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Plan Your 2022 Spring Break Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica! 

Costa Rica may not be the first destination that springs to mind for epic spring break adventure vacations (see what we did there?) but for adventurous college students looking to do something unique, meaningful, fun and unforgettable, way off the usual party trail, this tropical playground is a dream!

Costa Rica is a phenomenal outdoor lover’s destination, a country bursting with adrenaline-packed adventures amidst a luscious backdrop of jungles, volcanoes, mountain peaks, and glistening sandy beaches. While it may not be your typical Spring Break vacation spot in 2022, its popularity is fast rising among discerning crowds.

Papagayo Beach - Costa Rica spring break adventureJust between us, the fact that it isn’t on most people’s radars for Spring Break adds to the enticement!

College students who crave more fun and adventure after a long winter stint of brutal studying, find the exhilaration and relaxation of Costa Rica to be the perfect match.

Want to turn what is your college rite of passage into the trip of a lifetime?

Then get your friends (and even families!) together and head to Costa Rica for an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

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Is Costa Rica a Good Spring Break Destination?

Hanging bridge - Costa Rica spring break adventureIf perfect weather, world-class beaches, wicked surfing, happening seaside towns, and insane adventures like ziplining, whitewater rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, and horseback riding make for a fab Spring Break adventure then yeah…consider Costa Rica the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. destination for your 2022 vacation.

If that’s not enough, Costa Rica is affordable and boasts the most welcoming vibe of all. People are friendly, the climate is beach-perfect in March, and the sheer array of fun things to see and do means it’s ridiculously easy to fill your 7–10-day adventure vacation itinerary.

What Makes Costa Rica So Special?

Considered one of the world’s most bio-diverse countries and the world’s only truly sustainable nation according to the UN, Costa Rica is a nature lover’s absolute paradise.

If you like big city lights and all that goes with that, this might not be your kind of thang. But if you dream of experiencing the most enchanting natural settings, and meeting some of the world’s most unique exotic animals, then this will be your utopia.

Costa Rica is the birthplace of the eco-tourism drive that’s taken over the world in recent years. This is where zip lining was born, and the one country that prides itself on living life outdoors, and to the fullest.

Book Your Spring Break Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica Today!

Imagine…a country that swapped its military (it truly doesn’t have one!) in favor of setting up nature reserves and focusing on wildlife and wilderness conservation. The country of sloths, toucans, and super loud monkeys; of pristine wilderness, Insta-worthy beaches, and the kind of Pura Vida essence you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The best part about choosing Costa Rica for your 2022 Spring Break is that it offers a variety of escapes. If you’re having a hard time choosing between a high-adrenaline spot on the Pacific Coast or the chilled-out vibe of the Caribbean, Costa Rica is the one country that offers both. It boasts two distinct coastlines and two quite distinct vibes to boot. If that’s not enough, Costa Rica also offers plenty of chances for R&R, with yoga retreats, thermal spa experiences, and delicious organic food. You don’t need to choose… in Costa Rica, you can have it all in one astonishing vacation!

All up, Costa Rica comprises 28 national parks (including three UNESCO-listed reserves) and is home to half a million distinct species of wildlife and plants. The best part is that everything here is meant to be experienced, not merely admired and that’s what makes Costa Rica adventure vacations unrivaled, anywhere in the world.

A Spring Break destination that takes your breath away, every single day?

That’s Costa Rica!

Book Your Spring Break Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica Today!

Is Spring Break a Good Time to Visit Costa Rica?

Most years, Spring Break in the US coincides with Easter, which is a very busy travel time in Costa Rica. In 2022, however, Easter is quite late (mid-April) which means most college students will have time off before this travel peak and that means you can bag the best of both worlds.

March is the driest month of the year on the Pacific Coast, so you can expect long, hot and sunny days. Perfect for adventures on the coast and inland. What’s more, the big end-of-year tourist crowds will have dwindled, so you won’t find the country overridden by masses of tourists.

