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Guide to Alajuela – Costa Rica’s Best Volcano Region 

Alajuela ProvinceWith a bevy of stunning volcanic peaks and flowing rivers, hot springs, wildlife galore and a handful of super enchanting towns, Alajuela is the greediest province you can discover on your Costa Rica adventure vacation. It truly has it all!

When planning an adventure-filled vacation in Costa Rica, many people wish to explore one province thoroughly, rather than spend a lot of time on traveling from corner to corner. We totally get that! Sure, this glorious country is relatively small and compact yet the nature of its landscape (oodles of wilderness ahead!) means transfer times can easily eat away at a week-long itinerary.

Then there’s Alajuela, a province that delivers the best fun, scenery, culture, history and adventure, all within its (admittedly expansive) borders.

Ready to discover a province that makes endless Costa Rica adventures easy?

Then off to Alajuela we go!

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Overview of Alajuela Province

Alajuela is nestled in the central northern region of Costa Rica, bordering the Guanacaste province in the west, San Jose in the south, Heredia in the east and, finally, Nicaragua in the north. This is the country’s second-largest province and a region blessed with incredible natural and cultural wealth, as well as historical importance.

For active explorers on adventure vacations in Costa Rica, however, Alajuela has one irresistible draw: volcanoes!

Home to the two most active volcanoes in the country, Arenal and Poas, Alajuela is traversed by three distinct mountain ranges and boasts almost a dozen peaks, four of which rise above 6,000 feet.

If that’s not enough to get your active juices flowing, Alajuela also hides 17 rivers and four famous waterfalls sites within its luscious wilderness.

All up, in fact, Alajuela is home to the six most popular national parks in all of Costa Rica, its two most prominent volcanoes, an array of lesser-known highlights and all the logistical convenience that makes travel here so very easy.

What’s not to love?!

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National Parks and Reserves of Alajuela Province

When we said Alajuela was greedy, we meant it: tis province is home to six of the top 10 most-visited national parks in Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Alajuela national parkThe country’s pin-up attraction, Arenal is the single most visited park and top highlight in the entire country. It is also the prime reason you will invariably visit the Alajuela Province on your Costa Rica adventure vacation, whether you realize it or not! Offering a near endless supply of nature-based experiences, from hiking and walking on hanging bridges to mountain biking, canyoning, whitewater rafting and kayaking, as well as relaxing in one of the many stunning thermal pools, Arenal is a whole adventure playground of its own accord.

Here’s Your Complete Guide to Visiting Arenal Volcano

Poas Volcano National Park

Boasting one of the world’s most intense volcano craters, Poas is a sight to behold. The mountain-top lake shimmers an iridescent shade of blue and regularly shoots our steam from its bubbling core. Geysers offer an abundance of entertainment, as do the in-house museum and café. Oh…and don’t worry! Poas is dutifully monitored and hasn’t erupted for over 100 years so you won’t be running any risks on your visit. Quite the opposite: Poas is easy to visit and totally unforgettable, and rates as one of Costa Rica’s most unmissable natural wonders.

Here’s your Insider’s Guide to Poas Volcano

Monteverde Cloud Forests

Costa Rica’s magical cloud forests are one of Alajuela’s very best highlights. The dramatic change in everything, from wilderness to temperature, makes this an ethereal park to visit. Replete with an abundance of exotic wildlife (birds, particularly), Monteverde offers more than eight miles of walking trails, most crossing the most enchanting hanging bridges in the whole country. A photographer, nature and wildlife lover’s dream, Monteverde is where Costa Rica shows her most unique and priceless side.

Here’s all you need to know about visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forests

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park

Another of Alajuela’s splendid volcanoes, Rincon de la Vieja offers breathtaking views from its peak, which is easily reached on a 6-mile hike from nearby Las Pailas. Along the way, you’ll meander past a myriad of distinct ecosystems and, as your reward for the sweat-fest, you’ll soak up startling views which, on a crystal-clear day, stretch all the way west to the Nicoya Peninsula, and north to Nicaragua. If you’re not quite up to hiking the top, you’ll find plenty of other gorgeous trails leading to natural hot springs and glorious waterfalls. Given this is a lesser-visited park, your chances for wildlife spotting are awesome!

