiene (wash those hands properly!) and simply keep a safe distance from anyone displaying obvious flu symptoms (cough, sneeze) whilst you travel. Remember that a mask is not necessary unless YOU are displaying symptoms of a cold.
  6. Keep perspective – at the end of the day, the precautions you should adopt to prevent being infected with coronavirus on your travels are the same you’d adopt at any time when travelling. Wash your hands, keep away from people who appear to be sick, and wash your hands.
  7.  wash hands


That’s it!

Ready to put this mess behind you and come enjoy a vacation in the most exhilarating country on earth? Then why not check out our Costa Rica Adventure Vacation packages?! And remember, we are ready to chat to you about your travel plans and advice you on the best way forward for your specific situation.

Call us anytime!

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You Seasonal Travel Guide to Costa Rica

Boasting more than 20 micro climates and an eclectic array of landscapes, Costa Rica is very much a year-round destination. Having said that, there are some instances when a particular month is more enticing for a particular activity so the best time to visit will highly depend on whatever fun adventures you wish to have in Pura-Vida-land. The western and eastern halves of the country, moreover, tend to boast opposing ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ seasons so when it’s pouring down on one side, you’ll likely enjoy dry days in the other.

We’ve divided our Seasonal Travel Guide to Costa Rica into the most coveted activities and destinations, to make it easier for you to ascertain when you should be planning your own adventure vacation.

Best Climate (Less Rain)

Dry season on Costa Rica’s most visited side (the western Pacific coast side) falls between December and April and, given the first two months coincide with the Christmas holiday period, and the last with the busy Easter holiday, it also makes it the busiest and most expensive time of year to travel. Dry days are quite blissful here because, given the sheer wild nature of the country, rain can seriously disrupt extensive road travel. Busy season means you must book your trip, your activities and accommodation way ahead of time if you hope to nab your favorite preferences: you can always ‘swing’ a trip to Costa Rica at the last minute, as long as you’re happy to simply accept the choices available during high season.

The good news however, if you’re not a fan of big crowds and higher prices, is that there’s always a corner of the country that’s just perfect at whatever time you wish to visit and that, even in rain season, you can have a magical trip, mostly if you choose to explore only two areas thus reducing your need to cover long distances.

Wildlife Watching

Animal spotting is generally much better during rain season and this is especially true if you’re dreaming of marine life watching. The Ostional beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula welcome mass arribadas of nesting turtles in September and October whilst on the Caribbean side, you can catch them nesting at Tortuguero National Park from as early as May. For exceptional whale watching boat trips, you’ll want to head to the Marino Ballena Marine Park in August and September, when migrating humpbacks (and more) sail by for a few months on their way south.

travel guide







Luscious Landscapes

There’s no denying that rains have a refreshing and nurturing effect on the wilderness of Costa Rica and although the effects of the rains do remain for a couple of months after rain season ends, they don’t extend much beyond that. February may be a perfect month to soak up the sun on pristine sandy beaches but for resplendent foliage in rainforests and all national parks, rainy season tours just can’t be beaten.

Particularly beautiful is the month immediately following the first rains, when wildflowers bloom, wildlife is out in force and it seems every single bird in the country is singing its little heart out in absolute delight.

Best Value For Money

The rainy season also wins this round, offering amazing value for your adventure money. Fewer crowds and lower prices mean you can stay longer or upgrade your usual ‘luxury level’ so you can splurge on luxury lodges for just a portion of their usual, high-season prices. Visitors also love the fact that rainy season offers options for last-minute trips and even last-minute changes to the itinerary, once there. Plus, when you fly outside of the Christmas, Easter and Summer holiday vacation times, you can save a neat bundle on airfares too. Just keep an eye out for July and August travel: it may still be rainy season here but this is prime vacation period for North Americans and Europeans, so expect a slight surge in crowds and prices during these two particular months.


