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Costa Rica Honeymoon: What to Know Before You Go 

honeymoonCosta Rica’s compact size, sublime wilderness and plethora of active pursuits make the country a most perfect honeymoon destination for adventurous couples the world over. Roughly the same size of West Virginia but boasting enough attractions to fill a dozen US states, Costa Rica has something for every couple wishing to get their married life off to an exhilarating and unforgettable, start. Need some help discerning the what, where, how and when of your Costa Rica honeymoon? Then all you have to do is follow our guide!

Here are just some of the things you need to know before you take the plunge…with Costa Rica Rios. Learn A Few Spanish Phrases Although English is spoken by many of the Ticos you’ll meet along your travels, it really would help you greatly if you learn a few Spanish phrases before you go. You could start with some basic greetings like ‘hello, how are you, what is your name?’ ( hola, como estas, como se llama?) and slowly work your way up to some survival quips, like ‘where is the bathroom, I don’t speak Spanish or I am ill!’ (donde estas el baño, no hablo español or estoy enfermo/a!) Never fear about any atrocious pronunciation: Costa Rica natives are so friendly and accommodating they will go to much effort to understand you, even if you do sound a little raro. The point here is to show some good-hearted effort, and not necessarily become Spanish literati! While there, why not learn a few romantic phrases in Spanish? You could surprise your new wife with a few honeyed words during your Costa Rica honeymoon. Because, let’s face it, sweet nothings whispered in Spanish always sound so much more romantic! Don’t Worry About a Visa US and Canadian nationals, as well as the great majority of European visitors, do not need a visa to enter Costa Roca and can remain in the country for up to 90 days. How blissful it would be to need more than that on a honeymoon. Flight times San Jose can be reached in about five and a half hours from New York. You’ll need to add an extra half an hour if flying from Los Angeles and the same from Chicago. As always, bring plenty to read, add your favorite songs to your iPod or iPhone, and bring a pillow for the duration. By the time you step off the plane, you’ll want to begin your adventure right away! Pick A Spot, Any Spot

There’s no corner of Costa Rica which could even remotely be considered inappropriate for a honeymoon. The great majority of couple do prefer to spend endless days on one of Costa Rica’s infinite array of pristine beaches, yet many also opt to mix-and-match their experience and add a few days of crazy fun adventures in the heart of the country’s wilderness. If you believe that variety really is the spice of life (and by consequence, of love) then you should really consider adding some adventurous zest to your own Costa Rica honeymoon.

Time it Right The great majority of honeymooning tourists choose to visit Costa Rica in either May or June (the favored European wedding season) or January and February, which is when crystal clear skies are almost guaranteed, and most northern hemisphere dwellers wish to flee their winter time. Having said that, do keep in mind that Costa Rica is a great honeymoon destination at any time of year, including rain season. Locals call this period invierno (winter), a time of year which is anything but freezing cold. Considering the country boasts a wide array of micro-climates, the weather can vary greatly depending on where in the country you wish to head. For example, you could encounter some rainy days at any time of year so it would not make much of a difference. The one thing to keep in mind is that the weather will greatly determine in which activities you can partake. SCUBA diving may be off the cards in rain season (between May and November) but this is the ideal snuggle-in-a-superlative-resort time of year. And what spells ‘Costa Rica honeymoon’ better than that? Why You Should Visit Costa Rica At times, even we make the elementary mistake of assuming the whole world knows just how wonderful a country Costa Rica really is. But perhaps you’ve landed here by pure chance, or through a friend’s recommendation, not really knowing much about this phenomenal pocket of Central American heaven. Allow us to enlighten you…


Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth; a small nation with no army, more wildlife than people and much more wilderness than human habitation. Sound good so far? As far as variety of scenery and activities, there’s no other country which could rival Costa Rica, especially for Canadians and North Americans. Humpback whaleThe country’s wildlife is its most revered asset, and if you’re planning a Costa Rica honeymoon, do make sure you include a few wildlife spotting day trips. Here you’ll find sloths, several types of monkeys, a myriad of hatching turtles, a near infinite array of endemic birds and, not to forget, have a priceless chance of spotting migrating dolphins and humpback whales. The wilderness in Costa Rica is just as revered as its cutest creatures, and the modern infrastructure allows visitors to indulge in adventurous activities whilst enjoying the stunning landscapes in as much luxury as they desire. Rappel down vertiginous canyons, raft its raging rivers, climb spectacular canyons, zip-line over its verdant forests…and don’t forget to lounge on world-class beaches and luxurious resorts. A once-in-a-lifetime Costa Rica honeymoon can be all these things and more…




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