  1. Rincon is one of our favorite horseback riding destinations in Costa Rica!

Juan Castro Blanco National Park

Costa Rica boasts a few spots where you can cast your eyes on utterly unspoiled primary rainforests, with Juan Castro Blanco being one of the most coveted. One of Costa Rica’s most renowned birding hot-spots, home to the famed resplendent Quetzal, this national park has an extensive trail system that guides you past primary and secondary lowland forests, waterfalls and several natural hot springs, a nod to the region’s extensive geothermal activity. The park doesn’t offer more than hiking trails (and rewarding wildlife spotting) but, trust us: the lack of major tourist infrastructure is a huge part of Juan Castro Blanco’s immense appeal. If you love nature at its most pristine, then you will absolutely love visiting.

Here’s more about visiting Juan Castro Blanco National Park

The Resplendent Quetzal, known as the ‘sparkling emeralds of Costa Rica’

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Cano Negro Wetlands Wildlife Refuge

At the end of every year, the wetlands at Cano Negro are besieged by humongous flocks of migratory birds that draw discerning animal lovers in still-diminutive numbers. This is, as you may have guessed, yet another hidden secret in Costa Rica! Explore the park on a boat tour and you’ll see birds, caimans, howler monkeys, iguanas and so much more. A truly splendid day trip outing that’s distinct from all others, Cano Negro is paradise on earth!

Cano Negro is one of several amazing mangroves you can explore in Costa Rica

The Best Waterfalls of Alajuela

Because this is Costa Rica, you’d be hard-pressed to find a national park that doesn’t boast stunning waterfalls. Yet in Alajuela, you’ll find some of the most celebrated in the whole country!

La Fortuna Waterfalls

La Fortuna waterfallsOne of the many highlights within the boundaries of the Arenal Volcano National Park, La Fortuna waterfalls are nestled in the heart of a stunning biological reserve. It will take you about 2 hours to reach the 230-feet-high falls on foot (much less on horseback!) and, aside from soaking up the views from several outstanding vantage points, you’ll also be able to dive right into the emerald-colored pool for a super refreshing swim.

Here’s a lovely guide to La Fortuna Waterfalls that’ll give you a taste of all you can experience on a visit.

La Paz Waterfalls Gardens Nature Park

Ridiculously easy to access and a spectacular visual feast to boot, La Paz is arguably the most visited waterfall in Costa Rica. Nestled in the heart of cloud forests flanking the sides of Poas Volcanoes (from where the falls originate), La Paz offers a multi-sensory experience bar none. Make sure you set aside a whole day for these splendid gardens: the walking trails, wildlife, and cascades will keep you entranced for hours on end. If you think this is the kind of natural haven you won’t want to leave, do know there’s also a beautiful lodge for overnight stays.

Here’s what TravelUSNews had to say about beautiful La Paz!

Catarata del Toro

This privately owned waterfall park is actually a unique eco-project that’s worth visiting. The cascade itself is quite dramatic, falling 270 feet from the edges of an extinct volcano crater and framed, on all sides, by luscious pristine rainforests. The hike up and down along a steep(ish) staircase is a little tough on the knees but totally worthwhile, and takes just under two hours. Perhaps the most precious part of a visit is that Catarata del Toro really is one of Alajuela’s most hidden of secrets so you will likely share the magnificent experience with few others.


Los Chorros Waterfalls

Fancy a stupendous walk-through pristine wilderness, followed by a refreshing dip in a natural pool right under a spellbinding waterfall? Then Los Chorros waterfall is definitely the one you should visit. A relatively easy 20-minute walk leads you from the front gates to the base of what are arguably two of the most picturesque falls you’ll see in Costa Rica. A spot not many people even know exists! Make sure to wear sturdy non-slip shoes and note this is a super easy visit from Alajuela City. It makes a wonderful side trip on a relaxing and hot afternoon in Alajuela.

Come discover this local secret!

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Lesser-known Highlights of Alajuela

Aside from the big-name attractions, the Alajuela Province also hides several lesser-known but equally enchanting highlights.

Here are some hot-spots you shouldn’t miss!