Zip-lining is one of the many activities in Costa Rica that can be enjoyed all year long: if you happen to be visiting during the quieter rainy season, however, you might just want to ensure you’re up and flying early in the morning. Tropical downpours usually occur in the early afternoon, so your mornings will likely be just fine. Moreover, there are zip-lining tours on offer in just about every corner of the country

travel guide







Surfing & Beach Combing

To be honest, we love beach combing in Costa Rica at any time of year but it’s true that if you only have a week to spend down here, you’ll want the highest chances of perfectly clear skies and good underwater visibility for water sports. Head here from mid-November to April to ensure perfectly clear skies and pristine beach conditions – just the ideal antidote to freezing northern-hemisphere winter blues. Do note that this is very much a tropical country: dry season means there’s usually little chance of rain but you’ll always run the chance of a refreshing downpour, occasionally. Trust us, you’ll love it!

Many people recommend visiting during the rainy season because, although you’ll possibly have fewer hours of pristine beach conditions, you’ll find beaches uncrowded and peacefully quiet. Whilst that’ll all well and true, Costa Rica is actually home to so many beaches off the beaten path, that finding a quiet nook is really not all that difficult. Yes, even in dry season.

travel guide







Oh, now here’s a lovely conundrum: hiking, in general, is best done when trails are dry (so head here in dry season) however, given that the most spectacular hiking trails are to gorgeous waterfalls, you’ll enjoy more overwhelming water flow if you head here during the rainy season instead. Muddy trails and gushing waterfalls? Or dry trails and milder waterfalls? You decide!

By and large, however, hiking is best done during the dry season yet considering this means higher temps, you’ll really want to have your boots laced up straight after an early breakfast. Dry season is dreamy in a lot of ways but in some areas of Costa Rica the temps can get into the high-90s, so you will want to be at your most active early in the morning.

Less Humidity

The rains between May and October do bring the temps down quite a bit but they also increase the humidity levels to at-times overwhelming levels. Whilst the dry season months are somewhat easier on the body, it isn’t too hard to get used to the humidity: simply pack plenty of bug repellent and enjoy your (literal) immersion into jungle life. The pros of rainy season travel are so many that bypassing a trip at this time for a bit of extra humidity is simply not worth it!


Wilderness Trips

While it’s true that rainier months can cause havoc on Costa Rica’s roads, it’s also true that regional airports make it easy to reach remote regions that have been temporarily cut off, like the Osa Peninsula. This incredible wild haven of wildlife is just a peach of off-grid adventures, with rainy months offering magnificent wildlife watching. If you’re more into wilderness rather than laying-by-the-beach trips, then the Osa is quite perfect for rain season trips, especially if you can opt to fly in. Just note that September is about the best month to visit whilst October the rainiest one of all. Given that the Osa is remote and somewhat more expensive, this can also make for a much cheaper indulgence in a gorgeous eco-lodge – you may even get the whole place all to yourself. How magical would that be?






Caribbean Coast

The eastern Caribbean coast typically sees a lot more rain all year round although for two months, in September and October, things dry up pretty well. Puerto Viejo makes for a wonderful base to explore the coast and nearby national parks and, in October, it enjoys its short and sweet dry season. Given this is a remote region of the country and lesser visited anyway, it’s just perfect to visit at this time. Dodge the rains of the west and explore a pristine part of Costa Rica? Win-win!

Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

River-based adventure sports like rafting and kayaking are best enjoyed when rivers are flowing healthily so head to Costa Rica during the rainy season to enjoy thrilling adventures. Having said that, however, lower river levels are quite ideal for slower and more laid-back adventures, perfect for beginners.

Most people will often worry excessively about the rain in Costa Rica, probably because they obsess over weather apps that’ll show a rain cloud for an entire day when, in reality, it only rains for 2 hours of an afternoon. Even in dry season, if we get a 10-minute sprinkle, our weather app will show a rain cloud, all day long. How crazy! There’s something to be said for some (technological) blissful ignorance here: just plan your adventure vacation in Costa Rica at a time of year when it suits you best and we promise to help you plan an AMAZING adventure in this crazy playground of ours.