Mind you, the most popular tourist destinations will see plenty of folks because, well, who wouldn’t want to vacation in paradise after a long, harsh winter?!

What Can You Do on a Costa Rica Spring Break Vacation?

Costa Rica delivers BIG on high-adrenaline adventures and that’s what makes it such a great destination for active explorers.

Here are the best and most popular things to do in Costa Rica on Spring Break vacations in 2022:

Whitewater rafting & kayaking                               Zip line & hanging bridges canopy tours

Canyoneering                                                             Surfing  & SUP boarding

Snorkeling/SCUBA diving                                          Horseback riding

Wildlife watching night tours                                  Hiking

Volcano climbing                                                        Mountain biking

Waterfall chasing                                                       Natural thermal hot springs

ATV tours                                                                     Horseback riding

And that’s not even all the activities on offer!

As you can see, there is a crazy amount of fun to be had in this glorious country and this, coupled with a fantastic array of eco-lodges, inexpensive guesthouses, and hotels, makes for an epic vacation.

Book Your Spring Break Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica Today!

Costa Rica’s Most Unmissable Highlights

You’d probably drive yourself crazy if you tried to include all of the country’s top 10 attractions in one Spring Break vacation. But rather than focus on specific places (which you’ll find on the above link) we actually wanted to share what the most popular experiences are here, in the land of so-many-highlights-to-see.

What is it about Costa Rica that keeps people coming back, year after year? What makes this such a unique country, after all?


Arenal volcano in Costa Rica - Costa Rica spring break adventureCosta Rica is home to 67 volcanoes, 6 of which are still active. Yes, you’ll likely see plumes of smoke billowing from the half a dozen peaks that still rumble to life now and then. You need not worry though; active volcanoes are carefully monitored and rim off-limits to visitors. Still, there are some amazing extinct volcanoes you can climb in Costa Rica and they make for outstanding hiking excursions.

Costa Rica’s volcanic regions, like Arenal and La Fortuna, are the major highlight for visitors because they come complete with a bevy of stunning waterfalls and natural thermal pools, wellness spas, gorgeous eco-lodges, and offer hiking, mountain biking, and sightseeing aplenty.

Rain forests

Costa Rica boasts six distinct types of rain forests, among them tropical (Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero, La Amistad, and Braulio Carrillo national parks) primary lowland rain forests (Corcovado National Park), and, perhaps the most unique of all, the cloud rain forests of Monteverde. This is where the country’s wildlife thrives and where adventures in nature are at their very best.

Learn more about Costa Rica’s jungles and rain forests


Beaches are the one highlight of Costa Rica that routinely feature on travel brochures and, for Spring Break college students, the main priority when visiting. Who would blame them? The country’s varied coastline means there’s a beach here for every taste. Whether you want to see the sunrise or sunset, surf or snorkel, sunbathe or jet ski, you’ll always find your ideal beach in Costa Rica.


Wildlife spotting in Costa Rica is part and parcel of any vacation. Seriously, you barely need to go to any effort to spot (and hear) a cacophony of monkeys and parrots! The country is home to thousands of unique species of animals and, although you will see plenty as you go about your outdoor adventures, there are a few select places renowned for offering even more sightings. As one would expect, they are the most remote reserves that have not been heavily commercialized. For specialized wildlife-spotting adventures, set your sights on Corcovado and Tortuguero national parks, as well as the Monteverde Cloud Forests and even Manuel Antonio. The latter is central and easy to reach yet it’s small, compact and chock-full of wildlife – visit with an experienced guide early in the morning and you’ll find it handsomely rewarding.

Eco-lodge stays

Everyone loves staying in an eco-lodge when they come to Costa Rica and it’s totally unsurprising, given the country’s penchant for eco-tourism. Eco-lodges are set amidst pristine swaths of stunning wilderness and offer unique experiences of their own accord. Away from the chaos of modernity, they allow you to immerse your heart and soul in nature, while still retaining plenty of comforts to feel indulgent.

