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Discover the Anti-aging Benefits of Costa Rica’s Green Coffee 

Costa Rica's green coffeeNews has hit the international headlines that renowned French cosmetics brand Chanel is about to launch a new anti-aging serum containing green coffee from Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula.

To those who are familiar with Blue Zones – those unique parts of the world where people seem to thrive to a very ripe old age – this may not come as much of a surprise. The Nicoya Peninsula boasts an unusually high percentage of centenarians, or people who live beyond 100 years of age. This kind of longevity is only found in five pockets of our planet and Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is the most famous of all and the only one found in the Western Hemisphere.

Costa Rica’s Blue Zone in the Nicoya Peninsula has been the subjects of much research in recent years, with experts trying to determine the precise origins of people’s wellbeing. It’s not only that inhabitants live longer here, but they also suffer from far fewer illnesses and are much healthier, for much longer. Studies have revealed that there are a few commonalities which all inhabitants from Blue Zones share, including a semi-vegetarian diet, moderate physical activity as part of everyday life (no sedentary office jobs here!) a life purpose which extends beyond careers, where family and leisure rate higher than work and money, as well as a very high incident of family living, where multiple generations live in close proximity to one another, if not in the same household.

Chanel’s own experts have honed in on the green coffee for which Nicoya is so renowned, but it’s fair to say that there is much more to it.  Pura Vida, the iconic cry of the country, is designed for better life-enjoyment, where family, good food and happiness are the three most important aspects. This general, country-wide ‘happiness’ is one of the many factors which make Costa Rica such a phenomenal country to visit. Hop off a plane on holiday, and you’ll feel an instant lifting of the stresses of everyday life. The climate is idyllic, the nature resplendent, the food amazing and the people friendly. What more could one need for a happy, healthy and long life?

Chanel has added green coffee from Costa Rica as one of the main active ingredients in their new Blue Serum. The extraction process used is estimated to produce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are about 70 times higher than those normally found in regular coffee.

You can see the promotional video below.

Nicoya’s green coffee is produced by a small cooperative in Nandayurre, near the north-eastern border between the Puntarenas and Guanacaste provinces. One of the best places to visit if you’re interested in learning more about this coffee, perhaps take a tour and sip some exceptional green coffee, is at Monteverde’s Coffee Lab, who carry several different types of coffee from all over the country.

Green coffee is only one of the nearly infinite assets which make Costa Rica one of the world’s most special countries. Pristine nature, an abundance of wildlife and a relaxed lifestyle all combine to make life in this country immensely enjoyable. This is one of the reasons why Costa Rica has grown in popularity among North Americans, as an idyllic retirement destination. As a holiday destination, it also doesn’t hold back. An array of fantastic active pursuits including white water rafting, horseriding, ziplining and hiking is on offer in almost every corner of Costa Rica, a place where nature takes centre stage and where relaxation and rejuvenation are guaranteed. Ready to do your body and soul a world of good? Then check out our tours and contact us for tailor-made itineraries that’ll have you dive straight into this most magnificent destination.




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