See our complete collection of adventure vacations in Costa Rica and don’t forget that we can help you plan a custom-made itinerary, set to your desires and budget, t whatever time of year you wish to visit.

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Do Your Research: Safety Guide for Costa Rica Adventures

Safety is usually a huge priority for anyone planning an adventure vacation in Costa Rica. And if it isn’t then it definitely should be. The country of a million adventure sports is an active traveler’s dream with such exciting activities as zip-lining, whitewater rafting, abseiling, horseback riding and mountain biking appearing on the daily itinerary of all adventure seekers heading our way. Yet as exciting as all this may be, it’s easy to often overlook the safety aspect of such endeavors.

Safety Guide

To this end, here are a few recommendations to help you plan your unforgettable (and safe!) adventure vacation in Costa Rica:

Do Your Research Before…So You Don’t Have To Worry During Your Vacation

The main reason so many people overlook the safety aspect of adventure-filled vacation is because it’s a totally boring subject to contemplate, especially at a time when one is fantasizing about swinging between jungle treetops and rappelling down raging waterfalls. Yet although the chances of something going awry is minuscule, endeavoring to ensure your utmost safety before you even get on the plane means you need not worry about DURING your trip. This is what everyone should be aiming for: make safety a priority during the planning stage (ensuring you are able to actually partake in some extreme sports and choosing the right adventure travel company) and you need not question yourself during the trip.

Choose An Adventure Company You Know You Can Trust. Once You Do, Listen To Them And Tell Them Of Any Health Issues

The adventure travel company you choose should be well-renowned and boast an excellent safety record and plenty of client reviews. Once you’ve made your pick, trust them wholeheartedly. These are the guys that know best.

There are certain health issues that may prevent you from partaking in some of Costa Rica’s most coveted activities. You may not know what they are but your tour company definitely should, so disclose any issues you may have (including medication you may be taking) and let them guide you towards the right activities for you. Moreover, trust that your guides know their job and have your safety (and that of your travelling group) as their top priority, above and beyond anything else. Sometimes, they’ll ask you to wear specific shoes for certain activities or remover jewelry and leave your camera behind. Some activities have age restrictions. All of this is done purely for safety reasons so, please, listen to the recommendations of your guide and, even if you don’t understand the reasons behind certain restrictions, always follow them. By all means, do ask for explanations if you so wish and if you’re not in a situation of immediate danger (in which case follow directions first and ask questions later) as guides do appreciate explaining their safety protocols. The best agencies will have top-notch equipment of the highest standard and experienced and well-trained guides that know their chosen pocket of wilderness like the back of their hands. They’ll know to continually check the weather forecast and have contingency plans in place should anything negatively impact the day’s intended activity.

Make Sure You’ve Had No Alcohol And Are Well Rested Before Attempting Any Outdoor Activity In Costa Rica

When having a blast in Costa Rica’s wilderness, it’s imperative that you – just like your guides – be at the top of your game and that means you should be well rested and not suffering under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind. You’d be surprised at just how uncoordinated you can be being only a little bit tired, let alone a little bit hungover. Your reaction times are delayed and your overall physical performance will suffer greatly if you aren’t feeling 100%. If in doubt, speak to your guide about what’s required of you on the day and take a rain check to rest instead. This way, your safety will never be compromised.

Make Sure You Have Comprehensive Health Insurance That Covers All The Activities You Want To Do

No matter how many precautions you may take when travelling to Costa Rica, something can always happen and for that reason it is imperative you arrive with a fully comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you for all eventualities. Should you suffer an injury during your adventure tour of Costa Rica (rare but not impossible), the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether or not your travel insurance will cover all of your expenses. As we love to say: if you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to travel! Make sure your insurance policy will cover your intended activities specifically. Many standard travel policies will not cover for adventure sports, for example, so make sure you have a policy that does.

