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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in Rain Season 

Costa Rica rain seasonWe’re huge proponents of visiting Costa Rica during Green Season, also known as rain season. Amidst the quite lusciousness of its national parks, the slower pace of travel and genial savings which can be found just about everywhere, adventures in Costa Rica during low-tourist season absolutely rock.

Here are just 10 more reasons to visit Costa Rica in Rain Season:

  1. Flights to Costa Rica are CRAZY cheap

Costa Rica is an inexpensive destination for North Americans yet never are the savings as enticing as during this upcoming green season, which starts in May. You can reach San Jose, the capital, for under 300 USD from numerous US cities, including New York, LA, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Washington, Miami and Chicago, and just over 400 USD from Boston, San Francisco and Houston, to name but a few. Reduced flights prices will continue for a few months, so check out Skyscanner or your favorite flight booking website and discover how affordable a quick getaway to Costa Rica can be.

  1. The savings don’t end there!

All of Costa Rica’s most coveted travel experiences, from accommodation in gorgeous eco-lodges to thrilling adventure tours, are also discounted during the low tourist season. Take advantage of the savings to partake in activities, or stay in lodges, that would normally be out of your budget range. Visiting Costa Rica in rain season is the #1 choice for budget travelers and anyone wanting to get the most out of their vacation spending spree. So whether you save a few hundred dollars, or simply indulge in more luxuries and experiences, traveling to Costa Rica between May and November is an incredibly rewarding thing to do.

  1. It actually won’t be all that wet, after all

This luscious and incredibly fertile country enjoys a very healthy rain rate at any time of year with only the first couple of months of the year being exceptionally dry. Yet rain is what keeps the country’s forests and its astonishing wildlife thriving, so you should actually expect some rain no matter when you travel.  However, and like many tropical destinations, Costa Rica receives most of its rain in the early afternoon (even during rain season) washing out travel plans for just a couple of hours. It is still unusual to see torrential downpours that last for an entire day (even during the rainiest month of September and October) which is why it’s wise to plan most of your outings for the hours prior to lunch time. Take advantage of the above-mentioned savings and stretch your vacation to include more days, so as to give you more time to do and see everything that’s on your list.

  1. You’ll have some of the most popular places all to yourself

There’s no denying that Costa Rica is an immensely popular travel destination and those who visit during high tourist season have to contend with substantial crowds in the most popular spots. Visiting Costa Rica during rain season, however, offers you the chance to share those super special spots with far fewer people. Aside from savings, avid low-season travelers quote ‘smaller crowds’ as the prime reason for visiting Costa Rica during rain season, especially as most of the country’s towns are quite small and can feel congested rather quickly. If it’s your first time visiting and you wish to see the most popular national parks – like Manuel Antonio and Arenal – visiting during the rain season is a brilliant idea indeed.

Dreaming of having one of Costa Rica’s most spectacular beaches all to yourself? Then book your trip for the next few months!

  1. It’s blissfully cooler & waterfalls and forests are resplendent

Ticos call the rain season their ‘winter’ and although this may seem a bit of a stretch to North Americans (who are used to winters being freezing and snowy) temps are certainly lower than at any time of year. For active travelers and anyone who finds tropical heat oppressive, the rain season months are ideal, with average temps falling below their yearly average (90F) making for excellent hiking in otherwise steamy forests. If that’s not enough, the country’s tropical forests are absolutely resplendent with abundant rains, so green and luscious! Waterfalls and rivers are bursting, also making for amazing water-based adventure vacations. If you normally avoid very hot destinations because your skin is sensitive to the strong sun, then this may just be the ideal season for you to visit Costa Rica.

Include a visit to one of the best waterfalls in Costa Rica and come discover what all the dry-season travelers miss out on and check out the very best places to visit during Green Season.

  1. Different ecosystems mean there’s always a dry corner, somewhere in Costa Rica

Costa Rica may be a small and compact country yet its central mountain range – which essentially dissects the country in two – translates to different regions enjoying quite diverging climates. So when we talk about rain season, in fact, we’re mainly discussing only the western half of Costa Rica, the side of the country that sees the highest number of tourists. Head to the eastern half, however, and you’ll find a totally different climate.  Between May and November, the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica is at its driest and although the climate there is much less predictable it is, generally speaking, always drier there than on the Pacific coast. Moreover, even the Pacific coast boasts its own variants, with the rains in the Guanacaste region typically not starting until the end of June, whilst the southern Osa Peninsula enjoying arguably the longest rain season of all. So don’t consider ‘rain season’ as one uniform travel time in Costa Rica. Is there somewhere specific you wish to travel to? Let us know what it is and we’ll advise you as to the best month to visit during the long Green Season.

  1. It’s perfect for those who prefer to be flexible

‘Flexible’ is the one thing you should be when visiting Costa Rica during the rainiest months and if you’re not a flexible traveler when you arrive you probably will be by the time you leave. Sure, some people prefer firm plans and structure…but not everybody does. If you’re the kind of adventurer who prefers to take things as they come, to change plans at the last minute and swap one activity for another at short notice, due to an unforeseen downpour, then this is definitely the time you should travel here!

Because isn’t normal life structured enough?

  1. Costa Rica is still pure perfection…even when it rains

We’ve had guests gush excitedly at having found the most popular national parks almost deserted during a trip in rain season and others who simply couldn’t believe just how stunning the country is when it receives a healthy amount of rain, both aspects which elude dry season visitors. Is a little rain really going to ruin your whole vacation in Costa Rica? Absolutely not! Costa Rica is paradise on earth, with an abundance of precious wilderness and wildlife that’ll just blow you away. It would take more than a downpour to dampen your incredible experience in this magnificent destination. Whilst there are still copious reasons for visiting both during dry and rainy months, rest assured that your vacation will be resplendent, no matter what time of year you visit.

  1. Rain season is also turtle nesting season!

We’re not the only ones who love Costa Rica when it rains. So do turtles! ­occur in the Nicoya Peninsula year-round yet happen with more frequency and boast mind-boggling turtle numbers in the wetter months between August and November. Reason enough to visit then? We think so!

Find out more about Costa Rica’s magical arribadas before planning your trip and we bet you’ll want to include a few days at Ostional Beach just to witness this truly remarkable spectacle of nature.

  1. Your packing list remains unchanged

Locals may call this season their winter but to be honest, from a visitor’s perspective, temps are so ideal that your dry season Costa Rica packing list can remain unchanged. Aside from the addition of mosquito repellent (which is a good idea at any time and imperative during rainy months), you’ll still just need one warm fleece if traveling at altitude and a rain jacket, something you’d be advised to pack anyhow. Visiting Costa Rica during rain season is no more troublesome, in this regard, which makes a quick last-minute getaway even more appealing.

At Costa Rica Rios, we also take advantage of low-season specials to tour the country and discover new corners we’ve yet to travel to, all the while still offering an exceptional week of adventure tours for those lucky few travelers who realize how gorgeous the country is during this time of year. So why not come have some fun with us? Visit our adventure tour page and click on each option to see tour dates and availability.

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