Eco-lodges are built with environmental protection in mind, which means you can visit with a clear conscience. Choose to stay in an eco-lodge when visiting Costa Rica on your 2022 Sprung Break vacation and you won’t be partaking in damaging the very nature you’ve come to admire. Here’s a taste of what you can expect to experience when you stay in an eco-lodge and don’t panic – there’s an eco-lodge in Costa Rica to suit every budget!

Book Your Spring Break Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica Today!

Where Should You Go on a Spring Break Vacation in Costa Rica?

Luckily, March is a wonderful month to explore Costa Rica. You could seriously throw a pin at a map of the country, base yourself there, and have the adventure of a lifetime. Still, it helps to get a general overview of the provinces, what each one offers, and if any actually cater to Spring Break vacationers like you.

San Jose & The Central Valley – The capital is probably where you’ll be flying into and, as luck would have it, it is genially located right in the heart of the country. This is the most populated area of Costa Rica and by far the most fertile, defined by rolling green hills blanketed by traditional farms and charming villages.

This area offers overnight ranch stays, awesome food, and stunning road trips.

Guanacaste – Covering most of the northwest, Guanacaste is all about postcard-worthy Pacific beaches and some of the most luxurious all-inclusive resorts in Latin America. Known locally as the Gold Coast, this is a beach vacationer’s dream. It is here that you’ll find Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s Sprung Break vacation capital. This small but thriving surfing town is set up for more action, both day and night, and is usually a bustling hype of Spring Break activity – we’re talking all manner of water sports by day, plenty of on-land high-octane sports, as well as fantastic food, micro-brewery tours and nightlife options as well.

Learn more about the Fabulous Guanacaste Province

Alajuela – Volcanoes are among Costa Rica’s most coveted highlights and, although you will find them spread out throughout the country, there is one province considered to be its ‘volcanic heart and soul’: Alajuela. This province is home to Arenal Volcano National Park, the country’s pin-up peak, as well as three other major reserve magnets: Poas Volcano, La Paz, and La Fortuna Waterfalls. These peaks and their amazing thermal springs make for fab all-encompassing itineraries, and you’ll find an abundance of outdoor sports to enjoy.

Puntarenas – Shrouding a huge south-eastern chunk of the country, Puntarenas is perhaps the most popular place to be. The upper section is all about surfing beaches, the kind that attracts world-class surfers who want to practice their passion, hassle-free. In the extreme south is where you’ll find the remote and magnificent Osa Peninsula, which is mostly made up of the UNESCO-listed Corcovado National Park. This is the single most bio diverse and jaw-dropping reserve in the country, a place where time seems to have stood completely still. For an off-the-beaten-path Spring Break vacation in 2022, this is a place you won’t want to miss.

Here’s your Beginner’s Guide to Puntarenas

Limon – On the opposite side of Puntarenas is the Limon province, which covers the spectacular Caribbean coast. The southern section is all about palm-fringed white sandy beaches lapped by iridescent turquoise seas. This area is a gem, more so because it seems to have missed the boat on the kind of mass tourism infrastructure built over on the northern Pacific coast in recent decades. This means no all-inclusive mega-resorts, no crowds, no noise. Just blissful paradise, A distinct Afro-Caribbean vibe and just a handful of surfers, snorkelers, and beach bums. Spring Break perfection!

Head up to the northern stretch and what you’ll find is Tortuguero, a wetlands jungle reserve that’s one of the world’s prime turtle nesting spots.

Explore The Magic of Limon!

Group Travel Options for Costa Rica Spring Break Adventures in 2022

It’s never too late to plan your Spring Break adventure vacation in Costa Rica!

At Costa Rica Rios, we’ve been running guided group adventure vacations in this marvelous country since 1995. You can join a group tour or choose a bespoke itinerary for your party of adventure seekers. Best of all, we work with your budget and wish to create tailor-made adventures that include everything you love and nothing you don’t.

We take care of all the logistics (yep, even the last-minute ones!) so all you have to do is close your books, gather your mates, and come have the adventure of a lifetime.

Book Your Spring Break Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica Today!




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