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Newlywed Interview – Honeymoon in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is a popular honeymoon destination for those who want an adventure to remember. From sunny white or black sand beaches, to rainforest canopy ziplines, to rural villages and days spent at artisan markets, there are many activities and joys to be shared for the newlywed couple.

Here’s our interview with a recently married couple from North Carolina, Alan and Arlissa, who honeymooned in Costa Rica in December. We’ve asked them to share some of their thoughts and experiences.

Costa Rica Rios: Out of all of the destination you could have chosen for a honeymoon, what drew you to visit Costa Rica?

Arlissa:  I’ve always dreamed of visiting Costa Rica, mostly because I love nature. I wanted to see first-hand the exotic animals and plants found throughout the country. I wanted to visit the rainforest.

Alan: I was intrigued by the rainforest, sure, but I can’t lie. I really wanted to go there for the surfing. I’ve been surfing since I was a kid, and I wanted a totally new experience. Visiting the Pacific Coast and hitting the surf was really high on my list.

Costa Rica Rios: During your honeymoon in Costa Rica, what were some unexpected delights you encountered?

Arlissa: The very first morning after we arrived in Costa Rica, I got up early because I was just so excited to be there. Alan was still sleeping, so I decided to take a walk around the hotel’s gardens and was delighted to see a sloth in the tree right next to our bungalow! I took it to be a sign of a great honeymoon to come and the experience was breathtaking and priceless.

Alan: I’m not sure if you’d call this a delight exactly, but more of a funny and memorable experience. While visiting the Manuel Antonio National Park near Quepos, we went in for a swim. While in the water, we spotted a pesky monkey trying to sort through our bags on the beach. We rushed up to scurry him off, and discovered he had been smart enough to unzip my backpack and open a package of plastic wrapped crackers! It was one of many little things that made our trip memorable. It’s something we still joke about now and then, especially when there are raccoons in the discussion.

Costa Rica Rios: Do you have any advice for other couples planning a honeymoon in Costa Rica?

Arlissa: Take as long of a trip as you can. We were there for almost two weeks and still didn’t get to do everything we wanted. We had a wonderful time, and we plan to go back sometime – hopefully soon, maybe for a special anniversary trip.

Alan: Don’t let anyone spoil your honeymoon ideas. There were some well-meaning people who tried to talk me out of a honeymoon in Costa Rica or from surfing while on our trip, but Arlissa and I were so excited to go there, and I’m so glad we did. We have some awesome memories and great pictures that we took.  I really think it was great for our relationship to take an adventurous trip together like that.

Costa Rica Rios: Thank you both for your time in answering our questions about your honeymoon in Costa Rica. For our readers interested in planning a special newlywed getaway to our lush and exciting destination, contact us for suggested itineraries and travel advice.




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