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2021 Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica – the FAQs you need to know! 

Cahuita National ParkWe constantly field questions from expectant first-time visitors who are about to join us on an adventure vacation in Costa Rica. Over the years, most have had to do with the logistics of arrival and/or transfers and general info on what is possible, and where.

This being 2021, however, means the questions have gotten quite specific – not all related to COVID or travel restrictions but most related to health and safety.

To better prepare you for your upcoming or soon-to-be-planned trip, we thought we’d collate all the most frequently asked questions and provide black-and-white answers that’ll hopefully help not only put your mind at ease but also better plan your adventures in our little corner of absolute tropical perfection.

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Here’s all you need to know about adventure vacations in Costa Rica in 2021!

COVID-related FAQ for an Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica

Can I travel to Costa Rica right now?

Yes, you can. You have been able to for months. Armed with a suitable COVID-inclusive travel insurance policy and a filled-in Health Form, you can visit our country freely, don’t need to present a negative PCR test nor do any kind of quarantine. You can simply fly in and go about the business of having the absolute time of your life!

Of course, always check Costa Rica visa requirements because your nationality, not the country you’re flying in from, dictates your need for a visa.

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Which airlines are flying to Costa Rica?

An ever-growing number of international airlines are opening up routes to Costa Rica – either to the capital (San Jose) or the northern airport of Liberia. Which one is best? That depends on where you’re coming from and where, in Costa Rica, you wish to go. However, given the country is quite compact and getting around is relatively easy, the best course of action is to pick the airport that requires the least amount of transfer time. This is the safest, best, and usually, even cheapest way to reach our country.

Check out our list of airlines flying into Costa Rica from North, South, and Central America, as well as Europe, and do keep in mind that the list is constantly being amended so double-check when you’re ready to book.

Are tourist activities open and allowed in Costa Rica?

YES! The country’s back up to 100% capacity in all national parks and all tourist-related activities are back on the cards. Yay for adventure and PURA VIDA!

Are there any COVID restrictions in place in Costa Rica?

Yes, of course, yet none will greatly or adversely impact your adventure vacation. You will need to wear a mask in certain circumstances (indoor and in all public places) but you certainly don’t need to wear one when white-water rafting down the Pacuare River or enjoying one of the 1001 outdoor adventures in Costa Rica. Aside from the by-now habitual social distancing in crowds, you’d barely even know we’re in a pandemic right now. It’s magical, out here, and the country has reached an idyllic balance between safety and life enjoyment.

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Are hotels, guides, etc up to scratch with COVID regulations?

They sure are – all the hotels, eco-lodges and places we frequent have really lifted their sanitation game, ensuring everything is constantly sanitized and all staff practice social distancing. As far as our team is concerned here at Costa Rica Rios, rest assured we take the absolute highest precautions to keep you and all our crew members safe at all times.

Do I need a COVID test to return home?

You probably will and this is something you’ll need to research as every country has its own regulations. We are constantly updating our comprehensive list of Costa Rican medical facilities that offer COVID tests for visitors returning home and, whenever possible, we will organize and book this for you too – anything to help you minimize your hassle and maximize your time and enjoyment on your adventure-filled vacation with us!

Read more here – Is Costa Rica Safe to Visit?

Adventure Vacations in Costa Rica – the FAQ on the logistics of planning your trip

Where’s the best province/area in Costa Rica to enjoy multi-sport adventures?

Rock climbing in Costa RicaIf you’re planning your own active adventure in our country, you probably already know that Costa Rica is an outdoor lover’s utopia. This translates on the ground – there really isn’t ‘one’ specific place that is best and above all others for every activity. Amazing sports, adventures, and excursions can be enjoyed almost everywhere in Costa Rica.

Naturally, some areas boast better infrastructure so you’ll naturally find a higher concentration of activities. Areas around Arenal, Manuel Antonio and the central-to-north Pacific coast are the most popular options, at least for first-time visitors.

