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Costa Rica Adventure equipment. 

Kayaks and Canoes

Costa Rica Rios maintains over 70 whitewater kayaks and 17 whitewater canoes; all located in Costa Rica. By having the largest inventory of kayaks and canoes in Central America, Costa Rica Rios provides our Week of Rivers clients with their preferred boat each and every day, without the hassle of bringing a boat down from home.

Take a look at our Equipment Photo Album for more.

New Whitewater Kayaks
Dagger Crazy 88 6.2
Dagger Crazy 88 6.3
Dagger G-Force 6.3
Dagger CFS Dagger GTX
Dagger ID 7.0
Dagger Mamba 7.6 (4)
Dagger Mamba 8.1 (6)
Dagger Mamba 8.6
Dagger Mamba 8.5
Dagger Nomad 8.1 (2)
Dagger Nomad 8.5 (2)
Jackson Antix M
Jackson Antix L
Jackson Dynamic Duo
Jackson Nirvana
Jackson All Star
Jackson Sidekick
Jackson Zen L
Jackson Zen M
Jackson Zen S
Jackson Karma S
Jackson Karma M (2)
LiquidLogic Stomper 80
LiquidLogic Biscuit 55
LiquidLogic Remix 59
LiquidLogic Remix 69 (2)
LiquidLogic Remix 79
LiquidLogic Trigger
LiquidLogic Lil Joe
LiquidLogic Hoss
LiquidLogic Session
LiquidLogic Skip
Necky Bliss 80
Necky Crux
Necky Jive
Prijon Creeker
Prijon Embudo
Pyranha Ripper M
Pyranha Machno Large
Medium Pyranha Burn
Large Pyranha 220 (2)
Pyranha 230
Pyranha S6 190
Pyranha S7 one ball
Wavesport Diesel 60 (2)
Wavesport Diesel 70 (3)
Wavesport Diesel 75
Wavesport Diesel 80
Wavesport Big EZ (2)
Wavesport EZ (2)
Wavesport Fuse 56
Wavesport Project 52
Wavesport Project 62
Wavesport Recon 83
Wavesport X (3)
Wavesport ZG 48
Wavesport ZG 54

Classic Kayaks
Dagger Animas
Dagger Crossfire (2)
Dagger Infrared
Dagger Medieval (2)
Dagger RPM (2)
Perception 3D
Perception AMP
Perception Corsica
Perception Mr. Clean
Perception Overflow
Perception Pirouette S
Perception Super Sport
Prijon Alien
Prijon Boxer
Prijon Fly
Prijon Hurricane
Pyranha Acrobat 300
Savage Maniac
Savage Scorpion

Dagger Atom (2)
Dagger Cascade (3)
Perception Ultraclean

Solo Canoes
Bell Ocoee
Esquif Zoom
Esquif Vertige
Mad River Outrage (2)
Mad River Outrage X (2)
Mad River Rampage
Mohawk Probe 12 (2)
Mohawk Viper 12

Mountain Bikes

During our Costa Rica Adventure Package: Week of Adventures, our clients mountain bike one of many possible routes near Turrialba. Costa Rica Rios provides a fleet of K2 Zed 4.0 mountain bikes, equipped with disc brakes, front suspension and high performance components. Bike helmets, gloves, and water bottles are also provided for our Costa Rica mountain biking trips. If you prefer clipless pedals or any special mountain biking equipment, please feel free to bring these accessories and we will adapt a bike to fit your needs. Costa Rica Rios can also schedule a custom mountain biking tour in Costa Rica for your private group, ranging from 4 to 18 riders. Week of Adventures provides riders the opportunity to explore and discover remote National Parks, beautiful country sides, volcanoes and beaches in the quiet and quick style only cycling can provide. View more Costa Rica Mountain Biking Photos in our Week of Adventures photo gallery.

Tandem Canoes Esquif Vertige X Mad River Howler Mad River Synergy Mohawk Probe 14 (2) Tandem or Solo Mohawk XL 15 (2)

Sit on Top Kayaks Dagger Pegasus (2)

Inflatables Aire Bobcat Cataraft Aire Lynx I Inflatable Kayak (4) Aire Lynx II Two Person Inflatable Kayak “Shredder” cataraft Tomcat Inflatable Kayak (5)

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