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Taxis in Costa Rica 

Taxis in Costa Rica

February 27, 2012

Recently, I was taking a taxi to get all the provisions for our Pacuare River whitewater rafting excursion (we stay in the Pacuare River Jungle Lodge for two nights on our Week of Adventures package vacation) and had the experience of a one-armed taxi driver.  This would be OK if the car was adapted for him or even an automatic, but it was neither.  So Mr One-Arm and I head out, with him taking his one hand off the wheel to change gears every few seconds (its his right arm that is missing, so he has to cross his body for each gear change) and me sitting nervously ready to leap out the door at the first sign of trouble when his CELL PHONE rings!  No hands free for this guy.  He is a master of multi-tasking and so quite happily takes his call and continues driving until my nerves get the better of me and I insist he ends the call.

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