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Enjoy Pristine Whitewater with Costa Rica Guided Tours Geared for Kayakers 

Whitewater kayakers all know that when you are looking for new waters to paddle, or new destinations to experience, the last thing you want is a choked, commercialized stretch of river that holds more resemblance to a highway than the natural, amazing whitewater experience of their dreams.  Costa Rica Rios understands that when you are looking for new water to hone your paddling techniques on, and new destinations to add to your conquests, paddling the same congested waters everyone else is, isn’t a good time.   Which is exactly why we are proud to offer amazing costa rica guided tours geared towards adventurous kayakers of all skill levels.

For such a small country, Costa Rica is home to some of the most desired water in the world.  The Pacuare River has even been identified by National Geographic as one of the finest rivers in the world, both for its stunning rapids and its breathtaking scenery.  The Pacuare has been compared to the Middle Fork of the Salmon on more than one occasion.  Yet, despite these accolades, the rivers of Costa Rica remain happily non-congested and continue to provide excellent boating opportunities for paddlers of all ages and experience levels.

Costa Rica Rios celebrates the magnificence of our home’s superior water with our 8 Day Costa Rica Kayak Adventure Vacation.  Covering three rivers over six action packed days, this guided tour can show you the finest of Costa Rica’s pristine whitewater.  Starting with the Rio Pejibaye (on day two), then progressing to the Rio Sarapiqui (on days three and four) and ending with the best of the best, the Pacuare (on days five through seven)-this tour is the must experience for those seeking a paddling adventure in Central America.

Do you have a member of your group that doesn’t paddle? That’s not a problem with Costa Rica Rios non-paddlers option. Don’t leave your non-kayaking loved one home with this adventurous tour option. Focusing on exciting activities like canyoning, rapelling down cliffs and waterfalls, zip-lines, rainforest hikes, nature watching and so much more, the non-paddlers option is perfect for those in your party who do not kayak.

Costa Rica Rios is proud to offer “hassle free” guided tours that allow you to come and enjoy the world class paddling as opposed to worrying about planning for meals, lodgings, or transportation.  Each tour includes lodging for the entirety of the tour, all of your meals, and private transportation while within Costa Rica.  Our guides are all English-speaking, highly skilled guides who will work to personalize your trip to match your kayaking skills.  They have recently completed the ACA Level 4 Kayak Instructors course and therefore the perfect team to help improve your skills.

ACA kayak instructors for kayak school costa rica

Costa Rica Rios also provides required paddling equipment, and covers park entrance and off-river activity fees.

Book you Costa Rica kayaker’s dream today with Costa Rica Rios and experience the mind blowing adventures the pristine waters of Costa Rica can provide.  Contact us today to ask about upcoming tours.

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Kayaking the Pacuare River  Costa Rica




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