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NEWSFLASH – Costa Rica Flooding Update 

As the whole Caribbean region recovers from the recent Costa Rica flooding during the hurricane season, we take a look at the most up-to-date news in regards to traveling and holidaying in the country.

What happened…and when?

Severe rainfall has wreaked havoc in several Central American countries at the beginning of October (4th and 5th), causing widespread landslides and road blockages, as well as damaging bridges and houses. In Costa Rica, over 3000 people are currently living in shelters after homes and villages were left without electricity and running water. In total, 25 people lost their lives during the storm.

Which areas were hardest hit?

The Pacific and Central regions of Costa Rica bore the brunt of the storm and flooding and severe damages were reported in the Nicoya Peninsula and the San Jose region, where an average 30cm of rain was recorded in just a single 24hr period. These are the areas that are usually affected by rains this time of year (during the Caribbean hurricane season) when low-pressure fronts on the Atlantic side cause heavy rainfall over the Pacific. Vacationers who were traveling on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica managed to avoid the deluge, as this region is usually the driest in the country at this time of year.

How much infrastructure was damaged?

Many roads and highways were blocked off by landslides as is most often the case. Local authorities have just managed to reopen the highway that links the capital, San Jose, to the southern region of the country.

Is this an unusual occurrence?

Not at all. Costa Rica has its rainy season between May and the end of November, each year. Given the sheer wilderness of the country, it is not unusual for there to be landslides and flooding although some years (like Tropical Storm Nate in 2017) are particularly brutal.

What should you do if you’re planning an adventure tour to Costa Rica?

Should you be in the midst of your journey right now then it’s fair to say you have all the updated info for the region in which you’re traveling. If you’re reading this update, however, it’s likely your adventure tour is upcoming.

The first point to remember is that the beginning of October may have already cemented the month as the rainiest all year yet things calmed down pretty quickly. The National Hurricane Centre is detecting no cyclones or severe storm warnings right now and it will hopefully remain that way until the end of the rain season in a month or so. The National Hurricane Centre runs its website from the 1st June until the 30th of November, with updates given 4 times a day. This is one of the most trusted authorities on climatic happenings in the region and the one most weather channels refer to when they’re making predictions. If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica during the wet season, the NHC is a great reference point to keep updated.

What you should always keep in mind when traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of immense geographical diversity, a country of varying ecosystems and microclimates where the climate can change drastically just a few hundred miles either way. No matter what month you travel to Costa Rica, there will always be one region that’s at its driest best but remember that in such a tropical and lush country, rain is always a possibility. That’s why the country looks like the verdant treasure it is. So rain, in general, doesn’t disrupt travel plans but landslides and road blockages can. That’s where the government and trusted tour operators – like us here at Costa Rica Rios – come in.

Whilst the government busies itself clearing road blockages and re-establishing essential services to the people, also restoring the infrastructure needed to keep its much-needed tourism going, we plan our tours with safety and the best climate in mind, knowing exactly where to take our valued guests for the adventure of a lifetime. We also know how to re-plan our trips should unseasonal rain disrupt our itineraries. We have been voted one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth by National Geographic and pride ourselves in giving not only exceptional adventure vacations in Costa Rica but also invaluable advice and help from the very beginning. We know Costa Rica well and run our trips in various regions, depending on the time of year.

Want to know more?

Visit our Costa Rica Rios page for fantastic travel inspiration and check out the awesome adventure tours we create for honeymoons, family trips, off-the-beaten-path tours and week of river madness fun. Moreover, we run our popular blog to offer all kinds of fascinating insight into the natural, cultural, historical and even culinary delights that Costa Rica offers, as well as plenty of informative guides on destination weddings, honeymoons, adventure tours and family vacations.

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