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Best Months to Plan a Destination Wedding in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica destination weddingObsessed with planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica? Us too! Read on to find out the very best months for unforgettable weddings in the land of dreamy beaches and ridiculously beautiful rain forests…

You may have noticed we’ve become a little obsessed with planning destination weddings in Costa Rica of late. This past month alone, we’ve given you a lowdown on what you should expect to budget for a wedding down our tropical shores and helped you pack for your unforgettable but also adventurous wedding in paradise.

Plan Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding Today!

Why the obsession, you ask? Well, because we are in the heart of wedding season in Costa Rica right now!

Getting the timing right of your destination wedding in Costa Rica is about a lot more than ensuring your day is sunny and perfect. After all, seasonal changes in our luscious lands, although not as dramatic as elsewhere in the world, can make a huge difference to your day.

The month you choose will likewise determine how easy it will be for your cherished few guests to join you for a Costa Rica adventure vacation, how expensive flights (and everything else will be), and also what your desired ‘destination’ in the country will be like. The east and west coasts boast opposing rainy seasons – but not entirely and certainly not everywhere.

Here are a few things you should know when deciding which month to plan your destination wedding in Costa Rica.

The exact spot for your destination wedding in Costa Rica is more important than you think

Costa Rica destination weddingCosta Rica may seem like a small and compact country yet the diving central mountain range, and two opposing coastlines (Pacific on the west, Caribbean on the east) means it boasts over a dozen micro-climates, each with its own weather nuances. When researching the best months to plan your wedding, hone in on a specific place – say, your chosen wedding venue or closest town. Even a search as wide as an entire province is not detailed enough!

Plan Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding Today!

There is a very general guideline, however, as to the best overall months

While you may want to research specifics, there are a few months of the year deemed to be ‘the most perfect’ at least where the climate is concerned  – they are:

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April

As well as from about mid-November to December

Costa Rica is at its driest during these months and, given all the possible ‘downsides’, it seems torrential rain is the one most couples wish to avoid.

Plan Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding Today!

The dry season does NOT mean it will not rain at all

The fact that Costa Rica is so ludicrously luscious is probably one of the main reasons that destination weddings are so very popular. Yet a country does not get this gorgeous on exceptionally dry weather – at any time of year. No matter which month you choose to get married, do know that a dry day is never guaranteed.

However, (the good part!) dry season months carry risks of short-lived showers only so, no matter what, the overwhelming part of your wedding day will be astonishingly sunny nevertheless. The rare rains during the dry season are usually not a hindrance, neither to the wedding nor the bevy of adventurous activities you can indulge in, so don’t worry too much and enjoy the beautiful tropics!

The northern Pacific Coast is drier than the south

While the western half of Costa Rica enjoys its driest months at the beginning of the year, it’s worth noting that there are considerable differences along this side. The far north is much drier than the south – the Guanacaste is actually the driest province of all, one of the reasons it’s coveted by coupled planning their destination weddings and honeymoons in Costa Rica. The rain season starts later here and doesn’t last nearly as long as in other regions.

Meanwhile, in the southern Osa Peninsula, November is usually quite wet still and rainfall is more intense. The peninsula hosts the Corcovado National Park, the most bio diverse in the entire country and an extraordinary place to explore. The peninsula receives over 16’ of rain every year! Wonderful news for the endemic flora and fauna varieties and, in turn, anyone who wants to truly experience the pristine tropical wilderness.

Plan Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding Today!

The Caribbean coast is, by and large, wetter than the Pacific coast

The easter coastline of Costa Rica receives a lot more rain than the western side – however, in a genial turn of fate thanks to those spectacular central mountains, the two sides play a game rainy-season-tag and boast opposing seasons. When one side is wet, the other is dry! This brings us to the next truly priceless point…

No matter which month you choose, there will always be a dry destination!

Costa Rica’s climatic diversity means there is always a dry spot in the house – this means you can actually plan your destination wedding here in reverse. Rather than choosing a venue and picking the best month for that area… choose the best and most convenient month for you and your guests to fly out to Costa Rica, and then find the driest region to suit. Either way, a magnificent experience is always guaranteed!

Plan Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding Today!

Dry also means hot. Like, seriously steamy!

The driest months are naturally also the hottest ones so weddings in Costa Rica, during the first four months of the year, should keep the formalities short and sweet. Making grandma sit out in the sun, wearing her Sunday’s best, for an hour and a half is probably not the best idea. You can mitigate heat by heading up into the cloud forests of Monte Verde or simply choosing higher elevation – weddings in the mountains of Costa Rica are absolutely glorious and help keep everyone cool as well, especially if you’re planning a more formal affair.

Don’t dismiss the mid-year months – they can be quite perfect too

So, here’s a little inside tip: getting married in Costa Rica in June, July and August is actually pretty awesome. Sure, you will experience some rain BUT it will actually be a very manageable amount, and holy moley, the benefits! Fewer tourists, cheaper prices, more choices, and fantastical options for outdoor activities, the wildlife will be more active (because they’re not hiding away from the intense heat) and everything will be so luscious that the wilderness will look like it’s been filtered by Instagram.

Most wedding planners and venues will include a ‘backup plan’ in case of last-minute downpours, which often adds a whole level of unforgettable memories to the mix. Magic.

The only rainy months to avoid are May, September, and October

We’re huge proponents of rainy season adventures in Costa Rica and we think the rewards far outweigh the downsides. Having said that, the three above-mentioned months do see consistent downpours, the kind that can last a few days straight. Given you have nine other months to choose then, they’re quite easy to avoid.

Other considerations when choosing the best month of a Costa Rica destination wedding

There are other considerations, aside from the weather, that you need to know about when planning your BIG day on our neck of the rain forest. Local holidays. The busiest and most expensive time of year for destination weddings are during local holidays – the Christmas/New Year period and Easter, in particular, sees a surge of both local and international tourism movement. Would you have an awful wedding if you can only plan it then? Certainly not, but you will pay more and will have to contend with higher crowds than at any other time of year, that’s all.

Plus, Costa Rica boasts innumerable options to get off the usual tourist path and that means you will always find a quieter nook to hold your precious destination wedding and have an amazing adventure vacation to boot.

And we can help!

Plan Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding Today!

At Costa Rica Rios, we can help you plan an outstanding Costa Rica Adventure Vacation around your destination wedding. We can time it just right and help you work out the logistics when choosing the very best month to hold your wedding.

Contact us  to know more.




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