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7 Totally Unique Things to See & Do in Costa Rica 

Unique is certainly a word that encapsulates the essence of Costa Rica, the country revered for its unrivaled commitment to environmental protection, its ridiculously high concentration of wildlife and its inimitable offering of adventures at every turn.

Yet among the many outstanding experiences you can have on a Costa Rica adventure vacation, some highlights truly stand out.

7 unique things to see and do in Costa Rica?

They will blow you away!

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Chill out with a sloth

Sloths in Costa RicaLet’s get real: coming face-to-snout with an adorable sloth is the #1 priority for every visitor to Costa Rica. How could it not be – have you even see that face?!

You Can spot a sloth in the wilds of Costa Rica relatively easily, as long as you head out to explore one of the many national parks where they’re often seen, with a naturalist and experienced guide. Trust us, you just won’t see them otherwise. To seriously up your chances of a close encounter, however, squeeze in a visit at one of several wildlife refuges and sanctuaries where rescued sloths are rehabilitated before being returned to the wild.

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Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of an arribada

An arribada is a synchronized, sea-turtle, mass-nesting event and considered one of the world’s most mesmerizing natural phenomena. During arribadas at specific times of year, tens of thousands of turtles come to shore in sync, totally blanketing expansive stretches of beaches, night after night.

There are just a few select places around the world and only four, specifically, to see arribadas of endangered Olive Ridley turtles. Costa Rica is revered for being arguably the best in the world – the one that traditionally attracts the largest sea turtle mass-nesting events every year.

Soar like a Bird on Latin America’s Longest Zip Line

Zip lining in Costa RicaZip lining is thrilling enough when the line is nice and short but when you can’t even see the end because it stretches for over 5,216 feet?! Yeah, you get the point!

Tuck your heart firmly in your chest when you take flight with Aventura in the heart of the cloud forest of Monteverde and it’ll hopefully still be there when you get to the other side. The ride lasts merely a minute and a half but it’ll feel infinitely longer if you hold your breath!

Discover other amazing Zip line Tours in Costa Rica

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Raft or Kayak on one of the National Geographic’s top 10 Greatest Whitewater Rivers

The Pacuare is a legendary waterway, widely regarded as one of the best whitewater rafting rivers on the planet. River-based adventures here, by raft or kayak, attract intrepid adventurers from every corner of the planet. Rafting and kayaking along the Pacuare are, quite proudly, the heart and soul of our adventure tour business.

The Pacuare is impressive for its length and sensational array of rapids, yet what makes it mind-blowing is that it traverses one of the most jaw-dropping tropical rain forests in all of Costa Rica so you’re constantly immersed in jaw-dropping wilderness.

Offering whitewater fun for the young and old, amateur and experienced, the Pacuare is an adventure destination and unique highlight of its own accord.

Explore the World’s Most Bio Diverse Region

The Osa Peninsula, on the far south-western corner of Costa Rica, is renowned for being the ‘wildest’ spot in the entire country. In reality, it is the wildest spot on earth, at least when you consider biodiversity in relation to its size. Boasting the highest concentration of biodiversity has done wonders for the Osa, a peninsula that’s fervently protected and home to just a handful of eco-lodges that are unplugged havens for nature-lovers.

Wilderness adventures in the Osa take you way off the beaten path and do require a bit of time and effort. Yet for anyone lucky enough to have been, a visit has been life-changing.

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Cast your Eyes on the Bluest Waterfall on Earth

Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste is possibly the bluest river in the world, one of those ridiculously iridescent waterways that you’d swear have been photoshopped on Instagram. Well, visit the river and waterfall at just the right time of year and you’ll see it in all its neon glory. The icy-blue hue is a consequence of the volcanic minerals that make up the river-bed and it is as hypnotizing in reality as it is on photos.

Because they don’t call it ‘celeste’ for nothing!

To see the river and that stunning waterfall, you’ll need to hike for an hour in the Tenorio Volcano National Park which is marvelous of its own accord.

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Meet the Only Bird in the World with a 3D-Printed Beak

Grecia the toucan is the unwitting superstar attraction at the Rescate Wildlife Rescue Centre. She rose to fame in 2016 when her incredible story of tragedy and survival came to light. Grecia was found horribly disfigured in the backstreets of the small town of Grecia. In an attack of extreme animal cruelty, someone had hacked most of her top beak off.
Wildlife protection agents promptly rescued Grecia and brought her to Rescate. Her heartbreaking plight made national headlines at the time and even reached the head of government, instigating a wave of new laws in animal-protection.

Despite Grecia’s precarious condition and the fact that toucans cannot live without a well-functioning beak as they are used to regulate body-heat and forage for food, rescuers still set about rehabilitating the poor bird, and finding a suitable prosthetic that might save its life.

The rest, as they say, is 3D-printing history.

Rescate is an absolutely amazing place to visit, staffed by a caring team of experts who spend their days, their lives, rescuing and rehabilitating precious wildlife in Costa Rica. Don’t miss your chance to meet Grecia (who’s still doing well!) and all her incredible friends. Read the Trip Advisor reviews and you’ll realize how rewarding a visit will be. About the best thing to do in San Jose on your last day in the country.

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