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Costa Rica’s Stunning Peninsulas – Which One Should You Visit? 

Anyone planning an adventure vacation in Costa Rica will undoubtedly want to visit one of the country’s stunning peninsulas, all found on the western Pacific coast. Renowned for boasting pristine wilderness, bundles of wildlife and seemingly endless stretches of unspoiled beaches, Costa Rica’s peninsulas offer a less crowded and much less touristy escape, one drenched in nature and offering a host of adventure activities as well as glimpses of authentic Tico life. Although you could just about pick any of the amazing peninsulas here and be guaranteed a phenomenal time, they all do offer something unique. From the easily-accessible Nicoya to the remote but resplendent Osa and the luxurious Papagayo – there’s a stunning Costa Rica peninsula that’s just right for your next adventure vacation.

Eeny meeny miny moe, where in Costa Rica should you go?!

Read on to find out!


First Up: Why Are Costa Rica’s Peninsulas So Revered?

Being one of the most popular adventure vacation destinations on the planet, Costa Rica’s most visited areas tend to get a little crowded during high tourist season in the first five months of the year. Most visitors (especially first-timers) tend to stick to the most famous spots like Arenal, Manuel Antonio and Monteverde. These three hot-spots make for a great ‘loop trip’ from the capital, are easy to reach and offer every service and luxury one would ever want. This leaves the outermost areas, the peninsulas, uncrowded – even at the height of tourist season.

Moreover, Costa Rica’s stunning peninsulas are still the least developed regions of the country so although you’ll still find plenty of accommodation and fantastic places to feast on local cuisine, the lack of over-commercialization is palpable. Some areas are more built-up whilst others are positively unspoiled, perfect if you have an adventurous spirit and don’t mind giving up a few creature comforts to immerse yourself in the country’s most untarnished nature.

It takes just a little more time and effort to visit one of Costa Rica’s peninsulas but the rewards are well wroth your while.



Nicoya Peninsula – The Easiest To Reach, Ideal For Short Adventure Vacations & Lots Of Choices

The largest of Costa Rica’s peninsulas is by far the most accessible and the easiest to explore. With a jaw-dropping coastline and beaches favored by avid surfers from all over the world, Nicoya boasts very good tourist infrastructure and is connected to Puntarenas, one of the most popular tourist hot-spots in the country. It’s an easy trip from the capital, San Jose, whether you choose a road trip to the north-west (a sensationally scenic route) or a drive and swift ferry ride across the Gulf of Nicoya from the town of Punta Arenas.

If you choose an adventure-filled vacation in Nicoya, then your best bet is to fly into the Liberia International Airport rather than San Jose, as you’ll already be at the peninsula’s doorstep.

The north of the Nicoya Peninsula is home to famous beach towns like Tamarindo and Playa Hermosa, where you’ll find a wide range of accommodation to suit your budget, whether you seek a luxury escape or a more rustic experience. A ‘wonderful array of choice’ is what best defines the Nicoya: here, you’ll find eco-lodges nestled in prime rain-forests in the heartland and breathtaking seaside hotels that’ll make you feel as if you’ve just won the Costa Rica travel-lottery. In the far south, you’ll find remote beaches and sleepy fishing villages. If you have time, you should seriously consider a round-trip along the solitary road that traverses Nicoya. For unique family vacations and honeymoon adventure trips, the Nicoya is pretty hard to beat. If you’re dreaming of a relaxing vacation, with plenty of time to soak up the rays and relaxing on beautiful beaches, then the Nicoya is the one for you.

As far as adventure sports are concerned, Nicoya lacks absolutely nothing! From zip-lining to surfing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and so much more: the Nicoya Peninsula simply has it all. Read more about the Nicoya Peninsula to see if this corner of Costa Rica paradise is just what you seek.


Osa Peninsula – The True Wild West Of Costa Rica (But You Need More Time)

The best choice for outstanding wilderness and wildlife adventures, the Osa Peninsula beckons the most adventurous travelers. Part of this has to do with the Osa’s remoteness – you need a bit more time to visit this unspoiled south-western peninsula, one that becomes all but disconnected from the rest of the country during the rainiest months. This is still an amazing time to visit, with many eco-lodges including a short round-trip flight from San Jose to get you in and out.  Flying is actually the fastest way to reach the Osa Peninsula, even though the capital is only 100 miles away, as the toucan flies.

Yet the Osa is proof that even 100 miles can make all the difference. It’s another world, out here, one where nature reigns supreme.

The unrivaled highlight of the Osa Peninsula is, without a doubt, the Corcovado National Park which is often dubbed ‘the most priceless natural haven’ in the entire country and a reserve that makes up the great majority of the peninsula. If you choose the Osa, you are effectively choosing Corcovado…and what a great choice that would be.



If you’re a nature lover who dreams of total wilderness immersion then the Osa is just right for you. There’s a handful of luxury lodges as well as budget-friendly options that are definitely on the more ‘rustic’ side of travel. But it matters not. Soon enough, it’s the Osa’s exotic cache of birds, monkeys, tapirs, armadillos, giant anteaters and even elusive jaguars that become the real highlights.

The distinct lack of human influence doesn’t mean that your vacation need be subdued: the Osa still offers a great array of adventures, including boat trips for whale and dolphin watching, kayak trips through mangroves, fantastic snorkeling and diving off Drake Bay, a great array of guided hikes to spot native wildlife, horseback riding, canyoning and zip-lining,  among quite a few other active pursuits.

This is an incredibly bio-diverse corner of Costa Rica and as long as ‘unblemished nature’ is what you want to experience then you’ll feel right at home.

Check out our Osa Peninsula Guide and scroll to the bottom of the page for more tips on time-saving transfers from the mainland.



Papagayo Peninsula – For Luxe Eco-Conscious Wilderness Experiences

Right at the top of the luxury travel scale, the Papagayo Peninsula is the smallest of the three promontories and found just north of Nicoya. Luxury resorts here are out of this world and, quite simply, travel destinations in their own right. It figures given the ease of access and pristine wilderness, with each of the main resorts designed to offer everything you could ever dream, from sunset cruises to rounds of golf in world-class clubs, private beach clubs, glorious rental villas and yacht marinas that’ll make you swoon. Most of the resorts are found along the north and west coasts of the Papagayo Peninsula although a few exquisite choices are also found on the south coast, on the northern fringe of Culebra Bay.

Do note that almost three-quarters of the Papagayo Peninsula is designated as protected reserve and, what was allowed to be developed, was designated as luxury resorts. Yes, the entire peninsula is basically a large swath of resplendent wilderness dotted with a few astonishing 5* resorts! What makes this place so very special is that in true Costa Rica-style, it trails way ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainable tourism. The Papagayo has been lauded for its efforts in combining environmental protection with luxury travel and you can read more about that in this inspiring Forbes article.

The proximity of Papagayo to major attractions in the Guanacaste Province, which include hiking trips, volcano climbing, white water rafting, horseback riding, zip-lining (and so much more) means you could base yourself on the peninsula and take day-trips out and about. However, the best course of action would be to simply include a few indulgent days here at the end of your Costa Rica adventure vacation as these resorts are idyllic ‘rest and recoup’ havens. A simply magical way to cap off your unforgettable adventure vacation in the land of Pura Vida!


Read to hit the jackpot? Check out our Costa Rica Adventure Vacations and ask us how we can help you plan an all-encompassing trip to include a stay in one of the country’s most stunning peninsulas.

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