Our own adventure vacation itineraries hone in on Costa Rica’s big rivers because they offer the best adrenaline rushes and a multitude of sports. From the Pacuare to the Savegre and everything in between – if it’s world-class rafting and kayaking you’re after, as well as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, canyoning, zip lining, and rappelling, that’s where you’ll want to go. We operate out of the thrill-seeker’s haven that is Turrialba town, just a couple of hours east of San Jose, and plan bespoke adventures all over Costa Rica. We concentrate on wild and uncrowded corners because we believe they deliver the most unforgettable experiences.

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How do adventure tours with Costa Rica Rios work?

The premise is simple: you tell us who you are, what you like, and what you dream of doing and we plan an itinerary with everything included. The all-inclusive package allows you to simply pack your bags and your excitement, hop on that plane and come right over – without worrying about a thing. We take care of the logistics and we do, taking your time-availability and travel budget into consideration.

We also run organized group tours which are perfect for anyone who wants to share a vacation with like-minded adventure seekers.

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What the ‘best’ adventure vacation in Costa Rica?

Honeymoon in Costa RicaThere really isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of adventure out here and that’s why we offer inspiration for many different travelers – from honeymooning couples to families and those wishing to join group tours. You can opt for barefoot luxury or 5* indulgence, visit the most famous spots or get way off the beaten path.

Ideally, you’ll want an itinerary that encapsulates the best the country offers, which means creating a wonderful balance of fun and relaxation. What we call The Best of Both Worlds.

Some of our extreme adventure tours entice return visitors and avid sportsmen and women who know they want every day to be an epic adventure. For most people on bespoke tours, however, a few days of R&R and a smattering of activities is perfect.

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What if my travel partners don’t want to be as active as I do on vacation in Costa Rica?

There’s no need to drag a reluctant partner kayaking down a Class V rapid if they really don’t want to go! Luckily, Costa Rica offers a sensational array of amazing experiences, not all of them ‘adrenaline-pumping. Perhaps your partner(s) might wish to visit a local coffee plantation, take a cooking class, indulge in a massage, or just enjoy a glorious guided walk through a national reserve, whilst you’re out there paddling life and limb over a raging river?

We can organize anything and everything on bespoke itineraries, so simply tell us what you and your travel companions want to do and we can easily make a varied plan of action.

Is it safe to do extreme sports in Costa Rica?

Zip lining in Costa RicaVery much! The country that invented zip lining is now a trailblazer in the adventure tourism scene and you’ll find world-class outfitters out here offering exceptionally safe adventures. At Costa Rica Rios, we have been showing people the time of their lives since 1995. We’ve been awarded the National Geographic nod for being one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth and regularly feature in travel publications like the Lonely Planet.

When you choose an adventure vacation in Costa Rica with us, you are in the most capable, expert hands.

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What can I do to ensure I will be safe and will enjoy my adventure tour?

The most important thing is to be open and honest about your skills, experience, and also desires. Not just to us, but also to yourself. When you first contact us, give us a very clear picture of who you are and what you’d like to do and we will be in the best position to recommend the right itinerary – one that you will thoroughly enjoy.

When is the very best time for adventures in Costa Rica?

River rafting TenorioThis really depends on what you’d like to do. If it’s whitewater rafting, then you’ll want to come when the river is prime for activities – if it’s watching sea turtles returning to land, then you need to visit during nesting season.

Generally, there is never a bad time to visit Costa Rica because the country boasts several micro-climates. When it’s raining in one area, there will be another (or more) enjoying a dry spell. Far more important is to plan your trip at a time when you can truly relax and unwind – don’t stress, thinking you ‘must’ come in February. Come when you can and we’ll tailor-create an itinerary that’s just perfect for that time of year.

We hope our general overview and FAQs about your adventure vacation in Costa Rica have shed plenty of light and will help you plan your visit with us here at Costa Rica Rios.

Something else you’d love to know?

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