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Costa Rica Makes for the Perfect Summer Getaway 

beachWouldn’t it be lovely if one could simply pick and choose vacation times during the year? If that were the case, you’d probably be inclined to visit Costa Rica Rios for the perfect summer getaway in the months between December and May. After all most travel agents, websites, and forums will wax lyrical about visiting the Central American beauty during this dry season, which is a time when sunshine is at its peak, beaches at their best and forests at their driest. But, alas, some of us don’t really have much say in the matter of ‘vacation time’. For some, a summer vacation is the only real option available. But fear not, restricted traveler! For good news, or rather GREAT news, awaits you.

While it’s true that Costa Rica boasts a high tourist season during the North American winter (who’d begrudge anyone for wanting to escape the winter chill?) and that many avoid the wet months during summer, this does not mean that visiting during this time is anything but glorious.

And here’s why…

The wilderness is at its most luscious in summer

greenLuscious Costa Rica foliageThe season between May and November is actually called the ‘green season’ here, a time when the tropical rainforests bloom into a fervent kaleidoscope of colors. Sure, you’ll get plenty of drizzle during this period, and it may not be the best time for diving, but when it comes to enjoying the best of nature, this time of year can be just as rewarding, if not more so.

The rains mostly come in short, intense bursts
People who have never traveled to the tropics envision ‘rain season’ as a time when powerful storms batter down relentlessly for days or even weeks on end. The reality is in fact very different. Tropical rain storms usually occur in the mid afternoon (to early evening), and can be as intense as they are short lived. Most of the day can be gloriously sunny and, even if clouds do persist, they are usually welcomed as they bring much-needed relief from the sun’s intense heat.

You’ll see far fewer tourists

Travel here during the summer and you’ll encounter just a miniscule number of fellow tourists which is great news if you also wish to get ‘away from it all’ for a few weeks. Not only will you be able to still enjoy endless stretches of pristine coastline…but you may well have them all to yourself.

It’s a cheaper time of year to travel to Costa Rica

There’s no denying that prices drop during the tourist low season, which means that if you travel here in June or July, you could have twice the holiday you’ve always dreamed of! Extend your Costa Rica vacation by another week and you could see and experience twice as much of this stunning country.

There’s actually a ‘dry’ gap in July

Here’s a little insider info of which many people are unaware. Although July is smack in the middle of rain season, it enjoys a ‘veranito’ or ‘small summer’, as the locals like to call it. This spell of dryness, or a mini dry season if you will, usually occurs between July and August. Try and squeeze in these weeks into your summer vacation in Costa Rica and you may be left wondering what this rain-season fuss is all about!

Traveling to Costa Rica during the North American summer is a wonderful option, not only for families but also for budget-conscious honeymooners. Because what could be more romantic than dancing in the rain, under a beautiful waterfall, in one of the world’s most spectacular countries?




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