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Costa Rica Rios: 1% For The Planet

1% For The PlanetAs part of their over-all campaign for taking part in and promoting sustainable travel, Costa Rica Rios participates in the global organization known as “1% For The Planet.” The concept is really quite remarkable and consumer education about environment efforts is increasing every day in part because of the good work they do.

In 2002, 1% For The Planet was founded by two business owners who were also passionate environmentalists. Their vision was for business owners and consumers to come together to improve and support the environment through charitable giving. The concept is simple: companies donate 1% of their sales profits to verified environmental non-profits through 1% For The Planet. Consumers can support many non-profits at once simply by shopping and doing business with companies that display the 1% For The Planet logo.

In the past 12+ years, the organization has grown rapidly with a staggering $100 million dollars donated to over 3,300 environmental causes. There are 1,200+ companies participating across 48 countries and that number changes monthly. Environmental protection is a global issue, one that all human beings as residents of this planet should be concerned about.

Costa Rica Rios is an adventure vacation travel company that strives to respect and support the environment, the culture and the people of Costa Rica through environments and socio-economic efforts. They are so committed to sustainable travel that they have a mission statement specific to sustainability:

“Costa Rica Rios will strive to be a successful example of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica. Operations and activities at our lodging facilities and tour destinations will ensure every effort is taken to minimize the negative impacts made to the natural and surrounding environment. We aim to continually educate our employees and guests in sustainable and environmental awareness in order to promote these practices in their own lives and communities.”

In addition to supporting multiple environmental charities through 1% For The Planet, Costa Rica Rios has “reduce, reuse and recycle” policies that help them limit their impact on the ground they operate on. They want to make sure that future generations get to enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica and that the natural environment and local residents are not negatively impacted by tourism. Their commitment is to grow and preserve, all while making sure vacationers get to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


Build Yourself The Custom Adventure Vacation Of A Lifetime

Vacation on the beachNo two families or groups are alike. That’s why a one-size-fits-all vacation package just won’t cut it. In addition to our great pre-set vacation packages at Costa Rica Rios, we also provide our clients the ability to custom build the vacation of a lifetime! To many people, a vacation like this is a major life event, and that’s something we don’t take lightly. The ability to pick and choose the components of your vacation is one of the best features we offer.
There are adventure options for all sized groups; including all ages and ranges of ability. In order to plan your perfect custom vacation, here are some things to keep in mind.

1.Your Group Members

Activities the children can enjoy

First, take stock of your group. How many people will there be? Take note of the ages, abilities and interests of each group member. This is a great time to include younger family members in on the vacation planning, have them fill in a chart with all of this information or have them help “interview” each group member. Costa Rica Adventure vacations are not only for families, they can be great for groups of friends, church or business groups or clubs.

2.Your Perfect Vacation Mix
Do you want an all-out full-throttle adventure extravaganza? Or will some members of your group also like to chill and relax a little? With a custom vacation you are in complete control of what activities you participate in. Our guided scenic tours are just as popular as the heart-pounding white river rafting! Our English-speaking guides all live and work in Costa Rica, making them expert companions for your trip! Throw in some horseback riding, zip lining and then a nice dinner and show for your perfect vacation mix.

3.Your Budget
Your custom vacation package can be all inclusive, including lodging, ground transportation around the area, equipment, activity fees, meals and more! If you prefer to be on your own for some of your meals or explorations you are welcome to do that as well! We have packages and custom components that can fit into any budget, so check out our custom tour page and start planning today!

It’s time to take charge of your vacation time! A custom adventure vacation in Costa Rica Rios awaits.