At Costa Rica Rios, we take your safety seriously and that’s part of the reason National Geographic voted us one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies (on Earth). We’ve been running fully-guided adventure tours in Costa Rica for over two decades, using world-class equipment and employing the best guides in the business. For your unparalleled safety and peace of mind, we are your safety guides for Costa Rica adventures. When only the best will do!

See our full collection of Costa Rica adventure vacations and contact us to know more.

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More Than A Week Away From It All

In this down-sized economy, companies are running leaner and offering new employees less vacation benefits. In turn, as our work schedules get more demanding and e-tools make us more likely to be “plugged in” to work 24/7, our stress levels are through the roof!

Costa Rica Rios Adventure Vacation with Cliff Jumping.

We are living in a “time is money” generation and have lost sight of why we really need time away from the office. A vacation isn’t just a job perk, it is medicine for the body, mind and soul that cleanses us from stress and increases our productivity in the long run. Thinking that we have to much to do and are too needed at the office keeps us from the main event in our lives – living!

Think of it this way, your job is a means to an end. The goal of working should be to fund your perfect life. Life is all about experience and adventure, that’s why getting away from it all by taking a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation can help enhance your life in ways you never even thought of before. Did you know that when Forbes Magazine polled 400 of the richest business people in the US, that they weren’t really any happier than the average American? That’s because status and money doesn’t bring you life satisfaction. Experience, adventure and relationships with family do.

Stress and anxiety are bigger risk factors for heart attacks than hamburgers and genetics combined. Did you know that people who take an annual vacation of one week or more at a time are significantly less likely to have heart attacks? Not only can a vacation help your heart, but it can improve your sleep habits and help clear your mind so that you are super productive when you return!

Costa Rica Rios Adventure Vacation White Water Rafting in Costa Rico Rapids.

For families the benefits of a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation are double! Spending one to two weeks of quality time (that would be time uninterrupted with cell phone calls and e-mails) with your children helps them to become more resilient adults with higher self-esteem. Husbands and wives, parents and children and even siblings need that extra stress-free time to bond and build relationships. So this year, try to plan your work schedule around your vacation time and not the other way around!


Lifelong Benefits Of An Adventure Vacation

Thinking of packing up the kids for yet another road trip to visit the world’s largest ball of string, or another exciting trip to a hotel Elvis once stayed at? Think again! Adventure vacations are quickly rising in popularity and can provide lifelong memories for all ages. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to please everyone!

Whitewater rafting adventure with Costa Rica Rios in Costa Rica.

Vacation days are a scarce commodity and should be planned wisely. Adventure vacations can take you around the world and provide extensive opportunity for physical activity, friendly competition and awe-inspiring sight-seeing. Children and adults of all ages can benefit from being immersed in a new and exciting culture. Think of all you could learn from being totally surrounded by another language, new foods and different ideas.

In order to plan your perfect family adventure vacation, seek out the plans and packages available to you and decide if you want all guided tours or would like to go your own way. It is advisable to take guided tours with children and teenagers for safety but both types of adventure packages are available.

Carefully research your destination. Printed books and guides are a great start but to really get down to the details check out online magazines and blogs. You can find locals and travel enthusiasts online who have first-hand experience visiting all the sites and activities you are planning. Also take note of the climate and weather. You wouldn’t want to plan your vacation in the middle of a typhoon! Your travel advisor should also be able to tell you when the best travel times are.

The more the merrier on an adventure vacation! More families means more fun, so gather up your extended relatives and friends and make a huge go of it! You can also be paired with other families through your travel advisor – some of whom could become lifelong friends and pen pals for you and your kids!

Make sure to heavily document your travels with high quality photos and video. If your vacation is tropical invest in a camera that can go underwater. If you’ll be doing a lot of high octane adventure there is an amazing little action camera called the “GoPro” you can attach anywhere to get a first person point of view of all the incredible action!

Once you get home from your vacation, have a viewing party to share your experiences with family and friends. Then you can make scrapbooks or digital photobooks with all of your amazing photos and footage. This is a vacation you won’t soon forget but dragging out the photos every few years sure helps! Your children can recount their adventures for generations to come!