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Costa Rica trips aid your Spanish exploration 

Among the native Spanish speaking community Costa Ricans are known for their very clear and correct Spanish usage. An emphasis on education has been an enduring point of national pride since the military was abolished in 1949. For decades since, Costa Rica’s literacy rates have consistently ranked highly among all nations in the Western Hemisphere. As a stable democracy and peaceful nation Costa Rica has naturally become a destination for exploration and Spanish language development. International institutions of learning are fostering partnerships with Costa Rican universities to develop accredited college Spanish immersion courses. It is a common sight now in Costa Rica to find visitors attuning their Spanish skills in restaurants, stores, hotels, with tour guides and the locals.

Foreign visitors on Costa Rica trips or Honeymoons will at first be greeted by friendly and personable nationals that are welcoming and helpful. The Spanish you will hear is very clear and discernible, very much akin to what perhaps has been provided to you through years of Spanish courses, textbooks, dvd programs, online classes and so on. Being in Costa Rica provides an excellent opportunity not to be shy with your Spanish. The locals appreciate your efforts to communicate in their native tongue. A wide number of Costa Ricans have a cursory knowledge of English and many other languages which ensures that communication is always possible.

Working on your Spanish in Costa Rica is great, but take the time to note those Spanish words that are uniquely Costa Rican. Your knowledge of them will take you far in conversations, win you points with the locals and get you out of an awkward silence perhaps. Here’s a list of some of the most widely used Costa Rican colloquialisms. You’ll hear these a lot through your travels and interactions with the locals so we hope they come in handy.

Tico: An affectionate term for a Costa Rican (Tica: feminine, Ticos: plural)

Pura Vida: This is the national mantra, translated directly: Pure Life. Meaning: Everything is good!

Mae or Maje: A man, as in “Hey, man!” or “dude”

Tuanis: This simply means “cool.”

Tipico/a: That which is in the local style, native way.

Gallo pinto: Classic Costa Rican rice and beans dish.

Casado: Traditional Costa Rican meal; normally represented with rice, vegetables, salad and choice of protein.   The word also means married, so a must try for you newlyweds on your Costa Rican honeymoon.

Güila: A child.

Carajo!: Oh my!

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