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Plan the Perfect Bespoke Honeymoon in Costa Rica 

honeymoonThere are some things in life where you need to compromise, but your honeymoon should not be one of them. This once-in-a-lifetime vacation is more than just a holiday: it’s the start of your married life with your sweeter half.

The chance to leave it all behind, symbolically start a new chapter in your life and, while you’re at, also unwind from the stresses of wedding preparations. So do you really want to spend time researching, booking confirming, triple confirming and then still worry?

Didn’t think so.

This is precisely the reason we at Costa Rica Rios specialize in customized honeymoon packages, so all you have to do is pack, show up, and have the time of your life.

Honeymoon 101…Before You Go

Why is Costa Rica such a popular honeymoon destination? Because it’s insanely convenient (only a 5.5hr flight from NYC, 4hr from Houston and 7hr from Vancouver) and pretty much idyllic all year long. Although Costa Rica enjoys quite dramatic seasonal changes (in rainfall, not temps), there’s always a perfectly dry corner that’s ideal for a fantastic honeymoon. If that’ snot enough, all you need to enter the country is a valid passport and one blank page. But more importantly, Costa Rica is a natural haven, home to incredible national parks, jungles, waterfalls, volcanoes, unique wildlife and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, anywhere. And that’s really all you need to know!

Costa Rica is renowned as an adventurer’s paradise and attracts honeymooning couples who wish for more than just an idyllic beach in which to sunbathe…although they can still enjoy plenty of that too. From rafting, to diving, snorkeling, hiking, zip lining, canyoning, kayaking and more, Costa Rica is like a one-stop shop for those who really want to see and do it all on their honeymoon.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Options

The honeymoon world, in Costa Rica, is your oyster. Whether you want to luxuriate in a world-class spa, enjoy fine dining and indulging in couple massages, or hurl yourself down some vertiginous rapid at breakneck speed, Costa Rica has the perfect spot for you.

What’s more, it has them all in close proximity to one another, so you can be adventurous AND blissfully relaxed on your honeymoon. Combining romance, with luxury and adventure is child’s play in this amazing country, which boasts some of the world’s leading eco-resorts, spas, beaches, rainforests, volcanoes and more. SCUBA divers, snorkelers and overall lovers of the underwater world will enjoy a spectacular Caribbean Adventure honeymoon, whilst intrepid adventurers can explore the depths of the country’s superlative jungles on an Exotic Honeymoon Adventure with the added option of white water rafting, or a startling Barefoot Romance Honeymoon, where we’ll guide you to, and through, the outstanding wonders of the Arenal and Montezuma regions. Planning a few adrenalin sports, with plenty of indulgences like thermal spa soaks, massages and beachside candlelit dinners, is bound to make your honeymoon in Costa Rica a very memorable affair indeed.

For those with more time up their sleeves, we offer a sensational 18-day adventure package which includes highlights from the most enticing parts of the country, including the Manuel Antonio National Park, Drake Bay, Monteverde and, of course, Arenal! When it comes to vacation type, you have the option of choosing just how active you wish to be, whether you prefer to spend more days sun-lounging on idyllic beaches, or try to pack in as many activities as you possibly can. The choice is yours.

How to Budget

The options for your budget are about as broad as the ones for your activities, but do note that we can organize an amazing honeymoon for you and your spouse, from as little as $1,500 per person, all inclusive! On the upper end of the scale, of course, we can help you find ways to spend a fortune, although this is quite contrary to the very essence of Costa Rica.

A country where the best things in life – like watching a breath-taking sunset on a secluded beach, or sharing your breakfast with a curious monkey – cost nothing at all.




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