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Why Costa Rica Is Your Best Choice for Travel in 2021 

Cahuita National ParkThe esteemed travel gurus at International Living sent tags wagging recently, when they ranked Costa Rica as the best retirement destination in the world. Truth be told, Costa Rica is the best choice for travel destination – whether you wish to move here permanently or just wish to enjoy a spectacular, weeklong, adventure vacation. Especially in 2021.

As we negotiate a new and unpredictable year, amid a once-a-century-pandemic, our collective travel priorities have understandably changed. No longer happy to simply go somewhere ‘sunny’ and ‘cheap’, travelers now want so much more from their travel destination.

They want to visit a country that places their health and safety above their holiday spending, much-needed though it may be. A national that’s not only proven to have coped with the COVID-19 outbreak, but one that continues to strive for low infection numbers whilst still offering an abundance of travel freedoms.

Sure, we all wish to choose the best choice for travel in 2021, but we invariably seek that perfect balance of safety and enjoyment.

Impossible, you say?

Not in Costa Rica!

1.    The COVID-19 situation is manageable in Costa Rica

Costa Rica fared better than all its neighbors in Latin America throughout the entire pandemic. The government, relying on the collective scientific consensus, closed its borders very early in the pandemic.

The swift and hard stance meant Ticos endured long stretches of isolation in 2020, yet there’s overwhelming contentment in the country. Locals are happy: their government’s plan worked. Costa Rica boasted impressively low infection and death numbers throughout all of 2020 and is one of the safest countries to visit in 2021. With a proven track record of fast and sensible responses to the current global health crisis, you can vacation here with peace of mind.

Learn more about the airlines offering flights to Costa Rica RIGHT NOW from all over the world and get acquainted with the prerequisites to enter – everything is detailed right here.  See why Costa Rica Rios is the best choice for travel in 2021!

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

2.    As a tourist, you won’t be greatly affected by Costa Rica’s restrictions in 2021

Playa Ventanas, Costa RicaRestrictions in Costa Rica, as in almost every country, mostly target family gatherings and other instances where large groups of people congregate. Say, like a church service or a business meeting. As a tourist, however, you simply won’t be affected in your everyday tours and activities. You will undoubtedly spend your days enjoying adrenaline-pumping activities in the great outdoors instead.

You must wear a mask in indoor public places, naturally, and you’ll want to organize private transfers for your outings. But this is where it’s at: you can come to Costa Rica and enjoy a spectacular vacation in 2021, which will not be the case in every corner of the world.

Costa Rica is the best choice for travel right now and you’ll discover that all the national parks are open at full capacity, as are hotels and lodges. The only caveat being that social distancing rules apply in common areas of lodgings. That’s it!

On one of our most recent family adventure vacations, our treasured guests commented how ‘it seems as if COVID doesn’t even exist” and this is the reality, on the ground, right now.

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

3.    Right NOW is the BEST time of year to travel to Costa Rica

If you plan to travel shortly, then you could choose no better place to visit. Costa Rica is in its driest season, right now, which will continue until April/May. This means long days of glorious sunshine, very little chance of rain and fantastic conditions for every adventure activity on offer.

Given no-one will plan very far in the future in 2021, it helps to know that you could be in Costa Rica, next week, having the absolute time of your life.  Who knew Costa Rica really IS the best choice for travel in 2021?

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

4.    The country is awash with luscious, remote wilderness

Arenal VolcanoWe’ve been calling Costa Rica the ‘postcard-perfect isolation’ destination for almost an entire year. And it’s true: this isn’t a country of big smoggy cities packed with folks. Costa Rica is about immersing yourself in pristine nature, plugging out from the rest of the world and soaking up the splendors of jungles, cloud forests, remote beaches and sensational islands.

This also genially means that an adventure in Costa Rica is, by default, a socially distanced affair. You don’t need to stress about being amongst throngs of tourist in an overcrowded city – visit Costa Rica and let her untarnished nature revitalize your soul.

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

5.    Costa Rica offers something for EVERYONE

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Costa Rica is an exceptional place to visit ANY year. Why? Because it offers something for every traveler out there.

You can visit Costa Rica for a romantic honeymoon and hide away in an exquisite remote eco-lodge. You can also plan a solo trip to Costa Rica to chase waterfalls, learn to surf, or maybe hike a mountain or two. Planning a family vacation in Costa Rica? Bring the grandparents! There’s an abundance of amazing things to see, do and enjoy here and this country makes everyone feel welcome.

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

When Costa Rica reopened to international tourism, back in August 2020, we put our group yours on hold and offered only private and bespoke adventure tours. Guiding small group tours for visitors who only travelled with those within their immediate social bubble ensured the risks of COVID infections were absolutely minimal. People came, had an absolute ball, and returned home safe and sound – batteries fully restored.

Although we continue to offer bespoke tours to anyone who wishes to travel with their family or very close group of friend, we can now also offer our Week of Adventure Tours.

That’s right… our most popular group adventure tour is back. If that’s not reason enough to travel to Costa Rica in 2021, pray tell, what is?!

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

Join us on a thrilling and unforgettable Costa Rica adventure vacation in 2021 and come discover our stunning little slice of paradise on earth.

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