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Try Something New with Costa Rica Guided Tours 

Perhaps it feels like you’ve been taking the same kind of vacation all your life. Your family has always vacationed at that same cabin by the lake. As a kid, it was great to sit and listen to grandpa’s fish stories, while you yourself caught nothing, but now you really would be happy not to ever pick up a fishing pole again. Sure, the canoe was fun when you were 6 years old, but over the years it’s lost its charm, and now you just aren’t interested in the same old experience. Now, watching your children fish and canoe, you realize that you want them to have more variety in their vacation experiences. You’re not sure where to begin, but you know that you are ready to try something new for your next vacation.

We suggest that you start with us. Since you’re moving outside your comfort zone, we invite you and your family to join one of our Costa Rica guided tours.

Thoroughly and professionally planned with your particular interests in mind, we can create a week that safely and enjoyably expands your family’s horizons. Instead of fishing in the lake, we’ll take your family snorkeling, where you will see tropical fish in shapes and colors you never could have imagined. Instead of lazily paddling your canoe around a lake, we’ll go sea kayaking or whitewater rafting, giving you a chance to improve upon those basic skills in thrilling new surroundings. Instead of watching the deer and raccoons around your family’s cabin, we’ll take you zip lining across the forest canopy, where you will be surrounded by an amazing assortment of wildlife, with brightly-colored birds, raucous monkeys, and sloths as motionless as you used to be on that old cabin’s dock. Even our bicycles will take you to new places, filled with tropical sights, sounds and smells that you never could have imagined.

So this year, take a break from the family cabin and explore the tropics with Costa Rica Rios. Contact us and we promise you an adventure that will set a new standard for your family’s vacations!




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