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Whitewater Kayaking in Costa Rica 

New Kayaks in Costa RicaWell, its that time of year again when our minds turn to the rivers and our whitewater kayaking tours.  As he does each year, Fraser has purchased a few more new boats (total 6) adding to our already bulging warehouse.  We have never been ones to throw away old kayaks but it really is getting ridiculous with some so covered in dust they look more like mummies!  The kayak that has excited Fraser the most this year is the Jackson Dynamic Duo.

whitewater kayaking solo or tandem

He has talked about getting one for a few years and finally took the plunge.  I know this will be fun for some of you who are almost, but not quite ready, for the Lower Pacuare. This “tandem” kayak will get you paddling those rapids that have seemed so illusive for so long (you know who you are)!  The guides look at it with a bit of trepidation and a lot of excitement. None of these local boys have ever paddled such a long kayak!  We will send them out to practice before letting them take one of our valued guests down the river!!  We are kicking off the season with a couple of Week of Rivers in October, then the guides will all do their annual scouting mission with Fraser.  Hopefully it will not be the ‘first descent” style scouting of the year before but still with some fun and adventure.  Every year the rains change the course of our rivers a bit so its our job to keep on top of the local conditions and any potential hazards.  Plus we are always on the look out for new runs that we can share with our kayakers.

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