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The Jungle Lodge Road 

Over the past month the local authorities have been fixing the road into our Jungle Lodge which is a HUGE blessing as it is extremely steep and has rather a lot of potholes. For a few weeks after it was fixed it was like driving on the I-95 instead of a 4X4 road and we reveled in the luxury of how easy getting in and out of the Lodge was. Too soon it seems, as we recently discovered that the workers filled the holes with unpacked dirt thinking that there wouldn’t be any major rainfall for a few months and things would get a chance to set. Unfortunately, this was NOT the case. This past week and a half we have had an uncommon amount of rain for March in Costa Rica. This has inevitably led to a massive mess of mud instead of the nice road that was so recently fixed. Even with our new gear truck in 4X4 and the help of numerous locals it took Fraser 7 hours to travel the distance of about 5 meters. With the assistance of a winch and a larger truck than ours Fraser was able to escape the Lodge road…eventually. Arriving home we weren’t sure it was Fraser returning to us or the mud monster from the Pacuare River. Every inch of him and the truck was covered in mud! Even the inside of the car and roof. We have decided that until this unseasonable rain clears up we’ll be taking gear boats into camp instead of the truck.

Costa Rica Jungle Road
Fraser stuck in the mud




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