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Why Costa Rica is One of the Best Retirement Destinations 

Costa Rica retirementOver the past two decades, Costa Rica has become one of the world’s favorite long-term destinations for retirees. Those who have made the big move will wax lyrical about the 101 reasons why they chose to move here, often claiming that ‘ideal temperatures and laid-back lifestyle’ is just what one needs after spending a lifetime working hard. But, is that enough? Could these be the only reasons to pack up, sell up and ship out?

Of course not. With retirement comes a whole lot of circumstances and necessities which many don’t consider until they’re well into their 50s. Truth is, Costa Rica really does tick all the right boxes and, besides the amazing nature and affordable lifestyle, there are several pivotal things which this Caribbean country just gets right.

Here are our top 10 reasons why retiring in Costa Rica is a fabulous idea.

  • Top-notch health care is affordable

Tambor HillsYes, it’s all good and well that Costa Rica is ‘cheap’ but that won’t help you much if ‘cheap’ can also be an adequate adjective to describe the infrastructure and services available to you. Costa Rica’s top level healthcare is comparable to anything you can receive in private hospitals at home, only at insanely more affordable prices.

There’s a very good reason why medical tourism to Costa Rica has risen in popularity over the last few years. It’s actually cheaper to have a holiday and a medical procedure here, that to just have that procedure done back home. To retirees with age-related health issues, this is an imperative plus.

  • Proximity to home

There may be a select few other countries in the world which offer similar bonuses to Costa Rica, yet most are an 18-hour plane ride from home over beautiful scenery. Want peace of mind knowing you can get back in a jiffy if need be? Then you really can’t fly past Costa Rica.

  • Your pension goes (much) further

Many happy retirees boast about Costa Rica’s affordable living costs, a country where you can rent a beautiful 2-bedroom home for $500 a month and spend very little on transportation. Outside of the cities the towns are small with everything located within walking distance. Life is simple here, yet simple in Costa Rica is infinitely more desirable than simple in the USA, where retirees on modest pensions can barely make ends meet.

  • Foreigners can buy properties in their name

This is a very important point for those who have a sizeable nest-egg and wish to retire abroad whilst still securing their investment for their family. Unlike many other countries, Costa Rica allows foreign retirees to purchase properties in their own name.

  • Stable economy (and government)

Here today, gone tomorrow. Or at least, that’s the way some country’s political stability appears to be. Costa Rica is an excellent choice for anyone who prizes political and economic stability. In both instances, this country is much more stable than quite a few European countries!

  • Welcoming expat community

There are times in one’s life when it feels wonderful to do something utterly unique, but for many people, retirement age is not one of those times. Move to Costa Rica and you’ll encounter an abundance of settled expats who have been living here for years. You’ll find great support networks, loads of advice and plenty of friendly folks who’ll be more than happy to help you settle in.

  • Warm climate

The year-round temperate climate is a perfect antidote to age-related ailments like arthritis. Moreover, warmer climates are inducing of cheaper living. You’ll need less clothing and will require much less energy to live. Great for you, your bank account and the environment!

  • Locals are friendly and welcoming

Moving to a country and feeling like the locals don’t really want you there is not much fun at all. This is where Costa Rica arguably shines best. Ticos are incredibly friendly, are passionate about their beautiful country and, more importantly, are more than happy to share in that love. No matter where you move, you’ll no doubt make lots of local friends and will be bowled over by their inherent hospitality.

  • There’s an abundance of things to do

One of the biggest challenges most retirees face is finding enough hobbies to fill in their newfound, spare time. In Costa Rica, this is never an issue! Not only have the established expat communities set up a myriad of clubs which you can join, but the essence of the country is one of active enjoyment, which not only helps keep boredom at bay but does wonders for your health and wellbeing. Want to spend your days hiking, swimming, surfing, golfing, volunteering and doing a million other fun stuff? You can do all that in Costa Rica, and then some.

  • It’s a stunner!

All the above-mentioned points can become quite irrelevant if it wasn’t for the fact that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. The sheer amount and variety of pristine nature means that you can find your ideal spot in which to settle, whether you prefer the beach, forest or mountainside.

Retiring abroad is certainly not for everyone, yet if you are looking for a heavenly spot which ticks all the right boxes, you may have just found one.






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