Alajuela City

One might expect Costa Rica’s second-largest city to feel somewhat messy and chaotic, perhaps along the lines of the capital, San Jose. Yet this quite traditional city has managed to dodge the ‘big smoke’ feel and, instead, has retained an enticing provincial vibe. This is a wonderful city in which to spend a couple of days and certainly offers plenty to hold your attention, in between adventure-filled outings. Take a historical guided walking tour in Alajuela and you’ll be retracing the steps of the city’s most famous son, Juan Santamaria. Revered as national hero in Cost Rica, Santamaria gave his life holding off an invasion by William Walker and his troops in 1856 and his birth-city and region pay homage to him in a myriad of ways. The country’s main transport hub, the Juan Santamaria International Airport, is named in his honor! In town, you’ll also find a delightful butterfly farm and just a couple of miles away, just over the border with Heredia Province, the charming hot spring complex of Ojo de Agua, one of the Central Valley’s best-kept secrets.

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La Fortuna Town

Revered as the ideal springboard for adventure excursions to Arenal National Park, La Fortuna is a small but charming town that’s brilliantly located for extensive excursions. Arenal National Park actually comprises two volcanoes and, all around, you’ll find a bevy of thermal spring complexes, walking trails galore and stunning waterfalls. The town is also smack-bang in the middle between the San Jose and the Liberia international airports, so it’s as ‘central’ as it can get. The town itself, set on highlands, is basically a main street lined with restaurants and hotels, and framed by gorgeous gardens. A myriad of side streets leads to some of the most beautiful Costa Rica hot-spring resorts, including world-famous Tabacon and the exclusive Nayara Springs.

Keen to tackle the most amazing things to do in Arenal? Then La Fortuna will be your best base point!

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Centre

Costa Rica is home to many amazing wildlife rescue centres and Rescate is one of the most famous. This incredible centre made international headlines a few years ago, when it rescued a horrifically injured toucan and cooperated with international agencies to build it a 3D beak so it could live and thrive. Since then, Rescate has gone from strength to strength and now rates as one of Latin America’s best wildlife rescue and breeding centres. For a modest entry fee, you can see a flurry of extraordinary exotic creatures, learn more about the amazing work done here and help in keeping the centre going forward. This place does truly amazing work and needs as much support as it can gather.

If you have even more time up your sleeve, check out Rescate’s volunteer program or simply visit for the day.

Zarcero Town

A fun stop-over on your way to Arenal and beyond, Zarcero is known for its wonderful and rather unique botanical gardens. Aside from a visit through the gardens, the town offers fantastic culinary experiences. Set high along the flanks of the central mountains, Zarcero is framed by traditional organic farms and its restaurants and cafes offer authentic dishes you simply won’t find anywhere else. The altitude provides cooling relief on hot summer days, part of the reason Zarcero thrives with both local and foreign visitors, all year long. Startling views of rolling hills and plantations, a chilled out vibe, ample feasting and the Alvarado Gardens will give you plenty of reasons to stay a little longer.

Sarchi Town

This may not be Costa Rica’s most enchanting town but it is the heart of Alajuela’s artistic traditions. Pin it on your travel map and make sure to stop for awesome souvenir buying at the artisanal markets on Avenida Central. If you have more time to spare, head to the Eloy Alfaro Fabrica de Carretas, where you can watch artists at work as they hand-paint the most exquisite wood-carved items. This is one of the best souvenir-buying destinations in the country!

Best Time to Visit Alajuela Province

Weather wise, the best time to visit Alajuela is during the dry season, in the months between December and mid to late March. At this time, you can expect reliably clear skies and walking trails. Typically, it rains just a couple of days a month during these months,

The west season, on the other hand, starts from May and runs until November.

Temperatures in this region range between 36.6F and 95.6F, with the greatest variations occurring due to the altitude of some destinations. The highlands can get quite chilly during the rainy season, which is technically ‘winter’ in Costa Rica.

Notwithstanding a bit more rain, Alajuela is a great province to visit almost all year long although you may want to skip September and October, typically the rainiest months of all. Off-season travels can be incredibly rewarding, as tourist crowds decrease, alongside prices for flights, tours and accommodation. If you can, put your savings towards staying a little longer. Should you suffer a washout on a couple of days, it won’t matter so much if you plan a 14-day adventure vacation in Costa Rica, rather than if you’re on a short and sweet 7-day trip.

At Costa Rica Rios, we’ve been planning award winning adventure tours in Costa Rica for almost three decades! We run group tours which are fantastic for solo travellers, as well as bespoke itineraries for families and groups of friends. That’s all-inclusive tours with all the logistics thrown in for good measure, so all you have to do is get on that plane, come on down to our sunny shores, and get ready for an adventure-filled experience you’ll never forget!

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